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Win a Handmade Horse Jewelry Cuff!


We’re kicking off 2013 here at with some beautiful artisan jewelry!

Vanessa at Ristra Ranch is a metal-working, horse-loving, jewelry-making, artist extraordinaire.   Take a look at that beauty above.   This gorgeous horse cuff will go to one lucky winner.   $160 value, made of copper and sterling silver, featuring Kingman Turquoise, Carnelian, and Lapis Lazuli stones — completely handcrafted and created at Ristra Ranch.

Enter to win this horse cuff by answering this question in the comment section below…



Take a moment to find out more about Vanessa and the artistry behind her work…


Tell us a bit about yourself/your art!

My name is Vanessa and I run a one-woman operation called Ristra Ranch. I work mostly in sterling silver and copper. I love taking old, forgotten vintage items like tin tobacco tags, pinbacks, and glass intaglios and giving them new life in modern jewelry.

Are you a horse lover or horse owner?

I am both a horse owner and a horse lover! I have a 10-year-old Quarter Horse gelding named Wyatt, who is the love of my life. I owned and managed a boarding and training farm for many years and competed in Hunters and Jumpers.

How did you become a vintage/metal-working jewelry artist?

I’ve dabbled in jewelry making for most of my life. I’ve always wanted to learn silversmithing, but never had the time because I was too busy running my farm. When I retired from being a horse trainer, I finally had time to take silversmithing classes and I am still learning all the time.

How do your pieces come to life? Do you sketch them out or do you find a vintage ‘bobble’ that just speaks to you and knows what it wants to become?

I spend a lot of time laying out different pieces, combining different stones and vintage components, trying out different combinations”¦I will often get totally absorbed in the process and realize that hours have passed, my studio is a mess, and I haven’t actually made anything! Interestingly, my best ideas often come when I’m lying in bed trying to fall asleep. I’m a total night owl.


Do you have a favorite piece that you’ve created?

It’s really hard to pick just one! When I wear my big Souvenir of the Rodeo necklace I feel like a Rodeo Queen. My horseshoe earrings are a staple of my wardrobe, because they go with everything. The custom horse portrait necklace I made of Wyatt lets me have my favorite boy with me everywhere I go. And my new concho bit bracelets are really cool”¦I must admit, I’m pretty fickle and I change favorites on a daily basis!

How can people get a hold of you, see more of your work, and become a fan?

I have a website,, and am currently in the process of redesigning the site and adding lots of new features and content. I also sell on etsy, I offer specials deals and giveaways to fans of my facebook page, click here to visit. If you enjoy my work, check my sites frequently, as I am constantly adding new inventory. I love making special custom pieces and you can always email me at if you have any questions about anything!


ENTER TO WIN by answering this question in the comments section below:  WHAT HORSE WOULD YOU CHOOSE TO HAVE A CUSTOM-MADE PIECE OF JEWELRY MADE IN HONOR OF?

Good luck!

*We use to choose winners. All entries at are created equal. 😉 Comments close at 10pm (CST) Valentine’s Day (Feb. 14th, 2013). Winner will be announced on Feb. 15th.

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  1. I would choose my OTTB mare, Classy Award. She is the horse I have dreamed of owning since I became a fan of horse racing. See I am a huge Secretariat fan and Classy is a grand daughter of his. Classy is now my trail partner and we hope to spend many years together.

    • I would honor my 1st Morgan mare Clancy’s Foxy Lady. She show real class even through her pain and taught me how to hear what a horse is trying to tell me. Sadly she left me 4 years ago but has never left my heart.

    • I would choose my registered paint “Rusty’. whom I’ve had since his birth. I imprinted him, trained him on his groundwork, and broke him to ride. We’ve been through it all togetherk he has been a willing partner for me.
      And he’ just so beautiful and smart.

    • The great racehorse filly Ruffian or the incomparable jumper Snowman!

    • I would have something made for my daughter, Casey and her Walker pony Angel.

    • I would choose my daughter’s horse (Peppy Leo McBar). He broke his leg with her as she turned the first barrel and she had to send him to Heaven. Their commitment to each other was more than business, they were best friends. Serena bought him in June 2007, as he was loping the pattern. Nevertheless, the started out in 5D and moved to 1D in no time at all. She hauled him to college at Bacone University, rode him in Cowboys of Color and joined WPRA. He wasn’t just a Pro callaber horse, she also gave riding lessons on him.

    • My daughters Paint horse Red, He has been such a joy for her to grow up with, The two of them has had chemistry since day one.

    • i would chose the thourobred i had SKIE he helpe me find myslef again

  2. Not a horse, but I love the Shackleford Banks ponies!

  3. I would honor my horse Poncho – He’s my first love of horses

  4. Barbaro, what a beautiful horse! although he is not an “Old” legend, I think he could have been a great racer. He showed great spirit. I think he is a symbol of strength and enduring friendships. As soon as the Jockey knew Barbaro had broke his leg he-” jockey Edgar Prado immediately pulled Barbaro up, and brought him to a gentle stop. He dismounted and leaned his shoulder into the horse’s shoulder to support Barbaro until track attendants could arrive”.

  5. I would honor my first pony Tonto. He was with me for 20 plus years.

  6. My first horse, Scout – who made me feel so safe and free. Or my beauty, Valero.

  7. I would have it made for a I had RD. HE WAS THE HORSE I dreamed about having as a young girl, and finally got the chance to have when I was 37. I got him as a colt @ 6 mths old, had hm for 2.5 yrs and had to sell him because of my divorce….Broke my Heart! RD was short for Rare Dream….

  8. My Miniature Horse stallion, Ramakers Golden Echo. He is a gorgeous buckskin w/dun that is fun to live around.

  9. I would honor either my Arabian rescue mare Ethereal (who was my first horse as an adult after 15+ years of not having them in my life) or Strider a starved rescue we took in back in September and recently passed.

  10. I would honor our TWH Gunner. He was our family’s first horse. His love and patience taught us all. It will be so hard to say goodbye to him someday. When I had a serious leg injury he tried to visit me by sticking his neck in the car window to lick my hand. There is true love. <3

  11. I would have this made in honor of my bestest guy, Cody. He is my first horse (bought about 8 years ago shortly after I turned 40!).

  12. I would actually choose to have one made in memory of my beloved “TR Special Feature” aka Faith..she was my dream horse that died tragically from laminitis, the rotation if her coffin bones were so quick & so severe there was no saving her.

  13. My horse Iam A Bit Of Swale the best registered quarter horse that I have owned. I am about to teach my grandson to ride him.

  14. I would honor my big-hearted mare, Ziggy, who carried me through everything with her amazing spirit. Tough as a nail, gentle as a lamb, and who never said she had enough. I miss you, Ziggy!

    • I would love to have Dreamfinder ApHC or Dandy Zippo ApHC or another brightly colored appaloosa horse jewelry. Awesome horses and fun for the eye….

      • I would honor my old horse Beau, he was a peruvian Paso and believe it or not I used to run barrels on him and he did very well at it I won a saddle and lots of other prizes and I also won lots of money. As you well know if you know the breed they are not known for their running ablity but he was very good at running barrels and he loved doing it. I lost him this winter at the age of 25 I miss him very much.

  15. I would choose my beloved horses Babydoll, Chicker, & Gia.
    They are forever my favorite horses and would be honored to have jewelry made in honor of them. Then that way I would always be carrying them with me (instead of their pictures & in my heart, that is, lol).

  16. I would love to have Dreamfinder ApHC or Dandy Zippo ApHC or another brightly colored appaloosa horse jewelry. Awesome horses and fun for the eye….

  17. No one wanted or could handle my horse, a black and white paint, Stormy Monday. With patience on both parts we’ve become inseparable. There may be other horses, but there is only one Stormy Monday. With her around you just can’t sing the blues.

  18. Our horse Cyuse who we lost due to age 2 yearsago. She was 32years old.

  19. I would choose my first horse, Regal Chieftain (aka RC). He was a gorgeous appendix quarter horse who taught me to be a real rider. I learned to be brave on him, took him to state horse fair and many dressage schooling shows, and we were only three days away from my first league dressage show when he collicked and had to be put down. He taught me how great it is to have your best friend be a horse – I could lay on his back while he was grazing and read a book, and tell him anything and he would look like he was listening. RC was such a wonderful horse, and I will never forget him.

  20. Lonesome Dove, a gray QH with a big heart, gentle and talented. Barrels, 4H, western Pleasure, gamer, trails, extreme cowboy, and a little boys best friend. A horse bought at an auction with an uncertain past and a deformed front hoof. I put him to rest in July after a shoulder injury. I buried him at the edge of his pasture, built a white fence around him and placed a headstone at his head. My tears still flow for this amazing friend.

  21. I would choose to have it made in rememberance of Miss Viscosity! She was my moms quarter horse. I got to ride her as a child. My mom got her in high school and showed her in high school winning my ribbons and then brought her to the acreage my parents had before getting divorced. She was such a great horse and meant so much to my whole family!!!

  22. I would choose to honor the one who taught me everything a horse crazy 10 year old needed to know at the time. He was my best friend’s best friend, who taught me more than how to ride. He’s a grade pony, of unknown origins who taught me to sit up straight with my heels down and to get back up when life threw me down. He taught me to work hard for what I wanted, and that the hard work I put into something would pay off in the end. He taught me patience and courage; and that I’m not always right. He was patient and willing, always up for an adventure. He taught me to dream and that, no matter how out of reach it seemed, I could always accomplish it with a little elbow grease and patience. 19 years later, I still remember and am thankful for all he had to give.

  23. I would choose one of my lost beloveds and honor their memory and the holes left in my heart and soul. Everyday, ordinary horses with hearts and characters as big as the world, that helped a poor farm girl fly free (and still do, with my current two beloveds!).

  24. I would choose my retired barrel mare Beamer. She is 23 now and doing great and this horse was my dream come true. I competed on her since she was 7 amd I made the lasr run on her when she was 19 and turned her out o the good life on our ranch while she was a legen and still health and sound. I wanter her last run to be at the top of her game. I am still searching for the next horse like her.

  25. I would choose my Paint mare ‘A Princess Warhawk’. Over the years, she has taught me to become a better rider. She has amazing patience, mixed with just enough sass, to keep me on my toes. She’s a one of a kind horse and I don’t expect there will be another one after her that can fill her big shoes. 🙂

  26. Gotta be the first! Chico. Fell in love at first sight and will never love another quite the same. Maybe more, but that
    first love has plotted my whole life ambitions, that I am still pursuing to day. Thank you Lord, for mounting me on the very same creature you will return on someday yourself! What a privilege this ride has been!

  27. My horse Piglet. He came from a ranch in Texas with no papers, just a working ranch horse. He will kick or bite you when he is a bad mood but will follow me around like a dog. I trained him to team pen and he won me many years of prizes. I retired him when I changed to barrel racing but couldn’t find a horse that I trusted and got along with, so I trained him to barrel race, where he again won me years of awards. I finally fully retired him at 23 but he still wants to go when he sees the trailer. And, to this day, while I love my other horses, he is still the man that holds my heart. I just can’t imagine what life will be like without seeing him every day – ears pinned back, teeth bared but asking for treats.

  28. I nominate Eric Lamaze’s BIG BEN – probably was, and always will be, the world’s greatest showjumper.

    • Big Ben was Ian Millar’s show jumper. Hickstead was the horse Eric Lamaz’s horse who passed away at a young age. Both were great horses.

  29. I would choose Duchess of Albany. She was my heart.

  30. My first horse, Quest, a very sweet gelding.

  31. Man O War! He was such a great race horse and so very famous, I read all the books about him when I was younger and he was always my favorite. There will never be another Man O War.

  32. I would definitely dedicate jewelry to my horse “Ms Easy Take” Dreamer. After a horrific accident, she survived and even though her reining competition days are over, she never gave up.

  33. I would choose my sweet little grey arab, Timber 🙂 My first an only pony, got him for 500 when he was 3, and a handful, hes now 13 and a wonderful gentleman!! <3

  34. I would honor my beloved who passed away in my arms on March 6, 2012. He was my best friend and love of my life. When I first met him, he was was just a week old. His zest for life and his athletic ability took my breath away. He was only seven years old when I lost my beloved Times. Forever he is in my heart and soul.

  35. I would honor the nearly forgotten “Cardigan Bay”, who became an overnight sensation in the US in 1968 as the first Standardbred to win US$1 million in prize money in North America. At age 12, despite being “down on the hip” from a severe injury suffered racing in New Zealand, he won his last race at Freehold Raceway in NJ, surpassing one million dollars. He became a celebrity and appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show as the “million dollar horse”. When he died in 1988, Cardigan Bay’s driver Stanley Dancer, reflected on the gelding’s last year of racing and said, “At the end he was going on heart alone…..what a mighty heart it must have been”.

  36. I would honor my late Percheron gelding Willy on a bracelet. I rescued Willy from a hard life as a carriage horse in Georgia. He was a noble, strong, and big hearted boy who loved me with an intensity I never knew could exist between human and horse. He was my best friend for 9 years and I miss him every day of my life. He lived out those 9 years in comfort and ease and rewarded me with love. He deserves to be honored in this way.

  37. My horse Sierra. She is still with me and I always want to remember her when she isn’t here. She has taught me how to jump and has introduced me into the world of Eventing. She is all I could want in a horse!

  38. I would have it honor my beloved Alladdin, who taught me so much about love, sprit, loyalty and giving-he was my best friend who carried me through so many things in life. I miss him terribly. I have him buried here at our ranch so he is resting in his favorite place.

  39. I would love to have my mare Dani honored. She came to me at a time when I was at my lowest. She was a complete surprise, her mommy was only 2 and wasn’t supposed to be pregnant. Dani is my gift from God. That is her name, literally. Her name is Nadan which in Hebrew means “Gift from God.” I call her Dani for short. She is wild and crazy and she loves people! She is like a spoiled only child! She runs to see me when I go out to her pasture. She will race right up to the spot I am standing then hit the brakes! She is the color of flame and just as hot! That’s my Dani.

  40. I would choose Cass, my first horse. I was thirteen when I got her, and, with her patience and cooperation, she taught me to ride. I can remeber opening her up a flying arcoss the fields, we were so in tune, all I had to do was think, and she would obey. I spent three years seeing the world framed by ears tipped in black. We decided to breed her and raise a foal, her looks and personality were beyond compare. Cass was due May 10, on May 3 I arrived home from school, as I pulled into the yard I could see she was down, convinced she was foaling I ran down to the corrals as fast as I could, only to find my best friend lifeless. The vet believed she had an aneurysm rupture when she went into labor. He told us we were fortunate it had happened under the circumstances it did. I miss her to this day, but I know she formed the woman I am today. I owe who I am to her, and I will never forget my dear, sweet Cass.

  41. I would have one made of my TB, Text Edition (barn name Eddie), who passed away this past summer. He was a wonderful horse who was a friend to me. He was there for me when I was going through a divorce, and losing my farm. At the same time, I had lost my first horse, who was also Eddie’s best friend. We shared the sorrow of our loss and grew closer during this time. The past few years, he showed symptoms that the vets were unable to figure out what he had. After a rough night, at which time I was not available, he hung on 1 more week at which time we spent as much time together as possible. Being self-employed, I kept running back and forth from home to the barn to spend as much time together as possible. It was as though he was not leaving this earth without saying goodbye to me. He had touched many during his lifetime and he will always be remembered.

  42. I would have to pick both my quarter horse Bugsy McGee & my mustang Picasso. I lost both of them in September 2012 two weeks apart due to complcations from laminitis.


  44. I would choose a my father. He was police detective killed in the of duty when I was 14 years old. He bought me my first pony, built my first barn, bought me my first horsetrailer, took me to my first horseshow…miss him everyday of the last 37 years….

  45. The horse that holds a special place in my heart is my Appaloosa mare,Sunset Serenade,aka Taffy.She was my first owned horse and was green when I got her,but we went through the training so easily.I sold her and a few years later bought he back .I had her 3 years before she passed away and I am so thankful for that time with her.

  46. I would honor my soul mate horse, a red chestnut Saddlebred mare I called Arrow, registered name The Duchess of York, by the many time World’s Grand Champion Yorktown. She would have done anything for me, & I for her.

  47. Secretariat

  48. My horse that past away last year, “Yaletown” not a day goes by that I don’t think of him.

  49. My big black gelding Pagan. He is related to Trigger. I big wonderful testosterone fest of a boy.

  50. I was raised on a ranch and always had a love for horses. I always enjoyed watching my nieces and nephews ride their horses. I would like to have a piece of Jewlery in Honor of Mugsy and Old Gray who were my late niece and nephew’s horses that they learned to ride on. My Late niece Carlie Ann and nephew Ty James were great riders and cowhands. They died in a paddleboat accident on Easter Sunday 2012 at the ages of 18 and 16 years of age.

  51. I would love to have a custom piece if jewelery to honor my Grandmother who just passed away. She had a real love for turquoise and silver jewelry as well as copper. I mean a real love. A piece to wear everyday that was made to honor her would mean so much to me.

  52. i choose my first horse Candy’s Cactus an appaloosa who taught me patients,endurance and more about me than I knew about myself. He’s long since past but his memories of our time together is forever in my heart. Won my first trophy with him and rode many trails together. He was and always will be my best friend Happy trails Cactus until we meet again.

  53. Clay is a once in a lifetime horse. He is a gorgeous Bay stallion that loves and is loved equally by everyone who meets him. A stallion that is so trusted that mothers let their 3 yr old children ride him; a stallion that wins Western Pleasure and then turns around and wins the Open Hunter championship; a stallion that puts his tiny fox ears on all his babies along with his unbeatable kindness and willingness, and a stallion who loves you back, wrapping his head and neck around you in a hug and always makes you feels safe. My blessing in this lifetime. Clay R Sweet.

  54. I would choose my gelding Bullet. He’s a Blazer. He’s very unique just like his breed!

  55. Foolish Pleasure

  56. I would honour my Newfoundland Pony, Ned. He’s my first and we’ve been together a little more than 3 years. We’re both green so training is slow but our bone is beautiful and strong!

