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Equibet Giveaway! Win beautiful horse inspired photo artwork for your home!



Thanks for participating!   Winners will be announced NOV. 21st.   Stay tuned…!


We just discovered Equibet on facebook and fell in love with their artwork!   So much so that we decided to launch our blog-giveaway series with a free custom-made poster from Equibet Photography! Equibet makes word-based posters out of horse inspired photos that resemble letters of the alphabet.   Think it’s brilliant?   We think so too!   Not only is the idea fabulous, but the photography is beautiful and creative.

All you have to do to *enter to win is answer this question in the comment section of our blog…

If you win the Equibet giveaway, what word would you choose to be displayed on your walls?

The lucky winner will be announced on Nov. 21st.   Comments will be closed at 10pm Nov. 20th.   Have fun!   But first, we took a few minutes to get to know Equibet Photography’s creator Jan Taylor…


Tell us a bit about yourself!

 I was born and raised in the U.K. now living in SC. I have a very understanding husband, two beautiful daughters, four horses, two dogs (rescues), seven cats (5 of them are rescues), three chickens, three Koi and a broken tractor as the wheel fell off while my youngest daughter was driving it 😉 I guess you could say I’ve been a horse lover since about the age of 2 as apparently I had this huge push-a-long horse on wheels that I insisted on sleeping with every night. I have always dabbled in photography but started getting serious about it four years ago. I’m now a Professional Photographer mainly specializing in photographing what I love … horses!

What inspired you to create word-based posters out of horse related photos?

Just over two years ago I came across a vendor who was taking photos of architectural elements that resembled letters and creating words with them. I spent many sleepless nights, hours, weeks and months trying to think of equine items that did the same.

How long did it take you to build up your library of photos for each letter of the alphabet?

Approximately six months. I am extremely lucky to have very patient and supportive friends who would ride for me while I took hundreds of shots of their horse’s legs trying to get that perfect “N” “M” etc. There were many trips to many barns too and then I would have to return as the angle of a shot I had taken just wasn’t quite right. Did I say I have very patient friends? The library of photos will be a continual work in progress as I plan on taking many more photos to include all disciplines and want to concentrate on more artistic shots.

Were there any letters you found particularly challenging?

There were quite a few! The K’s, N’s, Z’s and R’s were challenging. My goal was to get five shots of each letter without manipulating items to form them. I have to admit I pushed the strap of the spur just a little bit!

What is your favorite photo?

I have quite a few but I would say my absolute favorite artistically is the Z on the stall door with the moody lighting.


So, how about it?

ENTER TO WIN by answering this question in the comments section below:     If you win the Equibet giveaway, what word would you choose to be displayed on your walls?

Good luck!

“Dressage” by Equibet Photography

“I {heart} Horses” by Equibet Photography

*We use to choose winners. All entries at are created equal. 😉

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  1. If I was lucky enough to win, I would get the word ‘horses’ because I’m not lucky enought to own my own horse – still working on convincing my husband we need a horse 🙂

  2. If I won, I’d choose either “Scout” in honor of my first horse (a beautiful paint who gave me many show-wins and lots of amazing summer fun in my teenage years) or “Valero” for my arabian bay who gives me such sweet love…


      • That is beautiful! You have a blessed life and God willing, you will win!

      • I choose the word friendship. My horses have been the support I needed on many occasions, physically and emotionally. They are my touchstones to keeping balance in my life.

    • The word I choose is RESCUE because that is what I do. I rescue everything much to my husbands chagrin. It is something I think everyone if possible should do. At this time my wonderful volunteers and I have 3 dogs, 6 cats, 1 blind horse named Snowball, 5 with intermittent lameness issues named Doc,Jasper, Strawberry (Berries for short),Hank,Azucar, some looking for their forever home named Cody, Yenko, Roman and some permanent residents named Missy, Butters,Elie (short for elephant), Penny, Prinz, Bea, Solai. They range in age from 2 to 30.What a happy place.

    • I would choose “Penny”. She is the pony I won at fair one year by writing an essay. She was the first pony/horse I have ever owned and means a lot to me!

    • I would choose the word A Blessing for our horses are indeed a Blessing from God and his mighty hands.

    • Information that was helpful and informative about the equine industry and the aniaml , passed along.

    • I would love to win the poster that reads “Dressage”. I would gift the item to my trainer who has taught me the language of my horse. She is truly a gift to me, and helps my relationship with my horse every time we ride with her. She is struggling in the current economy, but has a smile and words of encouragement for each of her students.

  3. I would choose Jacob, for my 23 year old half arab- saddlebred who has given me 23 years of devotion, kindness and love. When my life gets crazy, he is my piece of mind… I am a lucky person to have him…

  4. If I win, I’d want my poster to read RIDE ON!

  5. Courage

  6. If I won I’d choose Eclipse my 6 yr old Miniature Horse stallion cause he always makes me laugh.

  7. It would have to be Citgo. This is the name of my daughter’s favoritive horse.

  8. My word is “THANKFUL”. Because I’m so thankful that I have my horse Raven. She is truly a gift.

  9. I’d put up my new friend, Buddy my Haflinger, who 5 minutes after being brushed and groomed and lookin good is legs up like a big ol dog rolling around in the muddiest part of his area he can find.

