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CSI Saddle Pad Givaway!




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Do you prefer to ride with a saddle or bareback?!



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  1. Bareback in the winter, saddle in the summer!

  2. Bareback when I was a kid. Now that I’m old, I need to use a saddle.

  3. Saddle

  4. I prefer a saddle the older I get 🙂

  5. Saddle

  6. As a kid I always rode bareback, but now I do prefer a saddle. My mare is a little too rough to ride without a saddle.

  7. i ride with a western saddle these days.

  8. With a saddle 🙂

  9. I generally Prefer to ride with a saddle now days, but since it is winter I will ride a few times bareback as it helps keep me warm.

  10. I prefer a saddle.

  11. I love riding bareback but the older I get the more I prefer the stability of a saddle. Back issues don’t let me be as flexible as I used to be.

  12. at 63 I prefer a saddle

  13. saddle

  14. saddle

  15. A well fitting saddle!

  16. On a great saddle with a soft seat and nice saddle pad!

  17. Saddle, though I want to ride more bareback to improve my riding and balance.

  18. I always thought I rode better by being closer to my horses muscles so bareback it was, I have had 4 spine surgeries and SI joint fusions, never thought I would ride again, but my surgeon just gave me a thumbs up, as long as I use a saddle. So there it is “saddle it is”

  19. Both!!!! If I just want a quick relaxing ride then bareback.

  20. I prefer a saddle, since I ride a lot of young horses, but I do enjoy riding bareback on my trusty mare!

  21. I prefer bareback on western pleasure horses, a saddle on most everything else.

  22. Depends on the horse and the time of year! Lots of bareback in the winter, lots of saddle time in the summer!

  23. Depends on the time of year and the horse! Winter I ride bareback all the time! In the summer it is a lot of saddle time!

  24. i love a well fitted saddle

  25. prefer saddle

  26. I prefer to ride in my saddle.

  27. My mare has some hip and back issues so she feels much more stable with a saddle. I used to ride her bareback in the pasture before her injury.

  28. Saddle

  29. Saddle most of the year, but bareback when I’m lazy. 🙂

    • I hardly ever ride bareback any more but I used to all the time as a kid

  30. I am 53 years old, so my bareback day’s are over. I use a saddle every time I ride !

  31. I am a little older now, and a saddle is just a bit more secure for me, I feel a safer, and a good saddle pad like CSI is more comfortable for my horse and myself.

  32. Saddles most of the time, especially during shedding season!

  33. Prefer a saddle

  34. Definetly Saddle 🙂

  35. Comment

  36. Depends on the horse, usually with a saddle 🙂

  37. I definitely use a saddle. I am 64 . A saddle is better for the horse as long as it fits properly and a good saddle pad is an absolute must. A good pad protects your horses back and works as a great shock absorber.

  38. saddle for sure 🙂

  39. When I was young, bareback was my choice. Now that I no longer bounce when I fall, I prefer a saddle.

  40. I used to prefer riding bareback. But now, at 66, I feel a lot more secure in a saddle. The ground is pretty rocky in the AZ desert.

  41. I prefer Saddle !

  42. Now that I’m older, defintely a saddle. But as a kid, it was always bareback.

  43. with a saddle

  44. I typically ride in a saddle most of he time, but nothin is better than a bareback horse ride to keep me warm riding in fresh snow!

  45. I have always ridden in a saddle.

  46. Saddle, I like the extra security when I am holding on the yeehaw moments!

  47. I prefer a saddle most of the time. I think a CSI saddle pad would be great for my horse.

  48. With a saddle

  49. With a saddle .

  50. I love riding most with a saddle. Call me and say happy birthday if you draw my name.

  51. I prefer riding with a saddle so I can hold cattle.

  52. saddle is the way I ride

  53. Saddle for any kind of cow work. Bareback for keeping my rodeo horses legged up.

  54. I prefer to use a saddle pad with my saddle. I want my horses as comfortable as possible when we are out riding. Their enjoyment of our time together is just as important as mine is.

  55. I prefer bareback.

  56. I now ride with a saddle.

  57. Saddle, incase of oops moment.

  58. I do a lot of both, but with have to go with a saddle.

  59. Saddle

  60. Saddle most of the time.

  61. Saddle.

  62. Ride with a saddle

  63. both!

  64. Ride with a saddle.

  65. Saddle

  66. Saddle

  67. Saddle


  69. Saddle

  70. Comment

  71. Saddle

  72. Ride with a saddle

  73. Comment

  74. Saddle

  75. I have one already and like it very much

  76. saddle

  77. Saddle!!

  78. Saddle

  79. Saddle

  80. Saddle!

  81. saddle

  82. Prefer to ride with a saddle.

  83. I ride with a saddle!

  84. Bareback especially during the winter. I use the saddle for performance events.

  85. I like either one

  86. I prefer to ride with a saddle but I ride bareback periodically to help my balance.

  87. Saddle

  88. saddle

  89. saddle

  90. I used to ride bare back all the time but I now prefer to have my butt in a saddle..

  91. I ride in a saddle

  92. saddle

  93. Saddle

  94. Saddle

  95. saddle

    • Saddle

    • Saddle

      • Saddle!!!!!!

  96. Saddle

  97. Saddle

  98. I prefer to ride bareback, no matter the length of our ride 30 minutes – 5 hours it is way more comfortable. On the long rides my horse is less fatigued caring my heavy saddle and rider. And I have no pain in my hips/ knees and ankles. I do use saddles when starting colts, working in the arena or if a particular horse is safer to ride under saddle then bareback.

  99. Bareback, I prefer feeling the horse under me. The horse I have now though is very green so I always use a saddle with her.

  100. Saddle

  101. Saddle

  102. saddle

  103. Saddle

  104. Saddle

  105. Younger days either, but these days with a saddle.

  106. saddle

  107. Love bareback, but usually ride saddle in mountains of Virginia.

  108. saddle

  109. saddle

  110. Saddle 🙂

  111. saddle

  112. Saddle

  113. Saddle

  114. Saddle

  115. I prefer to ride with a saddle!

  116. I prefer to ride with a saddle!

  117. Saddle

  118. Saddle

  119. Bareback depending on the horse.

  120. I like a saddle in the winter and bareback in the summer, so my answer is both!

  121. Saddle – with a CSI pad under it!

  122. with a saddle

  123. I like a saddle in the winter and bareback in the summer, so both!

  124. ride with a saddle

  125. I prefer to ride with a saddle.

  126. Saddle

  127. Prefer saddle

  128. I prefer to ride with a saddle.

  129. Saddle

  130. Saddle

  131. Saddle

  132. either one- happy to ride anytime & anyway!

  133. I prefer to ride bareback

  134. Saddle

  135. Comment

  136. Prefer my western dressage “Harmony” saddle!

  137. Saddle

  138. Saddle but I like to ride bareback

  139. Have always wanted to try one to help my horses back just never in the funds. This would be a super opportunity to help me and her.

  140. With a saddle!

  141. Saddle!

  142. Saddle

  143. prefer saddle

  144. Saddle

  145. Saddle

  146. Saddle

  147. saddle

  148. A saddle

  149. With a saddle

  150. Used to be bareback. Now prefer saddle.

  151. with a saddle

  152. I prefer my saddle

  153. I prefer saddle but do ride occasionally bareback

  154. Saddle

  155. saddle

  156. saddle

  157. saddle

  158. Saddle!

  159. Saddle

  160. I prefer to ride with a saddle (western)

  161. Saddle

  162. saddle its too hard to do ranch work with out one lol

  163. Saddle

  164. Prefer a saddle.

  165. Saddle

  166. Have looked at the CSI pads a long time, cant justifie price right now, but always wanted to try one, they appear to be a GOOD pad.

  167. Saddle

  168. Saddle

  169. both, life IS AN ADVENTURE.

    • saddle

  170. Saddle

  171. with a saddle

  172. Saddle

  173. A Good quality and correct fitting . If the saddle isn’t well made and doesn’t properly fit then more damage can be done that a pad won’t be able prevent.