  57. I would choose a horse that i had by the name of Champ he was an allround great horse, he taught me everything about running barrels and took me to NBHA world showsand was a great friend all the way til the end.

  58. I would choose Raven, the appendix WHO I bought in utero. I was at the barn hours after he was born. Sadly, I could not afford to jeep him and had to sell him when he was three. He gave the best hugs.

  59. I would honor my palomino paint stallion Twister. He’s beautiful inside and out. He’s the most gentle soul I’ve ever met. He not only throws beautiful, level-headed colts but he rides well and is always willing. I knew from the day I met him that he belonged to me and I really think when he looks me in the eyes he knows I belong to him! He’s funny and sweet but more importantly he’s deep…I’m just honored that I’ve found my once in a life time horse…he always reminds me that life is good.

  60. Dakota, This was my wife’s favorite horse, he was even in our wedding photos.

  61. I would choose my girlfriends Mom’s horse Buster who passed away two years ago. She misses him so much and would make the perfect keepsake for her to wear everyday to honor her best friend

  62. I would choose my mare, CA Macs Vision. She is just now 20 yrs old. Her father was the Colts mascot for several years. I have had her sice she was 4 and would love for her to be immortalized this way.

  63. I would honor my horse Godiva. She is 23 years young, took my now 30 yr old daughter to Arabian Youth Nationals 3 times, and with her earned a Top 10 at Sport Horse Nationals. Now she is teaching me to ride. 2 Old Ladies, bouncing and giggling! Love her!!

  64. My choice would have to be my 16.2 hand Dapple Gray that I was priviledged to own, train and ride for a short 3 years. I have owned and trained hundreds of horses but he was a dream come true. We were instant soul-mates. He passed into the afterworld a few months ago but he will never be forgotten. His willing spirit, soft eye and loving nature endeared him to anyone that saw him. He never refused me any request with the smoothest ride you could ever ask for at any gait. He would trail ride over the roughest terrain, carry a flag in a rodeo, let me shoot balloons off him, barrel race, pole bend or chase cattle. He was the best all around horse anyone could ask for. I cry every time I see a picture of him or relive a precious memory. He can never be replaced btt he will always be remembered. Although a piece of jewelry in his memory would be special, he was so wonderful that his legacy will live on through our family forever no matter how many other wonderful horses we are blessed to have in our lives. We will always love you Durango.

  65. My choice would have to be my 16.2 hand Dapple Gray that I was priviledged to own, train and ride for a short 3 years. I have owned and trained hundreds of horses but he was a dream come true. We were instant soul-mates. He passed into the afterworld a few months ago but he will never be forgotten. His willing spirit, soft eye and loving nature endeared him to anyone that saw him. He never refused me any request with the smoothest ride you could ever ask for at any gait. He would trail ride over the roughest terrain, carry a flag in a rodeo, let me shoot balloons off him, barrel race, pole bend or chase cattle. He was the best all around horse anyone could ask for. I cry every time I see a picture of him or relive a precious memory. He can never be replaced btt he will always be remembered. Although a piece of jewelry in his memory would be special, he was so wonderful that his legacy will live on through our family forever no matter how many other wonderful horses we are blessed to have in our lives. We will always love you Durango, in honor, your human momma

  66. I would have it made in honor of my beautiful Arabian gelding, Regis! We survived a horrible riding accident 10 years ago and have been through alot together. He is the love of my life:)

  67. My gorgeous Arabian Regis. 10 years ago I almost died while training him and now we are an incredible team. He is my true love:)

  68. I had Sho Nuf Spanish from the time he was 5. He passed last year at 18 years old. We showed in Hunters and Dressage. We trail rode and he was a great teacher to me and the children I taught to ride on Him. He was my soul mate and I miss him. When they say you have that one special horse in your life, that was my Sho Nuf Spanish or Roho, his barn name. He was a gentle giant at 16 hands. He would follow me around the field to get attention. He loved to be brushed and get ready to ride. I spent many hours in the saddle with him in lessons and at horse shows. He was a great horse.

    • Ruffian ,first because she was an awesome filly , and second , because there is a 11 year old little girl who fell in love with ruffian by reading about her , and she has devoted herself to getting some racetrack to erect a statue of , Ruffian , maybe a piece of jewelry in honor of Ruffian
      would thrill her.

  69. My little sorel QH mare Sally. I bought her when she was 3 for 300 dollars. She lived to be 38 and taught many kids to canter. I miss her.

  70. I would choose my horse, JB. He has taught me immeasurably more than any person could, and I am forever thankful to have him in my life.

  71. I would Honor my horse Zane. He was my first jumper and shaped me in to the person I am today. He passed in August of 2010 at the age of 22 and I will always miss him.

  72. My daughter’s favorite horse, Raven. Raven is a beautiful dark bay mare at my daughter’s riding school Raven is spirited and quite a handful, but she and my daughter bonded and work beautifully together.

  73. My daughter’s horse CSH MY CLAIM TO FAME. She was there when this horse was born. As a weanling this horse went up on its hind feet and put its’ front feet on her shoulders to give her a hug. We purchared him as a 2 year and he has kept us busy every since. My daughter is a designer for Jordache and I know she would love this piece.

  74. Lauras Giftoflove, a top ten futurity filly from my breeding program

  75. My own quarter horse, Missy. Bought my first “and only” horse at 54 years old. She has brought me so much joy, fear, relaxtion, fun!

  76. I would choose my 21 yr. old Paint mare, Cheyenne. She was not the horse I wanted but she picked me. She knew what she was doing as she has been the best horse I have ever had. She has been a therapeutic horse at the center where I am Program Director. She has also been my Sheriff mounted unit horse for the last 11 yrs. until she tore her suspensory ligaments. We have trusted each other thru many situations. She is now retired but the time is approaching to send her across the Rainbow Bridge due to more health problems. I plan to honor her by having my first tattoo done of her head but this jewelry would be a wonderful way to honor her, also.

  77. It would be my first horse Shazi. Shazi is a 1981 half arab mare who my parents got for me through pony club when I was a high school freshman. We did everything together from pony club, endurance, trail riding, hunter jumpers, eventing, whatever. Shazi even was a broodmare one year and a lesson horse for another. We went to vet school together where Shazi patiently allowed me and my friends to “practice” our equine vet skills (or lack there of) on her. She is 32 years old this year and not only does she pack my young kids around just this past spring she “adopted” a week old filly whose mother had rejected her. She is the most patient and kindest soul I have ever met. She is all that I love in a horse.

  78. it would have to be the horse I ride now……..he was created at a difficult time in our lives so we had something to go on for……..sadly my dad died before knowing he had been conceived……Jest A Dream………my dad would be proud of my home bred little star

  79. My horse Reggie, who passed 2 years ago after 28 years of friendship.

  80. I would chose the love of my life, my 16.3 hand, solid black stallion, Coin’s Sequoyah, barn name Twinkie. We have been together since 2001 when he was 4. He will be 16 years old on April 22, 2013. Twinkie almost died from colic in 2002 (contaminated feed from the feed mill) and had to have surgery. My then husband wanted me to save the surgery money and have Twinkie euthanized. He also told me a year later that I had to chose between our marriage and Twinkie. Since Twinkie and I will be together 12 years on April 10th, you know what my answer was. I am eagerly awaiting the birth of the first foal sired by Twinkie this spring and look forward to Twinkie and I spending many more happy years together.

  81. I would honor my home bred paint horse Dontquestionmyspirit I was there at his birth and have we have grown together. Teaching each other.

  82. My first horse Miss Tripper…a big, brave, bay AQHA that took me everywhere, did everything and lived til her 38th birthday came around in 2006 (I had ridden her only 3 months earlier and she still tried to playfully buck me off!). A one in a million horse….and I have yet to find another that comes close (although my present grey AQHA mare is getting there…). LOVED this horse…and I miss her even to this day…

  83. Clydesdale they are beautiful!!

  84. I would choose a reining horse in honor of my son who aspires to be a trainer of reiners and is currently a nonpro!

  85. I would have it in memory of the most wonderful horse in the whole world. Captain Nikadee Bar passed over the rainbow bridge two years ago. He was 26. I had him since he was born. He taught hundreds of children and adults how to ride a horse. My youngest was 3 years old. She rode him all alone. He was a wonderful loving horse that I miss very much. I still get teary eyed when i think of him.

  86. It’s a toss up between two of mine – my old adult hunter, Third Degree, from whom I learned a lot, and my stallion, Fleetwoods Bolero, who is still the only one I trust with my young daughter and who has given me some lovely babies!

  87. I would like it of Secretariat

  88. I would love a piece in honor of my palomino quarter horse mare, Diamond. I rescued her from slaughter 2 years ago . She and I have become really close. She is such a character. We have enjoyed many hours of trail riding and just hanging out together.


  90. I would like to honor Zenyatta..she is one of the greatest female race horses. She was proud of what she did and liked to please the crowds.. I loved to watch her race.. she also has an awesome son..

  91. I know who it would be I have been wanting to have a piece done but just have not been able to at this time. It would be in honor of my handsome boy Chexsans Runnin Gold aka Torx. He was my first horses first foal. A handsome devil that was almost the spittin’ image of his sire, golden champagne, golden eyed, double mane and the personality that wouldn’t end. He and his mama where my rocks during my husbands deployment lol they made sure to fill up my spare time so as to keep me busy. Torx was only 3 and a half when he passed no warning signs that something was wrong just gone. That was in December of 2010 and I still miss him as much as the day that he left for those pastures on the other side. I still sit and think about what he may be like today if he was still here.
    Sorry rambling about my baby.

  92. I would honor Blaze from C. W. Anderson’s Billy and Blaze series. I grew up reading these over and over again. Great series, I now search for old library books about him so I can share them with my grandchildren.

  93. I would have something made in honor of my gelding that I just had to sell due to finances from hay costs. I had a wonderful bond with him and its been a very tearful time for me, something I won’t get over none too soon.

  94. the horse i raised from a baby 29 years old now a boon bar mare marvelous me

  95. I would have it made in honor of Brutus The Bull, my sister’s horse that was killed in a barn fire.

  96. I would honor my horse, Lovey. She has saved my life these past few years since my Mom died. My Mom was my only family and with her gone, I felt all alone. Lovey has nutured, loved and kept me sane. Without the wisdom in her eyes and the love she gives me every day, I would have been all alone. I thank God for her every day.

  97. I would honor my mare Casscader who died on June 20, 2012. She taught me everything I know about horses and riding. I miss her every day.

  98. Black Beauty, in honor of horse rescues everywhere

  99. I would honor my once in a lifetime horse Itz Nobodys Bizness, aka Junior. I miss you every day buddy.

  100. I would have a piece made in honor of my favorite stallion, Tiny Trotter, who has proven himself to be not only a show horse himself (multi National Champion) he is a great sire, with everyone of his foals being named National Champion…and several of his foals are now exported overseas. He is just the coolest horse, prescene to burn, but such a lover, and will give his all to please you.

  101. I would pick Stroller, ridden by Marion Mould at the Mexico Olympics in the show jumping competition. Officially a pony as he was under 14.2hh he was found pulling a milk cart in Ireland and went on to be one of the top Show Jumpers in the UK during the 1960’s despite his size. Although he failed to win a medal in Maxico as he was having tooth troubles that week he was definatley an all time great.

  102. I would have to say I’d have a custom piece of jewelry made in honor of “Roman”. He was my daughters horse of fifteen years. He was a very special horse and friend. We were devastated when we lost him. I have often thought of having a custom piece of jewelry made out of some of his mane and tail hair that we kept. Maybe a bracelet or necklace. Something so that we could (phsically and mentally) keep him close to our hearts.

  103. I would choose my home bred Arabian stallion Allemar. I trained him to FEI level dressage. The first horse I ever trained. What a patient student and awesome horse.

  104. His name is Macho PK SLR … He is an 18hh Gray Dutch Warmblood Gelding and my best friend. He has taught me how to ride much less Jump. For a big guy, he is a Ballerina in the Jump ring and a Brain Surgen mentally. He is the smartest horse I have ever own, and I have owned a lot of horses. He hated everyone till he and I fell in love … Now we are a team.

  105. special effort

  106. I would honor my horse Dandy. He was so sweet & a little bit wild…kind of like my granddaughter Aubrey who has now discovered horseback riding with a passion!

  107. Without a doubt it would be our sweet Arabian mare, Kaprise, who has been with us 21 out of her 26 years. We purchased her for our daughter, not knowing at the time that she was imported as a yearling from Poland. She has given her all for us, taking our daughter to the Arabian Youth Nationals and Canadian Nationals becoming a two-time national champion and reserve in Canada. She taught our daughter so much and did everything we ever asked of her both English and Western. Now her daughter is following in her footsteps. She is one great lady.

  108. I have a Black Forest Horse, named Monte Carlo. He is chestnut with tons of blonde mane and tail. Monte is a rare breed in the US, there are less than 20. He is a small draft breed, with a great personality. I love him!!! I would love to have a piece of jewelry with him on it.

  109. I am fortunate to have many to chose from over the years. I think my Jewel – Mom’s Treasure is the one I would pick. After many years of no access to horses on a daily basis. She was my yearling – my treasure. She is beautiful and crazy, perhaps just miss understood. Either way she’s mine and remewed my hope to have a horse of my own. My Jewel – probably no one else would appreciate her as I do.

  110. I would choose my Benny to be the horse honored by a beautiful piece of jewelry. No matter what happens he always tries his hardest and has bounced back from adversity to be a great horse. We love him to pieces and he graces us with his love right back.

  111. I would honor my gelding Gunner, who was the best trail horse ever. He always took care of me, and I trusted him completely. He’s gone now, and I miss him!

  112. I would pick my horse named Squire. Love him to peices!!!

  113. My Mom had to recently put her quarter horse mare Cassie down due to an injury she received on the fencing to her leg. I would love to be able to make her a piece in memory of her “baby” who she helped be born

  114. I would choose Ruffian because she gave her all.

  115. I would pick my old boy Himalaya – in his now 24 years – he has never had a bad day and never done anything wrong. A kind big fellow who is as sweet today as he was the moment he was born. He’s a big heart shapped like a horse.

  116. I would like to honor a QH I had for 13 years who passed aaway 2 years ago. Babe’s Royal Desire, or Dee as affectionately known. A true “do it all, QH” Dressage, jumping, xcountry, pony club mount trails and later a lesson horse. Loved people and loved to play.

  117. Tesoro De Oro, is indeed a treasure. He came to me when I needed a loyal trustworthy friend, and carried me safely through many adventures I would think twice about as an older wiser woman. My very first Paso Fino, forgave me for not knowing what he was supposed to do, and then showed me he could do anything! A beautiful Palomino, with the golden eyes of Puerto Rican lines. My children and grandchildren have ridden him, pretending he had wings of gold as they floated across the fields. Then, when I thought I would always be riding alone, he gave me a very special gift…he taught my husband to love horses. He is 21 now, still the best ride on our place, but the trailer makes him stiff, so we keep his rides close to home. As my husband of 41 years and I plan our next riding adventure, with the Best of America by Horseback,or up to New England next fall in the Sundowner, I know I have him to thank for being able to share this love. We are living the dream, because of our Treasure.

  118. I would choose The greatest Standardbred Cam Fella Winner of over 25 straight races and brcame the greatest sire in standardberd racing ..Thanks

  119. I would love to have a pc of jewlery that represents the majesty of a Fresian. I have always wanted to ride and enjoy as my riding companion a beautiful Jet Black Fresian. That are smart horses and have a size take notice. With flowing mane and tall to the tall majestic headset.

  120. Would have to be Claudias Upset, a TB mare who we bought without knowing her past history and discovered she had been to hell and back in terms of abuse after coming off the race track. I told her when she arrived here, she would never have to leave – she is 25 yrs old this year. Love her to death

  121. I would honour my horse World of Wonders, aka. Wiktor

  122. My horse “Little Jake Modoc”. He is a registered Mustang and I have had him 22 years. He will be 27 this year and has been ridden by my 3 sons and now my two granddaughters. He is truely a part of our family.

  123. I would make a piece of jewelry in honor of my Medicine Hat Paint Horse, George. He is a beautiful bay gelding who has become my best friend since I bought him when he was an hour old. Now in his 13th year, we have become riding buddies and I am proud to call him “my boy.” He is also the best kisser!

  124. I love my horse KALELA she has been so good with all my grandkids and I just love her deirly

  125. Black Gypsy Vanner with 4 white socks and blaze. Beautiful with flowing mane, tail and feathers. Artistic wonder.

  126. BUDDY (Orbit Flyer)
    One in a million you find a horse beyond your dreams. Buddy didn’t race, he didn’t show…He could have!
    His work is much more important, his shinning spirit is a blessing to everyone. He teaches the value of love, kindness, pleasing, playfulness, generosity, and how to communicate beyond words. Power, grace, lightning speed have come together, so that us hunan we can have wings and remember the gift to travel the earth with our majestic companions. May we always cherish and protect their precious lives and all the colorful animal kingdom serving our needs unconditionally.

  127. My first horse that was mine and not to share was just an ordinary 2 yr old mare. She was purchased for $100. We walked her home 5 miles behind the pick up. When I had to put her down at 14 because of a fetlock injury she had left a legacy of being my best friend to teaching more kids to ride than I have fingers and toes counted 3 times. When the day came to send her home the vet, farrier, and countless others cried and mourned. Even the backhoe operator(he had never seen the mare)had tears in his eyes. I still have her tail to be turned into horse hair tassels for the now grown children that she was special to. Her last set of shoes is now a custom bit hanging on the wall. It has been 14 years since that last time I hugged her and sat on the ground as she breathed her last. Seems like yesterday.
    The Lady Mare is one that I would like to honor with the piece of jewelry.

  128. yukon, our PMU gelding. He was brought back to health by a friend of mine, and we purchased him as a 2 years old. Yukon has been with us for 10 years now, and he still amazes me with the trust that he has in us despite his traumatic start in life. He is a gorgeous Appaloosa with a snow blanket who could have been sold at least 10 times by now. Yukon will be in our family forever, and I am grateful to have been blessed with owning such a magnifient and wonderful horse.