  10. Jump for Joy

  11. Thankful

  12. Kaylee Jo

  13. I would get one of my horse’s name (Baxter)! I have had him for almost 6 years and we have had some hard times, and some good times, and it would be a great way to remember him by for years to come.

  14. I would chose Equidream. The place where my daughter rides. It truly has changed her life. She has gone from a quiet shy young girl to a confident equestrian. I would love to say thanks to our barn for all they do. This would be just a small way to say how much they are appreciated.

  15. If I were to win I would choose the word “Welcome” to hang above the door way in my entry hallway! Beautiful work and wonderful idea!

  16. If I were to be selected. I would put “FREEDOM” because that is what my horse, Lacey, makes me feel when I ride her

  17. If I won, my word would be “HOPE” in honor of the equine rescue that i founded some three years ago and all of the horses that we have helped save and rehome into forever loving families!

  18. I choose “possibilities” because every day with horses is full of them.

  19. I would choose my farm name Jasmine Farm (:

  20. If I win, I would like the name of our horse rescue spelled out:

    H.O.P.E. Acres Rescue


  21. I would use the words, Trail Ride! My favorite thing to do with my son, my nephew, my sister and me! (and of course our equine buddies!)

    Love your work!
    Thanks Horse Digest for the opportunity to win from Equibet!

  22. PASSION because that’s what riding is all about!

  23. I would choose the word “Scheel” and give it as a gift to my sister-friend Gayle!

  24. Sunsetrun! Just looking at it, I would imagine running off into the sunset on the horse of my dreams!

  25. If I won, I would want I <3 Mares

  26. I would choose Oleson


  28. I would choose Mowbray. The name of my stoic gelding.

  29. I would love to have the word “dream”. Thanks Horse Digest!

  30. “Lovelies”

  31. I would choose the name ‘Avery’ for my friend’s grandchild

  32. TRUST – you have to have trust in your life with people and animals.

  33. Clement

  34. I would like for my word to be “obedience” if I should win.
    thank you for offering this.

  35. I would want “just ride” on my wall.

  36. I would put Hoofprints!

    • only one phrase……. ‘tally ho’

  37. DREAM

  38. Peacefulness…is the one word.

  39. I would choose the word “Family” because my horses are my family.

  40. I would put THOROUGHBRED! after my fzvourite breed.

  41. i’d want my last name

  42. Ponies – because I’ve been riding ponies for 40 years and now my daughter does too. I love their heart and cheekiness, and their ability to keep up with the big boys!

  43. I would choose LUCKY! I am so lucky that I found my horse, Yogi. I waited a long time to finally buy my own horse, and so glad that Yogi and I found each other. He makes me happy every day!

  44. If I were to win, I would choose the word :
    Because when you believe, you can do anything!

  45. If I was chosen I’d like mine to read “Trail Advocate” because that’s what defines me. If you don’t advocate to keep trails open sooner or later we won’t have anywhere to ride.

  46. If I win this great gift, I’d choose the wording “Ride & Slide” to discribe my passion for the reining game!! 🙂

  47. I would choose HOME because anywhere my horse is, that is where I feel at home.

  48. Pippin is the word I’d choose. The name of my mighty miniature stallion. Only I’d like each P to be a different image.

  49. Serenity cause my horse brings me peace and tranquility and an escape from reailty

  50. HORSELIFE or FREEDOM – can’t choose just one.

  51. Welsh

  52. I would like the word WESTERN, since we live in Oregon

  53. Shults. I met a lady who is now my best friend. She taught me everything I know about horses. She helped me find my horse too. She told me to get Horse Digest magazine. She said it is the best and very helpful magazine. We have now been best friends 10 years. She is ten years older than me and I’m in my mid fifties. So you are never too old to start riding. Thanks

  54. if i won i would call it a day at the farm it is a wonderful picture or pictures of what happens every day at the farm

  55. I would choose “Believe”. Believe in yourself, your abilities, your horse, your horse’s abilities, achieving your dream, and that anything is possible.

  56. Brudder My daughter would love to get her pony’s name in art!

  57. I would chose the word “journey” since life with horses is just that. Some days you get lost but then find your way back on the road and had the chance to experience something wonderful

  58. I think my word would be SMILE. It is such an important part of getting through each day. I always try to think about the moments that make me smile.

  59. I lost my horse in July, and her name was Promise. I’d want to use that for the poster.

  60. I would choose “Friesians,” for my father-in-law’s friesian farm. He just suffered a massive stroke this year and I think he would like that.

  61. I would choose “Sylvia” my horses name, because she is my once in a lifetime horse.

  62. Jumper

  63. My word would be “Madeline”! My 3 year old horsey Grand-daughter who has already shown at the Morgan World Championship! What a super unique thing to hang in her room! Something to cherish forever!!!

  64. I would use my young horses name “Biscotti”

  65. If I were to win I would have a picture of my daughter in law, Amanda, with our weanling Dunn With Heathens at the APHA World show. They did not place well mostly because of the weanling’s unique color (Perlino) but they were both great none the less. This would be a way to encourage both of them to continue on despite being a “horse of a different color”

  66. I would like to have a photo that would say “My Kindom for a Horse”.

  67. I would want Stetson for my horse.

  68. I would put Ohana on my wall. Ohana means family. I have a beautiful family and we all enjoy our horses!

  69. Levi

  70. Cowgirl up

  71. “ODDBALL” A unique breeding stock paint mare whom I raised from a weanling and who has survived though strangles, a cut coronary band, a bone chip removal surgery and other smaller issues. She turns 10 yrs old in 2013 and is still the sweetest, most adorable horse I’ve ever owned. I gave her the name “Oddball’s a Miracle” as a weanling and she has been just that!

