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Horseshoe Bracelet & Necklace Giveway!


Karen DeMarte is giving away 2 pieces to 2 winners!

The first, 4 Horse Shoes Leather Cuff Bracelet is made of fine quality soft chocolate brown leather. The cast pewter horseshoes piece has a hammered texture and has been oxidized, polished and shaped with a gentle curve.


And the second, Peace Love Horses Necklace is a round pendant with a peace sign cast in fine pewter. It has a hand hammered texture and has been oxidized and polished.



We are choosing (1) winner from the comments section here, and (1) winner from our facebook page.   Enter to win twice if you’d like!   Here’s how:  

  • First, go to our *facebook page and click ‘like’.   Pretty simple 🙂 (*If you are on your mobile device, simply go here and ‘like’.)
  • Second, answer this question in the comments section below ““ “Does the month of April bring any horse memories to mind?!”  

We are going to several Horse Expos & Fairs this month; perhaps we will see you there!   Enjoy an interview with the artist, Karen in the paragraphs below…

Get to know the artist Karen DeMarte…

Tell us a bit about yourself/your art!

I taught art in a middle school for 12 years. I had gotten really tired of the school politics and found myself becoming completely uninspired. I was dreaming of making an exit. In 2007, my husband made a career change for the better and without much of a plan I decided I had to “jump ship” and save myself while I had the chance. It was one of the best decisions that I have ever made. I work from my home studio making rustic jewelry in pewter and copper. I sell my work online and also do wholesale work.

Are you a horse lover or horse owner?

I’m a horse owner. I got my first horse when I was 12, but fell in love with horses and started riding when I was 3. Horses have been a constant in my life and I can’t imagine life without them. Unfortunately I lost my beautiful paint in November 2012 and I’m still heartbroken. My Quarter Horse was left behind without his buddy and he is my only horse right now. I enjoy trail riding.

How did you become a metal-working jewelry artist?

While teaching I participated in a pewter casting workshop with a group of art teachers. I had taken a couple jewelry fabricating classes in college but there was something about casting that fascinated me. After taking the workshop, I started playing around with different casting techniques and learning as I went along. I also taught myself how to work with a material called copper metal clay, those pieces are fired in a kiln and become solid copper pieces. As I learned more and became more confident in what I was doing, I began selling my work. I was very surprised to find that others were drawn to my rustic style.

How do your pieces come to life?

Sometimes I sketch out my ideas first, but I usually just start playing around with clay until I have something that I like. Sometimes the final piece is exactly what I had in mind when I sat down with the clay and sometimes it’s completely different.

Do you have a favorite piece that you’ve created?

I have 2 pieces that are my favorites, I made them when I first start casting pewter. One is a silhouette of rearing horse called Wild and Free, the other is a horse head silhouette called Morning Mist. I also make these pieces in copper.

How can people get a hold of you, see more of your work, and become a fan?

I sell my work at My email address is I am not very social media friendly…. I don’t have a face book page, a twitter account or a blog. But I am very grateful for my wonderful customers who have posted their purchases on various sites and sent business my way.


We are choosing (1) winner from the comments section here, and (1) winner from our facebook page.   Enter to win twice if you’d like!   Here’s how:  

  • First, go to our *facebook page and click ‘like’.   Pretty simple 🙂   (*If you are on your mobile device, go here and ‘like’.)
  • Second, answer this question in the comments section below ““ “Does the month of April bring any horse memories to mind?!”  


*We use to choose winners. All entries at are created equal. 😉 Entries close at 9pm (CT) Apr. 30th, 2013. Winners will be announced on May 1st.

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  1. We had an expected baby in 2000. She was a beautiful little bay filly. We still have and she’s great.

  2. Memories in April surround my two heart horses. One was born 4/30/80 and the other 4/28/95. Both gorgeous registered Morgans that had to leave this earth way too soon. I miss them every day.

  3. April if the month of grooming grooming grooming and revealing the new colors…YAY, way FUN FUN jewelry…love it

  4. My horse will be 6 on April 6 and I will be 61 on April 5. I always celebrate our birthdays by trailering out to someplace new.

  5. Most of our foals are born in April, a very “happy month”.

  6. Memories waiting as a child for our first filly to be born not on April fools day 🙂

  7. Spring is the time I start ground work and start riding on a regulat basis after a long winter. Vision and I are in trsining for a Mounted Search and Rescue team so we have alot of work to do.