  174. Saddle at this point as none of my horses are trained to be ridden bareback.

  175. bareback

  176. saddle

  177. Saddle

  178. saddle

  179. Saddle please. Unless it’s my old gelding then I’ll crawl on his back bareback on occasion.

  180. Saddle

  181. SADDLE 🙂

  182. Saddle

  183. saddle

  184. SADDLE

  185. saddle

  186. with a saddle

  187. saddle, too old for bareback any more

  188. Saddle

  189. That’s a tough one, but I’d have to say saddle–we spend so much time out on the trail, and competing in CMO’s, and I like having a saddle! 🙂

  190. Saddle with a good pad, of course.

  191. Saddle

  192. saddle, too old for bareback

  193. Saddle is best for boney buts

  194. Both, although depends on the horse.

  195. saddle

  196. saddle

  197. Saddle but as a young person , bareback

  198. Saddle

  199. Saddle

  200. Saddle

  201. saddle

  202. Saddle!

  203. Saddle

  204. Depends on the horse I choose to ride. At the beach it’s bareback, in the mountains it’s saddle time, that way I can take lunch, a jacket and anything else that fits in the saddle bags.

  205. Saddle!

  206. Bareback!

  207. I prefer my saddles.

  208. w my saddle and csi pad!

  209. Saddle but bareback improves my riding with a saddle.

  210. Saddle

  211. Saddle

  212. saddle, getting to hard now that I am older to ride bareback.

  213. Saddle

  214. Saddle

  215. Sure hope to win!

  216. Comment

  217. Saddle in the summer and bareback in the winter!

  218. Saddle

  219. saddle

  220. Saddle

  221. saddle

  222. Comment

  223. Saddle

  224. saddle

  225. Saddle

    • Saddle

  226. Saddle

  227. Saddle

  228. Love a good saddle! 🙂

  229. with a saddle

  230. Bareback unless I’m riding in the mountains, then I use a saddle

  231. Saddle

  232. Saddle

  233. Either….as long as I get to ride!

  234. Saddle

  235. I only ride in a saddle I have a head injury and cannot ride bareback yet

  236. In a saddle

  237. With a saddle

  238. Depends on the horse. Bareback is great fun with the right horse.

  239. Saddle

  240. Saddle

  241. saddle

  242. I prefer a good saddle pad!

    • Comment

  243. A saddle 🙂

    • saddle

  244. Saddle

  245. Comment

  246. Saddle

  247. the freedom of riding bareback is the best!!

  248. I prefer a saddle.

  249. Saddle

  250. Bareback but when I barrel race I like my saddle 🙂

  251. Saddle

  252. Saddle

  253. With a saddle

  254. Saddle

  255. I ride BOTH lots. Saddle for schooling, Bareback for pleasure

  256. I prefer a saddle.

  257. saddle

  258. Ride with a saddle

  259. Saddle, definitely!

  260. prefer saddle, but also enjoy bareback

  261. With a saddle.

  262. I like a saddle I also ride a draft horse

  263. Saddle

  264. Saddle

  265. Saddle

  266. both depends on horse

  267. saddle in summer, bareback in winter 😉

  268. I
    definitely prefer to ride w/ a saddle

  269. Saddle

  270. Both – each has advantages and disadvantages.

  271. Depends if the horse is swayback or built like a barrel. Barrel built would be bareback but swayback and older horses definite saddle pad for there sake and mine,

  272. I prefer to use a saddle to displace my weight properly.

  273. Treeless saddle

  274. Treeless saddle and csi pad!

  275. I enjoy riding bareback because it helps streangthen muscles and helps improve your seat and ballence.

    I also enjoy riding with a saddle because you just can’t do somethings without one and it opens up more possibilities

  276. saddle

  277. Saddle!

  278. Western Saddle

  279. Saddle need something to hang on to while. Cutting

  280. Saddle.

  281. Bareback

  282. Saddle. Need something to hang on to while cutting

  283. saddle

  284. both

  285. Saddle and hopefully with a CSI pad underneath it!

  286. as a kid it was bareback all the way but now a saddle as I lost my confidence

  287. Saddle

  288. Usually with a saddle but ride bareback occasionally due to having to compete bareback with the Extreme Cowboy Association

  289. saddle

  290. Saddle

  291. I much prefer a saddle. I mostly have “wide-bosies” so it makes a “Thelwellishish” picture if I attempt to ride sans saddle

  292. saddle

  293. Saddle, but for those days when time is of the essence, I just put a blanket over their back to keep my clothes clean.

  294. Favorite horse + western saddle + CSI pad = perfect ride

  295. Saddle

  296. Saddle

  297. Saddle

  298. I prefer bareback, however, I’m not the rider I used to be and use a saddle….

    • Saddle..

      Starting a horse bareback..

  299. saddle – too old for bareback anymore!

  300. Saddle

  301. Bareback

  302. Saddle

  303. Saddle

  304. Saddle

  305. Saddle

  306. saddle

  307. Love riding with a saddle!

  308. Saddle

  309. I prefer to ride with a saddle, but also ride bareback now and then.

  310. Saddle! My mare’s back is waaaaaaaaay too narrow for bareback, I’ve nearly fallen off when she was standing still!

  311. saddle

  312. Saddle 🙂

  313. Saddle

  314. saddle

  315. with a saddle

  316. I love a good saddle and pad!

  317. I prefer to ride with a saddle.

  318. Saddle

  319. Saddle with a new CSI saddle pad!!

  320. saddle

  321. I ride in a saddle now as I have trouble getting on now that I am old. I always rode bareback as a kid, liked it that way and could not afford a saddle anyway.

  322. Same as Kim, I ride bareback when I can but I don’t quite have the balance that I did as a kid, so I ride mostly with a saddle.

  323. saddle

  324. Saddle

  325. SADDLE

  326. saddle

  327. Treeless saddle

  328. Saddle

  329. I like to ride bareback. It helps my knee to have the warmth of the horses & muscle massage my knee.

  330. Short rides in the field, bareback. For longer rides or training always a saddle.

  331. Saddle

  332. Saddle

  333. Mostly ride in the saddle. Occasionally bareback.

  334. I like to ride both. I ride bareback more during the winter months to keep my legs toned (&it’s a lot warmer!).

  335. Saddle.

  336. Since I have aged I don’t ride bareback as much. I have just started doing it again to work on balance and core strength. I enjoy just being on my horse.

  337. I prefer to ride in a reining saddle

  338. I ride both but mostly in a saddle.

  339. I enjoy riding with a saddle and with out! If I am going for just a quick ride, then I might hop on and go bareback but otherwise I usually saddle up! In winter it is almost always bareback. Everyone should ride bareback once in a while!! 🙂

  340. Do you prefer to ride with a saddle or bareback?!

  341. I prefer bareback. Especially now that I am a Grandmother, teaching her Grandsons.

  342. I prefer with a saddle. I just don’t have the balance anymore that I had when I was younger.

  343. I prefer to ride with a saddle.

  344. I ride with a saddle in the summer and bareback in the winter. I enjoy riding bareback, it helps with balance and I can feel my horse. I grew up riding bareback, brings back good memories.

  345. When I was younger I always rode bareback, but now it is 99.9% saddle. But the youth in our barn we always encourage them to ride bareback.

  346. I like to ride both ways, but definitely saddle when heading down the trails.

  347. I do both but I prefer riding in a saddle. I’d say 80-90% of the time I use a saddle. But there are those times when I don’t have as much time and I brush my mare and throw the bareback pad on. I think that those times do help improve my horsemanship. I have to concentrate more on my balance, leg position and keeping my heels down.

  348. Love riding my saddle!! Even when I do ride bareback now, I use a saddle pad. Just need a new CSI saddle pad!!

  349. I like to do both. I ride bareback in the winter…don’t have to deal with a lot of tack in the cold and I stay warm against the horses.