  72. Chrome would be my choice

  73. I would write FAITH because it is the core value of the lifestyle with horses. Faith in God, in yourself and in your equine companion will lead you on path of a long happy relationship with horses.

  74. I’d go with Imagine. It’s part of my granddaughters filly’s name “I Can Only Imagine”. She is special to us, as she had a fight for her life with Guttural Pouch Tympany in her first few weeks of life. Her surgery was successful and now Emiley can just imagine the possibilities of the future with her POA filly.

  75. I would have to go with BEAUTIFUL! They are all so very beautiful!

  76. If I was lucky enough to win, I would feature my rescue horse Eros. This horse is everything his name stands for and I am blessed that he saved me!

  77. MAKES ME SMILE When I feel down or sad all I have to do is go out and be with my horses for awhile and they always make me laugh. I have a Morgan gelding that is a real character. Always doing something funny.

  78. If I won, I would have the word Equestrian made on the print. It embodies what all of strive to be recognized as.

  79. Love – Horses = unconditional love

  80. I would honor my first horse that I was given. He was 6 yrs old and I was 44 yrs old. His name was Heartstopper and he was a big, beautiful bay Morgan/TN Walker crossand. I was able to love and enjoy him until he passed at age 22. By honoring him, I honor all those that were with him and after him. I still have 12. If not Heartstopper then Rocket in honor of my first pony. He was at least 42 yrs old when he died in 1999 and we were fortunate enough to enjoy him in his later years as he was at least 36+ yrs old when we got him. We don’t know his real age but a former owner saw him at a show with my granddaughter in 1995 and knew the pony as he had been her son’s pony when he was 6 yrs old and her son was 42 then. Whatever I chose it would be in honor of the ones we have and the ones we had that have passed. Could also use the words Home At Last since I have a rescue too in that 12

  81. When I think of home, it’s not a comfortable couch or a tv and a kitchen stocked with junk food. When I think of home, what comes to mind is the barn I keep my quarter horse freckles in. It houses the most comfortable saddles, attends endless shows and has plenty of ribbons and trophies to prove it and most importantly it’s never low on grain, hay and yummy fresh apples. To be able to hang this beautiful artwork in my barn would be overwhelmingly incredible. Thus, to sum it all up, I’d suggest the word home. A word with more meaning and feeling than most inspirational words.

  82. Jazzy Mystique, my horse’s registered name. She’s my first horse that I purchased in my 40’s when she was 5. She is now 17 and I am so blessed to have this wonderful and beautiful creature in my life. She is the ultimte life teacher/coach!

  83. I teach middle school science. Our theme for the past few years has been modeled after a positive behavior model. This year’s emphasis is on RESPECT for self, community, and others. I would love to have RESPECT pictures of horse theme objects, my students would not be surprised as they know my horse is my therapist!

  84. I would choose the word BELIEVE….I have had some fairly hard times in my life, and believing in myself, and believing that everything works out well, kept me going. The same for my mule, Ruby. She had a rough start, and when she and I came together in 2008, we began to teach each other. We learned tenacity, strength, humor, peace, and joy. We raised each other’s confidence level to new heights. We learned to stand up for ourselves and know that we are beautiful and strong. I don’t mean to sound corny, but it’s true. She is my best friend. I call her my personal “Yoda” : ) Thank you. Your photography is beautiful and clever.

  85. Wonderful idea, beautiful pictures. I would pick ” Saddle Up”

  86. If I were lucky enough to win I wpuld have it say “family” because there’s nothing more beautiful or valuable to me than family. Thats something I’d love to portray in such a unique and fitting way for our home.

  87. Sprinkles

  88. Forever

  89. If I win I would want it to say – James Farm

  90. I would put the word “Athlete” because that’s what a horse in training is.

  91. Ranger. He is the starving horse that I could not save that inspired me to start my rescue. “Ranger’s Legacy Equine Rescue” opened it’s doors in November of 2011 because of this brave horse.

  92. So many great ideas on this blog, but know I would want the name of my farm/ranch: Galla Creek.

  93. I would love to have the word “courage” in horse symbols. Riding is all about having the courage to follow your dreams.

  94. I would want the name of my 1st & best horse “Miss Tripper” as my wall design. She took care of me, won me more ribbons than I can count and taught me that courage, perseverance, love & loyalty are the most important things in life. She was with me for nearly 20 yrs and passed at the ripe old age of 38. My other choice would be “Just shoe it” in honor of my fella who is a farrier…

  95. It would def be Timber my one and only, I started riding in my 40s after a lifetime of loving horses, bought this little arab gelding at the age of 3 , sight unseen! He was supposed to be greenbroke…. needless to say I was drug , thrown an smashed butt finally with alot of time and patience on both of our parts and 3 broken fingers later he is the most amazing, willing and loving pony I have ever known, and always my best friend! 🙂

  96. I would like the word “EQUUSMART” To me it means “horse Sense” I have used it as my internet name for over 15 years.

  97. If I win I want it to say Paint#1 for my great horse Paint.

  98. I would name it “My Life”.

  99. I would simply use the word FRIENDS because our horses are our friends. It also takes friends to help us enjoy our horses.