  8. i trained the first horse i ever trained in april, he was huge poco pines appy almost 17 hands and i had never broke a horse before in my life. junior will always be the first for me.

  9. When I think of past April’s I remember new foals, and lots and lots of hair sticking to me.

  10. My wonderful foundation (TB) stallion, Master Huntsman was foaled on April 20, 1980 and two of his foals, both fillies, out of my foundation mare, Metierofthefield, were born on his birthday back to back. RIP Huntsman, you are missed – 1980-2011.

  11. Spring time and many memories of years of horse events.

  12. Well first unfortunally its the month my dad passed so that is all ways be a memorie for me but the memories of baby goats being born and some of the horse and tack auctions coming up this spring.I guess all the easters when the family had always got together for easter but now nieces and nephews all got together but now everyone lives in different states,but the memories will always be there untill we can all get together again.

  13. Years ago, my daughter worked with her pony to get him ready for jumps. They worked hard and jumped well! April means jumps to me now!

  14. I love the month of April because it’s the beginning of spring. My daughter and I always start trail riding thru the most colorful trails careful not to miss all the pretty sites that nature has to offer

  15. April is Spring in Montana. For me it’s seeing Winter loose it’s grip and give way to hints of green and the warmth of the sun. It’s the farrier pulling in and putting shoes on my riding horses, and the freedom that brings. Not just limited to arena work, with shoes on we can explore. The mountains are our playground. Head to the mountains and see Nature wake up from it’s Winter sleep. Fawns, flowers, the sounds of busy birds. It’s a magical time for me.

  16. One of our horses, Sugar, was born in April. April brings the signs of spring and the resurgence of desires to spend more time with the horses and get ready for the trails!

  17. April is the month when my daughter entered and won champion in her age class at her very first hunter/jumper horseshow. She was 12 years old and rode an older quarter horse cross paint gelding.

  18. The coming of all the baby farm animals, and of course the begining of the mud season.

  19. I remember when our first foal was born at our farm, we bought a mare due in early May and our daughter told us “she’s going to have the baby on my birthday” well sure enough we checked on her around 2am on Taylor’s 5th b-day and she had just been born the first words out of Taylor’s mouth was “see I told you! she was born on my birthday because she’s my present!”

  20. The horse memory that comes to mind when I think of April would be my babies birthday. Our Forest Shade was born on April 10, 2010! She is turning into an amazing mare that is going to be a force to reckon with! Look out gaming you are about to be introduced to the fastest horse around!! 🙂 Well, in my eyes at least.

  21. I just wanted to say that not all of us are on Facebook.


  23. April = shedding, shedding and more shedding ~ let the hair fly 🙂

  24. Secretariat’s loss in the Wood Memorial and se started to doubt…shame on us

  25. April and horses, it gives me hope, it breathes new life into me, spring has begun, the joy and beauty of new foals, truly a beautiful time of year.

  26. 1 April brings to mind a day when I was 7 years old and had my pony on an organized outride. I did not have a halter and lead to tie her up so I was trying to eat lunch while holding her bridle reins! She ate half a meatloaf sandwich and drank a cup of chicken noodle soup! Needless to say, I was the victim of an equine April Fool prank!

  27. April is the month a lot of our foals are born, the beginning of Spring, and new lives coming alive.

  28. The fresh smell of spring and an early morning ride through the meadows.

  29. As a lot of teenage girls, I wanted to have a horse of my own. I finally was given a half QH and half pony. His name was Misty. I loved him – his mane and my hair matched. I loved to ride him and go on picnics by myself. I can remember riding him in the spring, in the month of April, with everything having just turned green, soaking up the beautiful sunny day. Back then we did not have cell phones so had no weather app to watch or tell me of an approaching shower. Yes, it began to rain, lightly at first, then it became heavy. Misty knew just the perfect place where the brush was dense enough to keep us from being soaked. We waited out the rain that day in the underbrush. Misty was my best friend. =)

  30. April is a month of new beginnings – many foals over the past years!!

  31. April brings coaling memories! Great time of year. Have 2 foals coming in April

  32. Really hope I win!!!

  33. In 1976 I took the first horse I had ever trained by myself to his first horse. We earned a third and a fourth. My ground crew… 95 year young Grandmother. Every year April brings back the memories and the stories.

