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Hoofprints on Hearts Giveaway


Angela at Hoofprints on Hearts is giving away two unique pieces to two lucky winners! Β 

The first, a 100% recycled copper horse pendant with a ruby red Swarovski bicone crystal. (The pendant comes with a copper jump ring that can easily be opened to fit onto any necklace. The pendant is 1.25 inches in diameter.)


And the second, 100% recycled copper hoofprint earrings with two Swarovski Crystal Blue Zircon bicone crystals on each earring.

ENTER TO WIN by answering this question in the comments section below:

Is there a horse that has left a hoofprint on your heart?

Get to know the artist Angela from Hoofprints on Hearts…

Tell us a bit about yourself/your art!

I grew up in a very small (almost microscopic) town in northern Ohio and I had a lot of time to dream about horses while growing up! I was one of the little girls who begged and begged her Daddy for a horse but never actually owned one so I spent a lot of time reading as much as I could about horses, studying breeds, and planning for that magical day when I was old enough to save up and buy my first horse. Finally that day came and I bought my first horse when I was 19. I worked at a boarding stable to pay for the board and then later on after meeting my husband, we were able to purchase our own land several years later so that we could wake up each morning and enjoy our horses right in our own yard. We now have three horses, Border Collies and a Labrador Retriever, and 2 cats and my husband and I have 3 beautiful children together – an 8 year old daughter, 5 year old son, and an 8 month old baby girl. It is a busy household!

I’ve always aspired to work either around horses or in a hobby involving some aspect of horses and my full time job is completely unrelated to horses, unless you count the fact that my income pays for the care of my own horses! When my favorite horse recently passed away, I needed an outlet to express my feelings so I began to create custom equine inspired jewelry. I began by helping close friends to make personalized mementos of their horses with horsehair bracelets. Creating personalized bracelets lead me down the path of exploring ways of making personalized and unique charms, pendants, and various equestrian inspired jewelry out of hand formed silver and copper. I love the warm hues of copper and the color variations that come from copper which make each piece completely unique.


Are you a horse lover or horse owner?

Both! I’ve loved horses my whole life and was fortunate enough when I was 19 after many years of begging and pleading my parents, to finally come up with the money for my own horse. She was a beautiful stout 14.2 hand little Zippo bred Quarter Horse. We enjoyed 13 wonderful years together until we lost her to a bad bout of colic. Losing a horse can be one of the most tragic and sad events of your life. My piece that I’ve affectionately named, “Cheyenne” is one that I created to honor my special mare.


How did you become a metal-working jewelry artist?

While creating bracelets for people from horse hair, I was looking for more unique charms than mass manufactured items. Utilizing metal clay enabled me to create personalized charms and opened up a whole new world of possibilities. I often say that working with metal clay or copper clay is a bit like working with Play Dough. In fact, my kids often sit alongside me and test out new molds that we’ve created by using their Play Dough!


How do your pieces come to life?

Do you sketch them out or do they come to life in your mind? The horse itself is a work of art in its natural form. I try to create my pieces to convey the beauty of the horse in a way that when the customer wears their jewelry, they are wearing an expression of their love for horses or their love for a certain riding style or discipline. After sketching the draft of a new piece, I either make a mold from carving the design into a mold or carving the horse directly into the metal in its clay stage. After the pieces have been fired at over 1700 degrees, the real beauty of the piece is revealed as organic binder is burned off, revealing 99.9% copper. The pieces are finished either as natural copper or with flame coloring to bring out an array of colors due to the nature of copper reacting with the heat.


Do you have a favorite piece that you’ve created?

It’s hard to pick a favorite because like every horse, each piece is unique!

How can people get a hold of you, see more of your work, and become a fan?

hoofprints-on-heartsVisit my Etsy shop

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or Email me at

ENTER TO WIN by answering this question in the comments section below:

Is there a horse that has left a hoofprint on your heart?

*We use to choose winners. All entries at are created equal. πŸ˜‰ Comments close at 9pm (CST) Feb. 25th, 2013. Winners will be announced on Feb. 26th.

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  1. First and only horse at 54 years old, she is the best thing I could ever have to relax and enjoy

    • My very first horse, a grade blue roan mare with all the heart in the world. she took everything Me and all other kids dished out with our lack of knowledge and still nickered when she saw us, rode with more sense than we did and in general took care of us and taught us to ride. she will always be in my heart.

    • My dear sweet Clancy left me 5 years ago but has never left my heart and just thinking of her brings a tear to my eye. Still love you old girl.

    • My large pony Brownie was a devoted friend and teacher for 30 yrs. She got me through some tough times in my youth. I blessed to have her in my life.

    • Angus, my sister’s horse who jumped the moon, He took us to Devon to win in the Jrs. and with Eileen jumped 6’6″ in the open. He was a $350 New Holland horse which included his saddle, bridle and blankets.

    • Dapper Dan – An American Saddlebred, who through his aging body, carried me through my early teenage years. He performed with great heart at horse shows and took me on fabulous trail rides. All the while he took care of me. He gave his all for me and he was my best friend. I returned from school and ran to the pasture to call him in for our daily ride but I was greeted by silence and soft snow falling. My parents had him put to sleep do to his failure to keep weight and he was starting to fail in his hindquarters. I still think of him everyday. That was 35 years ago.

    • I’ve had two horses that have made a hoofprint on my heart. I’m away to school and it saddens me that I don’t get to see them much. They are my team of percherons. I can’t limit it to one of them because each one has been through different things with me. My mare Beauty at only 15 is pretty much retired except for the few times we use her to teach another horse team driving. She will do anything for me but the biggest thing I’ve been through is trying to get her to gain weight. After about 2 years of working with the vet and trying to figure out what was going on with her we finally figured out that she has EPSM. Getting her to respond to her treatment was the next struggle. My gelding Rocky I got and thought I was going to have to put a lot of work into. He came around fast except for picking up his feet for the farrier. It took me weeks to get him to pick one foot up and it’s a struggle when a 18 hh percheron puts all the weight on the foot you’re working with. Within 5 months of having him I entered him in his first show. Not for driving but for a walk, trot, canter class. We took first place at his first ever show. So with each one I’ve been through a lot but they are still my babies and my favorite team to drive.

  2. That would be my Anglo Arab stallion, Copyboy. I lost him in 2004 after being together for 29 yrs, 1 mth and 1 day. He was the keeper of my secrets, my protector and my equine soulmate. I miss him to this day and he has been gone May 2003.

    • Oh, I DO understand. I got my Nugget when he was 9 and we went through a lot in the next 29 years (yes he was actually 38 when he passed last October). I have 2 other horses and I love them, but none will ever replace the place in my heart Nugget and I share.

  3. My first horse (or pony, he was one hand short of being a horse) King! He was the father to all my cousins ponies.

  4. Bold Blessings is the horse which has left a hoofprint forever on my heart. I nursed her back to health twice, and she won races after each incident. She is now getting ready to be a mom next month. If I never make a difference to another animal in my life, I know I made a difference in her life, ust like she made a difference in mine. πŸ™‚

  5. Vi, she taught my daughter to ride and created a bond that will never be broken

  6. Bold Blessings / I made a difference in her life, and she made a HUGE difference in mine.

  7. yes, more than one. Some deeper than others.

  8. Oh yes, and that horse was a Registered Tennessee Walker named “Lady Jane”. Beautiful black with two white feet and a white blaze. She taught me to ride and the true never ending love of horses. On my mother’s death bed, I told her I had one last request, which she gave me a puzzled look, then I said, when it is my turn, have Lady saddled and ready for me. She smiled and that was about the last conversation we had together. Lady was an amazing horse and she lived to be 33yr. Her owner was my Great Aunt Ruth, and I am eternally in debt to the two of them for instilling the love of horses in me. That is one hoof print that will forever be on my heart!

  9. Goin’ Johnny Red, who had a bad accident and almost died right after we got him, but who had the heart to stick it out through six months of treatment, and who ended up turning into the most loving teddy bear of a horse ever. He also stole all of our hearts, and taught my daughter to ride.

  10. I was luck enough to have a pony and a horse. The pony was my first true love. Being an only child he was truly my best friend growing up. Then I bought a Bay Quarter Horse Mare. We learned do much together and she took me to the top while showing. I truly miss both of them every day.

  11. Pillow Talk Girl – A little girl (mare owner’s daughter), frequently talked in her sleep about this special Saddlebred mare before she was ever born. I was lucky enough to be able to buy her when I was 13 years old, and she was just 3. Very skiddish and shy, it took a long time to gain her trust, but once I did, she would do anything for me. We started at 4-H shows, and worked our way into the Class”A” shows. It was hard work, but it was all worth it. So many people doubted us, but we proved them wrong, winning more classes than I ever could have imagined. Spending hours together just hanging out in the barn, and taking relaxing trail rides to help me get through my teenage years. When I was 19 years, I made what I know now, was a huge mistake. I got married, way too young, and soon was pregnant. I decided to sell Pillow, and have regretted it my entire life. Now I rescue horses, rehabilitate, train, and rehome. It’s very rewarding, and I love every one of them, but none will ever be able to stamp a hoofprint on my heart quite as deeply as Pillow did.

  12. A horse called Dusting For Clues taught my daughter how to ride.

  13. There’s more than one horse that hass had a part of my heart and yes left hoofprints there as well as love. Fron the first when I was 4 to the ones I have at 57 and have had the last 25yr.

  14. My horse Sunny has changed my outlook on life. He has taught me patience and given me strength when I need it most. We share an unbreakable bond. He was a gift from my fathers widow. Really the only bit of love that every came to me from my father. I found peace in my heart that I would never be “Daddy’s little girl,” but I would cowgirl up. Blessing sometimes come from the most unexpected places.

  15. Maggie is still making footprints in my heart after 17 years. She takes me on the trails where I can get peace and heal my broken heart after our son was killed.

  16. Doc, was my partner for over 18 yrs. was so hard to lose him.

  17. I had a peruvian paso named Beau that got me back in the saddle after about fifteen years .Istarted running barrels on him and did real good I won saddles and picked a lot of checks – he was a little horse with a big heart I LOVED that horse.

  18. Buddy; my daughters horse he takes good care of her.

  19. My first and current horse Barney (barn name) who’s taught me a lot about riding and who I am. I’m lucky to be loved by a senor horse also. 22 yrs young and going strong.

  20. Comment

  21. My horse Siler Money because after 25 years of marriage I finally got my husband on a horse!

  22. Coco/My first horse after having ponies for 6yrs, a real change to a half draft, but very trust worthy.

  23. How can I pick only one. I have had several wonderful horses in 57 years. Spot, who taught me how to ride, her colts: Skipper that I did wonderful in 4H with, and Blondie who live to be 34 and taught a multitude of kids to ride. (Just like her mama, Spot) Honey was the first horse that was all mine. Copper, who is now 28, I raised him, he has been wonderful to help kids learn how to ride too. Now I have Sarge and Major, the team that I always wanted. They are all so special to me.

  24. Yes, My current horse, Modelesque, has left a huge hoof print on my heart. I have waited 49 years for an awesome show horse. My husband finally got me one that I have never seen in any of my other horses. She is a dream come true. We are a pair and connect so well together. I wanted a horse for her since I was a kid living in the city. Dazzle is one that I will never part with and she loves me so much

  25. I got Jack, my first and only horse, at the age of 45. I had just started riding and could not have wished for a better match for me! He is patient, smart and so full of personality! And best of all was trained beautifully! He REALLY has no vices! I don’t know how many times people have told me how lucky i am to have such a good horse, from veterinarians, to friends to judges at shows! My proudest moment was reading the judges comments from a schooling show. She said that we were a great match! We may not have won the class but I felt that comment counted for more than any blue ribbon!

  26. Comment

  27. My first horse, Cody, will always have a special place in my heart. He was the first I ever connected with–a horse of my own. He patiently taught me how to be a better rider and still warms my heart today at 26 years old.

