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Volume 9, Issue 9 Performance Horse Digest

PHD Cover-10-16Teach the Turnaround in the Hackamore by Al Dunning

Collection by Monty Bruce

Recipe For Success by Martha Josey

The Power of Your Intuition by Barbra Schulte

Direction and Drive by Richard Winters

It’ll Be Fine by Doug Lindgren

The Right Horse is Everything by Craig Cameron

Meet Mike Major – Ranch- Horse Versatility

Aggressive Horse by Pat Parelli

Bits and Bridling – Part 2 by Les Vogt

Tying Problems? Practice is the Key to Patience by Clinton Anderson

Dealing with a Horse that Pins His Ears by Lynn Palm

Nutritional Tips by Juliet M. Getty, Ph. D.

Spins by Sandy Collier

Pasture Evaluation for a Prospect by Dick Pieper


and many more!

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