  100. I love these. At Pinto World we purchased one that said Dad on it for my husband from the boys. If I won, I would put the words “Showtime” on it to put on the wall with all of our win photos

  101. Comment


  103. I would like the word Andy for my poster.

  104. I would choose “Wonderland” for our farm which is Wonderland Friesians.

  105. “Saddle Up” would be my choice.

  106. I would use my last name SHIVERS

  107. The letter “S” for Snazzy, the best horse I have ever had the privledge to be entrusted to me. I miss him dearly every day.

  108. ROLAND would be my choice if I was lucky enough to be chosen!!!

  109. PONIES

  110. WHITWORTH is my choice…..

  111. If I was to win I’d have the word ‘PITSOS” My last name. Horses have been my life. They inspire me every day.

  112. BELIEVE

  113. Ducati CH in honor of my wonderful partner and teacher.

  114. I would do “Persevere” because every horse owner and rider (including me!) has gone through times when if I hadn’t persevered my goals with my horses could never have been achieved.

  115. I would put “Sacrifice”

  116. I would choose “courage” as my word.

  117. Oh if I won..I would choose the name Mollnar for my daughter and son in law to put in their new home. They are both horse crazy and have so many horses it would be too hard to choose a horses name. They have so many rescues and love them all!!!

  118. I would pick “Saddlebred” love their perky little ears <3

  119. LOVE

  120. dance

  121. Comment

  122. “Happiness”…because that is what I feel being near horses.

  123. Happiness

  124. I’d choose HARMONY, that is worth being reminded of for everything in our lives but especially horses!

  125. If I won, I would like my SE Arabian Stallion’s name which is “Aga Gamaan” which means lordly, majestic and it descibes him perfectly. He is a solid white stallion that is so very sweet but he still has such a stately and bold look about him. He has won so many honors, shows and he is only 12 yrs old. He is a once in a lifetime horse and is loved by all who know him.

  126. I would choose the word “Journey” as it the greatest part of having horses.. it is a constant journey to learn about them, train and of course ride them… I am truly blessed to be on this journey.. 🙂

  127. Love, because of my daughters love and devotion to her ponies.

  128. I would put “Inspire”. Through good times and bad, my horses are what inspire me to hold my head up and always give my best.

  129. I would choose TouchOfGrey which was the show name of my first horse. He was an amazing animal who battled cancer for five years, but still kept a good attitude the whole time.

  130. If I were to win your contest I would have the word “Family” done. Having it done with the horse letters gives it a double meaning. Our love for our horses means they are part of our family and our love for our family. It would really have a deep emotional meaning for me.

  131. I would use the word:
    Equanimity It is a word that is used in Eastern traditions to describe a state of Serenity. I like it because it uses the root word for horse – Equus and describes how I feel around horses – Serene…thus Equanimity.

  132. hoof beats to my heart

  133. BLESSED

  134. HORSE.


  136. In one word (good) “Therapy”

  137. Your work is awesome! I would put Happiness. thanks.

  138. I love my Gypsy Horses so my word would be “gypsy”

  139. I would love one with the word “Montana”, last best place to live and full of horses!

  140. If I won, I would choose ‘Braun’ for my friend’s beautiful companion and show horse that was put to sleep at 24 years old. He taught my daughter how to ride better and show and my friend has been absolutely lost without him. My daughter hasn’t been the least bit interested in showing since he’s been gone. This horse was so much larger than life! I find myself thinking about him and he’s been gone close to two years.

  141. I would get the word ” Laughter ” — as that is what my Comet provides for us every day!

  142. If I won, I would use the word BIG O, for the name of horse ranch I am going to have some day.

  143. I would have the word HOME! Home is signified by our horses and our lives with them. They are the wind beneath our sails and the every beat of our hearts as we love them so much. They make us who we are and are proud to be. Home is where our hearts and horses are. They are one in the same.

  144. Horses

  145. I would like the word “Ride”. I think your photography is fabulous!!!

  146. If I won I would use the word “NEVER IMAGINED” I never thought I would show in a barback class Let alone ride Bareback.Was in a truck roll over.Just over a yr ago and got some good injuries.That I am still working on healing

  147. Love

  148. My sister lives to jump; I would love to have a picture that says “Jump” for her. ~Emily~

  149. If it is possible to do a name, I would like “Allison”

  150. “Equitation”

  151. Heaven Sent!

  152. Equitation

  153. I would use the word Faith as that is what gets me through every day and the word that describes my relationship with my 7 horses.

  154. Forever, horses have beautiful grace u have a bond that makes last forever . That is one of greatest creations to beable to ride and feel free . Is the greatest feeling ever

  155. If I win the I would choose the word “WELCOME” because all rescue animals are welcome to live at my ranch.

  156. I would put “Twohearts”.

  157. If I win I would want “Cowgirl” for that is what I truely am. I have grown up with the love of horses forever.

  158. I’d love to have one that said HORSE CRAZY! 🙂

  159. Well first off this would be a great birthday present (my birthday is the drawing date!!) Depending on how many letters are allowed i would do LLB Performance Horses 🙂 but if thats to long I would probably do Butler, which is my last name 🙂

  160. “Cowboy” for my cowboy who inspires and encourages me every day.