  28. I have an autistic 8 son plus I have MS, I have a mini horse I am training for therapy for kids with autism , while at the stable I saw a quarter horse a beautiful chestnut, I fell in love as soon as I saw him, he has helped me deal with my illness and my little guy not only has autism he has a growth in his heart, my Gibgerbread gives me the patients , the strength to be a better Mom for my son, all I have to do is go to the farm no matter how bad my day is , I get a nose nuzzle from my horse and all bad goes away, he will forever be in my heart

  29. Sadie Star was the most amazing partner EVER! She was a birthday gift from my husband–a real surprise! She always came running when she heard my car,
    but ran out of life due to an arsonist. I miss you Sadie Star!!!!

  30. It was a quarterhorse named Honey. I was 6 years old and she was a halo sent down from heaven. I had never seen anything so beautiful. We had just moved to North Carolina from California. Honey loved sugar cubes, loved to be brushed and I would rush home from school to clean her stall. It taught me patience and understanding for another life. I will always remember her and the things she taught me.

  31. My 2nd horse Fergie has left a huge footprint on my heart after she nearly died 3 years ago i treasure every minute i have with her. The vets told me she would live 6 months due to the stomach tumor she has but his winter marked 3 years of her living happily with us.

  32. Apachie was the best horse anyone could have. when u were learning to ride he would teach you the right way to ride. and would always keep you safe on his back. THE BEST EVER……..

  33. My beloved Aladdin AKA Laddy, was my best friend. He was a beautiful Thoroughbred/ Quarter mix, a dark sorrel with a white star. He was a big boy at 16 1/2 hands. We went through lots of fun times and sad times. He saw me through a divorce. I nursed him through a cancer scare and a couple of bouts of colic. I lost him when he was 28. I still miss him everyday and if he was still here and in his prime I would never ride any horse but him.

  34. My first horse came along when I was 4 years old. Wish I could post a pic of him. He was a 16 hand tall paint horse and treated me like a china doll and let this little girl ride him all over a 32 acre pasture. My parents were “City” folks by far and they moved to the country, ONLY because, by the age of 4 they could see my passion for horses. They purchased a hisorical marker home built in 1902 and it had a 2 story barn, along with the acreage. I had a WONDERFUL upbringing and good ole Salto made it come true!! He was a dressage lesson horse purchased from Willow Bend Farms in Willow Bend Texas. πŸ™‚ I used to take him to one side of our pasture and race him across it. I rode him in parades up until he was 32. He lived to be 35 and what a wonderful animal he was. He will always be in my heart!!! I have great pics and would love to share them.

  35. I bought my very first horse when I fisrst moved to Canada. She was a 2 year old Appendix mare who was very well bred. She was a dream horse and one I learned so much from. She was taken away from me at 7 years and u will never forget her!!!!

  36. Yes, our stallion Drews Hancock.

  37. I had to wait till I was 45 for my first horse. Jinger was 28 but still going strong when I bought her for a whopping $400. She taught me a lot in the 8 years we were together. She had several health problems as do most geriatric horses, so I only got to ride her for a couple of years. I found I had as much fun with her on the ground as I did on her back. I have had other horses since Jinger died, but she will always be special because she was my first!

  38. My oldest mare, Rayna, has been with me for nearly 20 years. She has hosted kids birthday parties, been my therapist through a divorce, my counselor through the process of starting over and remarriage. She was my psychiatrist/therapist/counselor/confidant when my daughter was diagnosed and endured chemo for Leukemia. She helped my daughter by lifting her spirits when chemo drug her down. She had carried us on many trails and some fun shows. She is now teaching my grand kids to ride, and how to respect and care for animals. She is nearing the wonderful age of 30, has Cushing’s and almost no teeth, but she will get what she needs until she tells me she’s ready to leave this earth and carry the little children in Heaven. I love my Ray-Ray.

  39. My gelding AQHA Leos Ole Dude AKA Scooter. He’s 17 now and I have owned him since he was 20 monthes old. He took care of me throughout his early years and always trusted me to go where I asked him to go. When you look into his eyes you can see how gentle his soul is. He and I went everywhere together, often alone and he always felt like a partner who was as happy as I was to be togeteher and on an adventure. In the last 7 years, our riding has come to a stop because of foundering in his front fee brought on by the Oklahoma heat. I thought more than one time that I would lose him but he has endured. There will never be a replacement for my beloved Scooter! He is the definition of unconditional love.

  40. The one and only …my OTTB Splash. He has been here with me through thick and thin.

  41. moetown, my 12 year old arab i inherited form my best friend after his death has left the biggest hoof prints possible. he had never been out of the show barn or arena since he was broke and is now the best traiol horse you could ever want.

  42. Beautiful jewelry

  43. My very first horse, Scarlett. I have only had her 3 years but can’t imagine life without her.

  44. His official name is “ChevaldeCoeur” which means horse from the heart — given to me by my husband, “Big Guy”, his call or barn name, has been the special love of my life. He taught me a lot, we did alot together, including some hunters, some dressage, and side-saddle, and even rode in an inaugural parade in Washington DC. Have had him since he was 2, and he is now 27! He can’t be ridden anymore –some soft tissue tendon damage in both hind feet, but with daily medication I am able to keep him comfortable and enjoying his well deserved retirement. He is truly part of my heart and soul forever.

  45. When I was 10, I started my lifelong love of horses with the introduction of Poquito. He was a 18 year old red appy that my grandma gave 4-H lessons on. Poquito and I shared many ribbons and adventures together.

  46. When I was a child our neighbors had a shetlond pony named Bunny. I loved it. It was such a wonderfully friendly pony.

  47. My beloved 15 yr old Polish Arab gelding Destinys On Call ” Doc” I rescued him as a skinny wild neglected foal that was cast aside because he had white around the inside of his left eye. I paid $750 for him. I spent every moment with him. At the age of 3 I trained him to ride. My son was only 5 at the time and he would knock him down and roll him with his nose. I am the only one who has ever rode him and we have an unbreakable bond.

    In 2002 we had to move from Florida to Ohio and we had to leave the horses behind at a boarding facility for 2 weeks. Doc quit eating and drinking because I had left him. He was pining away for me. I had our Vet out everyday until we went down to transport the horses. He was once again a skeleton even after all the efforts of my Vet. However, he quickly put weight on once we were together again.

    He will trail ride, sort cattle, barrel race and run poles. I trained him just like many others, but he is special and super smart. He will also, shake his front hooves like a dog you stand in front of him and ask him to shake he does.

    Anyhow, I could go on and on about how great he is, but the fact is you only come across a bond and love like this once in a lifetime and he is mine…out of all the horses I have had the pleasure of owning and training none compare to Doc…<3

  48. My filly rescue Quincy’s Firefly, “Quinn” to me, very special bond formed when she learned to trust me, left a lasting impression and I will Never forget her.

  49. At age 57 I adopted my first horse, a rescued OTTB, and it has been the best thing I’ve ever done. I’m 61 now.

  50. My first Shetland, Spike. My family raised him & most of us learned to ride on him. He was broke to ride and drive, and also knew several tricks. He left hoofprints on many hearts during his 3+ decades.

  51. BA Beaus Pride, she was a lovely bay Arabian mare, personality plus, great Momma and a good friend to me. Gentle enough for the kids to be around, a wonderful girl to ride out on. Just a Terrific girl. She passed away on Memorial Day 2009, I miss her alot….

  52. My very first horse was a 27 yr old Roman nose gelding named Chester. He was the best horse ever. He taught me and my children so much about the love that horses bring into your life.He brought so much love to our lives when we were going through some struggling times. I now own and love Morgans but I will never forget my first horse and first love Chester.

  53. My friend’s one. Such a good creature.

  54. UVM Valcour. My first Morgan and my sole mate. We showed to many blue ribbons in the A circuit and rode many beautiful miles on the trails. He never did anything that might hurt me, he was always happy to see me. He gave me more than anyone will ever know. I lost him on this earth Good Friday April 2007 from a broken leg avoiding landing on his brother who had slipped and fallen in the mud in their paddock. He was a kind spirit and I will see him again.

  55. I have a horse named Bruno right now. I have owned many horses before but there is something special about him,despite having been mistreated by previous owners – it is almost like he sees right through me and searches for a deeper connection with me. He has the most soulful eyes on any creature I have seen before.

  56. Marching Through – my saddlebred mare in the 70’s. I loved her style, grace, and presence! Gentle soul, true competitor in the ring. She dies very suddenly at a horse show, putting an end to my showing for many years… until last year, in fact. She made an indelible imprint on my heart, and I will always love her for all she gave of herself for my thrill and enjoyment!!

  57. My very first horse an Appaloosa named Sporty Chief I – I bought him when I was 11 and spent every moment possible with him – I rode him on trails through the So. Florida everglades, barrel raced, western pleasure, trail course, English and even Jumping and Endurance 30 mile ride…. He was sold along with my Mare Sugar when I was 16. I came home from a ride a man with a trailer was in our driveway and he took both horses tack and all, and drove away my parents thought I was too old for horses….it destroyed our relationship and broke my heart….what I would not give to know what happened to my beloved friend….

  58. Pete, the very first horse we brought in fifteen years ago. At 8 months old he fought with a barbed wire fence, slicing his chest completely open. I had him in a stall for a full year, doctoring his wounds several times a day, then teaching him how to walk, how to play and what other horses were like. Just as I kept him going, he did the same for me. His new life gave me hope for all the other horses that have come to us – well over 5,000 of them. Pete is still here, still playing and still being my inspiration.

  59. More than one. Most recent is Keeper because he is.

  60. My first horse, Glenn left his footprints on my heart. Anyone could do anything on this horse. He was a saint. SO fun and I will always miss him

  61. I can’t choose between my two mares. CoCo, Appy I lost after 27 years. My first horse at 33 and I went from non-rider to eventer. Because of her I had a career with American Horse Shows Association (USEF) and USDF in Kentucky after being on equestrian staff for 1996 Olympics. My current mare, Dublin (Irish Mosaic), is going to be 10 this year. She is a TB/Paint and lost sight in one eye last year, being diagnosed with uveitis. She was trailered to out-of-state clinics and treated by me around the clock for months. She’s been with me since she was a yearling.

  62. My very first horse, a grade blue roan mare with all the heart in the world. she took everything Me and all other kids dished out with our lack of knowledge and still nickered when she saw us, rode with more sense than we did and in general took care of us and taught us to ride. she will always be in my heart.

  63. First one was a pony called Pepper, got him when I ws 3 and he was a weanling colt. We had him until he died at about 28. Still think of him once in a while.

  64. During fifty plus years of riding/driving horses many have trampled my heart but there is only one that trusted me more, tried more and just gave more every time I asked of him. Reno was the hardest one to let go when time came to do what was right for him!

  65. My first horse was named Tricky . I bought him off the track with no riding experience and started my journey at 50 years of age. I will never forget him.

  66. My horse Cosmo. We’ve been through hell and back together. I got him when I was 11 and he was only 18 months old. I’m now 18 and have recently celebrated our 7 year anniversary together. We’ve watched each other grow. He’s become a wonderful hunter horse and the best mount a little girl could ask for. πŸ™‚

  67. Yes, My sister had a horse that died tragically..I loved that sweet horse..:)

  68. LeRoy was part of my life for 13 years. We were a great team. We looked after one another and I trusted him completely. I have MS and didn’t start to ride until after being diagnosed. This means I probably lose my balance more than most people. LeRoy knew when that happened and would change his gait, position, whatever was necessary to keep me in the saddle. There are too many special stories about him and his wonderful character to describe here. I have other horses in my life since his death but I expect I’ll always miss My Boy LeRoy.

  69. Every horse that’s ever ‘trained me’ has certainly left their mark in my heart- most of all would have to be my Arab pony- who lost the vision in one eye and continued to compete over 3 and a half foot fences, the heart in that little man was just amazing! He is now in his twenties and still teaching little kids the joy of jumping!

  70. My paint horse Miami is the inspiration and my darling.

  71. I have had two that bonded with me and touched my heart. My first was my buddy and we went everywhere together. My second was much later and we worked and played together. Because of this love I raise and show Appaloosas and I do stained glass with a lot of horses in the work.