  350. I prefer to ride with a saddle. Most of my riding consists of working young horses and I prefer to have some leverage just in case. I take my old boy out for a spin every now and then bareback. Its nice to be joined with the horse with nothing between you. Takes me back to the simple times of carefree and no worries!

  351. Saddle. However, I rode bareback recently and re-discovered an amazing “feel”. It was wonderful!

  352. I used to ride only bareback when I was a kid, but being older, I prefer a saddle!

  353. Bareback is my true love but saddle starting to become more part of me

  354. I prefer a saddle. Years ago I rode exclusively bareback for 9 months. It did wonders for my seat and ability to really feel for the feet, but when I put my saddle back on I hated it! With my new mobile pelvis, I have to relearn how to hold stirrups and to do that I had to get my ankles as mobile as my pelvis. Three kids, a back injury, and many years later, I am struggling to participate in “No stirrup November”. My current personal horse does not have a good back for bareback- I have some young ones coming up through that hopefully I can do more bareback again. I thought before that CSI should make a bareback pad. I don’t use them but if CSI made one I would!! 🙂

  355. I love that I have a horse pony sized that I can hop on in the pasture, that’s always fun. But I have a comfy saddle, so I prefer my saddle.

  356. I do like both but with the girl that I have now it’s safer to work with her with a saddle. Give her time and we’ll see how it goes, safety first.

  357. I prefer with a saddle. I feel like there is less miscommunication between horse and rider when the rider is not worrying about balance.

  358. I have ridden bareback when I was younger, but at 57, with back injury, I now feel most secure with a saddle

  359. With a saddle on a beautiful fall trail rude❤️

  360. I prefer bareback when I am not duty and riding for fun, but have to use a saddle when on patrol, so I get a lot of time in on both disciplines.

  361. I prefer to ride with saddle mainly, but also enjoy an occasional bareback ride also!! Anytime I can get with my horse is amazing!!

  362. I prefer to ride with a saddle!

  363. Saddle

  364. I used to ride my Belgian bareback exclusively. But, that was 15+ years ago. I now ride with a saddle due to my age and current horse! 😉

  365. Saddle.

  366. Saddle
    I need somewhere to dally!

  367. Prefer to ride in a saddle!

  368. I like to ride with a saddle!

  369. I prefer to ride with a saddle and a good saddle pad to protect my horses back.

  370. Saddle!

  371. saddle

  372. I just love to ride. I used to ride all the time bareback when I was young. I guess I was in too big of a hurry to bother with a saddle. Now I am older I ride most of the time with a saddle.

  373. I prefer to ride with a saddle, especially if I’m teaching new skills to my horse. I like to bareback to work on my leg and core strength

  374. I prefer a saddle!

  375. With my horse we had a better connection and preferred bareback, but since in shows you had to have a saddle would ride mainly with saddle. With the next two horses preferred the security of the saddle and for training purposes preferred using the saddle to mask some tension that I did not want the horse to feel.

    So I would have to say “It depends”

  376. I show my Quarter Horse in Stock Horse of Texas and prefer a Martin saddle with shims. It would be awesome to try one of these pads and possibly eliminate the shims! Thank you for this opportunity to register for this give a way!

  377. I prefer in a saddle

  378. I prefer to ride with a saddle, although my daughter loves riding bareback.
    I think it is a confidence thing!

  379. saddle

  380. I prefer to ride with a saddle

  381. in my saddle

  382. Younger days, bareback. These days, I switch back and forth between two different western saddles.

  383. Saddle 🙂

  384. Saddle

  385. Saddle, western. I’m a tad more mature in years and the gelding who owns me can be a bit unpredictable at times.

  386. I prefer to ride with a saddle.

  387. I prefer to ride with a saddle, although I do ride bareback at times.

    • I have a csi pad and I love it

  388. I ride with a saddel but love the occasional bareback ride.

  389. I really prefer a saddle..especially at 50 years of age. 🙂

  390. no preference; mostly use a saddle. each experience has its value.

  391. Definitely bareback

  392. Saddle

  393. I prefer a western cutting saddle, though for the occasional leisurely trail ride (or if I’m feeling too lazy to saddle up or my time is limited) I’ll go bareback 🙂

  394. I love riding bareback for fun around the house. Anything else I’ve gotta ride in the saddle! It all depends on the horse too though! My three year old, I definitley prefer a saddle! My mom’s 9 year old, love bareback!! It’s great exercise too!

  395. When I was young i never even owned a saddle Iwas a fearless rider, and I could stay on any horse. As I got older I started riding english, I really loved that to and felt that the bareback riding really gave me a good seat, and feel. than as I got older, and stoped riding for a litle wihle, raising children and working,I became a more fearfull rider ( a couple of falls didnt help, as I was injuried both times, that pain makes you more afraid, now I ride in a western saddle,something I always scoffed at before, (because it was like riding in a big leater chair) but Iam older now, and more cautious I am 58 and still ride my horse at least 3 days a week. I have worked through my fears and and feel gratefull and lucky i can still ride.

  396. Treeless saddle

  397. I prefer to ride with a saddle and really need a new saddle pad.

  398. With a Saddle pad

  399. With a saddle- and a great pad!:)

  400. I perfer to ride with a saddle as I get older, grew up bareback riding though and love the convenience!!

  401. With a saddle

  402. I prefer with saddle, English or Western

  403. Saddle

  404. Saddle

  405. This would be awesome for my older paint quarter horse as my young mustang.

  406. I prefer to ride with a saddle, unless of course it is summer and we are taking the horses swimming to cool off.

  407. I prefer to ride with a saddle

  408. I like to do both. Right now I tend to ride more bareback since it’s winter. But in the summer, with ranch sorting, trail riding and training, the saddle gets the most use.

  409. I prefer a saddle.

  410. I prefer to ride with my saddle.
    Bareback only if swimming my horse

  411. I prefer to ride with a saddle.

  412. I prefer a saddle, my horse and I have to do a lot of work when I get back to the ranch.

  413. Prefer with a saddle~

  414. I like to ride with a saddle

  415. I prefer to ride with a saddle.

  416. I prefer a proper fitted saddle with a good pad.

  417. I prefer a saddle, but love the freedom of riding bareback on occasion with my older horse.

  418. bareback unless long trail rides then with a lightweight saddle

  419. Both. I ride bareback often to develope leg strenght and work on my seat so i can be a better rider in the saddle.

  420. I prefer the saddle. Most of my riding requires a saddle.

  421. I used to like a bareback ride, but now that I’m older & don’t bounce as well, I prefer a saddle.

  422. For extended rides I prefer a saddle. Short rides, bareback.

  423. Treeless saddle

  424. I ride with the saddle for the long rides. But bareback when playing around on farm or swimming with the horses!

    • with a saddle!

  425. With a saddle

  426. Saddle is best now but I used to ride only bareback when I was a kid. Now I like to drive (my minis, too!)

  427. Saddles.

  428. I prefer to ride in a saddle.

  429. I prefer to ride a saddle, but bareback is always a fun treat.

  430. Saddle

  431. With a saddle with my csipad!

  432. With a saddle

  433. Love riding!! so either way is perfectly fine!

  434. I like to use a saddle on longer rides, but sometimes play around bareback. I wish I could ride as well now bareback as I did when I was a kid! I also prefer a saddle on my bouncy horse almost always, while my fat smooth guy is pretty good bareback 🙂 I’m short so I need something to help me get on, stirrups, a log, ditch, rock, etc.

  435. I compete so handmade saddles all the way

  436. Usually in a saddle. There are a few occasions that I will jump on bareback. Not a youngster anymore and the jump to get on can be tough.

  437. Saddle

  438. Comment

  439. I love to ride bareback when it comes to a relaxation ride 🙂

  440. Mostly saddle, but enjoy bareback as well.

  441. Saddle 90% of the time, but every once in a while riding bareback is fun!

  442. with a saddle.