  129. Blaze! My crazy old mustang. As precious to me as any spirit in this world or the next. Rest with God, old friend!

  130. I have a 26 year old thoroughbred rescue mare that I got after my 2 horses had died; she needed me as much as I needed her. I wish I knew more about her breeding and background. She is the love of my life!.

  131. Hankthree our old stud was 29 when we had to put him down–sired over 100 colts everyone just as sweet as he was! That King breeding is hard to beat!

  132. Mister M D is the horse I would choose. He is my daughter’s horse and he was her partner during jr high and high school barrel races. He gave her the best memories of her high school years!!!

  133. My first horse of my very own; “Beth’s Kiss Me Kate”. She was mine at 3 months of age and now she’s about to turn 14. we teach each other so many of lifes lessons. Of all the horses I’ve trained; I have had to work the hardest to create a true connection with her and every day is worth it and I look forward to MANY more. 🙂

  134. I would honor my horse Dox West Gray!! I was reserve world champion with him in the 10,000 amateur cutting!

  135. I would choose my horse Brownee. She is part Quarter Horse & Thoroughbred. She is going to be 13 years old this year and was given to me a week before Christmas last year. She is the best thing that has happened to me. She is my best friend.

  136. I would design a piece of jewelry that honored all the abandoned, abused and forgotten horses. Those horses who gave their heart and effort to someone; or, those horses who were never given the opportunity to give their heart and effort to be someone’s dream horse. That special dream horse that so many of us horse lovers have had the opportunity to know and remember.

  137. I would love to see my Friesian gelding, Bjinse, who is a champion ster gelding. He is almost 12 years old and I have had him since he was 3 1/2 yrs old. I saw him when he was 18 mo old when he came from The Netherlands, but the people wouldn’t sell him. Finally after some time, they decided to sell him and I bought him immediately. I have never looked back. He has been the perfect horse in every way, a real gentleman, and a good protector.

  138. If I could have a piece made….it would be for a dear friend of mine that had a QH mare named THE JESSIE ROSE. She was the only thing my friend had that she loved beyond anything. I used Jessie in my wedding and the pictures have been shown to more people than you can imagine. She lost Jessie several years ago and has never been replaced. Her stall has remained a shrine. This would be more sentimental than anything else I could think of.

  139. I would honor my mother who died last year. She was an awesome mom and a terrific horsewoman and helped me to learn to love and appreciate horses by training them with ground driving and by teaching them to respond from the ground up.

  140. I would like a black stallion because they are so beautiful,

  141. I would have to choose my rising 10 year old Pintaloosa Kipling. I got him at an auction where I went to buy a girth and then came the foals… He was first into the ring and fell on his way in. Bought him for cheap and he was soooo sick. We have been through so much together. He is the perfect gentleman and I love him to bits!!!!

  142. While I would honor all my horses over they years, as I loved them all and they all deserved to be honored, I would honor the unnamed horse, that horse that nobody else would want. He many not be the fastest, prettiest, or smartest horse, but he’s one of God’s beautiful creatures and deserves to be noticed by someone.

  143. My beautiful Buckskin, Ginger. She was my first horse, my best friend. Ginger was my saving grace throughout my teenage years. There’s not a day that goes by that I think about her and our wonderful times together and I’m almost 50!!

  144. I would love to honor my Friesian gelding
    who we rescued from a bad situation. He was a wonderful guy and gave us so much more than we could ever give him. RIP sweet Pieje – we will always love you ~

  145. Has to be my horse Buckshot. He was the hope of our future before his untimely death

  146. I would love a handmade jewelry cuff in honor of my first horse Blackie the King Man, because he was with me for 36 years of my life and we learned together the ins and outs of all the riding displines and we grow up together and than he taught my two children how to ride also at 36 years old I had to put him down it was the hardest day of my life.

  147. I can visualize this…My beautiful Lippizaner,Romanza, in passage, while riding him on a late summer afternoon. It was alwasy a magical moment between us.

  148. I would like this to honor my horse of a lifetime – Tanner. A big dark bay TB/Perch who I was with when he entered this world in 1992 and when he left this life this past November. This horse gave me everything including a world of priceless memories.

  149. I would honor a very special boy- Snowflake. I had Snowflake for 27 years until he passed away at age 36. He had no special pedigree, but he was my best friend through my teen years, and came to college with me. We rode for pleasure, showed in hunters, dressage, and he taught many of my friends to ride. He had amazing patience and was definitely of great intelligence. When I got married, my husband understood the vows included cherishing Snowflake for as long as he should live too! He gave my young children their first experiences loving and caring for horses, and even helped my daughter learn to ride and love horses. He was a once in a lifetime horse, pet, and beloved friend.

  150. Lauras Oak Bar. The highest quality Halter Quarter Horse my dad ever owned. It would also be a tribute to the dedication of my dads love for a great looking horse.

  151. I have been lucky and have had some wonderful horses in my life. I would honor my solid black mustang Tripp. I grew up wanting a solid black mustang and after 40 something years, finally have one. He is also the first horse that I started learning about training horses and I am proud to say I did all of his training, even though we don’t do anything ‘fancy’…but we do have fun!

  152. I would choose my first horse, Pride of Equinox whom I bought as my 51st birthday present for myself Sadly I lost him after 8 wonderful years. Now I have his “nephew” Equinox Portentious and we are bonding well.

    • I would choose my most favorite horse, my big tough Appaloosa Moose, that I had for 25 years. He was absolutely “bomb proof” and loved to jump. I evented, hunted and trail rode him for many years. He was a dream to haul and was great with kids. I miss him very much.

  153. I would dedicate this in honor of my beautiful mare, Jessie. She is my heart and soul and keeps me so young.

  154. *Bask

  155. i would choose my horse candy, a quarter horse mare i owned her for 22 years she was a perfect horse for me.she lived to be 31 yrs i had to have her put down last year because her body was shuting down and she was very weak. i will always miss her.

  156. I would choose Naomi my miniature horse. She was born blind, then later her sight came in. As a youngster she was attacked by a dog . The vet said she wouldn’t make it. I put her on my porch and nursed her night and day and she survived. Today, she visits, schools and nursing homes and other community events. Her unending patience and sweet nature have won the heart of all her meet her.

  157. I would choose my Arabian mare, Arrogant Angel. She has the most beautiful classic Arab head. She is my prema-donna and thinks she is the queen, which she is. When she was born her mother did not except her. I stayed with her with her day and night without sleep until the 3rd day when finally the mare excepted her. We have a very special bond. She is like one of my kids.

  158. I would have my horses great grandfather The Ole Man honored. I have always thought he was the best growing up and when I was able to get one of his granddaughters I was so excited,she passed away but I have her daughter.

  159. The horse who truly deserves to be honored with such a beautiful piece of jewelry is an Arabian mare named Hadette. She always gave everything she had to each and every one of her many foals, often at great expense to her own health. Although I knew her for almost twenty years, I was only honored to own her for the last eight years of her life. She taught me more about courage, honor and pride in those eight years than I have learned in a lifetime of human interaction

  160. I would choose my first stakes mare, the beautiful Hiclass Girl, she won the Heritage Futurity in 1986 and 17 years later, her daughter, A Chick of Class won it (2003) I was fortunate enough to raise her and wise enough to keep her daughter so I owned the only mother/daughter winners of the Heritage. She is also the granddam of Hiclass LaJolla, winner of the Speedhorse Futurity and a promising young sire at Granada Farms.

  161. I would use any rescue horse , ib a horse mom of 2 a chestnut quarter horse and a mini bay , I adore them both, the rescue horses would give anyone wearing the jewelry a reminder how lucky our horses are to have us an to help get these beautiful animals a forever home

  162. I’ve known a lot of wonderful horses throughout our years of raising, training & racing Thoroughbreds. We have adopted some amazing BLM Mustangs, too, but hands down, I’d have to honor my beautiful 16.2 grey Thoroughbred, Fly. He was the horse who took care of me when I languished on the waiting list for transplant surgery (for 24 months after my diagnosis of a rare liver disease, from 1997 through 1999), too weak to gallop colts or lift anything heavier than a wet noodle. As I gradually gained strength after surgery, he matched his energy level to mine, always my perfect mount. I’m 63 now, and he’s 21, and he is still my perfect horse.

    • I would honor one of my childhood “dream horses”: Black Beauty or Flicka or the Black Stallion. They lived in a magical world and kept my dream of one day owning a horse alive, until at the age of 50 I met and fell in love with my own magical dream horse–a rescued Arabian named Gideon.

  163. I would choose the horse of my heart, my precious MWF Donica, who I miss every day since she left us. She was the queen, the kindest horse I have ever known (an entire kindergarten class went into her stall once on a field trip and she didn’t move a muscle, just loved every second of it), and yet was the most courageous “Man From Snowy River” horse you ever met…just an absolute TIGER under saddle, would climb a cliff without hesitation, or jump off one, without hesitation. When she left us, I wrote the following:

    A week later, on a Saturday afternoon, the most incredible events occurred. Most of you have known and loved our lesson horse Cherry Coolaid…”the little horse with the big heart.” She gave two beginner lessons in the morning. Then in the afternoon, she performed for a beautiful last hour with an advanced student…bitted on the longe line, doing absolutely perfect canter-walk-canter transitions (possibly the best she has ever done on the longe line for anyone). She performed for the entire hour with no sign of anything out of the ordinary, and at the very end of our lesson she became extremely colicky…there was never a mild moment for poor Cherry, she went from normal to severe immediately. I do not have the heart to relate the events in detail, but we immediately had the vet out, and while treating Cherry…Donica, too, began to colic. A more bizarre story I could never tell. Cherry began her colic episode at 4:45. Donica’s symptoms perfectly mirrored Cherry’s in every way, delayed shortly behind her, and the vet was treating two extremely severe colics at the same time. The vet did everything he could, and left after a couple of hours…saying to call him if things got worse again. We were unable to stop walking them for even a few minutes. Hours and hours we spent walking them, talking to them, petting them, and weeping for their pain. Together, the two old friends, both of them 19 years old, were faithfully trying with those big hearts they had to do all that we asked. At 10:30, Cherry simply fell down dead, with little warning. There is no way to speak of it and have you fully understand what that was like. I dearly loved her! We immediately called the vet out again, and an hour later Donica began showing the exact signs that Cherry showed about 10 minutes before she died. I could not bear to see my dear one, my Donica, die that way…and the decision was made to put her down. I can almost not bear to tell it. I took her to a place she had kept trying to lay down at…she was allowed to lay down in the soft grass, where she took a bite of grass and just held it in her mouth…and there is stayed through the end. Every one of us said our goodbyes to her and were there to the end, and her kind eyes told me that she understood our love. She passed gently away, and I laid against her beautiful curved, swanlike neck for a long, long time afterward. If Dan had not come and gotten me, I would have stayed there with her all night. Did you ever notice the satiny feel of her neck? I will declare to you that in all of my days I have never seen a creature as graceful and beautiful in death as she was, laying in the grass in the moonlight under the stars, with her silver coat shining. She looked like a unicorn fallen to earth, ethereal and magical, whose horn was just invisible to us mortals. I cannot express how difficult this was for me, personally. She was my special horse, my favorite to ride (and most courageous), the best and most kind mother I have ever seen, and trustworthy to the extreme…I had her for 16 years. I look around each day and see the gifts that she has given to me through her son and daughter and granddaughters and grandson and am amazed at her legacy of love, heart, intelligence and inspiration. This does not lessen the amount that I miss Cherry every day, the sweet call that she had was unmistakeable…I still miss it every morning. And you all remember the look Cher-cher would get on her face with those huge eyes and tightly pricked ears and that soft way she would whicker ‘under her breath’ and paw the air when she thought she would get a treat from you after a ride! What a dear, sweet little red mare she was, and we all owe her our thanks for the many generous hours of teaching she was always willing to give…even at the very last. It is difficult to give lessons to very green beginners without her! Divine has taken on the task and risen to the occasion as a wonderful mount for intermediate and advanced students…but Cherry’s loss leaves a great, gaping hole, not the least among my children.

    Before many of you begin to ask the many questions such an event would naturally give rise to, I will tell you that we went to the highest levels with scientists at Texas A&M to try and discover the exact cause of their deaths. The veterinarian that performed the necropsy did not do so correctly, and we were never able to discover exactly what it was with 100% assuredness. I will tell you that the evidence all pointed to one cause, however, and the long and short of it was that these were not ‘normal’ colics, and that I, personally, have no doubt that we lost our beautiful mares to blister beetle poisoning.

    We are making this trip to the nationals with Donica’s greatest gift to me…her son, Gadiel…who will carry her torch through his sons and daughters into the grateful hearts of those lucky enough to get to know them. I say that because of all the foals we have ever met, seen, or bred, I have yet to meet one that could touch a heart like the Gadiel foals we have had here. Malina, who has gone on…and Eksodus, who astounds me every day. The Gadiel foals out there that are owned by others…Rocket…Genesis…Mistr…those of you who have been so blessed get to touch a little bit of Donica every day. 🙂 And as such, I hope to bring home a National Championship, and if we win it will be in no small part due to those of you who have believed in us despite the personal difficulties we have faced over the years, and not the least I will thank my dear husband who believes in me more than any other, and my sweet children who have faced such loss and sadness with such courage. But I know what my heart will say as I receive those roses… if, God willing, we can win. My heart will quietly whisper:

    ‘This one’s for you, Donica.’

  164. My gelding Skyler. I was there when he was conceived, there when he was born and there when he died in my arms of old age, at the age of 28yrs. So much trust both ways, and I thank his dam Zan who began our journey.

  165. It would be a fantastic honor to have a piece made with my 2 horses (Sterling and Max). Sterling (Kiger Mustang) was adopted after my treatments for Stage 3 breast cancer and is my soul. Max (a Halflinger) was purchased at a private auction right after I had made some life changing decisions in my life (leave a 23 year marriage, move from SF to central California, and begin a new career) all at 50 years of age. They represent SO much and are each such different personalities, but they love each other and they love me unconditionally. Of course, I feel they are the best guys around, but to have them together on a piece of jewelry would be a constant reminder of the bonds we have and a testament that we have come far together. Thanks for reading! All the best to all the people writing about their horses!!

  166. Sassy. A delightful Morgan-Arab cross that I raised from a foal and had until she died 20 years later. She was all heart, and always ready to go anywhere, anytime. Brave, courageous, adventuresome! Loved that mare.

  167. my first and most beloved and loyal horse i have ever owned-TOBY. he was just the best and i still love him

  168. My horse Rebels Tikka Son, that I raised and trained myself, the love of my life.

  169. I would choose my purebred Arabian Ssimon Ssays. A little over 12 years ago I was diagnosed with Adult Onset Stills disease and recently Fibromyalgia. I’ve been in chronic pain and depressed for so long I didn’t know any other way to live, until I met Ssimon. We went out to look at him for my daughter, but when I saw him my whole world shifted. Ssimon saw me, really saw me in all my brokenness and sadness. I walked up to him and touched his soft nose and knew without riding him or hearing anything further about him that he was going home with me and would be with me until he drew his last breath. He accepted me and saw more of who I was in that moment than people who’ve known me my whole life. Being with Ssimon is the only time I’m ever able to forget my illness and be truly happy. Even on my darkest days Ssimon manages to lift my spirits and I know its all going to be ok. In Ssimon I have found my soulmate ❤

  170. My Paint horse Cowboy. I always said I would have my very own horse when I was 45…I was 48! Had to wait a few more years, but he was so worth waiting for. We have bonded so much, and he loves to trail ride! He could be out in the field and I’m at the gate, don’t have to call him, he looks up and sees me; he just knows when I am there. Love my boy!

  171. If I had a piece of jewelry to honor a horse it would have to be in honor of :”Skye” My TB/Oldenburg that died 2 years ago this may from an accident that broke his leg. he was 20 years old. A grumpy old man who taught the youngsters manners and protected the mares. He was highly educated and a lovely mover and hot as hell….but I loved him. He was a blast to ride and he always took care of me. 🙂

  172. The beautiful Zenyatta!

  173. My quarter horse oldman i rescued him and he rescued me

  174. Justin Morgan- The Foundation Sire of the Morgan Breed. But since no pictures of Justin Morgan are available, the next best thing is his descendent stallion Madrona Rubicon who has won the Justin Morgan Standard Class an unmatched and unprecedented 8 times in Class A competition.

  175. It would either be my first horse Bobbie or my current palimino halter horse Amber. I would love to member both with such a lovely piece.

  176. It would have to be my horse Angel, she has been the most reliable trail horse ever. Always ready and eager to head out for the day.

  177. I would like to see one of Charmayne James great horse Scamper, who’s passed one but what an awesome horse he was!

  178. It would be in honor of Seabiscuit!

  179. My first choice would be the great filly Ruffian. She truly was a match for the big boys.

  180. My little cow bred quarter horse mare, Misty Kash King. She’s my little rockstar!

  181. There is no contest! I would honor my quarter horse mare, Flaxen Lynx. She was a gorgeous, golden palomino. Her color was awesome and she had a flxan mane and tail (naturally, with no bleaching). She had 5 beautiful foals for me before I had to make the decision to put her to sleep. Flaxen took very good care of her foals. She was the most stoic horse when in pain. She took care of my disabled son as well as novice riders. We played soccer together for fun. Flaxen always made an impression on people, they would remember her for various reasons. The first and foremost reason would be her color, followed by her attitude as well as her spirit. I could go on forever, but in a nutshell, she was the total package! Not a day goes by that I don’t think about her, I still own 3 of her 5 foals. They range in age from 9 to 11 years old.

  182. I’d have one made in honor of my mare, Lucy, whom I lost last year to torsion colic after foaling. Lucy was a special girl — truly a “bringer of light” — as her name means.

