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Volume 9, Issue 7 Performance Horse Digest

The Quiet Mind by Barbra Schulte

Athletic Circles: Build Your Hackamore Horse’s Skills by Al Dunning

Controlling Speed in a Circle by Sandy Collier

Getting the Most Out of a Clinic by Martha Josey

Getting The Bend by Richard Winters

An Exercise to Slow Down a Speed Demon by Clinton Anderson

It’ll Be Fine by Doug Lindgren

First Horse, First Love. You Never Forget Them by Craig Cameron

How to Ride Like a Leader – Part 1 by Linda Parelli

Western Dressage: Understanding Basic Level Tests 1 & 2 by Lynn Palm

My Horse is Gaining Weight on Free Choice Forage! Why Isn’t it Working? by Juliet M. Getty, Ph. D

Mental Conformation by Dick Pieper

Hip Control by Les Vogt

Q and A Interview with Jim Masterson by Writer, Shan Boggs

and many more!

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