  161. Thank you for the wonderful chance to win this awesome prize.
    If I won I would choose “Believe”

  162. My word would be “HONESTY”. That is what I think of when I look at
    my wonderful horses.

  163. Hi Jan. Love your artwork! I would have the word “Heart” as my wall art. It would be a grand reminder as to the love of this sport and our horses.

  164. If I won I would put kindness

  165. I would chose “Up And Over”. My daughter’s motto for jumping.

  166. If i won, i would choose “happiness” because Horses make me happier than anything in life.. .since i was a very little girl. I always say “i’m happiest on horseback”.

  167. Morgan. My “big girl” is a Morgan They can do “it all”. Their numbers do not reflect their talents

  168. I’d like the word “Danny” because that’s the name of my riding horse.

  169. I love donkeys and mules. I have a mini and a standard donkey at home, and they are the greatest!! They also keep my little goats safe. They are very protective. And they bray at me every time I go out to the barn! They make me smile!

    • I would put “Hee-Haw!” I love donkeys
      Sorry, I submitted wrong the first time. 🙁

  170. I would choose the word PASSION, and hang it in the viewing room of our barn. 🙂

  171. Trailride – So much adventure, beauty and kinship!

  172. My sign would need to say Miniature because these little guys are changing the world, one heart at a time! They offer everything a large horse does, the feel, the smell, and the love, all for pennies on the dollar. They also have such compassion for each other and for the people who own them. They are the ultimate therapy animal, sensing someone’s need for a velvet nose to touch and a warm breath to ease their souls. Their gentle spirits are so trainable and versatile…to know one is to love one!

  173. I would choose “Kolby”, he is my awesome equine partner!

  174. Duchess Farm, the name of our farm.

  175. Amazing abundance!

  176. I would put “BELIEVE”. Because if you believe in your own abilities and you believe in your horse, nothing is impossible. I’ve seen it first hand, with myself when I was a girl riding, today with my mare, and with my daughter as she rides and learns. It’s applied every day.

  177. I would choose GiddyUp

    I passion is riding, do as much as possible, love horses.

  178. I would choose “Gracie”. She was my first horse. She is a black and white paint that I adpoted. She was a rescued horse.

  179. Freedom

  180. The word I would choose is ‘Friends’. Horses aren’t my whole life but they make my life whole.

    • ASPIRE is my word of choice! It is what we all do in the horse world.

  181. I would like “MUSTANG” to hang on my wall, to remind me of tenacity, courage, family, and beauty.

  182. I would choose “Hamlet” in honor of my Morgan “heart horse”.

  183. Skyland — for the name of our horse farm, Skyland Farm

  184. Freedom.

  185. I would choose the word Gunnar, because he is a very special horse that has changed my life in so many ways.

  186. “Buddy” is what I would choose. It is the name of my daughters horse

  187. “Welcome” because I always feel at home around horses.

  188. I have two words one would be BEAUTIFUL that’s what I see when I watch our horses run through the field with such grace and beauty. The other word would be PEACEFUL. That’s how I feel when we go on our trail rides out in the hills and woods and you can leave the your stress in your life go for a day or a weekend. So when I see my horses those words are my choice words for them. I would be thrilled to have wall art with either word.

  189. I’d choose either “Luckie” or “Luckie Lady Farm”. It’s not the most original, but in many ways I’m very lucky.

  190. I would put Angel. It means a lot to my friend who I would give the picture to.

  191. my_therapy would be my choice.

  192. I would choose Wild-n-Free because I love the wild horses/donkeys/burros/mustangs.

  193. Horsepower

  194. “Language” is the word I would choose. Horses have their own language, and they understand what we want with our body language. this picture is also a language of love, thanks so much for putting these together.

  195. I would choose “Tonka Toy” after my 23 year old hunter gelding, whom I welcomed into my life 19 years ago, and is still going strong in the show ring.

  196. I would choose Tranquil. When I look out at my horses in the pasture and the deer in the fields, this is what I feel.

  197. I would love to give my sister Brandi, the gift of her first true love, her gelding “Honorable”.

    • My beautiful 19-year-old daughter’s passion and inspiration flows from big her QH gelding “Spike.”

  198. FREIND would be my word. My horses are partners in all aspects of my riding and showing.
    I always had a horse, but not until my children became independent in college and life did I really learn how to work with my multiple horses in a different and much more enjoyable, for all, manner. We both know our jobs and work together.

  199. I was going to use the word Freedom bc there is no other feeling in the world than when your on the back of a horse. However, since that word has already been used, then I will choose INSPIRATION bc my horses do so much for my mind & spirit. They inspire me to be carefree & to live my life to the fullest, plus so many more things! 🙂

  200. I would choose the word Jacob. For my 19 year old gelding who had to be put to rest due to a broken leg. I owned him for all of his 19 years and am crushed that he was taken so young. You would have guessed him at 10 and I expected many many more years with him.

  201. I would want my sign to say Welcome Because we always welcome another horse, cat,dog etc to out place

  202. The word I’d choose is the name of my quarter horse mare, Honeybuns. She really is sweet and has the “buns” that fit her name!