  183. I would have a custome made piece of jewelry made to honor “Duke”. I got him when I was 14, he was a small graded bay gelding. We couldn’t afford high dollar horses. He was my best friend as I grew into adulthood. We placed first in $H our first year, in both Horsemanship and Barrels. We traveled hundreds of miles of trails.
    Then he taught both my children to ride. He was gentle and had lots of heart. He did everything I asked him to do.

  184. My daughters horse Roscoe, he died a few years ago from colic. We still love him and miss him.

  185. I would honor my Thourghbred- thisonesforcharlie- I had a construction accident back in 1999 and recieved a Tramatic brain injury and busted left shoulder. I had bought Charlie just before my accident to do jumping with , anyways to shorting this up my horse had become my therapy horse and he was the very best thing to happen to me in my recovery . Charlie means the world to me and I love him so much , I can never repay everything he has done for me and so very privilaged that we are a team forever

  186. Hollywood Dunn-It……

  187. Ruffian! This brave TB filly was the head of her class, undefeated in 10 starts in 1974, and winning the three year old filly triple crown in 1975. She was so spectacular, a match race was set up for her and the year’s big winner, Foolish Pleasure. She was a full length ahead of him in the match race and broke her sesamoids and pulled up, crippled. She didn’t make it through the night. She was one of a kind!

  188. I would name it after my Shiloh. I grew up with horses but when I started a family things went in a different direction and I had to sell my horse in 1990. After 20 years, my kids grew up and after that I went through a divorce. When the stars lined up once again for me I was able to share my life once again with the one love of life outside of my kids. Shiloh was being sold from a riding stable after three years of being a stable horse for beginners. She was turning 20 and past her prime for them but after I went to check her out I couldn’t get her out of my mind and knew I had to get her. Three yeares later I can’t describe the joy she has refreshed in my life. We both have slowed down but what she has given me will never go away. Yep, of all the horses I have had the pleasure of owning and riding, Shiloh filled a void nothing else could touch.

  189. Zenyatta the greatest race horse ever!!

  190. Royalzon+/. He was my best friend, partner and inspiration. I owned him for 23 years and he was my soulmate of a horse. He was awesome. At 27 years old he was the Arabian Sport Horse National Top Ten Jumper. Not many like him. He would jump the moon if I asked him too. He is no longer with me and I miss him terribly. He was the inspiration that lead me to become the horse person and professional I am now.

  191. I would honor Rachael Alexandra by wearing a piece of your jewerly, best race horse ever!

  192. Expressiv, my first FEI horse that overcame a severfe tendon laceration as a yearling. The injury was supposed to be career ending before it ever began. I nursed her through the injury and trained her to FEI Prix St George and continue to trin towards the Grand Prix.

  193. I would love to have a cuff made in honor of my AQHA mare, Grulla. For years she was my work partner on different ranches as we both eeked out a living in the West. Then we both had babies. Now we both teach children. She’s like a part of me, and as she ages, I can’t imagine life without her!

  194. I would have it made in honor of my retired way too soon barrel horse One Riot One Ranger, aka Novak. He’s my kind gentle giant and was named after a John Wayne line.

  195. I would honor a great horse named Touche’ He took care of me while I was going thru chemo and radiation for breast cancer. I was able to keep showing and winning in the 3ft Adults….I think I was more successful when i was in a chemo fog because I let him “take the wheel”…I will be forever grateful to him. He passed away last winter. 🙁 Rest in Peace “mickey”.

  196. My very first horse, Gwiazar. A wonderful Arab gelding that thought me more than I could have ever imagined.

  197. My favorite horse would have to be my mare Docs Dancin Wildfire aka Bella. She is a registered tovero paint that I have lived with for the last six years. We are so much alike in personality it isn’t even funny! That would explain why we don’t always see eye to eye and agree on things! I love this horse and don’t want to know how my life would be with out her.

  198. Dutchess.. My beauty of a buckskin mare. Hancock bred and as honest as the day is long. I could have sold her 100x but she’s never leaving my place. She fills my heart with joy and will do anything of asked of her. She’d be my pick, plus she’s pretty as a picture!!

  199. I would honor Kats Cool Asset -QH. Cool was my best friend. I. will never find another horse like him. Miss the big guy.

  200. i would go with my horse Joe. He passed away in 2010 but I had him for 14 years and we rode in 10 different states.

  201. I would definitely choose my horse Diego. He is Arabian/quarter horse. He has an almost mustang look except for his beautiful Arabian ears.
    A bay with long flowing mane and tail, he floats around the ring, showing off the grace and nobility that Arabians are so well known for.
    He likes being with you and absolutely adores children. He manages to combine gentleness and spirit in just the right combination.
    The first time I saw his picture, I knew he was the one for me. As a newer horse owner, he shows patience with my inexperience and always eager to do what is asked of him.
    A horse like this deserves to be immortalized in a picture that others could imagine as an example of what a horse should be. Biased yes, but for good reason!

  202. I would like to honor my beautiful mare “Its in My Nature” My first horse as an adult. I purchased an ex thoroughbred race horse from a trusted source who apparently was not interested in a “good match” for a horse and amateur rider who had only taken a few lessons hunt seat after kids were born. She definitely taught me the ropes in the saddle and on the ground. She died tragically last year at 19 years of age. The barn where I boarded turned her out in a wet unfamiliar paddock with a fly mask on. She slipped fell, caught her leg under the fence pulled it out severed an artery and bled to death within the hour. It was too late when I arrived. I will never forget my beautiful soul mate and what she gave to to me. Patience, perseverance, peace and unconditional love. I miss her terribly.


  203. Trigger

  204. I would choose to have the bracelet honor my Paint Horse ‘Dander’. He was such a noble friend, and whenever I went to go catch him, I would say that i was going to ‘get my Dander up!’
    This braclet reminds me of him.

  205. I would have to say after my horse Wink at Prancing Pippa

  206. My horse Tender ( In Til The End). My thoroughbred rescue, straight from the track at age 3. He will be 22 in April. Such a tender heart!

  207. That’s easy. My OTTB Blue Blue Sea who is now 14. He nearly died in 2006 and it was suggested he be put down, but Blue is a survivor and is still here after given only 1-2 years to live. He’s my hero!

  208. I would love to have something to remember one of our very wonderful lesson horses. Sugar has been with us for close to 13 years and continues to take care of every rider. She teaches them balance, trust, patience and love for an animal. She is the first horse most of our students touch and work with and handles the 3 years olds as carefully as she handles the teenagers. Our world at the Ranch would never be the same without her. Everyday I wait to listen for her whinny for her breakfast. The perfect way to start the day.

  209. I would honor,my Bay Rescue Arabian “Riley” or as he is know to me “My Big Brown Boyfriend”. He came to me as an abused , starved rack of bones with a death sentence. My vetsadid
    I don’t think he has a chance” all I said was “I have to try!!” When he pulled through , I promosed him……….”You’ll never go hungry , again or be hurt ever again, as long as I am breathing”. It’s now been eleven years and I cannot imagine life without him. I have two other’s but he is my first choice every time. We have ridden approxiamately 5000 miles in the time we have been together. High country,low country, and no country as we call it. See a ribbon of a trail and see where it goes!!! He is brave , honest and willng. What more could you ask for in a trail buddy?!! Thank you for the opportunity to tell my story about “My big Brown Boy friend”!!!

  210. I would love to have a piece that honours my horse Shy (Jacs Shy Boy). He is my partner and we have become such a great team in the Reining show pen. I owe so much of my successes to him. He has so much try and always wants to do his best. I can always count on him to do his part. He has also taught me a lot and understands me both in saddle and on the ground. We have learned to accept each others personality and with that have become best friends. I am so proud to have a horse like Shy and he will always be very special to me. Together we won a Gold medal in International competition and a Silver medal for Team Canada – definitely our special memory.

  211. Thunderbolt, a beautiful quarter horse. He was my Grandmother’s horse that I grew up with.

  212. The Appaloosa stallion Dreamfinder.

  213. My OTTB Amber Smiles. She is my world, a Jersey bred like me, ran at my home track Monmouth Park, had a few babies and now is starting a new career as a barrel horse.

  214. In honor of my horse deceased horse Dunny….I got him when I was 10. He was my best friend. I rode him almost everyday. We did barrel races, playdays & rodeos together. He got me to Texas High School Finals for 3 years in a row until he became sick. He helped me become Rookie of the Year in my freshmen year with the High School Rodeo in my region. He protected me when every he thought I was in any kind of danger. I loved more than anything. He gave me everything he had & would do anything I asked of him…..

  215. Zenyatta, one of the greatest Race Horses of all time.

  216. I would choose my 26 yesr old Tennessee Walking Horse. He’s been my best friend and confidant for 22 years. We traveled and had great times on all our trail rides.

  217. I would honor my horse, RC Ramah. He is truly my dream horse come true. Spent many years wishing and hoping to own a horse of my own, and Ramah is truly MY horse! Love that boy so much!

  218. I would like to honor my first horse, Bucky, that I had for 22 years. I laugh that I kept him around longer than any other man in my life! I moved him so many places through the years as I relocated. Then finally I bought my own farm and promised him he would not have to move again. He didn’t and is buried there. I miss him calm, gentle spirit!

  219. The horse I would honor is a horse at Saddle Up! a therapeutic horseback riding facility for children with disabilities. One of the horses that I just love is Coffee.

  220. I would honor our 45+ year old rescue pony, Buddy, who taught my now-13 year old daughter how to ride at the age of 5. I would love to have it made and present it to her after his eventual passing. (He’s got to go some time, right?) lol We’ve had the vet out to put him down twice because of ailments, but made a ‘last effort’ to bring him back from the edge, which worked both times. We love him to pieces, and he’s the favorite of the barn!

  221. I would love to honor my registered quarter horse gelding, Moore Fancy Te. At 22 he is a gift from God and still going strong! He has been a “Miracle Worker” in many ways.

  222. My one and only horse, Spunky, who was a Quarter/Morgan cross. I had him for 10 years before we had to put him down.

    • I would honor “MY” horse of course…silly question I guess?

  223. I would choose Misty, of the children’s book Misty of Chincoteague by Margeruite Henry. It was a favorite of mine as a little girl, and it fed my dreams of someday owning a horse. A piece of jewelry honoring Misty would honor the horse fantasies of children everywhere.

  224. I would honor my best friend & soul mate “Glory”. She was an blanketed Appaloosa mare that I bought as a 3 month old weanling, she was with me for 24 yrs. She grew up with me & we shared many good & tough times together. I would tell her secrets that no-one else knew. We competed in western classes, hunters, jumpers, driving, fox hunting, & when she got older we charished our long trail rides together. She even learned to do many tricks throughout her life. I could even ride her bareback with just a rope around her neck. We trusted each other without question. My training stable is named after her & her final resting place is here on the farm. I am very glad that she came into my life.

  225. I think I would honor our matriarch mare – “Smoke” She is an APHA mare named I Saw Smoke. She has been a good partner since the day we bought her and has given us 3 beautiful paint horses and 2 grand daughters and 1 great granddaughter. She has always been kind and reliable and has given us level headed kind off spring. She has blessed us in many ways

  226. I would want to honor all horses, but would definitely honor my beloved Thoroughbred/Quarter gelding Aladdin, known as Laddy. He was my best friend. We were together almost 21 years. He was a big sorrel with the most beautiful face and expressive eyes. We rode on the beach in San Diego for hours. He saw me through a divorce and relocated with me when I moved back to my hometown. He was always there for me and I never wanted to ride any horse but him. Then one day when I went to the stable to see him, he was listless. I called the vet and he came out and determined Aladdin had sand colic. I had never heard of that before. I had seen him through several bouts of colic, but this was different. I thought we would get through this because we always had even through a cancer scare. I prepared to spend as many nights at the stable as required to get him through this crisis. I walked him and sat with him and prayed for his recovery. The next morning he seemed a little better but by early afternoon he began to lag again. the vet was called back out and he decided to hook him up to an I.V. since I wasn’t going to leave his side and could monitor him. When the vet was hooking up the I.V. my beloved Aladdin staggered against him. The vet ran a quick test. Laddy’s intestine had ruptured! The next few minutes were a testament to Aladdin’s strength and courage. My Laddy stayed on his feet. I hugged him and kissed his muzzle and told him how much I loved him, then I let the vet put him out of his pain. Even after many years I still miss him and if he was still here in his prime I wouldn’t ride any other horse but him.

  227. I would choose my modern American Shetland Pony stallion, Wilk. Code of Honor, who is a black and white pinto. He will be 6 years old the 26th of Feb., and is well on his way to making my dream of raising quality ponies here in Alaska come true. This would make a wonderful birthday gift to myself, as my birthday is Feb. 15th!

  228. I would choose to honor my reining mare, USS Starlight! She has really brought me out of this shell that I have been hiding in since I have gotten older. I haven’t been this comfortable with a horse since I lost my 18 yr. best friend, Dusty, in 2000.

  229. I would like to Honour, “Doc O Lena”, he has left a Legacy that will be hard to match… This is a wonderful Idea!!!!

  230. I would honor my paint gelding, “ICE” – he’s the best!

  231. I would have to say “furry” she earned it for geting me back in the saddle after a crash

  232. My horse, Cisco. He got me back in the saddle and keeps my heart swimming forward. He is my world and has been there for me through all my ups and downs in life. His hugs light up my day no matter what.

  233. The great Hollywood Dun It, he is the sire to our mares.

  234. I would chose the Curly Haired Missouri Fox Trotting horses. The Curly Foxtrotters are rare and also they are hypo-allergenic for most people allergic to horse hair. They usually have a very thick, sometimes double manes that hang in spirals…they have curly hair all over their bodies in cooler weather to shed out in warmer temps. You can take their shedding hair and mix with other fiber and spin it! Curlies also have curly eyelashes, they curl up so much that us women would die for the curly lashes they have. Our Curly Foxtrotters are Gaited also. Right now their are only about 125 of the Reg. MFTHBA curlies! Very rare and beautiful horses that are very docile. We also have curly haired ponies! I would love to own one of these bracelets with a curly on them. Tickle you Fancy, Ride a Curly!

  235. Save a little extra metal to create long ears because I would honor Apache Spirit Wind Dancer, my Appaloosa mule. A true character with a sense of humor, he is my source of inspiration–and exasperation. We have had wonderful adventures together. I was nearly fifty years old when I received my first equine. Ten years later, Apache reminds me daily of how much I still have to learn.

  236. I would use War Chick Sunday. Aka “Sunday”. He was my best friend and the best barrel horse I ever had.

  237. I would love nothing more than to honor my mare Grey Ghost. She is a truly special animal and when the time comes for her to pass over into Horsie Heaven, it will truly be the sadest day.

  238. I would honor my horse, Cowboy. Born into my lap in 1984, he will be 29 in March. A most wonderful partner in many adventures, he has lived in MN, TN and now Oregon.

  239. I would honor my first horse,Tony,I got him when I was 16 he was 2. He came from a slaughter lot. Sadly he got his wings in 2007 at the age of 38. In 2007 we started B&C Equine Rescue in his memory

  240. I would choose the thoroughbred, Ruffian. i was probably only 5 or 6 years old, but i remember watching the Derby and rooting for the filly. I was heartbroken when she stumbled and had to be euthanised. I will always admire her beauty, her strength, and her heart.

  241. I would like to honor our first mare, Romantica, who was the start of our warmblood breeding farm and our motivation. She has passed, but will always be our guiding light. This would be a gift for my wife who had Romi for over 15 years.

  242. I would name it after my horse Cheyene. The first horse I bought, so tame my 4 yr old grandson rode her and I didn’t have to touch her halter, head, reins or anything. She moved the same steps I did. Best horse I ever bought.

  243. I would love to have a piece of jewelry made in honor of Swingin Like I Sug aka “Tramp”. Tramp and I met at the Flyin E in Oklahoma in 2006. I was there to help with secretary work at a National Team Penning. They decided to add an “All Girl” class and I didn’t have, boots, hat, sprus, horse, saddle. One of my friends said if we can find you a mount will you ride? I said “you bet”, next thing I know one of the contestancts came in said “come on I got a horse for you”. That little guy and I rode, placed paid for the ride and some extra. He and I went on to win quite a bit of money and a lasting partnership. One day while traveling to work a show my husband called and said “I can’t get Tramp up”. I said “what do you mean, he NEVER lays down. Well Tramp and his stall mate were out in the arena enjoying the sun, Ron (my husband) was doing chores, then went to see how the boys were doing. Long story short the vet had to come out and put Tramp down he had dislocated his hip and broken his leg. I couldn’t ride for quite a while and then always compared the next horse to Tramp. He is buried on our ranch and will forever be in my heart

  244. Ravel – Steffen Peters amazing freestyle horse!

  245. i learned to ride my horse when i was in my fifties he would take me any where i wanted to go and done me very proud he is 26 years old now and still going strong. i love him very much he is my buddy and always will be until he dies signed bonnie

  246. Not just 1 , but the approximate 600 horses we have rescued, rehabilitated, and adopted over the last 9 years there have been many special horses that have captured my heart, each one with an abusive or neglectful past. It is my passion to give these magnificent animals there health and pride back, and to place them In their forever home.

  247. I would honor my mare “Mecca”. She was/is a dream come true. Her dam, RAS Ameera Amelia, is also my sweetheart. I was honored to be able to breed “Amy” in 2002 to the late *Furno Khamal.
    On the first full day of Summer in 2003, “Amy”‘s best friend, the aged rescue mare Bacca, gave up her fight with cancer. I came out the morning of June 21st to find that Bacca had passed in the night, and Mecca had arrived. She danced right up to me, and I knew she was ‘someone’ I had undoubtedly known before. She sustained a life-threatening leg injury as a two year old, and the generosity of strangers donating funds allowed us to go through a strenuous and expensive six month long treatment regimen. She emerged scarred but sound, and completely bonded to me. She is staying with my wonderful cousin, Karen Heintzelman of Wolf Run Arabians at the moment…I am thankful that trought the twists and recent downturns in my life, my ‘dream baby’ is still part of it!