  72. It would have to be my old mare, Mariah. I got her in 1993-my first, very own horse, and we had a lot of work to do as she had some issues. I got a local trainer to help us a few times and then Mariah and I worked together a lot that first summer. She turned out to be a great trail horse and companion. We had many, many rides together,on trails, a few parades too! In 1995 she had a lovely daughter, Misty, now 18, who looks a lot like her mama. In her later years I didn’t ride her and just let her live the easy life of retirement. In late Fall of 2011, at age 28, she began showing signs of declining health, and in spite of everything we tried to do to help her, the day came when she just didn’t want to stand up. I knew it was finally time to let her go, as heartbreaking as that decision was. I will always love her and miss her a lot. She taught me to trust her on trails, just the two of us, and taught me what a wonderful bond it is to have a horse as a true friend. Thanks, old girl.

  73. My mare Whitney

  74. My arabian Teddy. I saved him from starvation and being beaten and he saved me in return. Trust and love-thats what we mean to each other.

  75. Ramses Minx I fell in love with over the Internet. It was love at first site. I knew I had to have her. So I bought her without ever seeing her in person. She was the best thing that ever happened to me.

  76. Ebony was a very special horse that I only had the priviledge to know and share my life with for a little over a year. Having been saved from slaughter by Pure Thoughs Horse rescue, she needed to have a tracheotomy performed in order to breath. She was a big girl that had a huge heart. She succumbed to colic despite undergoing colic surgery. I miss her dearly.

  77. Last month I lost my friend and companion of over 20 years. Jed was the first horse I ever owned, although I’d loved and managed to work and play with horses before getting him. He had belonged to my best friend from high school and when she was forced to sell him due to finances she let me have him by paying over a year for him. She died of cancer about 10 years ago so Jed was a little part of her. He was the sweetest and I loved him dearly.

  78. I have always owned horses they all have had a special place and still do in my heart but do not sell… I have supplied a pasture large enough 210 acres to be a horse.. And a paddock for working training… They get jealous when I saddle one instead of them but look forward in being saddled to do their job… They all have a personality some remind me of folks I know… A place to he born, raise, work and relax and live and be a horse….

  79. Noche, our 30yr old TWH who passed away this fall. He gave my daughter her strength and confidence to ride as well as she does. He was her prince, full of patience, wisdom and just enough cantankerousness to keep my daughter on her toes. Rest in peace old man, you left your hoofprints on our hearts forever!

  80. A rescue mare named Spider (that I renamed Shadow Dancer) touch my heart in emotional ways that I have not been able to have touched by other horses or people. She was a dapple grey mare that had been physically abused and starved: broken nose, cuts all over her body, shoes that had been left on way too long and homemade cone caulks that cut up her legs. I saw her at an auction and bid on her, she was no saled. I left my information with the people. Later, I was contacted and they said they would sell her for what I had offered for her. I spent months (in the winter) in my snowsuit, just sitting in her pen while she would be standing shaking with fear in a corner. Eventually, she would eat out of the tub in my lap, let me touch her, let me groom her, and finally honored me by letting me ride her. I learned so much about trust, forgiveness, and love with her. I generally rehab abused and geriatric horses and find homes for them. She never trusted anyone else and I just couldn’t part with her. I kept her until she died unexpectedly from colic. We rode trails, showed in dressage and hunter equitation classes and did very well. She seemed to know that I would not let anyone else that came around her hurt her. She truly gave me her heart, I gave her mine. When I lost her, a piece of my heart is gone with her…She truly made an imprint on my heart!

  81. My daughter got her first horse, her show name was “Sure to be Mine” . We had to have her! We call her Bailey and she is soooo sweet. She takes care of everyone, we had a five year old show on her! Such a good
    girl !! Love love love her!

  82. Much like Angela’s designs I’ve been lucky enough to ride many unique, individual horses. I can’t afford a horse of my own, but I have been able to use my talent to ride horse for other people, which has taught me to deal with horses with all different abilities, knowledge, and personalities. I have experienced such different things with every horse I’ve ridden, and am lucky to have played a part in each of their lives. So I suppose the answer to the question is yes and no, I have had many horses make a huge impression on me, and I feel lucky that it is the case. Beautiful artwork Angela.

  83. I got my 1st. horse at 17. 1/2 arabian 1/2 quarter horse. Love at 1st.sight for both of us, He taught me to ride correctly along with a trainer, I am now 73 years old and have had many horses in my life but my favorite will always be Idaho , his birth place and his name. thank you for bringing back such wonderful memories.

  84. I have two wonderful horses…
    and every day…each does something to leave a new hoof-print on my heart..and each hoof-print shall remain imprinted forever…..

  85. Several horses have left hoofprints upon my heart, over the years! My boy, Absolutely Bullet Proof has left the biggest hoofprints!! He was scared to death to be touched when he arrived at my barn 2 years ago. i made a promise to him his first night that i will always take care of him and I expect him to take care of me. He was barely saddle trained, so for the first couple months we worked on trust and respect. He had never been rode anywhere but the arena. Our first trail ride we came upon a huge herd of elk (about 30). He was unsure for a split second, but then I spoke that promise to him “I will always take care of you……and you take care of me” He relaxed and stood statue still while I took many photos of the elk. That day his hoofprint covered my heart! I even have a tatoo of hoofprints on my heart, although it is on my shoulder blade!!

  86. My little arab mare Fern. She was gorgeous with long, long mane and tail and huge dark eyes. We did a lot together in 3 yrs.: endurance ride, NATRC ride, clinic with Dennis Reis where she got her picture in the local newspaper, and she was a great horse for beginners to ride on the trail. She was beautiful and opinionated in her small stature. Unfortunately, she had a bad heart. The vet team at UT Knoxville attempted to give her a human pacemaker but she did not surivie the surgery. I still cry about her today and always will.

  87. All my horses do.

  88. My Gypsy Vanner Just Jack. Calmest most dependable horse I have ever owned. Everyone wants to ride him and have their kids ride him too.

  89. Vindill, my Icelandic horse. He was my best friend. I miss him.

  90. I have been blessed to have had several really good ones in my life. My love of life was Sonny One Lassie, A Quarter Horse mare who was trained western by a young man in a neighboring town, and who was seven years old when I got her. I showed Sonny in Association and Quarter horse shows for several years. I knew when I got her that she was far smarter than I, and she taught me over the course of those years what she knew. I am grateful I was wise enough to learn from her rather than demand that she do things MY way. She gave me several wonderful foals, and after she graced my life for 19 1/2 years I had to let her failing body go to the Rainbow Bridge. I will never forget her; she let me love her and returned it several times over!

  91. My forever favorite horse was Todo, a plain brown 12 1/2 hand Mustang mare with a tan muzzle and no white markings. Todo was no beauty, but she was all horse and had a heart of gold!

  92. My Stud, Captain, stole my heart the minute he hit the ground! I was there just as he was born and he loved up to me immediately. He’s been my baby ever since.

  93. All horses. But my favorite was a horse named Hickie. He was raised from bottle by my best friend. He loved to follow you around the house (yes house) and even tried to jump on you like a dog! I would crawl all over him and he didn’t give a hoot.

  94. My first horse love: Minny Em, a willing chestnut QH who made up for in companionship what she lacked in looks. The best riding instructor I ever had. The smartest mare I ever rode. I hope to see her again in whatever fields of Paradise she grazes.

  95. My TWH Bella is my first horse and has put the bug in me…I just love her and am expecting my first foal out of her in just a couple months.

  96. My special horse was a Thorough Bred gelding named Bartholomew (Bart). A former race horse, polo horse, and a kid’s horse. My daughters rode him for many years. Bart was special because of his patiences and willingness to please. He helped me train our Quarter Horse… Concluso the 1991 Two Time Reserve World Champion. Will always be my best horse ever and a special member of our family.

  97. Gogi was my heart-horse, I had him from age 18 months to 28 years old. He was my dressage best-friend and I spent at least 3 hours a day with him every single day. He was so smart he would memorize our dressage tests and then do the movements before he was supposed to so I could only practice them in pieces or backwards. Then he started doing the movements before I asked. I took him to three top trainers and the last one finally said he had only had three horses do that and he was reading me. He told me to hum “Mary Had a Little Lamb” while I did the test and it worked! Except I would forget my tests. Gogi taught me more than any other horse in my life and I miss him so much I have tears as I write this. : (

  98. A young Appaloosa gelding that I cared for in the equine clinic stole my heart. Chinook had foundered at age 5. His condition was so severed that he needed multiple surgeries on his hoof, and after living in the clinic for five months, he didn’t improve… he could not be saved. I’ve never known a more gentle creature,

  99. My baby Arizona Pie. I got her as a yearling as it was love at first sight for both of us. Wished I could turn time back and do things better for her being more experienced now.

  100. My Hunter/Jumper that was killed by a car when I was seventeen, his picture has a special place on my mantle (I am 51 now). He was such a challenge when I got him, but we worked together and he would have done anything for me.

  101. I have had the honour of sharing my life with many horses but our colt Leggs is the one I am sharing with you-we brought his mother home from Lexington. Leggs was her last foal-a big beautiful bay boy-I had dreams of winning the Queens Plate -he was pure class from the start-sadly he developed wobblers and had to be destroyed in the August of his yearling year. He is buried in the paddock he spent his last weeks in. I miss him, always, and hope he is with the rest of my ghost herd waiting on the other side of the rainbow bridge

  102. I lost my 34 year old a couple of years ago. I had him since he was 3. His name was Dandy Bar Dude, we called him Dude. He had so many health issues that I was told to put him down when he was 18. I treated him with herbs instead and he lived a great life until 34. Glad I didn’t listen to the vets! The last couple of years he was going deaf and blind so my Paso Fino looked after him, he would always be by his side πŸ™‚ I can still picture him waiting in the corner of the corral for dinner and for me to bring him grass that I would pull on my way through the field to go feed him dinner.

  103. I horse Tyson. I don’t think I well ever see another horse like him. He was a very special horse!!!!

  104. I had a little appaloosa when i was fourteen that i could just about everthing on. he would jump into the back of the truck when the only thing we had was a truck rack.

  105. Bingo was born in my back yard and thirty one years and many miles of riding and showing in-between, she died there. I had her before I was married, before my Daughter was born, and still after my Daughter was Married and moved out. Bingo never went anywhere that I wasn’t with her.
    When you have a horse through 31 years, from birth to death, there are HUGE hoofprints left on your heart!

  106. Yes.

  107. My first horse, Pendleton. I got him when I was 34 and he was 15. He taught me so much. He is now retired.

  108. At 22 Steelyjack or “Jack” was the sweetest horse I’ve ever known. He will always be in my heart.

  109. Madelyn,A quarter horse mare that taught my hearing impaired granddaughter how to ride. But when an adult got on she was performance all the way.
    She would trot and canter across the pastures and fields with a 8 yr old and not even move a inch when the quail flew up. lost her at 28 yrs old. when grandauhgter was 21.

  110. after a thirty year hiatus I got my awsonme horse Donte” he was a 2 1/2 y/o Arabian!!!! The only way I was able to afford the horse was because my mom had just passed away and left a small “nest egg”. She had horse when she was a small girl and bought me my first pony at age 12 that I shwed in 4-h. never thinking I could afford a horse in my adult years…… It is the best therapy a person could ask for!!!!!! thank you mom!!!! Pennies from heaven made it possible!!!

  111. EVERY horse I have ever owned has a special place in my heart. I love them all. From my first grade morgan 47 years ago to my recent paso fino’s, Mancha & Rozie currently. Rozie counts for you & they will both shake “hands!”

  112. Oh there have been several but Mac would have to be the one that has saved my life many times. See I use my horses for work, and sometimes work can be pretty dangerous and Mac has been there for me just when I need him the most. Gotta love that horse.

  113. My paint Copper. He is a one of a kind. Such a personality. He’s a friend who is always there to give a hug! Can make any day better!

