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Ken McNabb

Ken McNabb creates a unique environment where each horse is trained using gentle methods and the rider is coached to become their personal best. Ken’s faith in Christ, along with his commitment to strong family values and patriotism, help make him the kind of speaker/trainer people enjoy.

In 2007, Ken competed in and won the Colt Starting Challenge at the Mane Event Expo in Vancouver , WA . In 2008, he competed at the prestigious Road to the Horse competition in Murfreesboro , TN against Chris Cox, Tommy Garland and Mike Kevil. In typical Ken McNabb style he won over spectators with his good natured approach and ability to develop a very aggressive colt into a willing partner. In October of 2008, Ken won the Trainers Challenge Colt Starting Competition in Chilliwack, BC Canada, beating out Charles Wilhelm and three time champion, Doug Mills, from Canada.

Together, Ken, his wife DeeDee, and their two young sons Kurt and Trent live near Cody , Wyoming where they are dedicated as a family to teaching others to dream bigger, ride taller and live happier. A new partnership with Diamond Land and Livestock Company, a large cow calf and ranch horse operation in Douglas, Wyoming, has also provided an excellent location for Ken’s Three Week Apprenticeship Program as well as his one week Back in the Saddle and Horsemanship clinic.

For more information on Ken McNaab’s programs call 307-645-3149 or go to his website listed below.