  203. The word I would choose is “Perserverance” as that is what is required to become a stellar rider! Thanks.

  204. I would go with Dream because I believe this quote. “Pursue your dreams the impossible is only something that has not yet been achieved” Author Unknown

  205. I would like my mares name Shezsosweet.

  206. My girls are youth riding, they have been tough through it all. I was hurt at work and haven’t been able to ride then they lost their step dad, who was the one they looked up to and made them who they are. I am so proud of them, they recieved high awards at the lat 4H events and have truly showd everyone, that all things are possible. They make me very proud! I would have to have on say
    “Angels among us”

  207. I would like the name Jake. He is my 16th horse and working out really well. Thank you Horse Digest

  208. I would choose “Believe”

  209. I would choose the word DESIRE, because all of my life I have wanted a horse. That desire has led me in a lot of directions in my life that I never would have gone if not in search of the fulfillment of that dream. I would like a daily reminder of what desire can accomplish!



  212. Blue Blue Sea my beloved OTTB if that’s too many words than OTTB as they have my hear.

  213. I would use the word, “freedom” because every thing about the horse allows me to leave the problems of life for the brief time that I spend with these awesome creatures.

  214. LOVE

  215. After this Election…..My word would be HOPE …..

  216. Would like to have, live, love, laugh. If not doable then. Chances

  217. I would choose the word BEN. Ben was my BFF and had a horse named Chase. After a few months Chase like me better than Ben. When Ben became ill I would go with Ben to the stable and after he spent time with Chase I would take Chase out for a trail ride. I did this for over a year until Ben died.

  218. Yahweh would ne my choice because He is a part of every moment of my life

  219. My word would be Briscoe, It is the name of the beloved horse my friend rescued loved and then sadly lost… It would be a very special gift for her…

  220. As an apprentice farrier Ive learned and continue to learn incredibly valuable things about the equine foot and what a tremendous effect it has on the beautiful creature we call the horse. Through the shoeing methods we use Ive seen it allow horses who would otherwise be euthanized be given a second chance at life. If I won I would like it to say “Natural Balance” to recognize, honor, and continue the incredible research and accomplishments that I, and farriers I know have learned and have been able to put into practice giving horses a new outlook on life 🙂

  221. we run a non-profit horse rescue and we love our horses and help all horses and the word i would use is freedom

  222. LOVE the only word in common with all the above entries

  223. I would put Galts Gulch on my wall.

  224. EQUINE

  225. Welcome
    This would be a wonderful way to greet my horse friends

  226. I would choose the word “fulfillment”.. A horse fulfills so many parts my life both spiritually and physically with: peace, excitement, joy, acceptance, forgiveness, perseverance, exercise, work ethic and so much more.

  227. Pendragon. It is my barn’s name!!!

  228. My chosen word would be “Shoshone”. Shoshone is a beautiful red roan appy who has been my faithful friend and trail partner for the past 18 years. We have shared many adventures over the years together.

  229. Comment

  230. Ooops, that would be- CHANCE

  231. Jordan… daughter’s name

  232. Blessing

    • Thanks

  233. If I won I would like it to read ” Strength “, because I wouldn’t be where I am today without it.

    • Shiloh named after my horse but has so many meanings as my love of horses, civil war buff, and the meaning of the name itself for peace.

  234. JESUS- He is my Lord and Savior!

  235. TrueFriend

  236. If I won I would pick CAVALLO. Cavallo means horse in Itailan and is the name of my black appendix quarter horse who I have had and raised since fooling!

  237. I would have “I <3 Horses" or "Kirkpatrick" my last name. I have raised, trained, and road horses all my life. we use them on a daily basis for our work. They are the most amazing animal on the planet.

  238. My word would be Destiny

  239. as I have 7 horses it would be hard to pick just one of them so I would choose BELOVED

  240. I would choose Rumonek as it is unique to me and close to my heart.

  241. I Love (HEart) RESCUES
    I work with a local rescue here in SW Florida and have come to realize how many horses are out there that need love and a home. Each has their own story and some are so sad. I love them!

  242. I would put: inspiration!

  243. Freedom

  244. Family for the horses that are members of my family!

  245. If I won, I would choose “Cody” in honor of my daughter’s first horse Cody:) He taught her soooo many things 7 was the best horse a girl could ever ask for!

  246. Osterman

  247. I would choose either Petti – my best friend & soul mate – or her son Sport, who has been with me for almost 23 yrs 🙂

  248. If I won, it would be BLESSED. I am so blessed from GOD to have the horse of my dreams. Everything I have is a blessing from GOD.

  249. Holleybrooke

  250. ORRIE my 24 year old arab saddlebred who put our farm on the map and gave me opportunities that I would never have been able to achieve with out her.

  251. My word would be Imagine which combines my lifelong love of horses and the inspiration they have provided with my husband’s lifelong love of the Beatles.

  252. I would have RADACHY . My daughter is getting engaged and this will become her new last name. What a wonderful wedding gift this would make. Goodluck Everybody !

  253. I would choose “Saddle Up”.

  254. Our farm’s name, Rinky-Dink Ranch.

  255. There are so many choices to choose from! I would love to have my horses names Lynn, King and Ares; but I would choose DRESSAGE. I have always wanted to ride dressage when I was younger and was told I could not do it- I was not a good enough rider and I did not have a good enough horse. I have never lost sight of my goal. And now, I am just starting to ride dressage with the same horse that was called “not good enough” and he loves the sport! He just won reserve champion for the series in Intro Level this past weekend! I am so blessed to be living out a dream that I was told I could not do. All I ever wanted was to ride dressage and now I am. Never lose sight of what your goals are no matter how hard you have to work. It is worth it in the end!!! I am so glad I did not give up!!