  34. April brings memories of more time and nicer weather to ride horses.

  35. April for me this year means new beginnings, new horses and new partnerships 🙂

  36. The start of Spring Clinics!! (I am a junkie,,,learn, learn,learn–ride, ride,ride)

  37. Would love to win.

  38. April usually means the start of horse show season for us. Can’t wait for my first show of the year.

  39. April always brings to mind a vision of laying in on soft grass on a warm day, near enough to a foal also laying down that I can hear their breath in and out and smell that special, wonderful foal smell, and their mother munching on grass nearby. One of the most peaceful and magical moments I can imagine, and all brought on with thinking of the month of April.

  40. I grew up with horses and have loved them since I could walk and talk , my kids have rodeo and my husband is a horse shoer so horses play a big part of our lives, April is when you can open the barn doors take a deep bearth and say spring is here , and everything seems to look new and fresh and you know it don’t get better then this

  41. April brings the sights of the broodmares getting heave in foal for sprin to finally arrive and the new crop of babies to arrive. The promise that there is light at then end of winter tunnel.

  42. My wonderful horse Slide was foaled in April. I love all the new baby animals and flowers. 🙂

  43. I love going to the first Spring Shows in April!

  44. April always brings memories of “revving up” for riding in the Northwest. Our hours of sunlight increases and hours of rain decreases so we can spend more time with our four footed friends out on the trails!

  45. The Month of April reminds me that April Showers bring May Flowers, the snow is melting in the Cascades and in June I will be able to drive to my favorite camping spot to see what the Taylor Bridge Fire damaged.

  46. Yes, it brings reminds me of how hard the winter’s toll on my body was.
    Getting back in the saddle after several months off is often quite a task!

  47. April- horse hair everywhere and in my mouth. My horses loving being curried and scratching all their itches.

  48. Definetly nice to be back in the saddle again after long winters.

  49. April is the month that I got my mare Foxy tow years ago after being away from horses for about 20 years.

  50. My Orphan foal was born in the month of April 3 years ago. RIP chicky

  51. April 1 was the day my filly was born. She entered this world thinking she was the diva…and she is. She just gets better every day!

  52. My first filly was born 4/18/76 on Easter Sunday. I had wanted a palomino so much, and that’s just what Annie was. She turned into to the most beautiful of horses. I was so into this foal, participated in the breeding, talking to her mama’s tummy through the pregnancy and practically living at the barn when the due date neared, that my friends threw me a baby shower! Lots of gifts, like little halters and leads, horse treats and of course, a cake. April always feels exciting, a new season with new life all around, and of course adorable foals to love.

  53. April brings memories of my mare, Lady (RIP). With all the mud puddles, she didn’t like to get her hooves dirty! Lol

  54. Always! When we had race horses it was baby time. April seemed to be the month, and I so loved watching the babies frolick in the pastures..

  55. April reminds me of when we were kids. Of how anxious we were to be riding all the time. We would even ride our horses in the rain. It reminds me of wearing more hair than my horse from all the grooming. April is like when the world has its do-over. Everything is fresh and new and beautiful.

  56. april always reminds me of my favorite time with horses. the start of a new year full of possibilities and riding opportunities. spring is a time for new beginnings and april brings new foals on the ground and more hours spent in the saddle.

  57. Barbaro! His real birthday was 4/29!

  58. April in Minnesota means getting anxious to start trail riding. This year feels like Winter will NEVER end!

  59. April reminds me that schools almost out and that means more time to ride and branding seasons around the corrner!!

  60. April riding reminds me of the happiness of life as everything is beginning to come back to life after a long cold winter.

  61. April is the month when one of our horses saved my daughter’s life many years ago. Way too much snow and we had to ride out for kids to get to school. So had to pick and choose where we went but was hard to tell cause of all the snow. Anyway we were going thru a creek and she went a little to the side of where we crossed and went into a deep channel. I yeld for her to hang on and the horse she was riding went down but she stayed with him. He worked his way around until he came out of the channel with her still aboard. She was pretty little and very scared but he did everything he could to keep her aboard. Scary for a Mom to watch and feel so helpless but he took care of her and I am so thankful.