  114. On February 13th, 2010, with my eyes full of tears, and a tear rolling down my proud stallions face, I had to, with a heavy heart send my best friend out to God’s pastures. I have never loved like I loved Blue. I am at a loss for words…. my heart is broken, my spirit broken…. but his spirit and kindness will forever be here as he blessed us with many amazing daughters and sons. I miss my friend each and every day. Passing by his stall, emotions run through me from uncontrolled tears to a smile at the amazing son of his that now graces his space. He was 29 years old. 26 of those years he was in my life. That’s longer than most friendships last. I will never stop appreciating all the good things in life Azul Caballo Amigo brought me. Thank you “Blue”. I miss you my friend….

  115. I’ve had sevseral, but one mare stands out and left a deep hole when she passed. She was bred to be a big bold “hot” Arabioan, but she was smaller than anticipated and was the sweetest thing. She always gave it her best shot, no matter what was asked. She taught my son to ride and he would hop on her bareback and with just a halter and take him wherever he wanted to go.

  116. Everyone of them that I have ridden and/or shown have left their unique hoofprints.

  117. Yes, quite a few have but one in particular is Jayda my Clydesdale. I love her to bits and she has taught me many things including patience and taking things one day at a time and not rushing it πŸ™‚

  118. Tonto was my first pony. He was with me for 20 plus years. He even taught my children how to ride. He was my best friend.

  119. Arrow my first horse. If not for her and her tenacious attitude I would have never become the rider I am today with the never quit attitude. We had so many memories and adventures. I would ride her 5 miles into town every weekend and visit my Grandma. She would feed me, then I would jump back on and ride back home. Always bareback because I was too short to put the saddle on.

  120. Several of my girls’ horses have left hoofprints in our hearts!

  121. My Heart is filled with Hoofprints, I’ve never meet a Horse that didn’t touch my Heart. Life wouldn’t be the same without having Horses in our live.

  122. Absolutely…her name was Angel and she was my very first horse that I purchased with my own money. I purchased her when I was a freshman in highschool…she was eight. She has long passed, however, we did breed her and now her legacy Cassie lives on in the barn. <3

  123. Jack started out as a green broke trail horse for my husband. When he proved difficult to ride for him, Jack became a school horse. When I needed a horse to train for Dressage I chose Jack. Jack, under show name Solace, was shown at Grand Prix and was my Exhibition companion for years. Jack is now 37, half blind and on a special diet but still happy and an individual personality. He lives and still plays with a 40+ year old pony. Yes, Jack’s hoof prints are in my heart.

  124. When I was about 4 or 5, my parents took us to a friends that had horses. I don’t know the names of the horses but we were in a field and the two most beautiful black horses in the whole world came running up to us, they’re feet were so big to me but I fell in love with them instantly. I’ve had real horses in my life ever since, before them , all I had to ride was our dog hehehe. I later learned that the horses were Percherons and have had a team of my own, but as I get older, I have found that smaller horses are easier to saddle and harness, so my new love is a pair of Fjords.

  125. I believe all my horses leave a hoofprint on my heart but I have one, my blue roan gelding, that is very special. I got him when he was just a yearling and he’s been a major influence on my life since. He’s a great horse, but he is constantly trying me with his antics. Sometimes I think he’s way to smart for his own good! He loves to play in the water tank and has gotten himself stretched out so he straddles the tank. He loves to push down net wire fence so he can eat on the other side. He is always getting himself stuck somewhere for me to have to get him out!

    I do have one other horse that is extremely special to me – an appy gelding that I rescued from a couple who were going to put him down for being a “vicious” horse. They wanted to skin him for his blanket cause he has a huge white blanket with brown spots. I said “NO” and took him from them. He is one of the sweetest horses you could ever meet, but he has issues from his time with them. It has taken a long time for him to learn to trust. He is not one bit vicious – just a horse that needed a lot of love, care and understanding!

  126. My ET aka Elementary Tiger. He was my Pro Rodeo horse, my dream horse. I lived close by the ranch that raised this breeding. All the time growing up my folks said they were too high priced to have. I rode my cheep horses for years doing well with what I had until I could grow up to afford my own. He was my best friend too.

  127. My horse Regis and I had a horrible riding accident, I almost died. We went through a year of trials and tribulations trying to get over that horrible day. I fell off 3 more time and dusted myself off and got back on every time. You see he was my lifelong dream, I didn’t get my 1st horse until I was 36, never had lessons or anything we justlearned everything together. Today We jump, trail ride, he goes western or english and occasionally we barrel race. He is the most amazing horse in the world. He is a cross bewtween Mr. Ed and Prince, quite the personality. He has and always will have my heart, he is the reason I get up and keep going. He is the love of my life:)

    • Horses have been a pasion of mine ever since I can remember. All of the ones I have played with and worked with have left a hoofprint on my heart and soal. An abused and neglected horse left a large hoofprint. Moon taught me so very much. People keep telling me he was dangerous, untrainable, and should be put down. I didn’t listen. He never hurt any one and ended up a wonderful, fun beautiful teacher. To this day I thank the Lord for bringing Moon into my life.

  128. My mare, Snickerdoodles (aka “Nikki”) was mine the moment I met her as a skinny two year old. She was pretty gangly & very ribby, but I fell in love with her. I started her gently under saddle as a 3 year old, and she’s done great ever since, even helping me get a first place at the 2011 RMHA International Show!! I love my chocolate Rocky Mountain mare!!

  129. My wonderful horse Lovey, a Thoroughbred, and he truly lives up to his name. He is so unlike a typical TB and there is not much that perturbs him. However, when a mouse falls out of the sky, he will jump out of his skin! Here he was in cross ties underneath the hayloft, when a tiny mouse decided to take a leap down next to his head, whereby he jumped out of his halter and then proceeded to snort at the ground. Such moments leave a deeper hoofprint on my heart.

  130. They say that the best place to bury a horse is in the heart of its mistriss. I grew up on a small breeding farm and have continued to be a horse owner for the past 50 years. The horse that lies deeply and vibrantly in my heart is a rescue horse named simply “Bones.” He was a starving, off-the-track thorough-bred that had been neglected for several years. He was the kind of horse that quickly became a one-person horse, and nickered not only when I came down to the barn to feed but whenever he saw me! He was never a show horse, but became a special dressage partner, trying his hardest and never evasive, no matter how hard or how confusing the work. In his twilight years, he let us put a side-saddle on him and he never missed a beat. When chronic lameness ravaged him and it was time to have the vet humanely put him down, I shaved a heart on his hip, wanting anyone that had to handle him at the animal cemetary to know that he was loved. Saying good-bye to him was one of the hardest things I have ever done.

  131. My “Jax”… my soulmate in horse form. Through several years of verbal abuse towards myself and my daughter, Jax was my ear. He was my friend, my confidante and was always there with his soft and kind eyes and would just wrap his head and neck around me while I cried into his mane. Now that we have moved on from the horrible situation, we are able to follow our hearts and dreams and ride where we want to go… through the woods, the dark trails, the fun woodsy jumps… always together and we always look out for eachother. I often joke that I would be in a rubber room with a straight jacket if I didn’t have him in my life. My daughter considers him her brother and our life is more complete with him in it!!

  132. I’ve never had a horse of my own until I went to Yellowstone to work as a wrangler, that summer they gave me a chestnut colored horse whos name was Bulldog.
    For some reason no one at the corrals liked him, but we got along so well you would have thought I raised him from a foal. But once my contract had expired I went home. I’ll probably never see him again but I have a summer full of fond memores.
    He is the best horse and his hoof prints will forever be in my heart.

  133. Dixie. My first horse, my protector, my baby. I got her as a weanling and kept her to the last. I’ll never forget her. It’s been 35 years ago now, and she can still bring tears to my eyes.

  134. Shiloh was may mare. She picked me out of a crowd of horses, she would not let any other horse around me. She taught me love, and she would test my will at times. She had 3 beautiful offspring, however her youngest died of colic Bo was only 7 yrs old. Shiloh grieved for Bo she died a yr later. Her heart was a big as the sun, she gave up her life with her head on my lap, tears flooded my eyes, but what was worse was her first born went emotional, she and her brother the only 2 I have left, were very depressed for a while.
    Shiloh I love you and miss you.

  135. Like the artist, I grew up in Ohio and begged for a horse. When I was old enough bought a horse of my own. I was 21. I was married and we owned our own farm. I took a job at a training facility, cleaning stalls in exchange for riding lessons. To my surprise one day, my boss calls me with a deal. One of her friends has to find a home for her beloved mare and she wants me to meet with her. It was my first horse! It was 1981 and Ginger, the Tennessee Walking Horse was amazing! We competed in short Competitive Trail rides together for several years and won everything. At one ride she risked her life when she was caught in a mud bog. She struggled til she was able to toss her body across the water and stretch her neck. Then I was able to crawl across her body to safety and run for help. It took nine men with ropes to pull her out of that bog. An older horseman came to me that day and said, “don’t ever let go of that horse!” Several years later we moved across the country and she was too old for the trip. So I had to find a new home for her. I couldn’t bare to watch as she left our home!

  136. My horse Elektra is my friend, my traveling companion, my confidant. We bought her as a 2 year old to be my husband’s horse but shortly after getting her my horse Banker died. My husband gave her to me to distract me from my grief and we were a perfect match. We have been through America’s Favorite Trail Horse together, the election of her as Pet Mayor of our local community, we start colts together, take long rides, travel cross country to clinics and competitions. We make up one being, if I were a horse I would be Elektra.

  137. My horse Chill helped many people. He has given many people there first rides. Helped many children. He could do pleasure, trail, huntseat, showmanship, even halter with the people that would ride him. He greatest
    accomplishment was when he was fifteen years old when he he took a handicapped young man to the world show and was World Champion at the Palomino World. The smile on that young mans face was worth a million bucks. Chill was a beautiful dark gold palomino with a heart to match.
    I truly miss him He died last year

  138. My first horse, Specklis(pronounced Speckles), left a hoofprint on my heart. My family rescued her from a kill auction along with a few other horses but I was too young to remember it now. I have no idea how old she was or how old she is now, but it didn’t matter. Specklis was a rat-tailed Appaloosa that was mostly white with brown speckling and a salt and pepper mohawk and tail. I actually think she was part draft. Anyways, I think she taught just about every kid in the county how to ride. I did contest gaming events and western pleasure on her when I was a little older. She was every kids dream horse. I used to get mad at her when she wouldn’t go faster than a jog, but looking back I know she was keeping me safe. I am the youngest in my family, so once I learned to ride on Specklis and there was no one else for her to teach we started looking for her next home. My dad does NOT like horses, but Specklis was one he was sad to see go and the only one he would ride when mom made him. We found her a nice home at a therapeutic riding school where she teaches handicapped(mentally and physically) how to ride. I’m not sure if Specklis is even still on this earth teaching children anymore, but I know that if she isn’t, I know that my family gave her the best life possible. She touched so many children’s lives, and especially mine.

  139. I have had many leave hoofprints in my heart, but the first was a borrowed Appy gelding named Apple Jack. He was the most gentle kind horse I have ever known, the perfect horse for a horse-crazy 12 year old girl.

  140. When we moved to the country 12 years ago, we inherited my husband’s Mothers & father’s horses as his mother had been killed in a a car accident and his father had just had hip surgery and it was getting more difficult for him to care for them. Casey was born in 1981, the year we were married and she was such an amazing mare. She was a cutting horse, a friend and an amazing caretaker of the herd. She told those geldings when to eat, when to stop, when to move and when to rest. They are lost without her as we had to say goodbye to her last fall at 32 years old. I miss her every day and I know I will never know another horse like Casey.

  141. Pepper is my spirit horse. That’s all I can say!

  142. Hi..My name is Mary Ellen Joyner and I am a special education teacher in Wilson County, North Carolina. The horse I am speaking of was named “Magic”. He was an American Saddlebred I was exposed to when training Saddlebreds years ago. He was in our program at Tara Manor Stables. Magic was in a devasting tornado at Martin Community and suffered many physical complications that eventually healed. The psychological damage was much greater. He was not a trusting fellow and storms of any type frightened him. What I remember most was his willingness to please children and be a great support for Theraputic riding students. Magic above all, had a life-long influence in the way I handle adversity and what I expect of my students in all situations.