  256. I would love the word Welcome, to great guests when they come to my house.

  257. I think I would put LIFE TIMES. I have spent some of the most memorable Times in my life with my horses. I am also fortunate enough to the third generation of horse trainers in our family raising the fourth generation.

  258. MyDivaGirl

  259. I would do HOPE. This is because I work rescue. My hope is that someday we never have to rescue those that are abandoned and abused. Until then I will continue to take in those that cannot fend for themselves.

  260. If I were the lucky one chosen, I would get my daughters name AUDREY printed and give it to her for Christmas and she could display it in her horse crazy room.

  261. I would use the word “blessed” because it is one word that perfectly describes my life…family, friends, work, church, and of course, my horses.

  262. I would pictures of the most beautiful grey and white horses that look like they are floating effortlessly over the ground. A mystical quality of the horse with all its strength and grace.

  263. I would use the word “Ferryman” my husband and I’s last name. I would hang it in my office at my house until one day we can afford our dream farm and then I will hang it in my barn office at “Ferryman Farms”

  264. I choose “believe”


    • I started riding on an annual trailride 24 years ago with my 16 years old daughter. I now have 4 Grandaughters and a Great Grandaughter due in Feb,2013. I have rode the trail ride every year. Have rode with all myGranddaughters. It has helped keep our family close. I would love to have FT. MADISON TRAILRIDE. I know it is long but has so many memories for myself and the girls.

  266. My word would be “Life” because that is what horses have breathed into me as well as all my equestrian friends. Horses make me appreciate, enjoy, and treasure my life.

  267. I would choose to have ” Cowgirls N Horses” I don’t know where I would be in life with out my horses. They give me happness and unconditional love. When I I’m having a bad day all I need is some horse therapy…hour spend with the horses help undo a week of stress

  268. I am not sure…I would take a vote after talking with my kids but most likely H & H Farms to cover all of our animals, including our 5 wonderful horses :).

  269. Cheyenne, as that is the name of my 20 yr. old Paint mare. She has been my best friend, my partner, my Sheriff mounted unit horse, my everything, for 11 yrs. I am now faced with the decision to send her to Horse Heaven due to severe suspensory ligament issues & severe arthritis. I have also used her in the therapeutic horseback riding program that I run. I would display it proudly beside her pictures on the wall.

  270. my words would be HOPE Landing. if that is to long then just HOPE. HOPE Landing is a very unique place. We are a center for children with disabilities located on 80 acres with horses and cows. We are a non-profit facility that treats the child whether they have insurance or can pay or not, the parents or caregivers never receive a bill. I am the equine director and a PATH certified riding instructor and am blessed to be able to ride, train work with horses and play with kids all day! What a treat it would be to have your creation hanging in the “HIPPO” room or maybe the “BIG” house where the children receive traditional therapies. Thank you for your consideration! God Bless!!!

  271. Ride On! Would be my choice.

  272. Rocky Mountain Carriage Club

  273. I would use the word “BREATHE” … the smell of horse is wonderful to me. I am blessed to have horses in my life and the past four years I have dealt with cancer and words can not adequately express how they helped me to have courage to keep on, to try again tomorrow, to heal,…they helped me to keep breathing. So my word is just ‘breathe’ 😉

  274. I would choose the word “Expressiv”. That is my mare’s name. I was told that I would never ride her due to a tendon laceration as a yearling. Not only have I been able to ride her, I have trained her to Prix St George in dressage. I have earned my USDF bronze medal with her and am closing in on earning my silver. She is an amazing horse that has overcome so much in her life and tries her heart out for me. I hope that she is my first Grand Prix horse one day.

  275. PiccoloPete

    the registered name of Peter my beloved gleding of 21 years I just lost last month unexpectedly to an aggressive throat cancer. I’ve been looking for a way to memorialize him. This is so beautiful.

  276. The word I choose is ” driven “.

  277. We inherited 12 miniature horses when my aunt suddenly passed away. It took 4 years to get our farm name and the paperwork straightened out. We are sooo excited to finally own our name. I would love to have the farm name but that is too many letters. I would either go with “MMF” or “Minis”. Thank you!

  278. survivor…and she us

  279. I would choose Joy, because it would mean a lot to me.

  280. I would use the word “BELIEVE” because I believe in miracles after my sister survived an unthinkable accident that almost took her life in June. I truly believe that my beautiful Paint Horse “Poncho” helped through this traumatic experience. Just leaning on his big shoulder to cry and have him “hug” me with his head and neck tells me that he understood, he was there for me, he knew that I was in pain. And I BELIEVE that he helped me through this. All horses have that sense about them and they know what you are feeling. Poncho helped get me through this bad time and I will forever be grateful to him.

  281. How about — whoaup

  282. I would honor my Quarter Horse BullDozer. I lost my wonderful friend on June 15, 2012 at the age of 31. Hwe was part of my life for 28 of his 31 years. We did everything from trail rides to dressage. He taught all three of my children to ride and be responsible, caring horse owners.

  283. Melody

  284. “Jolly Roger”

  285. If I were to win , I would like to see “Cowhorsecrazy” transformed into horse inspired art. I love watching and riding a good cow horse. Just makes you fell blessed and proud to be a horseman. Love the art work!!