  248. Phar Lap one of the most amazing horses of all time!

  249. I would chose Charli, my quarter horse mare. She has taught me so much!

  250. The sweetest mare, my beloved Peruvian horse, Senorita Suecia

  251. My wife’s first horse, a partner of 8 years, and the love of her life. He died suddenly of colic on the 13th of January of this year, about 2 weeks ago. His name is Garrett.

  252. I would have to choose my horse, Sensational Scooby. He is a unique guy with a strong personality. He is a combination of Akhal-Teke, Percheron, and Tennessee Walker. He’s the most intelligent horse I’ve ever encountered, and has a certain ‘presence’ that can’t be ignored by horses or humans. Because he’s one of a kind, I think he deserves to be honored with a custom piece of jewelry.

  253. Ruffian….for all the great females out there.

  254. I´d choose a picture of my first own horse – a thoroughbread mare “Majesty”. In the period I owned her, she changed totaly from being a “crazy dangerous thoroughbread” who only wanted to run and buck to the nicest “always willing to please” western and endurance horse and we had great time together,were best friends… We learned a lot from each other. I still miss her very much… she had to be put down at the age of 10, because of lameness, kissing spines and digestive problems caused by the early race-career.

  255. I would honour my cutting horse – Smart Cat Pepto. He finalled in the Australian Futurity in 2011 in the Open & the Gelding Incentive Futurity. He was my first horse ever to be entered ina Faturity & I was blown away with his style, elegance, courage & cow to proceed into 2 finals….way, way beyond my dreams. Thankyou Smart Cat Pepto.

  256. Eight Belles or Ruffian, those courageous, timeless fillies.

  257. I would give this to one of my best friends whose horse Beauty just passed away yesterday with a horrible colic while in her 10 month of pregnancy. So she not only lost her horse, but a new one that was anxiously being awaited. She is just heart broken and hopefully this would cheer her up. It is very sad at the farm these days. You make beautiful jewelry!

  258. I would honor my Percheron Jake. He was my boyfriends first horse and he picked him out all by himself! Jake was the victim of a very abusive past and also developed the horrific hoof condition – canker which eventually took him from us. He was a great friend to my mustang and a terrific partner to my boyfriend. He will NEVER be forgotten.

  259. My horse Lady. She is my therapy and my best friend!

  260. I would honor my horse Onix – He’s was my first love of horses, many years ago….who I will remember forever!

  261. My suggestion is “The Fallen” We always need to remember the horses that brought us to where we are. The horses who settled this country, The ones who fought in the wars, the ones who could not beat the odds against neglect and abuse but paved the way to creating the animal protection laws for us. ” The Fallen ” also represents peoples personal horses that they have lost.

  262. Man O War


  264. My horse Jet. I’ve had him since he hit the ground 14 years ago and he has been my best friend ever since.

  265. I would choose Barbaro, who is the ultimate champion in my opinion. No horse ever had a bigger heart, or more courage. Although I have my own horse, and I love him totally, I will always have a place in my heart for Barbaro.

  266. I would have one made in honor of my appaloosa gelding that died suddenly over christmas in 2007. He was just a 6 year old and had a heart of Gold.

  267. I would be hard pressed to pick one out of the five mares that took me to The World Equestrian Games 2010, although Kristi would probably win as she stepped in, and kept us in the running at a critical time. We have had all the girls since they were weanlings so they are part of the family. In 40 years of horses, Kristi has more heart than any horse or pony I have ever worked with.

  268. I would choose Lucky, for he Behan my love of horses. At the age of two I was scared of horses until my dad brought home a two yr old colt from the auction. I bailed off the porch onto Lucky that day and we were best friends for the next 15 yrs. He was more than a horse, he was my everything. Lucky is the standard all horses must measure up to and I am 31 yrs old and no horse has ever come close. I am to the point I think GOD must not want me horseback anymore. So a piece of jelewry to remind me of Lucky and all that I had would be wonderful. Thank you for such beautiful jewelry

  269. Our late stallion, “Jones Hall”. He, and some wonderful mares, produced so many special babies. My late mother, and very best friend, purchased him as a 2 yr. old, and continued her passion for adding more beauty to our world. I do not envy the hard decision of declaring a “winner”, as there are so many wonderful tributes here!

  270. I would have it made to honor my old endurance mare Rainbeau Surprize who I lost in 2011.

  271. What a beautiful piece of jewelry. My once in a lifetime horse, Debra Lee Bux, would be on there. She had a heart attack riding back into the ranch in 2001 and was with me for her entire 26 years of her life. She was with me through almost half my life and taught me so much about love, friendship, kindness, and honor. Yes. It was an honor to have her in my life. We did so much together. I will miss her for as long as I live. She was an amazing horse!

  272. I wear my horse jewelry everywhere. My students love to hear stories about our rides in the forest and at horse shows.We love horses.

  273. I would choose my 19 yr old POA Cheyenne. I have had him since he was 5 and had to totally go back and re train him. He was not trusting of anyone. He has 2 bad stifles and it causes him pain to canter…so we instead worked on his jog. He always wins the W/J divisions. He has the slowest jog so I named it “The Cheyenne Shuffle” I am able to put ANYONE on him! I totally trust him! He is not some awesome blood line horse but he is mine and I would not know what I would do without him!After all they are all a living legacy and should be honored
    Stephanie Heim

  274. I would honor Zero, a great all-around family horse. He spent his life as a Shriner’s parade horse, a pee-wee and junior barrel horse, practise rope horse, ranch horse, trail horse and overall best friend to our whole family….everyone has the best memories with Zero – from grandpa to grandchild….he was the best.

  275. I would want my first cutting horse on the piece, he was 32 of 2012 when we said our goodbys. My heart still aches for him. He taught me courage, and trust in him and myself. He was such a loaner. But he loved to cut,and he showed you the right way to do it.At age 30 we know longer cut but we had are rides in the desert. My heart and soul still misses the old man so much.

  276. I would honor Sockets Angel!! 5 time World & Reserve Champion APHA Halter mare. She won the Scarlet Print award at the 2005 APHA World Show! I was fortunae enough to get to show her in Amatuer mares. She was awesome!
    I was at her birth and helped her grow into an amazing animal!
    She has never met a person she didn’t like and has such personality!
    Loved to travel and was so disappointed when the trailer would leave without her. She is also a great mom! Produced World Show contenders with one winning Reserve just this year! I could go on and on, but space is limited.

    Oh, and did I mention she did all this as an N/N!

    I have been around a lot of horses and Sockets Angel is by far my favorite for a special recognition!

  277. I would do one of my mare nugget. We lost her in 2009 at the age of 28. I got her as a two year old andd she helped me learn to ride along with my daughter and son who all competed on her. She also gave lots of the local kids the chance to learn to ride.

  278. My hores Digger. He is my BFF!!!

  279. I would honor our horse Tawny….She was our youngest daughter’s first horse..She taught us alot but unfortunately her life was cut short. We lost her during foaling along with her foal. She forever touched our hearts and remains with us in spirit. We consider her our guardian angel.

  280. My beautiful Arabian mare TA Prima Donna who is turning 27 years young this year!

  281. I have had many good horses in my time, and I have seen many great barrel horses, and race horses. A piece of jewelry that could be made to honor a great mare. her name is Ruffian. That mare died/ put doown way before her time. She was a great mare with a lot of heart. Thank you

  282. I would have it made for my wifes horse that she had for some 20 years. Or maybe her Morgans she has had for 20 and 21 years.

    Ray Miller // Bobbie Hazard
    Miller Land & Livestock, Co. // Equine Management Services
    Glacier Gateway Outfitters
    Sharon Saare Saddles
    Google Ray Miller Farrier for Published Equine Articles & Research Papers

  283. I would have the first great blood line of a mare I have from the Great “King” of which is a legand of in his own right from the early days of the King Ranch in Kingsville,TX.

  284. My Tennessee Walker/Paint cross gelding, “JD” He’s carried me all over Colorado & Nebraska. He can always be trusted & will do anything I ask. I own numerous horses, but he’s “my boy”.. He’s a grade horse I bought at an auction, but to me he’s “priceless”

  285. I would, of course, love to have my horse, Buster Fats, honored with his own jewelry. He is this girl’s best friend!

  286. SECRETARIAT!! I remember sitting on the floor as a small child watching him win the triple crown. Then as an adult going to the Kentucky Horse Farm to see his gear with my daughter. Great athelete!

  287. I got my first horse at the age of 54 and after waiting most of my life for that to happen, Timmy came to me in 2006. He is my dream horse, my partner and the reason I get up each day. I am so blessed to realize this dream at my stage in life and would love to honor him with this lovely piece of art!

  288. I would have to choose my APHA mare “Sugars Angelena” AKA Topper. When I first brought her home & tried to lounge her, I was air born as across the arena as she took off. I told my husband she is nuts & I’m going to sell her!! He said okay if she is for sale, I will buy her from you. Well, long story short, I kept her & she is 13yrs old this year, she has the biggest heart & tries so hard to figure out what you are asking of her, even when you get in her way she gets it done!! She is a treasure!!

  289. I would honor my very first horse Apache. I no longer have him because I could no longer take care of him and my other two horses, Choctaw and Tacoma, by myself. When I look at my empty pasture, I can still see him there waiting for me to come greet him with kisses and hugs.

  290. I would honor my present horse, Ford, who is a pinto. He is 7/8 Arab and gorgeous. I had always wanted an Indian Pony and he fits the bill exactly as I dreamed and is an athlete to boot!

  291. I would choose my horse Duster. I was with him the day he was born until the day he died. He was a 16.2hh Breeding Stock Paint Horse. Sorrel with a big blaze. He had the most wonderful sense of humor I ever met in anyone. He was quite the jokster. In his younger years you would call him up from the end of the pasture and he would run full tilt right at you and swerve at the last minute. The first couple times it was very unnerving but then I realized it was just a game of chicken. When he got nervous or scared he would suck my fingers like a baby but he would never bite. When he was in his stall he would take a drink from his bucket and spit it out on the poor suspecting person in fromt of him. Then he would get this look on his face. You would swear he was laughing.

    Duster helped me through alot of hard times in my life. He was there for me to cry on when my marriage ended, when my parents passed away. I miss him everyday we were together for 21 years. Certainly, not long enough. He was my best friend.

  292. My first horse, Shiloh! She was awesome in every way, and taught me so much!

  293. Sundowner

  294. I would honor my beloved horse, Lestat. I met him when I was coming off of a very difficult time in my life, and he was the best therapy ever! I was 22, he was 11. We spent the next 18 years together, through all kinds of ups and downs. I managed to keep through being laid off from a job, breaking up with a boyfriend, moving home… And he was my rock through it all. We rode trails and showed at First Level Dressage. He even appeared onstage once! I saw him through two surgeries and 18 months of stall rest for a tendon injury – and I’d do every bit of it again if I could have him back. He lived a good long life – I lost him in October 2009 at the age of 29. It still feels like yesterday.

  295. I would have my Mustang Sally. She is the picture perfect Mustang. She is a beautiful Brown with some Roan and a paint spot with a Gray Mane and Tail which flys so beautifully when she runs. She is my first horse and will forever be my special girl.

  296. My first horse Mistee. I was an adult she was 5 and green. It should not have worked, a recipe for disaster, except for her. 15/16 Arab, grey, she babysat me, taught me. She would tone down for beginners and pick it up as they gained confidence. I was hers and she would let me know it. She would run to me. She did dressage, trail and was my whip horse (Hunting). We grew together for 27 years. She was beautiful to the end.I miss her still.

  297. any of the Budweiser clydesdales. Awesome horses.

  298. I would honor our paint mare Shawneel. She was 1968 pinto national champion trail horse. She won many trail classes. She was very personable. Call her and she would come running and whinny. If she got tangled in a fence, she would wait for help. She taught our two sons to ride. They had so much fun with her. She lived to a ripe old age of 35. We loved and still miss her very much.

  299. I would choose my Arabian, Reigning Monarch, who carried me for MILES in endurance!

  300. I would honour my grandfathers horse Armbro Agile. He raced in Ontario in the Ontario Sire Stakes and he alos represented Canada in Sweden in the Internation Invitational Race for trotters. He also stood stud at my Grandfathers farm. He was very smart and would only go slow when the children where with him. He would stop if the harness wasn’t put on correctly. This happened with my Aunt when she was exercising him and the harness was about to come off and he stopped and wouldn’t move until she corrected it. He also was protective of his mares. When one mare was about to foal he would chase away any horse that came near her. The foals could follow him around and nuzzle up to him and he was very gentle with them. He passed away several years ago and I thought he was a very special horse.

  301. I would like a piece of jewelry to honor my two off the track thoroughbreds, JATO and Dru. They have both taught me and brought both joy and challenge to my life.

    • I would have a piece made to honor Kennedy, a beautiful thoroughbred who just passed away after giving a lifetime of pleasure to friends of mine — he was the first present given by a then-boyfriend to his girlfriend, and they’ve celebrated almost 30 anniversaries since. Kennedy embodied love and loyalty.

  302. I would chose my old horse Dan. He was my favorite and I miss him.

  303. My Hero, is a 7 tear old Paint gelding!,his registered name is”Hot N Intense”, and last year when I feel of bareback riding he run up in the barn and got people’s attention, sobthey went out scouting pastures for me .I had landed on bottom of concretepad underneath walker, and I halva crushed shoulder and scratched up right hand , but I could lift it and wave to get attention. The left arm I had no control if ir feeling in. I got transport to hospital and later surgery, and we are now fully recovered. My big beautiful showgelding has giving me many good , funny days and been saving my life to, Eva L. Thank you “Co-Co”, nick name , My 4 legged Hero
    Life to

  304. I would pay tribute to Mr Ed, he was the first love of a horse that I had as a child on the tv show ” Mr Ed ” and ever since I have been involved in the love afair of horses.

  305. I would have it made for MY best friend and Trail Buddy Bubba Tex. i have had him for 6 yrs and we have covered alot of ground he has always taken care of me. We have many more miles to go. Not to mention he is so pretty Bright sorrel Almost bald face and 4 high whites! I can pull him out of the pasture and go place in Halter everytime!

  306. I would have something made for my daughter who is eight and for her first pony Buck so she would always have something to remember him by later on and to remember all he taught her and for the fun they have together now.

  307. I would honor my Morgan gelding, Aramis. He was my first horse, purchased in my 30s. He was a wonderful boy. He was my carriage driving horse, my trail riding buddy and my pasture partner. He was in dozens of parades, historic events, and picnic drives. He calmly watched hot air balloons inflate, Civil War Re-enactment cannons go off, tractor brigades popping in parades and many marching bands. He’s gone now and I’ve had several horses after. But none could replace him.

  308. I would honor my AQHA mare, A Classy Angelina. She was always a class act in the cow horse arena.

  309. Well I would have to say a horse I bred. Bell of the Hall who ran in the breeders cup 2013 to finish 4th but I our eye’s she might as well just have won

  310. For the love of my dad that past 7 years ago, I would have it made honoring him and the beautiful paint foal we had that I named after him. He past just before she was born. I named her JC, J is for John my dad and C for Cindy. She is the love of my life as was my dad.

  311. I would have it made for my first(horse) love “Lucky” .He was actually my grandfather’s horse born there on the farm but my grandfather said he could be mine. That was 40 + years ago I still miss him,. I miss them both, it would be a tribute to both of them…

  312. My horse Quincy is a special horse because he helped raise almost $1000.00 for Saddle Up for St. Jude’s Research hospital to help children affected with cancer causing diseases.
    He rode for two hours on september 8th. He is the sweetest horse and all my students love to hear stories about him. Many come out to visit him, too.

  313. I would love to honor my late stallion Chips Count Chocula. The leading English horse in the nation In 1998 with $37,000 in earnings from NSBA and AQHA. He was a champion show horse and a young sire starting to put some nice offspring on the ground before his untimely death in 2002. I miss him so much.

  314. I would choose Genuine Doc.

  315. I would choose to remember my first horse, Princess. I bought her when I was 20 and fulfilled a lifelong dream. She was wild so I had to train her myself; we really learned together because I didn’t know much. She was so much fun and loved to go as fast as I did! She turned out to be a great kids horse when I had kids of my own. She died 6 days before my daughter was born and that was a super hard thing to deal with. Eight years later, I still miss her like crazy.

    • I would choose my Percheron , Lincoln. He is an amazing 18 HH jet black gelding. He has helped me cope with loss and always makes my heart happy when I see him standing in my field or hitched and taking me for a ride:)

  316. Daryl was my all-around horse and was 28 when he died 2 yrs ago. My daughter and I both won many awards on him plus he won saddles for both of us. Daryl won championship head and heel awards for the men in our life. I could put anyone on him and not be concerned about what he would do. He packed around many young riders and inexperienced adult riders. My 6 yr. old neighbor’s daughter used him one summer, Daryl taught her how to ride without pulling on a horse all the time. He was truely a wonderful horse and will be greatly missed.

  317. Ever So Elegant
    Deserves to be forever honored in your beautiful craftsmanship! Before she came to me, she had been campaigned HARD her whole Life to the point of breaking down. She had never known love for loves sake, never even been groomed “just for her”, only to prepare for yet another event. It took some time but she made a 100% turnaround and realized that she too could enjoy her life and she learned Love.
    She created 2 beautiful foals for me and for that I am grateful.
    Although, I had spend over a year searching for her perfect match and tried diligently to settle her one last time before she was to retire, she decided that she was done and wanted to go home before she had a chance to carry on her true legacy.

  318. I would chose my gelding Fritzs chic nic.

    He is out of smart chic olean (deceased) his sire bueno friz nic now deceased and we almost lost Chic year before last and he is a very special horse. He had to endure so much for 8 months just to be sound

  319. Zenyatta

  320. I would tribute my OTTB Hamsandwich who was my partner as a volunteer mounted patrol for 12 years. We made a great team on the trails in Patapsco State Park. He passed 6 years ago on December 19.

  321. My mare Twistin Robin Bar (Kitty). I picked her out to buy as a foal and she’s now coming 13. We’ve just had that special connection and even though she’s had lots of soundness issues, I just can’t give up on her. She has so much heart and talent.