  443. I love to ride bareback and play around with my horse, but not too often because I don’t want to hurt my mare’s back

  444. A saddle

  445. Bareback is a lot more fun and challenging. Ever tried to cut a calf out bareback?!! Saddle mostly now though.

  446. Without a saddle around the farm, but a saddle with a CSI pad for the workouts and trails!

  447. Saddle been awhile since I’ve rode bareback

  448. I use a saddle, we compete so we need the best money can buy!

  449. At my age it’s in a saddle

  450. With a saddle.

  451. Bareback for goofing around and a soft treeless saddle for long rides.

  452. I like to do both actually. I ride bareback for short fun rides and to evaluate a horses movement, and I ride in a saddle for more serious riding, when showing and when I plan on riding longer time.

    GaitWay is a therapeutic horseback riding program in Baton Rouge, LA and we have not had the priviledge of owning a CSI pad. We are, however, about to kick off our Veteran’s program in January and we are in the process of attempting to acquire. Your pad would be such a gift to our special horses, their riders and our center.

    Thank you for this opportunity, Shelley Rose

  453. SADDLE

  454. It all depends on what I am asking of my horse that day

  455. Saddle

  456. I love to ride bareback this time of year to stay warm. However during the season doing roping cattle work I use my saddle.

  457. I rode bareback whenI was a kid regularly. I had hip replacement surgery last summer, so I am thankful to be back in the saddle again!

  458. I wish to ride in saddle

  459. I like riding with a saddle most of the time. I think my horse prefers bareback

  460. Normally a saddle but to improve form starting to ride a bit more bareback and at 54 that is a challenge!

  461. I prefer bareback.

  462. Saddle. My balance is better in a saddle.

  463. I like both but for more advanced riding I want a saddle. For a leisurely walk or just hanging out on the yard, I still love to climb on bareback.

  464. I prefer a saddle, but bareback is a fun change every now and then.

  465. Bareback is wonderful with mellow horse but personally I do prefer a nice saddle both western or english.

  466. Saddle

  467. Saddle

  468. I like to ride with a saddle but I do ride bareback sometimes when it cold here in Wyoming on a really broke horse. lol

  469. I prefer saddle

  470. I prefer a nice saddle.

  471. Saddle,I do get on a really broke horse bareback and find out that my balance is not what it use to be.

  472. I learned to ride bareback from an instructor who accurately felt it gave you a solid foundation. However, that was 50 years ago and now I use an endurance saddle with no horn.

  473. With a saddle!

  474. Saddle

  475. saddle with a CSI Saddle pad!!

  476. When I was young I used to just put a bridle on one of our horses and just take off….I loved the freedom of just me and the horse as one…..I could feel the response of the horse responding to my ques….early morning rides were the BEST!

  477. I am too old and out of shape to ride bareback anymore! I like my custom hand made Bonney saddle.

  478. I love to ride bareback, but for my horse’s sake, I save his back with a well fitting saddle and my csi pad 🙂

  479. Saddle only, since I have gotten older.

  480. Nowadays I prefer riding in a comfy saddle. My horse is a bit too wide to do to much with bareback 😛

  481. I ride western and would love to win a pad!!!

  482. I prefer to ride with a saddle for sure.

  483. I’m ‘older’ now so I ride with a saddle in these rugged Arkansas mountains.

  484. Bareback to improve balance but riding with a saddle helps me not to send confusing signals to my horse as long as the saddle fits and is not causing the horse any discomfort.

  485. Most of the time I prefer to ride with a saddle but I do ride bareback sometimes.

  486. I prefer a saddle since my main riding horses are 16 and 19. My mom has one of these for her 19yo horse and she LOVES it and so does her horse

  487. I ride with a padded bareback pad or a saddle. If the saddle is properly fitted. Comfortable for my horse first.

  488. I love riding bareback!! There’s nothing else like it! 😀

  489. I love riding bareback because I can feel my horse better, but a saddle is best when working cattle.

  490. I prefer bareback, especially in the winter!

  491. I ride bareback in winter and saddle in summer!

  492. Prefer my treeless saddle for long rides but just puttering around…barwback!

  493. Saddle, please.

  494. Saddles all the way, with a good pad!

  495. definitely prefer a saddle for even weight distribution

  496. I have ridden bareback many years ago, but prefer a saddle now because of my age.

  497. I ride in a saddle. My bad hip equals me being off balance. Any comgort I can give my horse. Is a better ride for both of us.

  498. Definitely saddle.

  499. I ride with saddle. bad back needs saddle and paso fino horse.

  500. I train show horses and ride with a saddle.

  501. saddle

  502. Always ride in a saddle these days.

  503. I prefer a saddle now that I am riding a young horse again. When I first got my 9 years ago I could only ride her bareback because my saddle wouldn’t fit on her.

  504. I prefer a saddle with my young horse. I used to ride bareback a lot on my older mare but now that I am riding a young horse I prefer the saddle.

  505. I rode my pony when I was younger for years without a saddle. My dad either could not or would not? buy one for me.

    Now that I have a horse again, I don’t believe I would want to ride bareback. Saddle for me, definitely!

  506. I know I ride well bareback; but I’ll keep clean and use a saddle and maybe drop my stirrups

  507. I too prefer bareback, but because of my “advanced age”,it has been recommended that I use a saddle. Although, I know my beautiful, well behaved Morgan stallion, also prefers bareback, as he is not pleased with the girth tightening process. He accepts the process and the girth, but only because he is a Morgan and knows I am otherwise kind to him.

  508. I prefer to ride bareback because it keeps me balanced and in tune with my horse.

  509. at age 57, it’s definately a saddle! I love both of my saddles and of course love my horses, Levi and Cooper

  510. I prefer to ride in a saddle now but like so many others I rode bareback when I was younger.

  511. Getting too old and fat to get on my horse without a saddle, but I prefer and aussie saddle as it lets me feel my horse better than a western saddle, but with more support than and English saddle.

  512. Riding bare back is fun but I prefer to ride in a saddle these days. Also bareback is hard on a horses back.

  513. I prefer bareback, I have a bad lower back and hips from getting hurt and so its less painful to ride bareback. However, I do ride a lot of ranch rodeos and so that requires me to ride in a saddle or I don’t think I’d be able to stay on haha..

  514. Comment

  515. Fumbling withe the I phone while riding in a saddle always a. Saddle

  516. Saddle that’s why I need the pad !! 🙂

  517. I prefer to ride with a good western saddle most days but their are days when I just feel too lazy to put on a saddle and ride bareback :.)

  518. I love to ride bareback. I feel as though I am more in tune with the horse’s movements. But riding with a saddle gives me more confidence because my 16 year old Mustang mare acts like a three-year old whenever I ride bareback.

  519. For quick little rides I like to just hop on bareback, but when I intend to really get on and go I want a saddle that will be more comfortable for both me and my horse :).

  520. with a saddle, too many broken bones to be comfortable otherwise.

  521. I grew up riding bare back on a horse called Red. He was a 13 hand horse that didn’t know he was little. Red and I would jump a 4 foot jump made out of 55 gallon drum with a 5 gallon pail on top of it with a 2 x 4 board to top it all off with only twine in his mouth for a bridle. I was horse crazy then and still am!

  522. I prefer a saddle.

  523. Both. Love my saddle, but often just jump on after brushing. Keeps me warmer in winter.

  524. I prefer to ride western saddle!

  525. prefer to ride with saddle

  526. Saddle! Especially when you have a nice pad to go with it !!

  527. Bareback

  528. Definitely prefer riding with a saddle.

  529. Saddle, for sure!

  530. Saddle….with lots of silver and a CSI pad!

  531. I like to ride bareback, but I definitely prefer riding with a saddle. We ride in the mountains and hills a lot. I love the CSI pads. I tried a friend’s pad out.

  532. Prefer bareback

  533. Saddle all the way – I like the security of it.

  534. Growing up I did not have a saddle so I learned to ride very well without, but now I find myself feeling most comfortable with a good saddle and saddle pad.