  143. I got a call from my husband one day that a co-worker had a Standardbred stallion in their backyard & would like him. I looked up his pedigree & said we would take him. He was in rough shape having gotten caught in metal bedsprings in a field. I called my vet – on a Sunday – & spent a few hours w him repairing the worst of the cuts. The horse’s name was Christmas Present. We ended up standing him at our farm. He was the gentlest soul. If you put out your hand, he would put his tongue on your palm & just hold it there. In the summer during the later part of breeding season, I would pull him from the field & bathe & tack him & put him on the trailer to take him to the local parade, where my middle daughter would ride him while I led, in the parade. He was never broke to ride to my knowledge. One Feb day he didn’t come in for supper. I found him lying on a hill, facing the sun, in his favorite spot. He was only 24. I’m glad his last years were good for him, because he was a kind soul.

  144. My current horse is a 7/8 Arab-Pinto with a barn name of “Ford” who came into my life when he was 6 months old. This was at a very hard time in my life. My mom had just died and I was trying to grieve and cope and help my lonely Dad to move forward. My heart was shattered but couldn’t let on, as I had to be strong, for Dad to be strong. Ford was in my life one month after my mother’s ended and he has been my rock ever since. He has soaked up many tears in his mane and on his neck and then 3 yrs later I lost my Dad, so he got another few months of soaking, but never complained and was always there to hold me up when I felt like giving up. He is now 15 yrs old and still my best friend, next to my family of course. Beautiful boy with lots and lots of personality so I never can become complacent. Love him to pieces!

  145. Definitely my first horse Miss Tripper. She helped me grow up, become a braver person…was my teenage outlet when I had no other freedoms. She was my release, my friend, my confidant… She lived to be 38 and was the last bit of my childhood to drift away. There will never be another like her…and I deem it an honor to have been her owner.

  146. My first registered Quarter Horse was Tootsie. She and I did everything together. I loved to read and I would sit in the horse trough in her stall with her hanging her head on my shoulder while I scratched under her chin. We competed in many shows together and won many trophies but my favorite times were when we went trail riding, just riding for the fun of it! She was a great mare and left me with many wonderful memories! She passed away at the ripe old age of 29. She just went to sleep and did not wake up. I will always treasure the times we had together!

  147. An Apaloosa named Chief. Great conformation.

  148. My mare Malibu, I was there the day she was born and haved spoiled her rotten ever since, don’t know what I would do if anything ever happened to her.

  149. <3<3<3…..Sid….;)


  151. My LAST horse, call name Shammy, was Bronze Buckskin mare that was my privilage to have as my soul mate. Yes she was only 34″ tall but all heart and quite a lady. I had and am not a well person, a senior citizen who could no longer deal with a full size horse. She was wonderful on the cart, and gave me my wings! Riding behind her watching her, mane flying, ears alert, in the woods on the trials of Northern Michigan, wow! She’s gone now and all I have left is some nice mane hair I saved..She was going on 19 when she died. Miss you my Shammy girl:)

  152. My beautiful TWH mare Shadow. I got her as a two year old – trained her myself. She was the most sensitive creature I have ever known who had more heart and “try” than any horse I have had before her or since. I miss you Shadow….

  153. It wasn’t the first horse we bought, but the Doc and Gypsy. Doc was a wonderful horse who first was skiddish about being touched on his face but after about 6 months he loved us touching him. We lost him one Sunday morning and it was the most horrific feeling next to losing my mother. Such a loving loving guy. Gypsy is mine, Doc was my husbands, (but I loved him too ) I had been thrown from a horse and injured 2 weeks after being released from the hospital we bought her such a lover and she loves to ride and be loved. My grandkids love to ride her as well. These horses are better than any medications to calm you down. I love my horses.

  154. I had an own son of Encore. His barn name was Pretty Boy because he believed he was. I had to put him down after he twisted a gut rolling from colic. It was the hardest thing I ever did. I just loved him enough to not want him to suffer. When I would ride him, the rest of the world just melted away. I can never really replace him even though I have his half sister. I will never forget the 12 years we had together.

  155. my dear sweet mariah, stole my heart from the moment i saw her, worst daay of my life was when she slipped in the snow and broke her hip, she is and always will be in my heart

  156. Mattie. I bought Mattie when she was 18 years old and she became my best friend. She was my only horse for a long time and she would stand at the gate just outside my back door evey morning and call to me. Other horses were added over the years but she remained my favorite. If I close my eyes I can still see her running and kicking up her heels with the youngsters of the herd playing and having the time of her life even as a senior. I can still hear her soft nicker at meal time, I can still smell her sweet scent, I can still feel her soft coat beneath my hands. As the mother of a severly disabled child there have been many trying times and Mattie helped me through them all. Many was the time I buried my nose behind he ear as I cried out my fears and sorrow. Always gentle and quiet, she was the friend I could always count on. Last December I was forced to put her down due to an ailment the vet could not cure. She was 28 years old. I cried for weeks after she was gone and I will always miss her. She is buried in a plot behind my house so she is always near. Mattie, I will always miss you my best and dearest friend.

  157. Yes, the first and only horse I ever had. I hope to get one again soon!

  158. My quarter Horse, Wildfire. We were inseperable. Many miles and adventures. I think he would have done anything for me and I for him.

  159. I lost my Arabian gelding back in 1994, he was out in a storm and he ended up breaking a shoulder, when the vet came out he said there was nothing he could do. His mother was my first Arabian, I was there for his birth. I had to make the decision to have him put down, he was my Buddy, I will miss him forever. I still have his first hoof trimming that I kept when he was just a few months old. I know he’s up there frolicking again with Risque as I lost her years later. Horses do leave hoof prints on your heart.

  160. When I started to ride I rode an older QH gelding. He helped me through tough times in school and taught me how to ride basically. No matter what I will always remember him πŸ™‚

  161. I got my first horse at the age of 2 and my grandpa sold my last one when I moved away from home at the age of 20. That last one sure has a big place in my memory and my heart.

  162. During my sophomore year of veterinary school, one of my instructors convinced me I should adopt a 3 week old filly with an injured leg (with the help of my 11 year old daughter: “Please, Mom, please!”). We named her Mystee Shalymar, and she was entered into the new dewormer (Ivermectin) trials, gicen all her vaccines by the veterinary school, and I also introduced her to Dr.Miller’s new touch technique: introducing my fingers into her ears, nostrils,and other nether places, and rubbing her entire body with my hands, and getting her used to standing quietly with me. My daughter learned gymkhana and barrel racing with her, and teased me that Mystee was my “other daughter”. Mystee loved Dr Pepper, and after a hard day, she and I would share a can, while I told her my stories. She would place her head on my shoulder, very comforting and special to me. She camped with us, went swimming in ponds with us, and travelled across the United States 3 times. She loved jumping into the horse trailer, ready for the next adventure. We learned that it was never a good idea to leave the trailer doors open, as she would jump in and whinny to get us going someplace, and if the trailer was driven away, she nickered the entire time it was gone. She passed away at 32 years old, suddenly, and although I was sad, I knew she had the best life a horse could have, especially when neighbors came by to tell their stories about how she always greeted them at the fence, especially if they had a cookie, carrot or even PB&J sandwich. I remembered a time during a parade when she “helped herself” to a little girl’s hamburger, and was a crowd favorite. All of my clients always asked, “How’s Mystee?” — and many of those also shared cards, emails and letters when Mystee left this earth. How lucky we are to have had her in our lives.

  163. Shadow Fax. She was a big black purebred appy but had no spots. She was the most kind wonderful horse I have had the pleasure of having in my life. She took care of new riders. My Mom, who had not ridden in years because she was afraid after getting dumped and dislocating her shoulder, rode Shadow. Shadow took care of my Mom and my Mom had the best time. Shadow was the only horse my Mom would ride. Shadow lived well into her 30’s…and now she is running over that Rainbow Bridge. She was one in a million. Anybody who has had that one in a million knows exactly what I am talking about. I sure do miss her. πŸ™‚

  164. Hershey was my beautiful Gulla Overo Paint baby. She was my first foa; she shared my world from the point of her conception to her early death. One of the hardest decisions I’ve ever had to make was deciding that she needed to be at peace. She is now the face of with the hopes that finances are no longer part of the conversation of the future lives I touch. RIP Hershey and long live

  165. As a farrier, they all leave a hoofprint (figurively speaking) on my heart, but my boy, Beau, leaves the biggest. He’s the first horse I’ve ever owned and has taught me a lot about unconditional love.

  166. Is there a horse that hasn’t in some way? When you win a 6 month old colt in a raffle at 39, and you have never really ridden…what do you do? You keep the horse, learn all you can, try all the riding disciplines…go to fun shows, local shows, national and international competitions (as a spectator lol), volunteer…and at the end of a long day, bask in the smells, the sounds, the feel of being lucky enough to have gained entry into their world. Thank you UVM Evenchance.

  167. I have had 4 wonderful hoofprint makers in my 52 yrs. It is hard to choose between them since they are all special in different and also similar ways. My most recent friend is a beautiful black 6yr old TWH named Little Bit who I have had since she was 6mos old. She puts a smile and a happy loving feeling in me when nothing else can.
    Horses are proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.

  168. I’ve had several horse that I loved, but never as much as the love I have for Smokey. Smokey is an eight yarr old grey quarter orse. I bought him about five-six years ago. He was the queitest and gentlest horse I’d ever owned (and I’d owned many of all types of dispositions)
    Smokey contacted EPM (Equine Protozoal Myleoenhalitis and we’ve been struggling. He was on a regime of Marquis for several months back in 2010 and was in remission. Recently it came back and now we’re on Oraquin 10. I’m praying for a miracle. Clinically, he’s much improved.
    There’s nothing like an insidious illness like EPM to make you realize how vulnerable our horses really are and how much they need us, and we them.

  169. My very first horse, Blackie, was a grade mare. I was nine and we rode all over together. I was the first that welcomed new neighbors and I visited often. Was hard to get back home for dinner, this was at noon back then. I still think of her often and that was 15 horses ago.

  170. My mare who I bought 17 years ago, she’ll do anything for me, has never hurt me on purpose and is great with kids. She isn’t much to look at but she has proven her worth to me over and over and will never have to find a new home.

  171. Valentino De Domingo. A once reserve champion stallion. I rescued Tino from a very neglectful and abusive situation. When I first saw him, he was emaciated, could barely hold his head up. I brought him home, hoping he would make it on the trailer ride. My vet couldnt believe Tino was still alive in his condition. I fed warm senior mash by syringe numerous times a day. he had no real want to survive. after a few days he actually nickered sofetly when he saw me!!! he ate his mash out of my hand this time. he slowly improved and gained 400 pounds over the next several months. We bonded so much during his recovery. A year later he was finally ready for our first ride together! He put his head in the bridle and looked at me like “come on, I want to show you what I can do” I sat up on him bareback as he went thru all his beautiful gaits while he showed off. Tino and I rode all over the hills as best of friends for the next two years. Then on my birthday he came to my bedroom window early in the morning, something was wrong. I ran out to him, he laid down and passed away in my arms. Tino will always be in my memories and dreams as my best friend.

  172. Mr. Snuffles J “Snuffy” My first horse and best buddy. We competed in English horse shows and were members of the Lincoln Land Lassies a girls bareback drill team.

  173. several horses has come through the rescue that has left so many hoof prints on my heart i am glad to of had them in my life and will continue to do so

  174. Oh there are horses that has left footprints on my heart, and continue to do so, one especially. My 35 year old Standardbred. I have had him for 27 years, and he is amazing! Still going strong and he has a great personality. πŸ™‚

  175. Really I would honestly have to say there’s more than just one,they are all so unique and each give me different thoughts. With that said I will say my horse Houdini, he was my first rope horse and he always gave me all I asked of him. He was a gem and I miss him everyday.