  322. I would choose my gorgeous Andalusian stallion – his head and mane are so perfect. I would chose a leather chocker with a silver horse head and diamond eyes.

  323. I would honor my daughter’s horse, Ashley Frisky Doc (Doc). Doc is a quarter hore whom my daughter bought 10 years ago. My daughter is special needs and takes therapeutic riding at a Therapeutic Riding Center. It was love at the first ride. Doc went to be a partner in the program and gave many riders the joy that my daughter gets from him. Doc was gentle and very patient with his riders. Doc is 25 years old and retired because of lameness. She still goes to ride him at his new place and the love for each other is still evident. Doc is a shining star.

  324. This is a difficult question. I have considered honoring Black Beauty, Flicka and the Black Stallion as these are the horses that I loved as a child. My parents were divorced and would not buy my sister or I a horse and so we dreamed of these beautiful horses brought to life in our favorite books. At 50, I bought my first horse, Muse of Fire an OTTB. He could definitely be an honoree. However, during a rather long illness that became fatal to Muse at the same time I was taking care of a fatally ill parent, a leased chestnut has made my heart sing for the past two years every weekend and allowed me to win my first show ribbons at my advanced age— thus, Twist my borrowed friend is my honoree.

  325. I would have one made of my daughter’s first rope horse…..Whiskey…..still her favorite!! 🙂

  326. I would choose my Quarter horse mare Baybyrd.She is 25 yrs old.She has helped me through many ups & down & has started many young riders.She was awsome in her show days showed her English,Western & some Gymkhana.Byrd as everyone knows her will always be in everyones heart.

  327. APHA solid buckskin mare “Hobos Honey Bar” She will be 27 in june of this year. She came to the ranch when she was only 6 months old. I raised her, broke her and trained her to show. She was shown in APHA and PtHA club shows and ridden down the road without a bridle or a saddle. My kids used to ride her down the dirt road around our house, in trail rides, and youth rodeos. Now my grandkids are riding her and she is giving riding lessons to kids in summer camp at Painted Rock Ranch TX She takes very good care and is quiet and slow. She gives hugs and is still as fat as a tick…I love her.

  328. I would choose my TWH Breeze. I have really had to learn to speak the language of horse with her. I love her because I have learned so much and she has never tried to hurt me, but won’t tolerate mishandling. We have come a long way in 4 years and I hope to have her for a good long while. She is a special princess for sure.

  329. I would choose a horse I always wanted & that is my bay quarter horse mare, Lady. Even though I sold her recently to be a broodmare, she will still be a part of my life as she is having her first baby in April, which will be mine. The other horse I would choose would be my paint mare. Her previous owner didn’t want her as she was in-bred but she has been a gem to own. She has been easy to train & wonderful companion & I wouldn’t trade her for anything. She is black & white & has beautiful markings & is going to make a great pleasure horse.

  330. I would like to see Secretariat used for a model in your jewelry.

  331. There are so many deserving horses, many personal choices in my own life, but I will go with my top 3 well known horses.

  332. I would honor my Quarter Horse mare Candys Rockin Remedy. She was my first foal bred and raised, and had a heart of gold. At 18 years old I had to make the decision to put her down because she was in terrible pain and I just could not live with letting her suffer. I buried her right beside the barn so I get to visit everyday. She has been gone for 2 years, but seems like an eternity and I miss her so very much.

  333. I would choose my Tennessee Walker Midnight Dreamer. I have been in love with Horses all of my life, but couldn’t ever have one until I turned 60, I went Horse shopping with my husband, and found a Ranch that only sold gaited Horses. I hadn’t been on a horse in 30 years, but always had the dream. I tried 5 horses in their arena, and finally tried this beautiful Black and White T.W. it was a dream come true. The pwner yelled out, He loves you, and I fell in love immediatly. I have now had him three years, he is now 7 years old, and the best thing that has ever happened to me. I have learned to ride him, and he has taken care of me even though he knew I didn’t know what I was doin. I would go out with him alone and he always brought me back safe and sound. Dreamer is a dram come true and my soulmate forever, I would never give him up, we trail ride 4 times a week, this is the best time of my life, and my bracelet would be of my Black abd White TW, Midnight Dreamer.

  334. I would like to have one made of my Walker Fox. He has beat all the odds and should not be here today. Having coliced four times with the last one last year. The yet told me he wouldnt make it till the morning. I left him in the stall completly sedated at 1:30AM and went to bed. When I woke up at 5 to feed the others. There he was looking at me like whats to eat. Thats been over 8 months and am happy to say my best friend is alive and getting into everything he can.

  335. I would actually have it made as a gift for someone else in honor of the first horse I ever rode when I was 3 years old. The horse was Saucer, a beautiful bay Saddlebred. His “mom” and my mom were best friends. He was a great horse. He, his mom and his dad taught me the right way to handle horses and I will always be grateful. That was almost 35 years ago. My mom and Saucer both passed years ago, but I still remember my first ride! I would love to give this to Janie and thank her for being such a great friend!

  336. My morab, Kori. He will be 28 soon, still going strong, and he’s been in my life for 27 of those years.

  337. The answer is a hard one. I had two wonderful horses, one a Morgan/Quarter mix and another Quarter horse, that I trainded myseld. If I had to choose, it would be Mr. Bo Jangles, my quarter horse that I had when he was 7 months and sadly had to put down at age 2o. Miss them both very much.

  338. I entered the horse world at 50, rode endurance for a few years than bought my first and only horse at 60. Scheree is a strong Arabian mare. She has an immpressive show record and now we do any and everything from drill,cow work to reining and special needs children and adults. Scheree has a gentle and willing heart that touches everyone that meets her. she has helped me and others through lifes saddest challenges with her love and understanding. i would choose her in a heart beat. In stead, I choose all the horses that have served mankind with all their heart and souls to be acknowledged by more than one horse head on the .They are Tcuff. There are so many stories that deserve to be acknowledged This is such a beautiful piece of art…would like to see it as a tribute to all equines. If only one horse can be on the cuff then I would choose an Arabian for their thousands of years of service, love and devotion..a living pie
    ce of art.

  339. I would honor my first Paso Fino mare, Cha Cha. She truly was my first guide into the intuitive world of horses. She was the mirror into myself and, though we fought a long battle with metabolic issues, she refused to give up until I “got it”. I knew she would continue to guide me to my next teacher, and so she did! The amazing journey continues…

  340. I would have to honor my horse Bo, we got him as a 3 year old because he was at the neighbors and always look negleted. With a lot of love he became a 4-H horse for my kids. He was alway a great horse, even with his health issues from his neglect. We had to have him put down a few years back, he was 29.

  341. Which one ? My wifes first horse, my first horse, my daughters first horse with so many special horses in my life I think chance will have to do as in a name in a hat.

  342. I would so honor my mare Squirty (Martini Dun Rite) because she passed away this last year and it was a sad/bad deal!

  343. My welsh cobb who’s gone over the rainbow bridge. GiGi lived to be at least forty. On her last day she wouldn’t lie down and leave me until I told her it was ok to go. That new super bowl Clydesdale commercial, I get that.

  344. I would Honor My mare we lost this last year. she was due to have a smoother than a cat baby her in just a couple weeks.

  345. I would honor my horse Odin. He is a therapeutic horse. He helps with equine assisted psychotherapy. He has this nature knack for tuning into whoever he is working with. He is just an amazing thoughtful horse who brings out the best in whomever he is around.

  346. I would honor my daughter’s 1st pony – Boxster – he continues to fill our lives with love and laughter, long after she has outgrown him…he is still busy doing his job, teaching little girls how to ride! He always has time for a hug and a treat with Grammy and his Girl no matter how busy he is! He helps us remember the simple joys in life, and that a pony hug makes everything better!

  347. I would honor my roping horse, Tyrone. He was the best head horse I ever owned. He was ridden at the NFR in team roping by Speed Williams and I was blessed to have owned him later in his life. I roped off of him until he was about 21 and then some friends took him and used him to give lessons to little children. He passed away soon after and is greatly missed by so many. He left a lasting impression in my life and I will never forget him!

  348. I would have a piece made to honor my niece’s first QH 2 y.o colt affectionately known as Mowgli. He was to be the foundation of her farm and was an exceptional horse. We were watching him play in the arena when he accidently slid, put his leg through the panel and broke it. The bone did not come through the skin so we called our local vet, secured the break and hauled to Ohio State. They could not save him as the bone was splintered. Watching her have to make the decision was heart breaking but she did the right thing. I was able to get her another colt and this year they won reserve world champion at the AQHA World Show. She loves her “Baby Einstein”, but no one will ever hold the place in her heart that Mowgli did.

  349. “Traveler”. General Robert E. Lee’s horse during the civil war.

  350. I would honor my barrel horse Sadie Can Run (Sadie), she is one special horse she gives it her all and then some, she is getting older so I would have a jewerly piece made in her honor.

  351. The “WILD” mustangs. The unfortunate plight of the wild mustangs due to the greed of mankind is not fair. If things do not change soon there will be no more “Wild Mustangs”. The beautiful animals will either be slaughtered or domesticated. Such a sad end to these wonderful horses.

  352. I could not just pick one but three of my favorite are Rugged Lark, Gills Bay Boy aka Scamper and Nate Shilabar aka Hot Shot. I think these are three of the greatest horses. They all worked so hard at their jobs and will always be remebered as three of the greatest horses!!! I will make sure even my grandchildren know the history of these three beautiful animals. An awesome inspiraiton to anyone with the love of horses!!

  353. all the horses I’ve loved before: Joe Jack, Leo, SC, Daithi, Star, Peanut… who’ve made dreams come true

    all the horses I love now: Bobbi, Sharps, Ruby, Remi & CocaNori… who keep dreams alive

    and those I’ll love in the future… who keep me dreaming

    Thank God for the blessings they are!

  354. I would honor my Arabian mare Al-Pharoah Karina. We had her from birth til 23 years old. She passed on a few months after putting my 34 yr old pony to sleep. We bonded immediately and she would do anything for me. She loved little kids also. Karina has been gone about 6 yrs now, but I still miss her all the time!

  355. I would have it made in honor of ‘Fig’ he was an unexpected colt, and I had asked everyone I could if they thought the mare was bred, and everyone gave me some reason she wasn’t…after the county 4-H show where she took reserve grand mare (after we had her slimmed down a lot), she gave birth…and I named the colt ‘Fig’ because everyone kept telling me that he was just a figment of my imagination when I thought the mare was bred.

  356. I adore all my horses, but I guess I would choose my little gelding Cocoa…he is a character with a great sense of humor and we’ve bonded quite well. When he was 4 years old, his owners were in a tragic car accident that resulted in fire. The man could not get his wife out and she perished. The husband was so distraught that he left with the kids, leaving their belongings behind. He turned the little horse loose to fend for himself. Some months later Cocoa was captured by a horse person, gelded, and placed up for sale. As soon as I saw him, I fell in love :0). It would be my pride and honor to wear a piece of jewelry to represent him!

    • I would honor my husbands old horse snuffy. He is the best horse. He is a high end heading horse. He taught my son how to ride my son was 4. My son was falling off and the horse moved to pick him up what an amazing animal. My son is now 10 and the horse is 22 years old now. I love this horse he is the greatest.

      • Snuffy rocks

    • This bracelet should be dedicated to my horse “Dunny” that I had as a child. He taught me the values in life, which I carry with me today: dedication, determination, integrity, honesty, and a hard work ethic. It was our friendship, teamwork, and bond that allowed my passion for horses and showing to grow. He was a blessing to have had in my life for his 27 years, and his legend lives on in those morals that I have passed on to my children.

  357. Missy – My first horse that taught me how to ride.

  358. I would honor our first family horse Ajmi. He was the first horse we bought when we moved to the farm. He got me back into horses and became a fantastic teacher. He had the ability to match his riders ability. With small children, he was careful and slow, but I could ask him to run barrels or other speed events and he would fly! With adult beginners, he was patient with their mistakes and gave them enough of a challenge to build their confidence. His last few years, he spent with a large family (6 kids) patiently teaching them the ropes! He was an amaxing horse!

  359. If would have to be my mare I owned from the time she was 3 until she passed at 16. She was my trail and show horse, she could do everything.

  360. Not sure yet. A few to choose from.

  361. I would like to honor my first Morgan, Trax. He was amazing. I bought him at 8 months old and had to put him to sleep, due to inoperable cancer, just days before his 25th birthday. He trusted me implicitly and even carried me safely through a ravaging fire, despite heavy smoke and, unknown to me, even though his back had been burned. He was one in million, I miss him.

  362. My appaloosa horse Amy was just 2 when my parents bought her for me and I was 16 years old. Amy brought me so much fun and it was such a blessing to have had her in my life.

  363. I would choose my horse Canada’s Pride. She is my first horse an 8 year old standardbred / Appaloosa mare with alot of spunk. She was green broke when I got her, so she’s taught me alot. In the course of her training and my ownership of her I have made many new friendships and learned alot about costs of horses. She’s taught me the importance of my friends, and that every teaining technique doesn’t work on every horse. This horse has taught me the basics of caring for a horse of my very own, not a stables pony. Pride has made me grow as a person and she’s always there when I’ve had a bad day, although sometimes her way of help

    • Helping is to remind me the world doesn’t stop to help with my problems and I need to focus on the tasks at hand. Pride has helped me grow and she is growing into a wonderful horse that will hopefully be starting in the show-ring this year.

  364. I would honor KHEMOSABI – an Arabian stallion who was foaled in a backyard, bred by small breeders (my father and mother)who showed in halter, formal driving, informal driving, English pleasure and western pleasure, winning U.S. and Canadian National Championships in halter and western pleasure. He sired over 1,250 foals. He was a charismatic horse who loved people and could ignite a crowd. He came from common roots and rose to the top as a show horse and a breeding stallion. Plus, he was a comic book super hero in a comic strip entitled: “The Exciting Adventures of Khemosabi, Superhorse of the 70’s, who, with Ruth, his faithful red-haired companion fights a never-ending battle for Truth, Justice and the Arabian Way.” Khemo lives on through his get, grandget, great-granget, etc., including his youngest offspring, Ibn Khemosabi, foaled in 2012, who was conceived by use of a Khemosicle.

  365. My Ottb mare Fergie. I rescued her because she had some front leg bone spurs. I had her for 2 1/2 years and she was an awesome, sweet, wonderful riding partner. She never refused to learn something new and always wanted to please me. In Oct last year, she somehow fell and fractured her right elbow and I had to put her down. It was the most devastating thing that I ever had to do. I cried for a month and still miss her like crazy. I would love to have some kind of jewelry to wear to always remember her when I look at it.

  366. I would choose to honor my OTTB, Oliver (Sunny Boy ‘n Ben E, 2003). He is my first OTTB and second horse and I love him to pieces. I got him directly from the track in October 2011 and have trained him in the hunter/jumper discipline. He competed at two shows and did a clinic in less than a year being off the track. In March, he will be going to the Thoroughbred Celebration Horse Show in Lexington, VA to show off his stuff. He and another OTTB were the first two “official” thoroughbreds our organization (Second Chance Thoroughbreds, Inc.) took in from the track. We are now working on becoming a registered 501(c)(3) specializing in retraining and rehoming thoroughbreds for new careers. I would love to honor him in the form of a gorgeous piece of jewelry not only because he is my horse and I love him, but because he was part of the beginning of our organization that will help many horses avoid the fate of slaughter and auctions – the start of hard work and dedication that pays off every time a horse goes to a new loving home.

  367. I would honor Refidgerator arguably one of the greatest quarterhorse runners of all time. He had speed, stamina, and great heart. His was bred by Sonny Vaughn in Wayne, OK. Sonny was taken ill recently but is on the road to recovery. I can think of no better horse and his “person” to honor!

  368. my daughter favorite horse “William”

  369. I would honor my quarter horse mare, Ivory who passed away just this year foaling. She was a versatile horse as I team penned on her and also ran barrels too. She was accomplished in both areas and always gave her heart. We were able to read each others minds! She had crippled herself by sliding underneath a fence and almost cutting her right front foot off. She was stalled for about 6 months and came out with a stiff joint but did not give to the foot at all. I am currently riding one of her baby’s and my husband rides one also and have a 2 year old standing in the pasture. They all are excellent minded and am proud to have been a part of their mother’s life!

  370. I would make a custom made piece of jewelry in honor of my daughters’ horse, Joey. He has given us such love and companionship over the last 4 years. We could never of asked for such a great horse that has taken care of my daughter so well. The love and trust between the two is so obvious. She will be growing out of him soon and ready to be taking on a new horse, but she will never forget him and will never give him away, so I will have a pet and a friend for the rest of his days while have lots of fond memories.

  371. I would honor my first horse and his name is Skeeter. I did not learn to ride and purchased my horse at the age of 49. Skeeter was a senior too. He was a 23 year old beautiful bay quarter horse. He was my confidence builder. Skeeter will be 29 years “young” this year and he is still continuing to be a confidence builder, only now he is teaching a set of 6 year old twins how to ride! I still see him occasionally and I still shed tears of joy, he even still remembers me! Thank you, Skeeter man!

  372. I would like to honor the pit ponies that were used in the underground mines in Great Britain during the mid 18- mid 20th centuries. The Shetland breed was the most common used because of their small size and sturdy bodies and legs. This is where our American Shetland ponies are derived from and today have been bred to have more refined bodies and legs. They are a hard working and intelligent pony which I am very happy to own. Mine give me hours of pleasure driving the trails at a local state or county park!

  373. I would choose my wonderful, loving Percheron mare Ellie Mae. There are not enough words to describe how beautiful her spirit is. She is a gentle giant to ride. She is 4 years young now and all of 18 hands tall; when I am with her I feel so content and safe. She has soft eyes that just speak love, contentment, and trust. Yup … Ellie Mae has my love.

  374. I would honor my very first horse, Scarlett. I bought her for my 49th birthday and I have had her for 3 years. I always wanted my own horse and so glad I bought her.

  375. I would like to say my horse, but he has what I believe a fortunate life. I would rather honor the horses less fortunate. The used up, unwanted, forgotten horses.