  62. I live in Georgia and April in the deep South means tornado season! Horse owners have to be prepared and keep their eyes on the weather for the protection of their horses. One particular April it was very warm and muggy, around 88 degrees and the tornado watches had already gone out for our county. I quickly put our two horses, Lucky and Snow, into the barn and headed into our house to wait out the storm. The weather radio went off again, this time with a tornado warning for our rural area. The hail had started to fall by the time I looked out the window for one last glance at the barn. My husband and I got ourselves and our daughter to safety. As we we listened to the hail and the howling wind I was so worried about the horses being hurt and the barn getting blown away. Thankfully, we only had hail and the wind! When the storm subsided, I ran out the door to the barn, and what do you know, there Lucky and Snow calmy stood in their stalls munching hay, totally oblivious to the weather! It turned out that the tornado went south of our farm and the horses must have sensed that the whole time! They are better judges of weather then we are!

  63. April reminds me of our foals being born and my first horse as a teenager was born in April. My mother and sister were both born in April. It is the month of new growth and great expectations, new life.

  64. The best April memory is using multiple brushes, shedding combs, & curry combs, to help finish my horses spring shedding.
    Plus to make sure they don’t find the red clover, again.

  65. Reminds me of the start of the show season and shedding! New shiny coats are coming in, making for a great summer horse 🙂

  66. April is the month that you realize how much your horse remembers from the year before after having the winter off. This April is like no other. Looking forward to the opening of the park system in MN.

  67. Back when i took riding lessons, they would always started in April. My riding lesson was the highlight of my week, so April definitely brings back good memories of learning how to ride!

  68. April is the month of babies around here. It seems to come in cycles. The goats start giving birth and the horses that were bred the year before start to appear. This year we have two grey roans, one black beauty, one little long legged golden fire girl and the most beautiful little paint girl I have ever seen. Makes me happy yet a little sad, because the April babies won’t come around until April after next. But we will have all these wonderful one year olds to keep us bury!

  69. The month of April is beautiful in Texas and it reminds me of the wonderful opportunity to have horses in my life. Twelve years ago I was a successful, business woman, mother of three sons and wife but not happy. I was diagnosis with depression and Hypothyroid Disease which left me exhausted. One beautiful, April morning,a friend called and invited me to join her for the day. We drove out to a wonderful to a wonderful Therapeutic Riding Center. Watching the horses help others and getting back into the saddle was just what I needed. I became a volunteer and trained others to lead, side walk, groom and tack our horses. Five years ago, I traded my heels for boots and bought a few acres to gentle and train adopted Curly Mustangs that are gathered from the Bureau of Land Management. April will always remind me how lucky I was to have a great friend who helped me find what was missing in life, our wonderful, equine friends.

  70. April reminds me of the first time that I ever fell off of any horse. It was kind of a nasty fall because my horse ended up stepping on my leg after I fell off. Luckily though the ground was soft and muddy! I will never stop getting back on because I love feeling the special bond between my horse and I!

  71. April is that month that we have waited for all winter, and then all of a sudden sweat and flys appear out of nowhere, lol…

  72. April reminds me of all the work I have ahead of me to get ready for the next winter. It also reminds me how out of shape I got :p

  73. I adore horses and Spring. I love all the grooming and hair and mud. Lol. The last time I rode my mare, MLS Little Jan, was last April. We had a wonderful day of riding and just enjoying God’s beauty. Not long after that wonderful day I found out she was having trouble seeing. After several trips to the vet we found out she is going blind. She is not totally blind yet, but close enough to where I do not feel it is safe to trail ride her anymore. I do miss our rides,but there is always the wonderful time I can spend with her on the ground. Just grooming and spending time with her. There is nothing better than the smell of a horse in Spring. Horses are definitely a way of life.

  74. April is when my horse Koda was born. I was headed to the MN Horse Expo and my cell phone rings and my friend says Ginger had a beautiful baby palamino. Obviously as I wasnt to far I turned back to go see my new baby horse.

  75. My little Shetland miniature Freckles was born in April – I got her in October just 5 month and a week old. She was so little and so frightened. Now she is the cheekiest pony in the field

  76. Springtime memories are the long awaited trees and flowers blooming and it warming up so I could go ride my horses and be warm! Brushing all the winter hair and being covered with it and then galloping across the fields breathing in the smells of springtime! Thanking Gid for the blessing of my horse and the warmer and beautiful weather!

  77. April brings my wedding anniversary, my youngest daughter’s birthday and my oldest daughter’s wedding anniversary and the birth of my Ossie…the first time I bred a horse (my mare) …..he is still such a joy….nothing like catching him sliding out of his momma and having him stand and wobble over and lay in my lap before even going to his momma….great memory!

