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Volume 5, Issue 9 Performance Horse Digest

Volume 5, Issue 9

Performance Horse Digest Issue 9 CoverBe Not Afraid When Things Get Out of Whack! by Barbra Schulte
Cool and Collected by Al Dunning
Transition Bits by Richard Winters
Breathe to Slow – Part 3 of 3 by Sandy Collier
Choosing to Ride Up by Aaron Ralston
Basic Flexibility Exercises by Craig Cameron
Make the Right Thing Easy and the Wrong Thing Difficult by Clinton Anderson
Going One Handed by Ken McNabb
Bridle Up with Dennis Auslam
Becoming a Great Puzzle-Solver by Pat Parelli
It’ll Be Fine, Article XXVIIII by Doug Lindgren
Desensitizing Your Horse To Sound and Motion by Jennifer Sorensen
Rider Position – Part 1 by Lynn Palm
How Do I Give My Horsemanship Patterns the Polished Look that Can Win, and What are the
First Things that Catch Your Eye as a Judge – Part Ten by Mark Sheridan
Reid Lance Rosenthal talks with Equine VIP by Susan Ashbrook

and many more”¦

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