  376. I would choose a custom piece to honor Star, a beautiful, sassy, chestnut QH mare. Yesterday she was put to sleep at the ripe old age of “29 and holding”…. Star held there for a number of years. She leaves behind her person, my dear friend. They spent the past 26 or so years together. I would gladly gift a memorial to Star’s 2 legged mom, partner and friend.

  377. I would honor my second horse Sunshine. He had one bad eye. He was a buckskin tobiano pinto. He wasn’t perfect but he was perfectly Sunshine!

  378. I will always keep my old gentleman and best friend in my heart .., but
    would love to also keep close to me, a piece of jewelry in his honor.

  379. I would have it made in honour of my first horse Dusty who took me from noy riding to winning lost of ribbons and trophies. She was old when I bought her and was 36 and going strong when she dies 2 yrs ago

  380. I would have one made of my Tennessee Walker named Star..he is my very first horse that I have ever owned..and was born the week of Hurricane Katrina..and being that I’m from seemed like it was meant that I have him..

  381. I believe it should be made for the famous western horse bloodline of “Doc Bar”. His bloodline made a lot of western performance horses what they are today.

  382. My trusted and true quarterhorse Kornel. He gave me the confidence to try,the spirit to sore and the faith to depend on him to carry me forward. He was my trusted steed.

  383. I would honor Pharoah, my first and most special horse! I got him as a young colt, and had him his entire life, until he suddenly and unexpectedly passed away at the age of 20. He was my equine soul mate, and my life will never be the same without him!

  384. mm shibumi

  385. Chalice Xtra Hot topic, my 20 yr. old Morgan gelding ! Toppy brought me back into horses after an accident took me out of the horse world for 12 years. He needed rehabilitation after being rescued from a bad home situation and I needed my equine therapy back into my life ! We found each other… I will forever be grateful and LOVE him to the end !

  386. Nubbin, a quarter horse we raised, or I should helped raise my 3 children. He was 20+ , my youngest daughter was in a playday series when we lost him, he had her so far ahead of the others she was competing against she still won several pieces of tack and she couldm compete the last two. Certainly not any more like him, hie was all heart

  387. Cigar

  388. I would honor the memory of our beloved Strawberry. She was a beautiful Strawberry Roan! During her pregnancy she developed heaves. When her colt was 2 we had to put her down after having a really hot summer that she just couldn’t survive in her condition. She was a great friend,great mom to her colt and an all around wonderful horse! We miss her!

  389. “Reno” would be the horse!! My blue-eyed, brown-eyed paint has been my ‘best’boy for 6 years. The two of us have gone from him putting up with my terror of riding to actually competing at a horse show. He has my heart!

  390. My first thought was my horse Teddy-We rescued each other 4 years ago and never looked back. He was beaten-to the point that he now has scars on his face and body, starved to a body score of 1 and yet he survived. Not only survived but he’s loving and trusting and has learned how to play again. I bought a starved beaten down horse-they said I was nuts, but we proved them all wrong. We’ve seen each other through some tough times-and the love is still strong.

  391. I’d honor either my warmblood, Brahm, who passed away recently, or my dear OTTB Triple Ransom, who just turned 23.

  392. I would pick Ruffian

  393. I would love to have this beautiful cuff to honor my Thoroughbred/Paint mare, Dublin (Irish Mosaic). She is 10 this year and I have had her since she was a baby and I lost my 27-year-old eventer. Dublin was diagnosed with uveitis last year and it was a very traumatic year with clinic visits and multiple meds around the clock. Sadly, she has lost sight in one eye and I pray that she keeps sight in the other. The horsehead on the cuff shows the blind side of her head and I find it very touching.

  394. I would love to pay tribute to Man o War one of the all time best.

  395. I would pay tribute to the original Big red Man O War

  396. My boy “beau”. Listens like no other and can’t wait to see me, just like I can’t wait to see him !

  397. My deceased quarter horse Jagers Tardy Zach. He was a incredible athlete and an honest and true friend.

  398. I would want a clydesdale. love those “babies”

  399. I would honor my daughter’s first horse Bubba, a standardbred. We adopted her when she was 4 and my daughter 12. My daughter trained Bubba and she taught her how to ride. After my daughter left for college, Bubba, became my horse. We were a team. She taught me to ride and trust her. She was my girl, took care of her everyday. We rode trails and hunter paces up until 3 years ago when she foundered/with laminitis. WE made the decision to put her down, she deserved better than being stall/paddock bound.I know she is running free of pain in the fields of heaven..

  400. I would have to chose my beloved broodmare Itchin To Cash In (Spyder) She was born in 1996 and I bought her before she was born! She raised many colts for me, most of which have won top honors in many events as yearlings and up in horse show competitions. Some of the best awards were 1st in the nation and Superior award winners- all shown by me, by a stallion that I also raised and showed to a World Championship and many other top honors. Unfortunately we lost Spyder this winter and can never have another sweet colt to enjoy, train and show out of her again. She has a special place in my heart and I would love to do something to honor her.

  401. I would honor my favorite horse, Cochese. I used to call him coach because I swear he taught me as much as I taught him!

  402. I would choose the appaloosa horse. I think they do not get the recognizion they deserve. They were the Native Americans horse they could count on.

  403. We own and have owned many wonderful horses but my choice would have to be. Driftwood Tex, a driftwood bred quarter horse stallion we own. He is an awesome beautiful gray that produces foals with such good minds and good looks. Tex is such a good natured, intelligent and wonderful athlete. To see him in the pasture with his mare band is a beautiful sight

  404. I have Icelandic horses and they are so beautiful with their long, full manes and tails. I would choose one of my Icelandics.

  405. I would want GO MAN GO. A great horse that had a lousy end of life in Deming,N.M. What a shame.

  406. My horse Gent. I have had him for 29 years! I grew up loving horses but never had one or even many rides or lessons. My parents gave Gent to me for my college graduation present.

  407. I would have to choose my old horse CHICKS HI NOTE aka Blacky, he is 30 years old this year. He has been my best friend since he was two years old, he has been a baby sitter for my children. He has taught many students to ride. He has won high point trophies , saddle, and money. He is the greatest horse ever.

  408. Kashas Chance, registered with IAHA. She is now 32 years old. Kasha taught my kids the unequaled love of a horse and is now doing the same for my 5 year old granddaughter.

  409. I would have a piece of Jewelry made in honor of my soul mate in horse clothes. She is a little bay QH mare that I raise. In fact, I inseminated her momma myself when I created her. I joke about carrying her in the cup before conception.. “Morgan ” s a special mare. She is talented enough to show in the cow horse. She has qualified for two years in the open working cow horse. I qualified her twice in the armature select cow horse. I leased her to my trainers daughter who was only 7 years.old. She qualified and showed “Morgan” at the AQHA youth world show in the boxing class. This mare enjoys people. Se loves little children, she will take me on a trail ride one day and the next day be ready to be athletic and competitive in the working cow horse. I love this mare. I love “Morgan”..

  410. I would to have a piece of jewellery made for my miniature horse mare Fleur.I love her so much. She makes us proud, does anything we ask of her, young and old can work with her. She is amazing. She has heart and class with a splash of diva. I am so in love with her.

  411. My Imaginary Horse would be : SPIRIT

    Which represents :

    Strength, Freedom, Docile, Brilliant & Beautiful

  412. I would love one of my Newfoundland pony cross named Cloudberry Duff that was tragically killed last year. She had broken out of her paddock and was hit by an idiot rushing to get to work. He was driving at least 100km/hr on a road that was 60km/hr. She was an amazing 4 year old that I was given from a woman who could not train her due to injury and wanted her to have a good home. She was going walk trot canter under saddle and was just about to start being trained to harness. She was a beautiful buttermilk buckskin with a fjord mane and tail. I miss her everyday and a piece of custom jewelry would be amazing as I would always have a visible reminder of her.

  413. I would choose one of the first horse I can remember in my life. Her name was Goldie She was a buckskin pony, with a blaze on her head. This horse was the first horse for me to ride. I remember as a kid I would ride for hours! She was such a great horse, you know you here about horses being bomb proof, but if you ever ride or see this “bomb proof horse”it never seems to be just that. Anyways Goldie, is my first memory of horse, and horse riding, and I’ll never forget her!

  414. I believe everyone’s horse, should win, because each and every horse is special, in someone’s eyes and heart.
    Since I do rescue work, many, many horses have left their little hoof prints on my heart, but the one who stands alone, is a mini appy gelding, named Hawk. Oh, he had a name which was about 10 inches long, because at one time he was one of the top 10 mini stallion in the US. He came to me, so thin, abused, and sick, yet so proud. No matter how much pain he was in, he never once would show it. Sadly, he died of oak toxin poisioning about two month after he was with me. Left a hole, bigger than the whole state of Texas, in my heart. I alway, think of Hawk, when ever I have an impossible event or thing going on in my life. He had real courage to face life.

  415. Secretariat was such an inspirational story. When I see something about this horse I find the energy and time to involve myself in horse stuff!

  416. I would have my purebred Arabian National Champion Cutting Horse, Kaldareyn on my bracelet. He is my sweet sweet boy.

  417. I would honor our beloved Foxy, who we just had to put down due to equine Cushing’s disease. RIP, sweet girl.

  418. I would honor the great Wild Stallion “Cloud” whose story brought a beautiful face and an excitement to America’s Wild Horses and has brought renewed interest to the Plight of the Wild Horses and

  419. I would have one made in honor of the love of my life “Sansbin” who passed away 2 years ago. I had him for over 20 years. we met when we were both 12 years old. He taught me so much. It got to the point where he knew what I wanted even if I just thought it. He always understood what I said and amazed others when they saw him do what I asked. One time I asked him to go into the small out door stall cause I need to use the paddock to round up the mustangs and I would bring his food pan over for him. He then picked his head out of the bucket and turned and walked across the large paddock and into the stall. He turned after entering and just waited. I picked up the bucket and walked over to put it down and close the gate. The looks on everyone face was priceless 🙂
    He was with me so long I still can believe he is not here with me. He passed away at 33.

  420. I would choose to honor one or both of my standardbred geldings they’ve both been there for me 100% and they are identical other than height so I could easily honour both with one photo 😉 always the most fun to ride they always give me everything they’ve got and put up with me hanging around their necks like a monkey. On top of that they put up with my students doing the same. Love my two amazing standies!

  421. My gelding who is 20 this year. He is the one horse in my life whom I would do any thing for and him me. He saved me so many times while running barrels. He could have a bad stumble and yet come up running harder while waiting for me to get my act together. I have passed him down to the next generation. My future daughter in law is his jockey now. He adores her and takes the same care of her as he did me. He has taught her so much in the past 2 years. I hope he is still around to teach the grand kids how it is done.

  422. I would love a piece designed for my best friend Maybe Lou Dunit. He is a half Arabian half quarter horse Reiner. He has been my life’s goal breeding for him then getting him shown in his futurity at Scottsdale. He was amazing. Now I am riding him in the non pro classes and Absolutly having a blast! He will b forever in my barn!

  423. My very first horse, Star…I begged my dad for a year to buy me that horse. I was 12 years old then and he was sure I would exchange horse crazy for boy crazy! Well, it is now 44 years later and I remember Star like it was yesterday. We swam in Lake Michigan, rode in the dunes and taught each other a lot about compassion, loving, and dedication.

  424. Despite our own beloved horses, I would choose Barbaro. He was trained at Fairhill where my daughter rode and treated at nearby New Bolten. His strength and ability in training and racing as well as his courage and determination through pain, treatment and ultimate passing, made him a hero in all our eyes.

  425. i would have it made for “marto” this is my current and favorite horse. this is a horse that everyone dreams of owning. He is a real thinker.

  426. I would use my wife’s first horse Scout. He is a work in progress and is tring for her at times but when he gets it together he is a real joy for her .

  427. Flitting Image~ we spent a lot of years together.

  428. i would have it name after my buck hes 24 now and still my best friend and ride.

  429. I would have to choose my AQHA gelding, “Roy.” Roy had a traumatic experience being halter broke as a foal and came near death. He survived the ordeal but was very head shy and reactive; when he was being saddle broke many people wrote him off as a bronc. He came into my life almost five years ago and has been such a blessing to me….it’s been a slow process but he is such a trusting partner that he actually enjoys me rubbing his head, nose, and ears now. He’s also my barrel racing partner and effortlessly competes in the 1D division. I call this horse my four legged soul mate, and it would be an honor to have his likeness made into a piece of jewelry I could have for the rest of my life.

  430. I would have Eternal Aflame, my aqha gelding would be my choic because he knows me like no one else does. He was chosen by the Steyskal Ranch to be my horse to replace my beloved Elementary Tiger, who was my Pro Barrel horse. I call them both ET. They are both special horses that have been a special part of my life. I am so glad that the current ET is still with me & part of my family. My son & grandson take care of him with me too.

    • My 41 year old grade appy. The best horse I ever owned.

  431. I would choose my friend/trainer’s horse Braun Dee Bar. He taught my daughter how to show and was truely one-of-a-kind. This horse made a deep impact on many lives, even people who weren’t “into” horses admired him.

  432. I would choose my mares: Georgia a black and white TWH and Honeybun a buckskin TWH . Both so beautiful they take your breath away !

  433. I would choose my Paint “HEZA SOCKET” He is my buddy and he’s taught me a lot more than I taught him.

  434. It would be my paint horse Tomahawk. He was a rescue from an auction he was not taken care of sick, depressed and angry. Who could blame him? Absess’s and underweight not loved… we worked with him nutrician and most important ingredient LOVE time and patience. That boy became the best horse everyone wanted kind and beginner friendly for kids and fearless and fast for adults when he needed to be. The perfect horse with many talents that someone had thrown away.

  435. Boomer, my OTTB and great-grandson of Secretariat, whom I bought at auction and saved from slaughter. Like the cuff, he is copper (chestnut) with a very colorful character.

    • I have a piant horse named Miami…love, love! Strong and brave with a delightful sense of humor.

  436. My mule Mitzi and I are soul mates. I have had her since I was a sophomore in high school and I am 45 now. She brought me through my teenage years and is still teaching me lifelong lessons. God has blessed me with such an incredible animal and I am so happy to be her human. Thank you for letting me share such a wonderful relationship with you.

  437. Hello my name is Gloria Neeley and I have the privledge of owning a beautiful just turning 4 Rocky Mountain Horse. I purchased him as a 2 year old and started immediately playing with on obstacles. He is turning out to be a wonderful obstacle horse. He actually is much better than his owner/rider!

    I love putting horse jewelry on him as it brings out his beautiful chocolate coloring and I also feel it enhances his gait when there is sound to the jewelry. I have two necklaces now and I get many compliments when I take him to our local Trail Obstacle and ACTHA rides.

    Please consider me as I presently do not have any western jewelry and I would love to own some and be able to show off my own jewelry along with my horse’s jewelry!

  438. A QH mare, Love Cotten, that I lost a few years ago.

  439. I would choose my to honor my husband’s late horse “Cruiser”. He was a gorgeous palomino quarter horse. He’s been gone almost 6 years and my husband still misses his best ranch horse every day

  440. I would have it made in honor of my Purebred Arabian stallion, Sparkie! AKA IP Mashamir. Awonderful driving and riding horse!

  441. I’d choose Joey from the War Horse book!

  442. I would choose my old dressage horse – Brendy. Retired early due to hoof issues, but still hanging out at 30. :o)

  443. I would choose my registered Welsh, section B mare, Spring Song. I got her when I was 6. That pony taught me the ins and outs of riding. How to be respectful of your pony, if your not she will dump you on the ground! She was the best pony anyone could ask for. I was blessed enough to have her for 14 years. When she was put to sleep she was almost 27 years old. I wish she could have lived forever. I miss her everyday. There was nothing I could not do with her. She trusted me and I trusted her. We were a team.

  444. Cinnamon would be the horse I would like to honor. She was an amazing quarter horse that taught all my grand kids to ride. She had the patience of a saint, the skill of a craftsman, a love for her “children”, and much more. She got moon blindness when she was 15 years old and still gave us all she had for another two years, when she suffered some kind of a neurological problem and had to be put down. Her body rests under her favorite tree in our cornfield while we all know she runs wild and free in heaven just waiting for us. As my 4 year old grand daughter said, now she has wings and when I die and get wings, we can fly together.

  445. I would honor Silver Bullet a Mustang adopted from the BLM. He would do anything but my favorite was buggy driving in parades, weddings and shows.

  446. I would choose my QH gelding Gunsmoke…I wouldn’t sell him for a million dollars, he is my baby!!!

  447. My horse, Chessie. She is now 35 years old and retired. I bought her when she was 5 years old and greenbroke. She was my eventer for 10 years where we were going Prelim when she sustained an injury that ended her jumping. She then became my dressage horse, where we were in the middle of 4th level when our barn closed, I moved her, and my instructor moved away. We were still doing dressage well into her 32nd year, and for that I am grateful. Not bad for a paint mare born from a Percheron draft horse and a sire who came over the fence one night! She’s more than my horse – she’s my friend.

  448. I would have it made of Modelesque. After 49 years of wanting a show horse, My husband finally got me one that is awesome. We are so good together. I love her to death. She is nothing like anyother horse I have ever had.

  449. Our Arabian stallion, Count Wisdom, grandson of Bask. Count was a wise and very gentle stallion who taught me many things. aLTHOUGH HE WAS A STALLION HE RAN WITH MARES, FOALS AND GELDINGS. Count was the boss of the pasture but he never hurt another horse just kept them in their place yet was gentle enough that he would let the foals eat grain out of his bowl with him even though their mothers wouldnt! He was gentle enough for a child to handle. We had to put him down at 30 years of age and i will always miss him and treasure his memory.

  450. My wonderful horse Dancer. He is a beautiful Appaloosa, dark red w/white blanket. He is so smart, sweet & my best buddy.