  535. I perfer to ride in a saddle, and my horse would LOVE to try out the CSI pad. She has been speaking to the other horses on my drill team that use the CSI pads and she is jelous that she does not have one. #csialltheway

  536. Saddle…and looking for a nice saddle pad to go with it 🙂

  537. Saddle, I’m too old to ride without. 🙂

  538. I prefer to ride with a saddle, as most of the time I am riding green horses or practicing for shows on my more broke horses. A new CSI pad would be wonderful to try on my very hard to fit filly. 🙂

  539. Saddle

  540. With a wade saddle, of course!

  541. saddle, especially when riding on a pad that helps your horse feel good.

  542. Riding with a saddle and my CSI pad.

  543. With a saddle a possibly a CSI pad! Yeah!

  544. I prefer to ride with a saddle.

  545. Riding in a saddle

  546. I ride both but prefer a saddle these days

  547. Western saddle on a good quarter horse.

  548. Saddle

  549. Love bareback,but saddle now that I’m oldenicecomfy saddle and CSI pad,

  550. Being 60 years old, I’ll take a saddle along with one of these beautiful pads!

  551. I prefer to ride in a saddle

  552. Saddle

  553. Saddle is my preference, but bareback is good too.

  554. Saddle. I have heard a lot of great things about the CSI pad and want to try

  555. BAREBACK!!! But when I show I use my friends CSI. I have a bad back and without using it I probably wouldn’t be riding!!

  556. Bareback! Love the way me an my horse connect! But when I show I use my friends Cause because it helps my horse AND myself So much

  557. I ride with a saddle because it helps to support the horses back along with the proper pad, prefer CA I pad, to keep weight off the horses spine.

  558. I ride with a saddle most of the time but also ride bareback. I prefer

    a saddle but am sometimes to lazy to get it out of the tack room and go

    through the whole rigmarole of saddling.

  559. Bareback! But I enjoy a saddle sometimes because my pony is 13’2 and I need a saddle to balance myself on her. She’s a haflinger! 🙂

  560. have to have a saddle. a litte aged and somewhat disabiled so I need
    a saddle.

  561. I used to love riding bareback! I learned to ride as a child with no saddle. My family did not own one. It made me a much better rider. I always use a saddle now , I am no longer young & limber. If I get to swim my horses then the saddle comes off!

  562. Western on a Fox Trotter!

  563. I enjoy riding in a saddle more, with a supportive pad underneath. It helps support the horses back especially when working, but only with a saddle that fits the horses back appropriately!!

  564. Saddle, definetly!

  565. I grew up riding my horses bareback. I still occasionally ride bareback, but as I age, the saddle is more comfortable, as owning two businesses and 3 kids, make me really need to be more safe than sorry at this point! I can’t afford an accident. I just love riding no matter what though!

  566. These are great saddle pads. Mine is getting well used and with an extra mare I could use another.

  567. The only way to ride a happy horse is with CSI under my saddle! It doesn’t matter what the season or reason is !

  568. saddle

  569. Western saddle – I don’t have the confidence to ride bareback. I’d love to win a CSI saddle pad! I have an appointment with a saddle fitter for this spring to make sure my saddle fits my new horse & to determine which CSI to purchase. Buying a CSI pad is on my to-do list for 2015 & winning one would be awesome!

    • I love riding at home bareback but when i show i use my saddle

  570. At my age of 59 I prefer to ride in a saddle as the stirrups help me stay balanced especially with my inner ear imbalance problem.

  571. I love riding bareback and with a saddle. There are definite pros and cons to both for horse and rider.

    • I only ride bareback in the winter when its too cold to take blankets off! Otherwise I love riding in my saddle with an awesome saddle pad!!

  572. As much as I love the comfort of being in the saddle, I love the close contact and connection I have with my horse when riding bareback(:

  573. Saddle…for now. I’m just now riding bareback and working on the balance required so it will help me in the saddle.

  574. I love to ride bareback and with a saddle!

  575. I year ago I would’ve said with a saddle. However, in June 2014 I had surgery to replace a bad disc in my neck. In October 2014 I was OK’d by my orthopedic surgeon to begin riding at a walk only but I still wasn’t allowed to pick up the heavy saddle. So I switched to bareback because I hadn’t ridden in over 5 months and was itchin’ to ride! I am glad I did because riding bareback is forcing me to slow down, enjoy the time with my horse more and my balance is getting better!! Once I get 100% cleared to pick up my saddle again I will still ride BOTH bareback and with a saddle from now on!

  576. I prefer a saddle. Both my horse and I are too green to attempt bareback yet!

  577. I ride with saddles only —

  578. I always prefer saddle. The sense of better control along w/the uses a saddle offers beyond just riding when working cattle & such make it a much more valued option.

  579. Since i am older i only ride with a saddle….

  580. I like bareback in the winter, saddle in the summer

    • I only ride with a saddle. It’s hard to dally off to nothing. 🙂

  581. I prefer a saddle that fits the horse and me. I would probably fall off if I rode bareback.

  582. I love to ride with saddle 😀

  583. Getting too old to ride backback anymore!

  584. Now that I am a senior citizen, I prefer to ride with a saddle.

  585. Saddle for sure 🙂

  586. I prefer a saddle, however it is nice to ride bareback sometimes.

  587. Definitely in a saddle! I like riding bareback occasionally, but 99% in a saddle. Not all that easy ponying babies bareback 😉

  588. Depends on the shape/temperament of the horse!

  589. with a saddle!!!

  590. I prefer to ride with a saddle as my horse is young, and it is more comfortable for him while he is still learning

  591. BOTH but saddle during trail riding

  592. I do all my serious riding with a saddle, but during the Winter will often tool around the farm bareback.

  593. It depends on what I am working on. If I am schooling a horse for competition, I prefer the saddle; however, for leisurely riding, bareback is the way to go!

  594. I prefer to ride with a saddle. I haven’t ridden bateback in over 20 years !

  595. Prefer a saddle.


  597. SADDLE

  598. i prefer to ride with a saddle i go too far and too long to ride bareback.

  599. I like riding with a saddle. Ive put many hours in researching the right saddle for what I want it for and for fit, so I really enjoy it.

  600. Defiantly a saddle. You can’t rope or ride very fast riding bareback. It is much safer and more secure riding any kind of saddle.

  601. saddle

  602. SADDLE! Especially with my CSI saddle pad! My horse loves the pad.

  603. With a saddle if it’s comfortable and fits my horse or mule well. Bareback if the horse has low withers!

  604. I prefer riding in the saddle but bareback is great exercise!

  605. I prefer to ride in a saddle with a CSI saddle pad!!

  606. i love riding w a saddle. and i love csi pads!!!!

  607. love riding with saddles and my csi pads.

  608. I love my Sensation treeless saddles!

  609. when I was a kid….bareback! now….saddle!

  610. I ride bareback in the winter time and use a saddle in the summer time

  611. saddle

  612. Depends on the horse!

  613. I love to ride with or without the saddle – but as I’ve aged I’ve found using a saddle works better for me…. and my saddle pad is getting pretty worn out! 🙂

  614. Definitely prefer riding with a saddle! I’ve had too many mishaps bareback, lol.

  615. I prefer bareback but I ride much better with a saddle…

  616. With a saddle. I’m just not as balanced without.

  617. I ride in my saddle most of the time – but I like to cool my mare out bareback, and we LOVE to ride bareback on the beach in the summer and swim the mares 🙂

  618. Saddle defiantly!! Expecially love riding my one CSI pad that I own now! Would sure love another one!!

  619. Saddle definitely!

  620. Saddle

  621. I rode bareback a lot as a kid, but have only ridden with a western saddle for many years. Whenever a customer asks me about saddle fit problems, I always direct them to CSI pads. Mine is the best pad I’ve ever used and has lasted for years. I would love to win a new one and so would our horses. There is no better pad on the market today built for the comfort of the horse and ultimately the rider. If your horse feels good, he will perform at his best. The same is true for his feet.

  622. Saddle;
    Bareback Cons:
    Causes extreme discomfort if you horse has shark fin withers, slab sides, and a thin back. Not. Comfortable. At. All.