  176. At 45 years of age, I got MY first horse. Sure I’d ridden most of my life, but it was not MY horse. A friends, a lease, a riding stable lesson horse, each loved and treasured but not MY horse.
    Fluff was 3 1/2 years old, absolutely gorgeous, sorrel, APHA/AQHA with amazing athleticism, and a huge lazy streak! He was bought because he “wuz purty!”. We even shared the same birthday. In April this year, he turns 11, I turn 53.
    He has made me work for every ounce of respect he gives me. In return, Fluff has been the most amazing riding partner I could have. He takes care of me and I take care of him. He has a huge heart, a kind eye, and an incredibly smooth ride. We ride amost every day, but he always meets me at the gate, nickers hello, and puts his own head in his halter. Every day is special, we spend time learning something new about the other, and know we each hold the others heart.

  177. Comet, she did everything I ever asked her to do and then some. I bought her as a 2 year old and had her for 32 years. She gave so much to me and my family.

  178. When I lived in NJ back in 1980 I bought a harness race horse at auction for $20,000 his name was San Mario. He was 18+ hands a true monster! He came from “Down Under” aka Austrailia. He was at the Meadowlands Auction because he had a bow tendon and was a bleeder. My trainer said look at this past performance. He won his qulaifying race by 20 lengths — no horse does that. He has a heart bigger than a barn but he is a mad dog. We had to tranquilize him just to controll him and he won every reace he was in even though he limpted the whole mile.

    I shipped San Mario out to Hollywood Park in California Where he raced in a $30,000 Claimer. He went off at odds of 10 to 1. I knew he could not lose because bleeding medicine he needed was legar in CA>so I bet $1000 on him to win. But he was claimed by Michale Landon from LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRARIE. I still have picures of him on my wall from his winning races along with many of my other race horses But his hoofprint was the biggest and best of them all Just like his great heart

  179. Lily:)

  180. I thank God for the many horses that I have had the opportunity to be involved in…many from birth to death. Each one unique and special, all leave hoofprints on my heart.

  181. My first Arab nicknamed Brat who Iowned me for 33 yrs… He knew me and my moods, was a champion in many performance divisions and a great trail horse, taught many to ride and show , and will always a special place in my heart … There never will be another quite like him…a best friend…

  182. My heart hoof print I’d my tankers he is. 25 years young and captures my heart everyday he is my heart and world ! Live him do much !!!!

  183. yeah, my horse Cookie, known as Runaway Jay. I saved him from going to the canner. He was a 3 yr old race thoroughbred. i bought him from the owner to give him a life as a horse. He bacame my suck and best friend. an ex sold him before i had a chance to move him with me. had him for two years and got him under a western saddle and was going to teach him trails. I love him and miss him dearly

  184. My horse Cole was and still is my dream horse. I had always wanted a solid black horse to be my first horse. No such luck though, don’t get me wrong I loved my first horse, he was a gray, but he was not my dream and not to mention a little cranky. But when I found the horse that would be my second it was a dream come true. I had been looking everywhere to find a good rideable horse and was getting so very impatient when I found an ad in a local paper for a black 6 yr old gelding. I drove with a friend to look at him to a place that was about 2hrs from home. When we walked up her was this extremely under weight tall and lanky gelding. He was cut up from head to hoof from them trying to put a 17hh horse in a one horse small trailer. He was so sweet when I started loving on him and he gave me a hug right away. Needless to say it waslove at first sight. I worked for a vet and I knew he would advise against but I had to have him! A few weeks later I found a large stock trailer (he was trailer shy for some odd reason) and went to pick him up. I got home with him and my friends and family asked me what I was thinking. I said he was beautiful and they all said okay whatever you say. Several months later with healed wounds and weight back on I finally had agreement from everyone that I made the right decision and that he was just as beautiful as I said. About 10 yrs have gone by now and he is still my special dream horse. He thinks he should be a lap horse πŸ™‚ and he loves attention. He is always the first to meet me at the gate and the last to leave me.

  185. My paint mare Sheza Continental Breeze (belle). she was given to me due to being “crazy and dangerous” my freebie has proven her greatness in her sweet loving attitude. she is 6 now and is a lesson horse favorite! She picks her feet up for even the most timid kids and 1st lesson or 100th lesson she gives them a wonderful ride.
    my paint mare black foxy lady is quickly gaining a spot too, but belle is never going to be forgotten!

  186. I had ridden horses from an early age, but didn’t get my own horse until I was 11. We were looking at an older well trained grade roan gelding that was for sale. We found a very small green Paint 2 and a half year old filly. It was love at first site. She was owned and had been ridden by the 16 year old daughter. Her Dad neede to sell her so he could have an eye operation. My Parents said NO, but agreed to see the Owners’s 5 year old brother ride the horse. The little boy took off at a lope and the little paint filly just loped calmly up and down the arena, while the boy screamed and hollered. We bought April the next day. Never gave the gelding a second thought. She became my BEST friend! With 6 nonconsecutive months of professional training she and a few 4-H and open shows under our belt, we ventured out to a few Paint shows each year. She taught me hard work, how to be a gracious loser and winner. She helped me through a house fire and 2 years later the death of my big brother. She was supposed to be my Kids’ horse, but unfortunately died too young, at age 7 (in 1989, 1 year after my brother’s death). My children never got to meet her, but have heard all about her, even 15 years after she passed. I wish my kids would have gotten to ride her. She was so much fun and is still greatly missed. Maybe someday I will find another with her personality, disposition and natural talent.

  187. Like a piece in a puzzle, each horse fills a special place… every one – real and fictional – are part of the horsey landscape in my heart!

  188. The horse that left hoof prints on my heart was my very first horse that I received at 5 yrs old. He was a haflinger whom I named Critter. He was my best friend, and a bit of a hot head.. Lol but me and him were a team and no matter his mood, he took care of me. He wouldn’t behave for other riders.. Tehehehe I was able to sit in his back as he grazed in the field.. Sadly we moved after only a year of me owning him and I had to leave him behind. I only have a few pictures and memories to remember him. Don’t know what happened to him as my dad sold him a year after we moved.. I will NEVER forget our fun times or my Critter!

  189. I have had many horses leave hoofprints on my heart. Each horse that I have worked with had something to teach me. My current horse will always have hoofprints on my heart. She has overcome so much to become the first FEI horse that I have trained. Her career should have been over before it ever started. She is truely an inspiration.

  190. My quarter/paint cross gelding Rusty, has his hoofprints all over my heart. I got very ill last year, went into a coma and almost died. It left me very week, unable to even walk to the barn without resting for breath. Some days are worse than others. Rusty is a very stout, well built, high energy horse, so at the time the only way for me to ride him was in the roundpen. I didn’t have the strenth to go any faster than a walk. The ground was wet from the previous nights rain, and as Rusty and I came around the pen the second time, Rusty made too sharp of a turn, even for a walk. His 2 front feet went down, he landed on his knees, hard. I left the saddle, landing on his neck. Normally this would have given Rusty plenty of reason to panic, and buck, throwing me from him. Instead, he stayed down on his knees, in that position, turned his head around and looked at me as if to ask if I was alright. I straighted myself up, and told him..”Rusty I’m ok baby, come on and get up for me.” He very slowly stood up, turned again to look at me as if to ask if he did okay. I immediatly got off of him to check his knees. While I was checking his knees and legs, he just kept nuzzling me to see if I was ok. It was so sweet, it made me hug him and cry. I still get misty eyed when I think of how that really happened.

  191. Zia is a fantastic Arabian mare that came into my life 20 years ago. She won 2 regional ACTHA championships for me, carried me through the Rose Parade, and everything else I have ever asked of her. Zia is now living the easy life, loafing in the pasture and giving occasional rides to the grandkids.

  192. never had a horse hope i win

    • I’ve never had a horse that hadn’t left hoof prints on my heart. My heart is currently ‘owned’ by my Percheron, Jake, that I recently had to put down, and my BLM mustang, Kobi – who I wouldn’t trade for the world!

  193. Yes. Her name is Abbie, 14.3hh grey quarter horse mare. I got her when I was just 10 years old and she was 5yrs. Iam now 33 and she will be 28 this year. She took me to many wins in pony club, the show ring and rodeo (barrel racing and breakaway roping). She is a very talented mare who gave 110% each and every time, winning me many trophies, prizes and buckles. Abbie is now retired teaching my 2 year old daughter to ride. She had one foal whom Iam currently barrel racing. I just wish she could be young again. Her hoofprints are firmly imprinted on my heart and my childrens forever. Love you Abbie.

  194. My 30 year old Arabian Ebony’s Comet or Ebby as I call him, has definitely left & continues to leave hoofprints on my heart. We have been together for 29 of his years & we will be together till death do us part. Just a month ago I thought I was going to lose him. He decided to roll & because of arthritis in his back legs & a very muddy paddock he couldn’t get back up. He was in a full body shake and very tired. It took 2 hours and 6 people to help get him to his feet. He’s doing much better now & I hope to have him leaving hoofprints on my heart for many more years.

  195. My beautifil grey horse tara has left more than hoof prints on my heart. After nineteen years together i lost her October last year and wgen she went to sleep my heart broke and went with her. Every day she is with me and I miss. her more than words can say…..she was my world

  196. The horse that made an imprint in my heart is Sunner John…. He was the best horse ever!!!!!

  197. Mine was a mare from the track who’d ponied racehorses & had been a polo pony.Big & Stout very headstrong she loved to run & would run away w/ me if i didn’t let her go for a bit. But i learned so much from her Rope a cow? Sure she’d put you so close you dropped the rope on. JUmp a ditch absolutely, just hang on. I was 15 & thanks to her boyss were of not much interest so long as i could go ride her. She produced five foals all made great rope horses. I still compare all my horses to her high standard (I’m 62 nowstill riding!)Thanks for letting me share about her

  198. The horse that was the love of my life was First Class Bill. He died in 2001 at 12 years old during a training trip. The vet said he must have had a weak heart as we were only going a 3 min. mile. This horse raced; rode; breeding stallion; and loved life and everyone around him. He will be missed till I pass also.

  199. My horse Marto. He is everyone’s answer to the most wonderful horse. I have been very blessed to have a partner like this. Everyone should have a chance to have a horse like this. He is one in a lifetime!

  200. Jewel, a quarter/app cross that carried me everywhere, including 9 months of pregnacy and my young son as well as he grew big enough to grab her mane and hold on tight. She went on camp out trips where I left her free at night and whistled her in to me of the mornings. We were cantering along a dirt road early one morning, headed home when a lynx, jumped out into the our pathway and spat a snarly scream at us. She slid to a smooth stop, with ears straight forward and immeadiately upon the lynx’s leap of departure to the woods, went into her smooth canter on toward home as if this happened every day. She was a contest/fun show/trail class horse for the kids, a fantastic babysitter, a nursemaid to weanlings and skittish colts/fillies and maintainted a youthful conformation well into her 30’s. One day she ceased to value life any more, and after arguing with her about this for nearly a year, I gave in, though the tears, even now come swiftly to my eyes. She was a jewel whose scintillatibg personality and beauty I miss to thiss day.


  202. Jersey’s Early Dawn my first horse! We grew up together and were best friends! Jamuary 27, 1977 to April 17, 2007

    You took me to adventure and to love. We two have shared great joy and great sorrow. And now I stand at the gate of the paddock watching you run in an ecstasy of freedom, knowing you will return to stand quietly, loyally, beside me.

  203. Thistle – he could convey to me his wants and needs as if he talked to me. He protected me and my children more than once. He loved people and would do whatever it took to keep from harming them….even if it involved hurting himself. He was a clown, a lover, and a peaceful wonderful horse that anyone could ride because he knew his job was to protect his riders.