  451. My best friiend Wilson, he has been with me through so much over the years.

  452. I would choose my paint mare Chloe. She is so beautiful and has been a member of my family now for 14 years.

  453. I would chose my first horse, Brandie. She was a beautiful, feisty American Show (Saddlebred/Arabian) horse who racked all over the countryside with me on her bare back. I will always hold palominos in special regard as she was my sun every morning.

  454. Barbaro because he made such a gallant effort to live.

  455. Any racehorse who has died trying ti win-Ruffian, Barbaro etc

  456. wow! a hard first horse or my teacher! Yes I learned so much from my first horse Dakota (who I donated to a theraputic riding center)but Julie is like me. A hard working gal with a big heart! Julie would be the one I choose. She is my ol reliable hard working honest horsefriend. She is an old, short and chunky, 16 hd Belgian mare a true gentle giant, so beautiful a blonde sorrel w/ flaxen mane and a stubby tail. She helps me get through our chores hauling hay out to the farm animals, hay season,plowing my garden & an outstanding teacher who teachs other horses how to drive. And a teacher for education of the draft horse world! She loves all visitors especially children and SR citizens when we give wagon rides through our local towns. The smiles and stories that come up when people meet her just melt my heart…this is why I choose her.;)

  457. I would honor my horse Colonel Freckles, aka Leroy. He is a horse of many talents. Leroy is my best friend. Not only he has taken me on many rides and adventures, he has done everything from English to roping. He is a beautiful, athletic horse with so much heart and determination that he and I can accomplish anything together. We are the ultimate team. He listens to me and I listen to him. I let him know what we are doing and then I give him his head and we are off to the task. I love him and he loves me. Trust is the ultimate between he and I. Leroy and I are like soul mates. We will be partners forever.

  458. My TWH Buddy that passed VERY tragically October 28, 2012

  459. I guess it would have to be with my Tennessee Walker mare Ginger Snap who has been such a trooper her whole life from the time she was born too early till now age 13. Even when the vets have said there was nothing they could do she would surprise us with her will to live and recover. She is so full of love, she is funny, and a fun horse to ride when she is healthy. She is my baby and such a beautiful girl.

  460. I would have Rudy honored in jewelry. There has never been a better friend. He helped me through the hardest and the happiest days of my life.His spirit will live on forever and jewelry would be the perfect way to share and display it.

  461. My beautiful 23 year old Palomino QH, Just A Dublin Skip, or, Darby to his friends. He has cushings disease and looks like a hairy Mammoth right now. Darby is a an ex reiner and my special trail horse. He is slowing down but still a great ride.

  462. I would love to have my Quarter Horse Three Times Invested on it. He has been a wonderful companion and and teacher for me as well as a trusted safe mount for a 4Her taking her to state two years in a row. He is presently 18 and going strong.

  463. I would LOVE a custom piece depicting my “son” BAR OF SILVER.
    He was an Arab that I purchased (with the help of the angels)
    in 1982, and who started me on the road to recovery in so many
    aspects. Riding him strengthened me physically; owning him
    helped me to learn how to develop healthy relationships with
    humans; and the guy who bred him and sold him to me has become
    a lifelong friend, mentor and partner in “passing it on”.

  464. My best friend and team-roping partner “Roper”, a chestnut Quarter Horse gelding is my choice of horses to honor. I raised him from a 2 yr old. We taught each other to rope and over the years many a roper asked to borrow him for big ropings. He was taken to the USTRA finals, and won many saddles and prizes in his life, but he was first and last my constant and trusted friend and companion. He was that “once-in-a-lifetime” horse. No horse I’ve had since has been able to fill the void left by the passing of Roper.

  465. I would choose my very first rescued carriage horse “Prince.” A Saddlebred, Prince first had a career in Amish country Pa. as a driving horse. He then graduated to giving historical tours at Independence Hall Philadelphia and served for over ten years. I bought him when he retired at 19 and despite some challenging foot issues he lived to 37 years with the help of some wonderful farriers. He was a gentleman to the core and always a true prince !!!

  466. I would chose my mare Brooklyn, she’s been my best friend for years and I can always trust that she will take care of me. After a horrible accident getting thrown off of a colt and getting kicked in the face, she has helped me to regain my confidence,not only as a rider but as a trainer as well. She’s always been there for me. She reads me like a book, after my other companion (my dog wrangler)passed away she was waiting at the gate for me that morning. After a tough breakup with a boyfriend, I wandered out to the barn and she was again waiting at the gate for me. She has chosen me multiple times over grazing out with the other horses, and thats why I chose to honor her. She is a beautiful mare inside and out and she’s been one of the best blessings.

  467. I would choose my mare Regalla((means “gift” in Spanish). She was 3 days old when my hubby gave her to me for my 45th birthday. She was a catch colt and would have been left to die as her mother “Susie” had a job to do for a horse outfit in Wyoming. I bottle fed her and raised her into the awesome driving and riding horse she is today. My hubby also does headstands, rope tricks etc. on her. She truly is a “GIFT”.

  468. Woodie-my 27 yr. old tennessee walking horse. He is still in great health so I take care of him and he takes care of me.

  469. I would honor my AQHA stallion ED OTOE, an own son of OTOE. He’s been gone over 30 years now and sired several wonderful mares for me out of my Eternal Sun mare. He died way before his time from an unknown fungus attacking his vital organs. A&M University could not save him. He was strong and fought hard, but lost the battle. He died just before turning 11 yrs. of age. I was told that ED made the text books!

  470. I would honor Bang Bang, a minature pinto pony that taught my young daughter about friendship, caring and compassion.Though she has outgrown him as far as riding goes, he still makes her eyes lit up and her heart smile. Seeing them together is good for the soul.

  471. Ahh, that’s an easy one. I would have to choose our family horse a registered Apendix by the name of Gee what a lady. She was a beautiful and quirky girl that we chanced into when my mother in-law grew out of her. She came with a past that took her a while to “want to be with you”. But when she did it was magic! She could show dressage and jump with my husband, barrels with our daughter, and was a pro on the trail. Beauty was to watch her and my husband performing 1 tempes in the field bare back and bridle-less. She babysat our Abby when she was 5 yrs old showing local Hunter with the big kids. Even after her passing at 26,10 years ago her lose is still deeply felt. She was that once in a lifetime best friend, partner in crime, confidant, all around champion in our eyes. And the type of horse that epitomized the breed, and inspired you to dream in hoofbeats. Yes over all others I would have to choose Gee!

  472. My mustang Lil Anne she was an awesome horse

  473. My horse Me Me Blackout she made all my little girl dreams come true.She was one of the best horses I ever knew.We did everything together.I miss her every day!

  474. I would choose my gelding Vinnie, he was a wonderful surprise during a very bad time and reminds me that sometimes when least expected something good can happen.

  475. Whew! So many special horses. If I could only pick one then it would be Canojo Doc. He was just a little brown quarter horse that had a rough life and won a lot for me. but he gave me so much more than trophies. he was the first horse to show me a better way with horses and started me off on an amazing journey.

  476. I was finally able to get my first horse at 43 years old! She is a sweet-faced Bay Arabian Mare – she stole my heart when we went to adopt 3 horses when she came right up to me. I call her the babysitter as she taught me to ride – and when I fell off – she stopped dead in her tracks to protect me. She is now 27 years old and a pasture mate to my daily rider! I renamed her Princess Raja after the famous belly dancer. She has been my horse soul mate and I will cherish her forever. She is in a permanent home here and we all love her! She is the horse I would love to have immortalized! My whole life I wanted to have a horse to spend time with – my husband made that possible.!

  477. Rowan, my mustang/morgan cross who was a Blood Red Bay. not only was he stunning to look at his personality taught me so much. I would not be who I am today with out him. 🙂

  478. Alexander The Great’s horse: Bucephalus. A horse of whose myth and legend has survived since 326 BC. A horse who was so great, that the Oracle of Delphi told King Phillip II that the destined king of the world would be the one who rode Bucephalus. Alexander the Great conquered the known world from the back of Bucephalus and loved him so much, that, after his death, he founded a city, Bucephala in honor of him. There have been many great horses throughout the history of mankind, but Bucephalus is one that has withstood the test of time and lasted throughout the ages as only a true legend can. Afterall, who has never heard of the tale of Alexander the Great and his beloved Bucephalus?

  479. I would love to honor my horse, best friend and sounding board, Shamrocks Tamara,”Tammy”. She was my riding partner for 25 years. She taught me so much more than riding. I miss her so much.

  480. I would honor my grandaughters first Hackney Pony. Governor Casey.

  481. I would love to see Boomer my Gypsy Vanner that I bought as my “survivor” present to myself after surviving breast cancer. I bouht him as a yearling and have broken and trained him and love him dearly. He represents to me everyday the importance of being a survivor!

  482. the navaho legend horse the turquiose horse

  483. I would definitely honor my Foundation bred QH mare “Bandi”. She is now 19years old. I rescued her 6 years ago. She was under fed, pastured in all weather and hadn’t been ridden in 4 years. I bought her for $125.00 and it’s been the best money spent. She’s my companion and friend. She comes to life when we are out pushin’ cows and she always puts me right there to throw my loop. All though she’s 19 around cattle you’d think she was 5. She loves to work and she’d never leave me. She can always count on me as I can her. She’s definitely a Cowboy’s horse.

  484. I have hundreds maybe thousands of horses so it would be hard to decided on one horse. All of them are the most wonderful horse! Now you may ask how I have so many horses?!?! Well it’s easy to have as many as I do you just have to volunteer for any horse rescue group! When you volunteer all horses and specially a horse that has been rescued for whatever reason.
    If you already have horses and can offer a foster barn or maybe your barn is seating empty you can help by offering a forster place for one or more you to can have hundreds maybe thousands of horses like me.
    The next horse I help will be the one to wear this beautiful jewlery.

  485. I had a ranch horse that came from a large working cattle ranch in Missouri. I loved this horse like my own child. I am an older woman and he took very good care of me. I learned to cross water,go up and down small mountains and NEVER did I feel in harm’s way. I would definately honor “Buzz”. Oh how I miss him!!!

  486. I would love to see Jus du Pommes the chestnut olympic athlete from the 1996 Olympics held in Atlanta Ga. He was spectacular to watch and had such a great heart. It saddened me to learn that he later colicked and died when he returned home. Such a loss of talent with a heart. He deserves to be embodied in a beautiful piece of jewlry that pays tribute to all he stands for that is beautiful in a horse.

  487. I would like to honor my horse Glider a 17H Coal Black Tennesse walker that I love dearly and trusted with my life. We were pals for 10 years . He was my best friend . We went camping together. Rode many of trails . Met many of people count of him .The Lord gave me my dream horse for awhile untill his passing in 2009 May you rest in peace my love I miss you terribly.

  488. I would honor my NSH Adam whose birthday was yesterday. He taught me so much about riding and what it takes to become the best horsewoman I could be.

  489. I would most surely honor my OTTB, Baxter. He is my first horse and I have had him for 6 years. He tries so hard for me and has been such a wonderful horse. He takes care of the kids I put on him sometimes, and goes along with all the different disiplines I make him try out. I love him!

  490. I would honor my Appaloosa Lady. I have had her 28 years. She is all most 38 years old. She has been my best friend, my guardian, my soul mate. We did parades, carrying the Amaerican Flag in the Memorial Day Parade. We did drill team and games, chased cows, raised my children and now my grandchild. We mostly trail rode together for that was always her favorite thing to do. She went blind years ago but lives a happy life being spoiled rotten on my farm. We have been through so much together and I can’t imagine my life without her. I will do everything I can to honor her memory when the heavens call for her.

  491. Johnny’s Twister. A Quarterhorse that has been in my family for a long time. He is at least 35 years old. He was one of my Sisters horses. Both of my sons showed him in 4-H. And my Daughter. Started out riding him. He is retired . But still Loved.

  492. I would have it made in honor of my best Friend Reno who has taken care of me and loves me unconditionally.

  493. I would honor my horse BDJ that I bred. While he is 30 years old and can no longer be ridden due to disc issues, he is still the love of my life. He is always glad to see me and nickers. I recently had to have brain surgery and needed to walk. He was always willing to talk a walk with me and let me lean on him when I was tired.

  494. I would honor the horse I just sold Drake – I had him for 10 years and he was the horse that taught me to jump. I also used him to teach hundreds of kids to ride. He was a super horse to have known and I will always remember the good times. He is now 18 years old and on to his next career taking care of an 8 year old little girl.

  495. I would love of course to have my AQHA/PHBA 11 year old gelding “Panson” I lost while competing in a Working Cowhorse accident a few years ago. I was left with a severe back injury and lost two front teeth but nothing hurt more than my heart at losing one of my best friends (Panson). He was a VERY Special horse that could compete with the best of them or let my 5 year old granddaughter ride him all over the pasture yes he was a great babysitter. So at least a Quarter Horse would get my vote. I love your Cuff and is masculine enough for us tough cowboys to wear too.

  496. I would love to see something that reminded me of my 11 year old gelding named Panson that I lost in a working cowhorse accident. I ended up with a severe lower back injury and lost my two front teeth but nothing hurt more than my heart at losing one of my best friends Panson. He could compete with the best of them and babysit my granddaughter for hours. He was definitely one of those Great AQHA/PHBA horses. The cuffs you make would are masculine enough that I might just commission you to make one for me. But I vote an AQHA or PHBA with a blaze face. Thanks, Greg

  497. I would honor my horse Sacred Spirit. In January of 2012 I was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer. In March I was sent home from the hospital with three days to live. When I came home from the hospital my husband and my neighbor knew I needed to be with Spirit. They carried me to the barn and put me on his back and gently led him around the arena. I could only go around once but I spent quite some time laying on his back hugging his neck and crying. This was the beginning of my healing. I spent as much time with Spirit as I could and he was so gentle and not the least bit spooked by all the medical gadgets I had on me. He would stand and let me cry into his mane as long as I needed to. He just knew. In August I went to the Mayo clinic and they were able to remove the entire tumor. I am now cancer free. The physicians at the Mayo call me a miracle. My miracle is a quarter horse named Spirit who gave me hope when I didn’t think I had any and the spirit to keep fighting. Thank you for reading my story. Kim

  498. My wifes 4 year old mare Sassy Sahara. She is a striking dunn quarter horse thats truly one of a kind as is my wife… I think they are both well deserving, Sahara to have a piece of jewelry made in honor of her AND my wife to wear a one off piece of jewelry of her baby! Thanks in advance for the opportunity…

  499. I would choose Black Beauty because my grand daughter loves the story.

  500. Asta my love would be the one. Asta was raised bottle fed by her owner Sonny Thompson, as Asta’s mother died in childbirth, leaving her ostracized by the other horses.
    Sonny bottle fed her in a special little pen inside the larger pasture to protect her. Sonny, a life long friend and my former high school biology teacher is owner of Arabian Acres, which is my home away from home. I am an equine photographer and Asta has posed lovingly for me over the years. She is now 17 and Sonny is 84 and every day that I can be there with them is precious.
    In reading everyone’s comments, there are so many that are beautiful and heart rendering. A love between a horse and a person is so beautiful and spiritually voluminous. They remember you and come running to meet you which always sincerely touches my soul.

  501. I would have a piece of jewelry made in honor of my ranch horse Snoop. We went a zillion miles together. Went to places we probably shouldn’t have. I took very good care of him, but I think he took excellent care of me. He lived to be 37.

  502. I’ve had several wonderful horses, but Missoula (Poco Diamonds Imprint), who will be 13 this May has got to be the horse I would honor. Not because he’s a great bred Quarter Horse, but because he has seen me at my worst and best, through personal disaster and illness, expanded my horizons through new people and the possibilities tomorrow will always be better whether you’re human or equine. He greets me each day with a nicker and allows me to breath in that wonder horsey aroma (I call it perfume) when I bury my face in his neck. Those are just a few of the many reasons I would honor him.

  503. I would pick Drew (Andrews Superstar), my 22 yr old Appaloosa. We first met when he was a 2 yr old.

  504. I would choose to honor our mare VMA Diamond Doll. She was the best horse in my life and we lost her this year after 30 years. Dolly was a beautiful double registered Paint/Pinto. She was a wonderful companion, comfortable to ride and pretty to look at. After a career with her Owner, she was allowed to start a 2nd career as my Daughter’s 4H and dressage horse. As my daughter said at one of their shows, “Dolly really turns heads at these dressage shows. With all these solid color horses, riding Dolly among them is like wearing a Hawaiian shirt to a black tie party.” I miss her. She’d be my honor horse. Vivian

  505. I would choose my little boy Leo. He is my Mr. Ed

  506. I would honor my quarter horse mare Lady

  507. WHAT HORSE WOULD YOU CHOOSE TO HAVE A CUSTOM-MADE PIECE OF JEWELRY MADE IN HONOR OF? I would have a custom-made piece of jewelry made in honor of my barrel horse Mack or my dad’s mule Benny.

  508. I would honour our family member for 22 years, Zip on By (Johnny) 24 years old and with us since her was 2. Appaloosa gelding who is loved by all who meet him.

  509. Priscilla Que+// – at 34 years old, this Half-Arabian/Morgan mare has EARNED this honor… she continues to gallop into the hearts and lives of “special needs” riders as she provides therapy thru horseback. And YES she still GALLOPS. Over 34 years she has won Multi-National titles, awards, ribbons, trophies, she is a Diva that we will always HONOR & LOVE – aka “PRISSY”

  510. Priscilla Que+//

  511. I have had too many that I have loved and shown and trail ridden to choose amongst them, so I would choose to honor, a 15 hand buckskin gelding by the name of Commanche; the lone survivor of the Little Big Horn. Belonging to Myles Keogh, and part of the 7th Cavalry under General George Armstrong Custer, Commanche was the only living creture left of men + horses when that battle with the Sioux and Cheyanne nations, ended on the banks of the Little Big Horn Valley on the 25th day of June, 1876.

  512. Teddy O’Conner…a pony with a huge heart! We had a POA just like him…he was joyful in everything that he did. Wonderful animals……

  513. I would choose my sister’s appaloosa mare Sheba. she was in the family for 39 glorious years. She was always happy to carry any of us where-ever we wanted to ride. R I P dear Sheba.