  623. Bareback!!

  624. I ride with a saddle most of the time just because my main show horse is a retired bareback bucking horse. She also is a high withered so bare back is not all that comfortable for me or her so I try to get more of a impact pad so it doesn’t put to much pressure on my mares back.i hope I win my mare would greatly appreciate it. And so would I.

  625. bareback, unless working.

  626. Saddle

  627. Do I prefer to ride with a saddle or bareback?…Definately depends on the occassion. To work on my balance or for a casual ride bareback is the way to go. To work on finesse or trail ride, a saddle is both my and my horse’s preference. Mostly I just prefer to ride!

  628. It depends upon why I am riding. If it is to do some work horseback, then I depend on a saddle and proper outfitting. But to be renewing my soul riding bareback in the sunshine is necessary from time to time.

  629. Saddle for sure!!

  630. Saddle!

  631. Bareback (pad) is my preference, especially when it is hot in the summer.

  632. I ride with a saddle, showing or trail riding.

  633. I love to ride bareback, but I usually use my field trial saddle as I do endurance and competitive trail.

  634. As a child I rode bareback over hill & dale…now that I have children of my own I encourage them to do the same while I choose to ride with a saddle!

  635. I prefer to ride bareback as long as I have a horse I can trust, but since I only have a baby right now, saddle it is!:)

  636. I prefer a saddle. I’m not a good enough rider to go far bareback.

  637. With a saddle and would love one of these saddle pads 🙂

  638. I ride both! Both keep me in great shape and give me great balance in different ways!

  639. I prefer to ride with a saddle. I spend some time cutting and it is hard to do without a saddle.

  640. Riding with a saddle!

  641. Need a saddle as I am not a real accomplished rider.

  642. I ride with a saddle, and always looking for the best pad available for my mare!

  643. Prefer riding in a western saddle.

  644. I didn’t own a saddle when I got my first horse at 13, so I learned to ride bareback. Now, almost 50 years later, I really appreciate that first horse. And I ALWAYS ride in a saddle.

  645. definitely a saddle. love my Harris!

  646. I logged many many hours bareback as a kid and teen but ride in a saddle pretty much all the time these days – I do like to pull saddles off and cool down bareback at times though. Depends on the horse, my mare growing up had no withers and was like riding a recliner when bareback!

  647. Comment

  648. I ride with a saddle most times but bareback can be fun. When I was younger I would ride with or without a saddle. Now I like my saddle.

  649. I definitely prefer a saddle! And a CSI pad would be a great addition to my tack!

  650. Saddle with a beautiful CSI pad

  651. Saddle. I’m WAY too old to ride bareback any more!

  652. I ride bareback and with a saddle. Sure would love a new CSI pad.

  653. when I was a kid, bareback but now a saddle.

  654. In a saddle with a CSI pad under it!!

  655. Both bareback and saddle.

  656. Depend on what Im doing but there’s nothing like hoping on bareback for a quick ride out through the country….

  657. I prefer the saddle.

  658. Saddles are great for everyday, long rides, competitions, ect
    I have say bareback is defiantly my favorite! You are so much more connected and in contact while riding bareback. You build balance and confidence

    Though I enjoy bare back. Nothing beats a long trail ride in the saddle. Can’t wait to some day own a CSI pad of my own

  659. In my saddle is preferred. Since I’m a little older and don’t bounce, I want the security offered by riding with my saddle.

  660. I love riding bareback to work on my balance, but I have an extremely comfortable saddle that makes trail riding pleasurable.

  661. I prefer my saddle most of the time; however, it is fun to ride bareback occasionally.

  662. I like riding with a saddle. Its better for jumping and other obstacles. Although i do like the bare back at times to.

  663. I ride with a saddle, I don’t like to ride bareback. Way to old for that now.

  664. I ride bareback to gain leg strength and with a saddle for training and showing.

  665. I prefer to ride with a saddle, but love my treeless saddle that allows me to “feel” my horses movement!

  666. I prefer to ride with a saddle. Although every once in a while its fun to go bareback.

  667. I ride mostly with a saddle, but I like to ride bareback too if I am short on time

  668. Saddle absolutely. My horse has a sensitive back and needs proper bridging support to make the rides enjoyable for both of us.

  669. As a kid I loved riding bareback, Now that I am older I appreciate the saddle!

  670. I ride in a treeless saddle … so it’s like the best of both worlds!

  671. Both, I love to ride bareback in the snow

  672. At age 68 I do prefer a saddle…fifty years ago I loved riding bareback!

  673. Depends on the horse and the mood – nothing hopping on spur of the moment and touring the pasture, but a long ride requires a saddle for both of our sakes!

  674. Saddle: with my CSI pad!!!!!!!!!

  675. I prefer a saddle.

  676. I ride with a saddle

  677. I only ride in the summer so I ride with a saddle

  678. I only ride with my saddle, my mare is to quick and catty to ride bareback.

  679. Bareback all the way! (But of course competition means a saddle!…running barrels or turning a cow aren’t as easy when bareback!)

  680. With a saddle.

  681. I used to ride bareback but at my age of 66 with a western saddle now.

  682. Riding both bareback and under saddle a rider gains and develops a true feel for their mount and in turn becomes a better horseman/woman.

  683. I ride with a saddle because I barrel race and team rope.

  684. I do both. But really use a new pad. The one I have is really not very good.

    So I guess I prefer saddles

  685. I prefer to ride with a saddle:^)

    • Saddle if I am on trails.

  686. I prefer a saddle 🙂

  687. I prefer to ride my mare with a saddle; her back is built in a way that makes riding bareback a bit unpleasant for us both.

  688. With a Pad.

  689. I prefer a saddle, but it’s cold and my mare is bred so we’ve been meandering around bareback.

  690. With a saddle and nice new pad!

  691. I prefer to ride with a saddle

  692. I prefer to ride with a saddle.

  693. In a saddle!

  694. saddle

  695. I love a relaxing bareback ride but to compete and train I need a saddle. As I get older and my back defect effects my balance attention to my horse’s comfort take on a new urgency.

  696. I prefer to ride with a saddle

  697. I prefer to ride with a saddle! Bareback rides are good once in a while though!

  698. I usually ride with a saddle. Getting older and don’t feel as secure as I used to bareback.

  699. I prefer riding with a saddle

  700. With a saddle!! There’s a good chance I could hit the dirt anyway but without a saddle it’d be definite! 🙂

  701. I like riding both with a saddle and bareback, but if given a choice, I prefer riding with a saddle.

  702. I’d rather ride with a saddle but have rode bareback

  703. I always ride with a saddle or saddle blanket.

  704. I love to ride any way at every opportunity, but I really prefer to ride in my saddle

  705. I prefer to ride with a saddle! At my age (71) it is the wise thing to do!

  706. I ride with a saddle.

  707. In the cold weather I like to ride bareback. If I trail ride I prefer to use a saddle.

  708. When I was younger I loved bareback, now I prefer a saddle.

  709. I prefer a saddle and I use a CSI pad but would like one for my rope horse!

  710. I think saddle, although I love riding bareback and do so very frequently. But saddles take me further 🙂

  711. I have never ridden my horse bareback so therefor I prefer a saddle. 🙂

  712. I prefer riding in a saddle but I ride in a bob Marshall treeless saddle so a CSI pad would work great with it!

  713. I prefer to ride with saddle, but if i had a saddle pad i would just as well use that too.

  714. Mainly a saddle!

  715. I prefer to ride with a saddle.

  716. I ride with a saddle. Much safer at my age.

  717. I prefer to ride with a saddle, but like riding bareback when I don’t feel like saddling my horses. It keeps my balance in check 🙂

  718. Both

  719. When young I loved to ride bareback for many years. My Dad told me when I could prove to him that I could ride like an Indian, he would give me a saddle. I did, and he did…but I continued to enjoy the freedom of bareback riding a long time after receiving the saddle. Time goes by, age, and arthritis, I now consider a saddle a much more comfortable riding aide.