  204. Dinky…geesh sayin his name brings tears to my eyes. A Quarter Horse stallion I bought from a friend for $1 that carried me thru barrel racing, pole bending, western pleasure, jumping and endurance. Whatever I felt like doin that day Dinky was always up to the task. Due to his amazingly calm disposition we used him for lessons, nothin would boost a scared childs confidence when you say “you just rode a STALLION!”. Dinky would walk, jog, lope and whoa on voice command so it was easy for the kids to ride him in and out of the arena. He touched soo many lives, now when I see those kids he gave lessons to and they are transitioning into succesful well adjusted adults I have to think Dink had a little somelthign to do with that πŸ™‚ Sadly August 2007 the barn caught fire and I lost my best friend along with 40 plus other horses, it was the worst day of my life and I relived that day over and over for years due to PTSD. I’ve had no contact with horses because of this, it was just too hard. Last year I met my fiance who has a heart as big as the world and for my birthday he bought me a 2year old blue roan Quarter horse stallion and you know what?? He has that same ‘can do’ attitude Dink had and it doesn’t hurt anymore when I think of Dink. I’ll never forget my best friend I lost soo tragically but Tripp is helping me move on with my life although he may not realive it. Life is once again best viewed thru the ears of a horse…thank you Tripp and thank you D.

  205. Bobbi. He was & is THE MAN. Many years & many miles together. He is “the old man” of the herd now, but still THE MAN to me. Thank God for him!

  206. Sassy. Sleep Ezz. My best friend for over 27 years. No matter what happened in our lives we were always together. She passed away at 31. I watch the other horses play in my pasture and still see her I miss her kind face.

  207. NED
    He was a cute short draft cross, whos legs were too short for his body. But he learned self carriage and became as beautiful as any dressage horse. He was not brave and needed time to think about things before he would just do them – like go into a trailer. We lost Ned in a barn fire. He just didnt have the time to think about it and allow himself to be led from the barn

  208. Leo – always a gentleman & my safe, takes-care-of-me trail buddy. Still going strong at 25. Love him……love him!!

  209. My mom has a horse who is very special to her.He is a 16 hand paint horse. She raised him from a 6 month old colt. He could do about anything. He was a pleasure horse at 2 and 3 year old. Her friend showed him and won alot of ribbons. At 4 he was trained as a barrel horse. He was rode by a trainer who did very well with him. At 5 and older my mom started to ride him. See my mom has RA in her hands, and wrist.My mom is 60 years old as well. He is so good with her, she can ride him bareback and she can ride him about anyway she wants. I have seen her walk between his legs, under his belly. He just stands. My mom won her first saddle with him and she had been running barrels for many years with different horses. He is one of a kind. He has alot of race horse in his bloodline, but with my mom on his back she can do anything with him. She was riding him in a pasture and he got into a yellow jacket nest and started to buck and my mom fell off. She was by her self and about a mile from home and the horse went home and my dad followed him back down the hill and found my mom. she was out cold. My mom is ok, just a concession. The horse had over 30 bites on his neck. I think he knew my mom was in trouble. My mom is still riding and hopes the horse lives to be 50.

  210. My boy Shinobi~ Got him as a just turned two year old right out of the field. First horse of my own and I’m training him myself, though he makes it pretty easy with his puppy dog personality. He’ll be turning 4 in a few months and he is my heart:)

  211. Orion is my first horse and stole my heart the first day that I saw him. He was a scraggly little thing who was so thin you could count his ribs through his winter coat from 20 feet away. The first day he was at our home was magic, I had dreamed of owning a horse for so long and when I walked out into the middle of the horse pen he came straight to me and we have hardly been separate since then. He is my heart and heals my soul. We have been through so much these last few years and I know that he is there for me when I need him. I could not ask for a better partner.

  212. Four years ago the first foal I’d bred was born on Mother’s Day. She was an Hispano-Arab and I named her Chance [after Chance Phelps, the Marine who fell and for whom the movie Taking Chance was made] She was grey and a stunning smart creature. She whinnied whenever she saw me…I learned foal imprinting with her. I placed her with a little girl [the adopted daughter of a friend] who is just crazy about horses. Sadly when Chance was just two, she got out of her pasture and was hit and killed. Little Samantha and I have both cried our faces off. Chance touched all our lives and is sorely missed.

  213. Cola was the bravest horse I have ever owned. I received a call from my friend where we kept our horses on her 25 acres. She stated the mares were not down from the back field for their morning feeding. We rushed over to the farm and started to look for the mares.

    We saw Cola from a distance and she was just standing in one place. She saw us and she tried to whinny but had difficulty. We ran to her and I had never seen anything so horrible in my life.

    Our poor girl had been attacked by a mountain lion! Even though the top of her legs were gone and she had deep punctures in her neck she managed to live through the night. Cola had looked at me as though she was saying “help me”. All I could do was to comfort her while the vet put her down.

  214. Comment

  215. Many horses have made their marks on my heart, some more so than others. I got my first horse, Pal, thirteen years ago and every day he finds a new way to impress me.

  216. I adopted an off track thoroughbred mare 2 1/2 years ago. She was an incredible mare and we spent many wonderful hours together. I had to retrain her to do many simple things and she was also willing to try new things for me. Never in the time that I had her was I ever disappointed in her. She was loyal and loving and trusting in everyway. This was the first time I had owned a full thoroughbred and I was happy with her. In Oct 2012, she somehow fell and fractured her right front leg elbow and I had to put her down because of the type of fracture that it was couldn’t be fixed. It broke my heart and I cried for weeks over her. I will never forget her, she was the 7th horse that I have owned but by far the most endearing one I’ve ever owned and I miss her every single day.

  217. My Mustang Jake, I have had him for 22 years and he is part of our family. Now at age 27, his only job is to take my 2 year old granddaughter for a ride now and then.

  218. When my father passed away I had to bring into my live something that reminded me of him daily. That was a medicine hat paint RJ. He chancged my life, he taught me unattachement and he saved me life. We were riding in he summer in AZ and I was bareback. A Rattlesnake started both of us and he reared and I came off and blacked out. When I came back he was rearing at the rattlesnake above me. The beauty of his protection and his courage not to take the flight and fright path was amazing. I had broken my tail bone and could not get up, he came over so that I could reach his reins and helped me. I ride bitless so I wasn’t worried about the pull in the mouth. After we walked home together he became a little dispondent. I realized that I had to get back on him and assure him that it was not his fault. I had my husband put my English saddle on him and we walked around the house. When I was done, he placed his head in my heart area and nickered softly. He is the love of my life.

  219. Dapper’s General was my first horse. I was 15 and he was my Christmas present that year. He was only 16 months old at that time and still a stud.His dam was a Quarter horse and his sire was a Tennessee Walking horse. His mother was red in color and his sire was a dapple grey he was a blood bay. He was very easy to train as I trained him myself even though I had very little knowledge of training. All I knew I had learned from reading books and working with my dogs. I just gave him lots of love and he gave it back to me. I showed him in 4-h and open horse shows we won a few ribbons. I could take him in a pleasure class and then go into a contest class then to a parade class with him settling right down to whatever roll I would put him to. I had to give him up when he was around 6 years old as my Mom sold our property and we didn’t have the money to board him. We also had 5 other horses and 3 ponies we had to give up. I miss them all but I mostly miss General as he was my first and he was so gentle. This all was over 50 years ago.

  220. The horse that showed me the path into my career (and my )life was Mr. Lucky, an aged cutting horse from a farm in Admire, Kansas. My aunt inherited the horse with the farm, and she’d toss me up on his back, bareback, and send me on my way. I had never ridden a horse before, so my skills were nil. Not only was Mr. Lucky safe and kind, he was patient, smart, and never took one wrong step. All he would have had to do was make one sideways move, or take me too close to a low-hanging branch, or simply refuse to let me bridle him every morning all summer long. He taught me how to ride, and to love horses. And because of his gentle temperament, I am a successful horse trainer with over 30 years in the business, and loving every moment of it. Thank you, Lucky! I love you!

  221. Ram- as my best friend that pasted. Onnie, as my everything

  222. I met my soulmate when I was 14. Mom and dad had finally agreed to get me a horse so I started looking on dreamhorse. I was perusing the pictures and all of the sudden I saw a thumbnail of this pretty little paint looking right at me. I was instantly in love and knew without a doubt he was my horse! Only one problem….he was 8 hrs away from me!!! Mom and dad were none too enthused but I refused to let it go so we hooked up the trailer and made a weekend trip to meet my new best friend. I became really good friends with his owner at the time and knew I would not come home without him. Teaspoon, as they named him since he was a quarter horse and much smaller than his thoroughbreds, was the best thing to happen to my family. You see I was adopted at 13 and had a hard time fitting in with my new family. Teaspoon brought us all together he was gracious enough to allow my mother and father who had never ridden ride him all over the front yard. He was a learning experience for them and it allowed me to open up to my new parents. Teaspoon was with us until I was 21. He was my baby he had the best personality. Unfortunately I had to sell him due to financial issues and to this day I regret it. I miss him daily and there isnt a horse that ive been around since that I compare to him. He was my best friend, companion and soulmate. If I could find him now id pay any price to have him back!

  223. Sawyer my first Morgan… That horse carried me all over the country side in my stupid youth horse days… you know the days when you didn’t know any fear! Thank god for Sawyer he kept me safe.

  224. My first horse Sawyer a Morgan that was my guardian on the trails. And now my Quarter Horse Mare that has taught me to be a better rider by not forgivng my mistakes and always manages to get hurt about the time I want to sell her so I end up keeping her… My dreamhorse!

  225. Skip Along Jon (Skip) left an everlasting paint hoof print on my heart. He was purchased as a Heading Horse for team roping & turned out to be a most awesome horse. He was always consistent out of the head box, packed kids & trail rode any where in the pack or by himself. For many years there was a list of people that offered to buy that horse if I ever wanted to sell. He had his own little fan club of folks that knew & adored him. Losing him so unexpectedly was devastating. That was followed the next day by the loss of another fantastic Head horse, Belvedere aka King Rebar. Although Belvo had been “retired” for the last several years, he was a very special pasture pal. I miss those 2 welcoming faces & the knickers & grumbles that came from both.

  226. My QH mare Lizzie was the special one for me. I got her when I was 13 years old. She was the horse i grew up with and learned on. She had a bit of a mare attitude but I trusted her with MY LIFE. She was my 4H horse that I competed heavily with and took me to the top. I had her for 17 years till she was almost 27 years old when I had to put her down just 3 days after Christmas in 2012 because she got Cancer in her mouth. I took her loss harder than any friend or family member in my life .Whenever I think about her I can’t stop myself from crying because she definitely left hoof prints on my heart.

  227. Yes – my first (and still current) horse Mowgli is the best friend and partner a rider could ask for. He has a huge heart and is an amazing teacher. I truly think he knows his rider or handler better than they know themselves. He takes care of his rider and does his best to protect them from harm. Mowgli has done everything from competing in 6 different disciplines and receiving grand champion titles to working as a therapy horse for kids with disabilities. I have had several other horses and have ridden and worked with many, but none have the spirit and giving of Mowgli. He truly gives people their wings. πŸ™‚

  228. Our horse, Lance continues to leave daily footprints in our hearts. A retired thoroughbred, Lance seems to have found our family to fit into. He continues to amaze us and is the center of my daughter’s universe. He cuddles, is lovable, and even plays fetch. We love it when Lance rolls in the dirt. He makes the funniest moaning noises that make passerbys stop in their tracks and chuckle. Lance is one animated horse. I think Lance and my daughter rescued each other.

  229. Jarrah was my first horse. His heart took me from trail riding to eventing. He left too soon and took a piece of my heart with him.

