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Volume 9, Issue 6 Performance Horse Digest


How to Overcome a Mental Block After a Tragic Event by Barbra Schulte

Introduce the Neck-Rein by Al Dunning

Exercises to Perfect Your Circles by Sandy Collier

The 23rd Annual Josey Reunion Barrel Race & 35th Annual Josey Jr. World by Martha Josey

Is Your Horse’s Head in The Game? by Richard Winters

Nip Bad Behavior in the Bud by Clinton Anderson

It’ll Be Fine… If You Check Your Gear by Doug Lindgren

Read the Horse by Craig Cameron

The Power of Neutral by Pat Parelli

Western Dressage: Mathematics of the Dressage Ring by Lynn Palm

The Correct Way to Use Slow-Feeders by Juliet M. Getty, Ph. D

Considerations for Success by Dick Pieper

Exercises to Take Control of Your Horse’s Body Zones by Les Vogt

Releasing Tension in the Poll and Atlas Using the Head- Down Technique by Jim Masterson

and many more!

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