  720. I prefer with a saddle. If I only have a few minutes, i’ll hop on bareback.

  721. With a saddle most of the time.

  722. I like both but prefer saddle. Need a new pad and would love to have a CSI!

  723. When it turns cold, the saddle gets put away and bareback season begins!

  724. As a kid, I loved bareback, but that was a loooonngg time ago. I only ride WITH a saddle now.

  725. With a saddle.

  726. I prefer a saddle!!

  727. I ride in a saddle only. When I was younger I rode bareback, but not anymore – to many bones to break

  728. Depends which horse I am riding, my mare I prefer bareback, my gelding definitely a saddle!

  729. I ride with a saddle and would love to win a CSI Pad!

  730. I prefer to ride to with a saddle.

  731. SADDLE 🙂

  732. I ride with a saddle.

  733. I have to ride a saddle now….

  734. Saddle!

  735. With a saddle and hopefully a new CSI saddle pad!

  736. In my younger days bareback.

  737. with a saddle

    • Saddle

  738. I ride cutters, reiners and working cow horses and although I use different saddles I feel it is essential to have a really good saddle pad – my current pad is on its last legs so I really could use a new one!! I have seen this pad at shows and exhibitions and would love one – PLEASE!

  739. Definitely with a saddle, my body is getting a little to mature to feel comfortable bareback anymore.

  740. I prefer to ride with a saddle.

  741. I definitely prefer a saddle!

  742. saddle .. i manage to fall off at least once a year
    while bareback riding

  743. Depends what I’m doing! If I’m really rolling I like a saddle for better security. But I love bareback the best; you can feel everything your horse is doing, and it’s so easy–no tacking up, no saddle cleaning!

  744. A saddle when trail riding. But bareback is fun around the pasture and taking swimming.

  745. I used to ride bareback in cold weather – it’s warmer! Now that I’m older, I feel more secure in a saddle than directly on my jiggly (plump) horse.

  746. I prefer to ride bareback BUT only in my dreams. I have passed that age – or have gotten wiser in my old age. I ride with a Billy Cook barrel saddle and a pad with a blanket underneath for the comfort of my High withered Horse, Fred. I would love a CSI pad and would tell all my friends about how well it works!

  747. Ride with a saddle

  748. as I’ve gotten older and my muscles weaker, saddle…

  749. With a saddle

  750. Prefer to ride with a saddle!! 🙂

  751. Always with a saddle and always western. CSI has always been known to be a quality product for horse and rider alike.

  752. I prefer saddle because I ride several rescue horses a day and do not know their habits or backgrounds.

  753. Saddle

  754. Roping saddle

  755. Roping saddle

  756. I prefer a saddle….too old for bareback…

  757. I prefer to ride bareback, but I use a close contact bareback pad so I am not sitting directly on my horses’ spines.

  758. With a saddle. I haven’t mastered staying on without one.

  759. I ride both with a saddle and bareback, but 100% prefer to ride with a saddle.

  760. I prefer to ride with a saddle

  761. I would have to say, on my smooth Missouri Foxtrotters, my favorite times were bareback out on the trail! But now that they’re a little arthritic and stiff in the back, at 23 and 26 years of age (and still going strong), we’ve been spending a lot more time with a saddle, and they would really benefit from a great csi pad ;)!!!! And I’d have to say when playing polo I definitely prefer having a saddle!

  762. I like to mix it up! Bareback on really hot or rainy days, and a saddle all the other days!

  763. Saddle only

  764. At my age, a saddle is best!

  765. I prefer riding with a saddle

  766. With a saddle

  767. I prefer to ride with a saddle.

  768. I prefer what makes my horse comfortable, so bareback when I think I need more balance and then a saddle to compete.

  769. Saddle with a good saddle pad underneath. One that is comfortable for the horse.

  770. i prefer to ride with a saddle.

  771. I usually ride with a saddle & pad but even when I ride bareback I use a regular saddle pad & a bareback pad:-) I just like the extra protection for my horses back when trotting & cantering bareback! My horse likes it better too

  772. At my age I prefer a saddle.

  773. I prefer to ride with a saddle.

  774. I like to ride with a saddle

  775. I ride with a saddle.

  776. I prefer to ride bareback. Love to be able to feel the way a horse moves under my legs.

  777. with a saddle! used to ride bareaback alot, but had 3 kids and am old – and it is a long way to the ground!

  778. I prefer a saddle

  779. barback if it’s really cold, otherwise with a saddle!

  780. I prefer to ride in a saddle.

  781. I always use a saddle. Have tried many pads but not happy with the ones I have. been Looking for a good fitting pad but gets pretty expensive buying so many different ones. Would really like to try The CSI pad have read a lot of good thing about it. Tanks for the chance to win one.

    • With a saddle.

  782. love love love my csi pad just ask my horse lol. I am on my second felt because I didn’t care for the first one however my horses back never suffered his back always remained sore fee. Now with my second one I have learned to use your brushes and I clean it regularly and it looks as good as new. Thank you for a well made product worth the money.

  783. I prefer to ride with a saddle. Thanks for the opportunity..

  784. I like riding in my saddle but there is nothing like hopping on your horse bareback on a warm summer day for a walk through the woods or a lope through the fields . . . It makes me feel like a kid again!

  785. Always in a saddle! 🙂

  786. Prefer saddle. I think it’s better on the horses back. More support and even distribution of weight. Also, at my age, getting on a horse bare back is a bit of a challange : )

  787. I prefer a saddle and this pad is perfect for the type of saddle I use. I use a treeless saddle and this style pad makes sure to keep weight off the horse’s spine. First time I’ve seen this saddle pad and it’s real nice.

  788. We ride with saddle more than bareback, but any riding is good!

  789. Saddle of course. Too old to get up without one or fall!

  790. i love bareback riding and nothing beats it when you go swimming with your horse. Since I am a para equestrian, I do prefer a saddle to help with stability.

  791. I like to ride both. Depends on where we are going and how long I have.

  792. I prefer a saddle for everything except a short ride.

  793. I prefer bareback, but can’t show without one so I have to use the saddle.

  794. Even though I love to ride bareback, with the lack of rear end padding now days on my part and with going on 69 in age this coming July. I would have to say I prefer riding with a saddle. 🙂

  795. The older I get the more I prefer to ride with a saddle.

  796. Saddled Up!

  797. A Saddle

  798. i prefer to ride with a saddle and have been eyeing the CSI saddle pads for several years. Hope to own some soon.

    • I prefer to ride with a saddle!

  799. With a saddle

  800. I think my horse and I both prefer a well made, well balanced, well fitting saddle

  801. In a saddle , short rides without.

  802. Saddle!!!

  803. Bareback!!!! I’m pushing 70 y.o. but STILL love it!!

  804. I prefer to ride with a saddle. I am a rookie reiner and need to practice with the tack I show in…. 🙂

  805. I only ride with a saddle. My balance is really bad. I’d be in the dirt if I rode bareback.

  806. I prefer a saddle

  807. I prefer riding with a saddle, and would love a CSI pad for my hard to fit, sensitive mare.

  808. I like to ride with a saddle

  809. Saddle for sure!

  810. I prefer to trail ride and practice barrels in a saddle but I love doing slow work bareback or just a spin around the block.

  811. I ride both with a saddle and bareback pad but use a pad underneath both of then

  812. With a saddle – getting too old for bareback!

  813. It depends on my horses, my older 18 year-old mare is very comfortable to ride without a saddle, but my other ones, I definitely prefer a saddle 🙂

  814. I prefer to ride with saddle

  815. I ride with a saddle 98% of the time. Having been a competitive barrel racer, a quality fitting saddle pad (and saddle) is essential to keeping your horse preforming and feeling its best.

  816. Would rather ride with a saddle

  817. Only rode bareback as a child, but rarely any more. Do love CSI pads with my Bob Marshall saddles!

  818. I prefer to ride in a saddle.

  819. saddle. my arthritis no longer makes it fun to ride bareback!!