  230. I think every horse i have owned has been special in some way. Each one has left an imprint!

  231. My Mini Horse ElShiDi,who past away yesterday will forever leave an imprint on my heart.Elshidi was 12 years old and died from complications from colicking.
    I am a senior in High School and I brought ElShiDi home when I was eight years old. I fell of a full size horse when I was 7 and broke my leg. My love for horses remained and I fell in love with this mini who needed a home.
    I am an FFA Officer and began our 1st annual petting zoo for the special needs class at our school. ElShiDi was my mascot for this event and she put smiles on many kids faces who were very shy. She got them to open up and laugh. Seeing these kids open up to her,my plan was to get ElShiDi certified as a therapy companion to go into schools and maybe hospitals.
    Although my heart hurts from her recent passing,she taught me what the love of a horse can do. I plan to train my other mini and get her certified to be a therapy companion and continue to add smiles to those who need one.
    The love between a girl and her beloved ElShiDi.
    Leah Edwards

  232. The horse that left footprints on my heart is my best friend and confidant for 29+ years – Ebony. She came to me as a green, untamed filly and grew up with me and my children. Through the years, Ebony jumped foxhunted, went to Pony Club with my kids, did competitive trail riding, eventing, and taught many youngsters how to ride and groom and saddle a horse. All this time she continued to help me get through my busy days with sanity. Ebony gave me her daughter who is now 28 and has many of her mother’s traits, but no other horse will fill the large hoofprints that she left on my heart the day she died at the age of 33.

  233. Our sweet Blazer……………..

  234. Angel my one and only horse. I begged and begged for a horse and finally my mom let me get one at 17 she was my heart and soul. My friend.

  235. Blaze … Morgan gelding that will forever be in our hearts.

  236. Chief, he was my first horse. I got him when he was 12 and had to put him down a couple yaers ago at age 32. I was in 8th grade when I bought him. I found about him through the farrier of the lady I babysat for. Riding in the summer sometimes stopping under a tree and just laying back on him.

  237. The horse that left a footprint on my heart was a little BLM Mustang. He was sweet and spunky and had a personality like no other. He was a true partner and we bonded beautifully.

  238. Tupper was my best friend and show partner. We traveled all over Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico. When I first brought her home, my husband laughed and called her shag among other names. It took us almost a week to get a halter on her. She won hi point of the nation in halter among other awards. My son showed her when he was 3 years old, she would drop her head right next to him and take little baby steps so he could keep up. She passed away at 5 years old, leaving me a two month old filly. I promised her that I would always take care of her foal and I still have her. The filly became a world champion, pinto champion, and multiple award winner.Tupper also left a perfect heart on her fillys neck, it was a symbol of her love. I will always miss Tupper, but I am glad that she left me a part of her.

  239. Shadyhill

  240. I’ve loved horses all my life. When I was younger, my neighbors had a lovely pasture and several horses. I used to be able to ride with them often. They had a 2 year old filly named Melody. She was almost pure black and the sweetest thing ever. It was my job to go down to the pasture at least twice a week to groom her and spend time with her. She wouldn’t let anyone else near her with a curry brush! Sadly my parents wouldn’t buy her and they had to sell her. Years later, now in Tucson, I worked for a while for a local horse rescue, HEART of Tucson. I spent a lot of time and gave a lot of love and care to several horses. But one, a 17 year old Quarab mare was special. Her name was Britches. I was warned about her affinity for nipping when I first started working with her, and she did leave a few marks. (The lasting one on my arm still has some “stinging” to it when something happens to the president/founder of HEART.) Britches became “my” girl after a while. She was very special to me. Sadly, one day when I went to go give their evening feed, she was down. Through all the attempts to keep her walking, all the shots and aid she was given, I tried to stay with her. The colic was bad, though, and we couldn’t save her. It was one of the most heart wrenching moments I’ve ever felt and one that I would not have missed to be with her in her last moments. There are several horses who are wonderful creatures to be around, and I’ve worked with a lot of them, but Melody was my first horse love and Britches is still close to my heart.

  241. 35 year old Quarterhorse. Still going strong.

  242. The most missed horse friend & family member is Lu Lu’s Dodger Jim. She let me live some of my dreams. I am currently riding one of her grandsons making new memories.

  243. I have hoof prints all over my heart, but our small pony, Sweet Georgia Brown has a place in our home and hearts forever. She was a problem child at a local riding school and was sent to us for training. My daughter loved her and we decided to trade her for a load of hay πŸ™‚ she went on to win the greens for the whole year with my oldest, won champion for the whole year in eventing last year with my third daughter and is now teaching daughter number 6 to post! She is a saint. She can babysit a toddler around the ring, go out cross country FAST and safe, do a flying lead change like nobody’s business, and win every jumping round. She dresses up in camp and loves going around bareback. There is nothing better than a cute grey pony that can keep my kids safe and teach them how to ride for real. Just shows what a little love and time can do. Problem child to superstar! Thanks Georgia, we love you!

  244. I have a special horse who is patient, affectionate, frustrating, handsome, and leaves hoofprints on my heart everyday we share together!

  245. I have alway loved horses. I can remember my first horse was a pony. His name was CoCo. He was chocolate brown with white maine and tail. We went everywhere on him, some places my parents could not see how we could traveled so far in one day. Almost any free minute I was out with him. I don’t think I will ever forget him.

  246. Belle De Paris was a horse that left her mark on the lives of many people. My family had owned shares in her since she was 2 on the track in B.C., She has been in our family as far back as I can remember. When her track career cam to a halt when she was 5 we breed her to Seatle Slew and got an amazing foal out of her, which was later to become my show horse. After her foal we bought her out and retrained her as a riding horse. Crazy at first, due to her need for speed, my mother and I worked had to turn her into an amazing horse. Taking me through the Cadora dressage championships in Windsor Ontario through my youth, then on to the eventing circuit as I got older. When I took her son, Beau, on to train and show, Belle went on with my mother then myself to teach many kids the art of riding and horsemanship. This gentle mare was the cream of the crop and had a heart of gold. Belle even guarded me riding through my pregnancy and taught my son to ride as well. I lost Belle to cancer 4 years ago at the age of 37. She had so much heart she could not bear to leave us till I had to make the decision for her. She will be forever loved and remembered. R.I.P.

  247. It is hard to say which horse has left the prints on my heart and body. We ( my wife and I) have had 5 horses.They all had and have their own stories. JD was a great boy although after many years of laminitis he was retired to the great green pastures of heaven. My first was Deacon and he was a lady’s man and never liked me or men that much. I will say through all the issues I became a better horseman and thank him for that. The one who has made my riding life as much fun and enjoyable is Mocha. She is a genetically Silver Palamino. She is cutting bred and a wonderful little girl. She took me to the 2010 Oklahoma state Ranch Sorting Championships my first year and we finished in 3rd place for the rookie class. Considering the season started in January and we rode our first event in April we did remarkable. Mocha ( AQHA Miss Screen Star) has such a kind and gentle eye and you know when you look at her that she understands whatever your day has been like. There will always be that spot in my heart that says that she is mine and I am hers.

  248. My sweet bay boy, Red Cloud, left hoofprints on my heart and a tattoo on my arm. I miss him so much, but he is always with me in spirit.

  249. I have loved horses all my life and have been fortunate to have owned several wonderful horses. The horse that I’ll remember the most is Nicky, a wonderful, small TWH mare that had “done it all” before I owned her. She was such fun–even for a timid rider like me! I’ll never forget the good times we had.

  250. My dear, paint horse, Scout.

  251. My wonderful old broodmare, Freckles For Sure!!. She has produced some wonderful offsprings. She brought excitement into my life as I choose her perfect matches and watched as their foals went out into the world to become performers!

  252. Each and every one of them leaves a different footprint special in its own way.

  253. Tess fought a battle with Equine Protozoa Myleitis, not common in Idaho, but lost to it five years ago. I still miss her.

  254. Heir Male is still my once in a life time horse, with a presence that feels larger than life when he comes to greet you. He made me a better rider, teaching me many valuable lessons that extend beyond the show to life in general. I feel so fortunate to be his pet person and wish everyone could be so lucky to be touched by a horse in their life of this magnitude. I’m honored to wear these hoofprints on my heart!

  255. There was a horse at Sky Ranch where I used to live and his name was Solomon. I loved that horse so much. He taught me a ton about riding and love and life. And when I was able to buy my own horse I named him Solomon. My Solomon has given me the amazing gift of his heart. And I have given him mine.

  256. I lost my 15 yr old thoroughbred to a brain tumor last yrt. He was the horse
    He step off the van line at a racetrack as a 2 yr old he look
    Directly in my eyes and it was imeadatly bonding at 4 I hated him racing
    Took him off the track and had him trained as a jumper
    He was one of the most personality plus horses and very versatile
    Children rode and showed him along with experienced riders
    He was also a family pet. In all the horses we had none
    We’re as much fun and loving as he was. Missed daily

  257. In high school I had a horse named Cinco. I spent many happy hours with him. When I was out of state at college, he was stolen and never found.

  258. Priscilla Que+// , Half-Arabian/Morgan, at 34 years old continues each day to leave hoofprints on our hearts!!! We are blessed.

  259. I have three paso mares and one paso gelding that i rescued from a horriable life. They were the poorest horses that i have ever seen, and i have seen many horses in my life time. We lived on some big ranches in west Texas so i have been around. We nursed them back to health and have had them now for three years. they are the gentleist horses that i have been around.They put themselves in their own stalls every feeding time. Really lovable horses and so smooth when riding them. Three was so poor when we got them that they still had their baby hair at eighteen monts of age

  260. 25 year old throughbred that was my rodeo queen horse and my roping horse.

  261. Kasha, my half arabian stock horse. She is 32 years old now. Kasha taught my kids to ride and is now doing the same for my granddaughter. She takes such good care of her young charges. She is worth her weight in gold!

  262. The horse that left a hoofprint on my heart is my Arabian “Bo”. When I got him, he was full of piss and vinegar and the most gorgeous thing I’d ever seen. He was a hand full and taught me 1)there is always more to learn 2)love unconditionally 3)where there’s a will there’s a way! I give him credit for giving me the confidence to teach others and share my experiences. My training style comes from his lessons as well: Patience, breath, try again and celebrate. 17 years later, he is 30 years old, almost blind, only has about half his teeth and is still teaching those same lessons to youngsters on my riding program. He has an extensive fan club!

  263. yes his name was Gemstone Shaza 18 hh TB

  264. Not one, but many horses have left hoofprints on my heart. My darling, Danseurs Rafiq, is my boy — my baby, my pride and joy. He loves me unconditionally and never ceases to amaze me with his intelligence and caring nature. Then there are the brood mares — Alia, Lili, Feather, Shimmirra, Lacey, Sadie, Breeze, Katie, Kameo, Spott — each of these mares has shown me caring and compassion. I never cease to learn something new from them each day. The foals make my heart sing as they play in the pasture and learn to be companions and friends to each other, their herdmates, and people. I love them all, feel as though they are my personal family members, mourn when they pass over the rainbow bridge, and rejoice when each foal finds a forever companion and a new home. I have yet to meet a horse I did not like, and very few I do not love. Horses have definitely left a hoofprint on my heart.

  265. Yes old Rusty……..

  266. My horse Sacred Spirit not only left a hoof print on my heart, he is also responsible for giving me the love and support I needed to fight colon cancer. Long story short I came home in March of 2012 from the hospital being given 3-4 days to live. As soon as I got home my husband carried me down to the barn and my neighbor had saddled up Spirit. They carefully lifted me into the saddle and my neighbor walked Spirit very slowly around the arena. I could only go around once but I was able to lean over on Spirit’s neck and cry the tears I had been holding back. Spirit understood something was wrong with me and stood very quietly until I was ready to get off. I would look out my window and he would always be looking up at the house. As I grew stronger and could go down to the barn he was always very gentle with me. I had various machines attached to me and smelled very different but Spirit acted like nothing was different. Having such a strong connection with him made me fight harder to beat this cancer. Now I am cancer free (considered a miracle by the physicians at the Mayo clinic in Rochester) and waiting for spring so Spirit and I can spend more time together. He is a very special horse and I am lucky he chose to live with me.

    Thank you.

  267. I lost my 9 year old tennesee walker arab horse on April 24, 2011. Unfortunately I was working a double shift and had to tell the vet by telephone to put her to sleep. She got caught in fencing, tore her leg to the bone and broke her hip. The vet said it would have been inhumane to keep her alive so I agreed. I took her on many trail rides and trailered to Fort Robinson Nebraska from southern Minnesota. Any of my friends or family could ride her. I am trying to keep from crying as I type this story and I still miss her to this day.