  78. April is my birthday and my beautiful boy Regis’ birthday too. We have been through allot together, survived a horrible riding accident together. April always reminds me of a fresh start in the spring. We love to go play in the water in the fields, trail ride all over the neighboring farm land. It’s an exciting time of year, start of the show season and the promise of an exciting and fun spring:)

  79. April is a reminder that my first colt was coming to this world, I had never had any breeding experience. It was a tough month up and down, sleeping in chairs watching his momma. Once I laid eyes on such divine beauty, I felt like I had fallen in love for the first time; the prettiest colt I had ever seen. I could not think of any other way to start spring.

  80. Too many memories both happy n sad. Had to put down the stallion I rescued in 2006 but then find out a made he covered once n who was pronounced not in foal actually is

  81. April…the start of a new season and life is good!

    • The month of April brings horse memories of having some of the most beautiful spring rides in our mountain park of our Equestrian Community that I live in. Lots of spring flowers, green grass and newly growing leaves off of large trees 🙂

  82. April is when foals are born , riding and training in warmer weather, enjoying the great outdoors with your favorite horse enjoying the sights and smell of a fresh looking spring

  83. New foals being born. Them romping in the fields running their mothers around. lol

  84. April brings memories of 2011 when my oldest grandaughter and I went to Sante Fe, New Mexico to visit my dear fried that was ill. We took her to the horse rescue ranch were she use to work to uplift her spirits. Today she is back work at that same rescue center. Something that we thought would never happen.

  85. Start of a new show season and new babies on the ground!

  86. April means no more riding with a winter coat and enjoying the outdoors again! My horse and I love it 🙂

  87. I have two birthdays in April.My first one was my first miniature pony{Cloud],he was born on April 16,2003,my second was my first mule{Jasper],he was born on April 15,2010.We celebrate with carrots and apples.

  88. My most memorable time in April was horseback riding in the state forest. One of my friends horses decided to walk me into a tree limb which knocked me off of her and into the river….Everyone was laughing! I never laughed so hard in all my life. We took his horses only because mine were kinda grumpy that day due to being in their girly time of the month.

    It was a beautiful ride up the mountain until that moment though…. 🙂

  89. This is going to sound silly but Mud and horse hair! Loved watching my horses roll in the April showers created mud and then shedding thier winter coats out to see thier sleek, shiny summer coats! I am horseless for the first time in 15 years and i miss those things!

  90. Love that bracelet! It is really cool!

  91. April is the main start of horse show season in my part of the country so I am excited to get the show year started!!

  92. April brings to mind rainy horse shows and riding in muddy pastures/ arenas. It is the month where I really look forward to riding outside in warmer weather! It is also a busy time preparing for the summer show season kickoff.

  93. April brings memories of renewal. All the fresh grass and flowers. But most of all the beginning of the year where my leased horses and I would begin preparing for the new show season- a renewal of our bond and companionship.

  94. April is the month when my little Connemara foal was born. Its a month of birth and rebirth- and a harbinger of summer on the horizon. I love this time of year.

  95. I love these pieces. Thanks for the chance to win! 🙂

  96. Good time to finally get to the outdoors arena’s to do some roping instead of being indoors all winter.

  97. I can remember going out to the local Arabian farm as a child on Sundays to see all the foals that had been turned out in the fields. I know they used to hire extra people each year in the spring just to help turn them out on the weekends, as people would line up for a least a mile on each side of the road just to see the mares and foals. Now I live in Lexington, and again get to see the foals in the fields. Got to love living in horse country.

  98. April is such a great month for foals to be born. Working in equine reproduction, I get the joy of seeing foals come into the world first hand, and when that world is green and lush and the weather is starting to warm up, nothing else could be better. My two year old colt out of my favorite mare and a very cherished but now deceased stallion was born April 16, 2011. Also, the weather is absolutely perfect for doing anything horseback.

  99. April brings to mind celebrating my daughters birthday by going to the Equine Affaire. Having that mutual love have horses has strengthened our bond and carried us through the tough times.

  100. Easter weekend is usually the first camping weekend of the spring. We look forward to that weekend all winter.

  101. April reminds me of my childhood pony mare. She had a new foal every year in April. Her name was Daisey a sorrel and white paint. She had some nice ponies. Misty, Warpaint,Melody,Gypsy were a few of them. I loved you all!

  102. Hoosier Horse fair is in April, A tradition with my kids. I traveled 800 miles to go with my daughter this year, huge tradition!

  103. April showers bring May flowers, LOVE to smell those flowers on a trail ride❤