  820. I like to ride both bareback and with a saddle, depends on the ride..

  821. Always with saddle. My paint prefers it that way.

  822. Most definitely with a saddle, feel more secure.

  823. I prefer to ride with a saddle. I’m a senior and don’t bounce as well as I did when I was younger.

  824. Saddle please for serious riding….bare back for goofing around at home

  825. Saddle please for most all of my riding. ….unless goofing off at hone

  826. Saddle. Keeps my clothes cleaner.

  827. Saddle

  828. I prefer a saddle but I also ride barback cause it help you work on your balance and riding posture.

  829. saddle

  830. Saddle

  831. I love riding in a saddle, been riding for over 65 years!

  832. Saddle. I’ve never been secure enough in my own seat to enjoy riding bareback.

  833. Saddle on good working days and bareback on stressful days at work!

  834. saddle it’s better on the horse’s back as long as it is a proper fit.

  835. Saddle

  836. I ride with a saddle!!! Too old to ride bareback……….

  837. saddle.

  838. Saddle

  839. Saddle, I have never been very good bareback, now too old to fall off.

  840. I prefer to ride with a saddle.

  841. I ride with a saddle and bareback, but have an elderly horse that I use for lessons that the CSI pad would be perfect for.

  842. Ride western. Would like to learn English. Never could ride bareback.

  843. Saddle

  844. Prefer to ride saddle

  845. Saddle. Don’t think it feels good to my horses back with my bones poking his.

  846. I prefer saddle but bareback is so much easier sometimes

  847. Saddle. I don’t have the balance I had in my younger years.

  848. I ride with a saddle now, but did love to ride bareback when I was younger!

  849. Used to be bareback, but now saddle

  850. Saddle

  851. Bareback

  852. I prefer to ride bareback on my favorite horse, but otherwise I ride in a saddle most of the time.

  853. Saddle, my balance isn’t as good as it used to be.

  854. Due to age I prefer to ride in a saddle.

  855. awesome

  856. These days mostly with a saddle, even at my age though I still get a kick out of getting on bareback and going for a ride through the snow (surprise dismount….painless)

    • I prefer a saddle, however I still enjoy jumping on my big, beautiful Appaloosa bareback and riding him bridleless!

  857. western saddle

  858. Saddle!

  859. I prefer a saddle.

  860. I prefer the saddle. I love to just off road with my horse. Most fun I’ve had is letting my horse go where he wants.

  861. Saddle

  862. Saddle…with a CSI pad!

  863. Saddle but a bareback ride through the fields is still fun!

  864. saddle

    • I prefer a saddle due to my age, but love riding in my 70’s

  865. I prefer to ride with a saddle..

  866. I am too old to ride w/o a saddle anymore.

  867. Saddle

  868. I rode bareback all the time in my younger days, not so much now. These days Im always riding young green horses. Seems like I have a different pad for each horse that works, it would be great to have one pad for all of them!

  869. Would rather ride bareback, but most of the time I ride in a saddle.

  870. Why did this just show up in my inbox on Jan 16th if the drawing was on Jan. 5th?

  871. Saddle but sometimes love to take off and ride bareback!

  872. I use a saddle! A well fitted saddle with a quality saddle pad is more comfortable for me and my horses and mule.

  873. I completely depends on the horse. Love one of my Paso Finos bareback, but the other Paso doesn’t like bareback. My Thoroughbred is too narrow and too quick. I need the stability of a saddle with him. With bareback I love to feel every movement of the horse, but their disposition, preference, and body type take precedence over what I might prefer.

  874. Saddle, I feel more secure that way.

  875. I prefer the saddle.

  876. With a saddle

  877. just for warming up and bonding I prefer bareback. But then to cantor or do jumping I prefer the saddle.

  878. Saddle

  879. Saddle – but love to jump on bareback from time to time!

  880. I like to ride with a saddle

  881. I prefer bareback or at least no stirrups. I do it at least once a week to make sure i keep my independent seat!

  882. Used to ride bareback a lot, but I’m older now and much prefer my western saddle

  883. Saddle

  884. I would and do use a saddle. It’s safer for a 62 yr. old woman.

  885. Definitely a saddle. Once tried to ride my very broke 8-year-old cutting horse bareback and it did not go well. He just didn’t like it!

  886. Saddle

  887. As I’ve gotten older, I am more comfortable in a saddle!

  888. Saddle, just getting too old to sit comfortably bareback.

  889. Saddle….except short jaunrs around paddock….

  890. I ride with saddle

  891. Saddle.

  892. Saddle

  893. After a couple of injuries not related to horses, I really need a saddle. I used to ride bareback all the time, now I can’t.

  894. Ride with saddle. No longer have balance and agility to ride bareback.

  895. I ride with a saddle! Too old to ride bareback! I don’t “bounce” like I used to!

  896. Prefer a saddle especially with a new CSI PAD

  897. I rade with a saddle, I’m a little over the age for bareback.

  898. Saddle!

  899. I ride with a saddle, I am a little over the age for bareback.

  900. Both

  901. I like a saddle i do alot of trail ridng. My horse cricket i have had 21one years her back is now dropping and needs a better pad so we can do another ten years!

  902. Who won? *finger’s crossed*

  903. I prefer a saddle but bareback is still fun at times

  904. bareback

  905. I usually ride with a saddle. Not as young as I used to be!

    • Saddle

  906. I ride with a saddle, an injury prevents me from riding bareback.

  907. When relaxing, bareback. When working, saddle 🙂

  908. saddle

  909. I prefer to ride in a saddle

  910. I prefer a western saddle with a nice CSI saddle pad so my horse is nice and comfy too.

  911. saddle…love CSI pads

  912. Saddle. I am too old to ride bareback.

  913. I prefer a saddle due to the security and also to protect the horse’s back.

  914. I ride Western using a good pad under the saddle is extremely important. I would like the opportunity to try out your pad.

  915. I do both! When training and competing I always use a saddle but for fun riding I just swing up bareback and take off! I would love to win this pad!

  916. Always ride my Mustang with a saddle

  917. I prefer a saddle as you can ride with a cold back that way.

  918. I love both! Bareback is very good to help with balance and connection but there’s nothing like tacking up your best friend and going for a nice ride on a comfy saddle!

  919. I love both, but there’s nothing better than tacking up your best friend and going for a beautiful ride on a comfy saddle!

  920. Saddle these days.

  921. Definitely a saddle but some times when I am being lazy I will jump on bareback.

  922. Definitely prefer to ride with a saddle.

  923. I prefer bareback!!!

  924. Saddle!

  925. Saddle

  926. I like both. Riding in a saddle is great and comfortable but to ride bareback u get to feel the real power of an amazing animal

  927. In my younger days I would often ride bareback on my Paint gelding. Now that I am much older and getting back into riding, I and my young mare are better off with me in a saddle.

  928. Prefer to ride with a saddle.

  929. Prefer bareback, no time to spend time saddling, easier to feel horse, but will trail ride with saddle to be able to carry munchies and goodies for my horse and I

  930. Saddle…bareback only when I have to go gather my horses in the pasture and don’t want to walk back to the barn!

  931. I would ride bareback all the time if my horse wasn’t so catty so saddle for me!:)

  932. I prefer to ride with a saddle

  933. I prefer to ride with a saddle for any length of time due to it being much easier on the horse to balance their rider. For short periods of time and for schooling purposes, I enjoy riding bareback as it allows me to truly feel my horse and it allows me to give the lightest aids, be it with my seat and/or legs and to experience the incredible responsiveness of my mare.

  934. Saddle, at age 50 I dont want to fall off!

  935. I trail ride all over south Florida riding western.

  936. When I was younger I rode bareback allot. These days it’s with a saddle-however I do get the urge to climb on bareback from time to time:)

  937. saddle, hands down. I am not a good enough rider to ride bareback yet.

  938. Saddle

  939. Saddle for sure.

  940. saddle

  941. I love to ride with a bareback pad because it’s so comfortable but it depends on the horse. I mostly ride with a saddle.