  286. Hi I have an extreme love for my horses, they give me peace and are a great stress reliever. I currently own 4. Since I could not ever choose one name ,,I believe my choice would be your choice. It would be very nice to win a piece of your art therefore I would choose the word
    Equibet and it would always be a great reminder of where it came from and a wonderful talk piece. Thankyou for such an opportunity.

  287. If I won, I would choose the word “MORGANS”. I learned to ride on Morgan horses, and bought my first one in 1978. I still own and love my Morgans.
    They are the center of our lives.

  288. I would chose Kendall. For my daughter.

  289. I would want the word to be “DAZZLE”. That is the name of my horse that is making my show dreams come true. I have waited 18 years for a horse like her. It has been so awesome having some of my life long dream come true.

  290. Having a horse and being able to ride whenever I want or just to be able to brush my mare, work her out or just feed her carrots, apples etc is

  291. I would want the word ‘BALANCE’ because my horses are the good that balances out all the difficult I deal with 🙂

  292. I have two words – Faithful because I can’t get through a day without my faith in God
    and the other word would be – Think – because it’s always a good idea to do that before you speak, something I have trouble with!

  293. I would have Oak Hollow which is the name of our farm that is just getting started. The barn will be going up really soon for our Straight Egyptian horses – Nick and Lulu…

  294. “Equinetessial” like quintessential, only for horse lovers because horses are essentially the the pure and essential essence of and the perfect embodiment of beauty

  295. Winning would be “supercalifragilisticexpealidocious!”

  296. I would chose “Turn of the Tide” as he was my favorite horse that gave me the best and last 20 years of his life.

  297. If I won I would use the word Family. My boys and I bond over our family love of all things horses. It not only represents us, but all of our four legged family, and all of our friends that are like family. Family is cherished!!!

  298. my sign would read “BUSTER’S MY BFF” or perhaps “I DON’T LEAVE HOME WITHOUT HIM’

  299. If I were to win I would choose the words Just Ride.

  300. Allons-y


  302. I would choose BELIEVE.

  303. I would choose the word HORSVET to display in my clinic. The artwork is clever and unique.It would certainly serve as an interesting conversation piece.

  304. I would use the word “Equine”.

  305. If I was lucky enough to win, I would pick the word BELIEVE! It is a very special word to me and my family. My cousin who passed away of Ovarian cancer this summer always used the word BELIEVE. She always BELIEVED she would get better, and BELIEVED that everything happened for a reason. She would always support me when I rode and showed, and she BELIEVED in me. And I know she still does, like I BELIEVE in her. Now I BELIEVE in my self very time I ride & show and I BELIEVE in my horse! I BELIEVE in my trainers, my team mates, and I BELIEVE that everything happens for a reason.

  306. If I was lucky enough to win, I would choose the word SADDLEBRED or SADDLESEAT! I love my saddlebreds!!!!

  307. I would have Horses or Momma. My fur-babies are my life and one of them nicknamed Momma can never be replaced. Would go great with her tail dream-catcher!

  308. BLACKJACK, for my beautiful 25-year-old gelding who I am caring for as best I can for his last days. Just love, love him. His heart inspires me.

    • If I were to win, my word would be…”Heart”
      When a horse loves you he gives his whole heart.

  309. One word? LOVE
    Because without love in our lives, we have nothing. Life is all about love, giving it freely as often as possible. Our animals understand this and give us their unconditional love freely, they are our best reminders of what is most important in life – LOVE.

  310. I {heart} my horses would be my 1st choice or Barrel Racer

  311. soulmate

  312. If I won I would like the word “THERAPY”. Not only because I give therapeutic riding lessons to individuals with special needs but for me just being in close proximity of the horse, caring for the horse, smelling the aroma of the horse & most of all, riding the horse is the best kind of therapy for anyone & everyone, no matter your walk of life 🙂

  313. I would use “BUGSY”. He is my 18 year old barrel horse that got me back into performance horses. He has overcome navicular and a stifle surgery. He no longer competes, but he does like to take students around the barrels and poles. He is gentle enoough for a 3 year old child to ride or has enough spunk for my 19 year old daughter to be tested on her patience. Not bad for a horse that supposedly would never walk again. A heart of gold horse.

  314. If I won I would use the name Lana, the name of a once in a lifetime horse. Having ridden all my life, I was badly hurt in a horse accident in my early 40’s and didn’t think I would ever ride again. Then I had the opportunity to purchase Lana from a good friend. Lana had been hurt in a speed show earlier that year and would never be able to run those events again – events she was bred and trained to do. I needed a safe well trained horse who would take care of me. Lana is that horse. She has never refused me anything that I have asked of her. We show halter and pleasure, we trail ride, we’ve done some western dressage and competitive trail… She had given me my life back. Thanks for the opportunity, Kim

  315. My word would be hope

  316. I would pick the word “savvy”. I like Parelli’s word for being good with horses.

  317. I would chose the word FRIEND. That is what all my horses are.
    Great art. Thank you.

  318. The word that I would choose is Miracle. There’s something about every horse that inspires the miraculous. The love and devotion between a horse and his girl. The girl who’s life is changed for the love of her horse. The never-ending devotion, love of a horse for his rider that causes him to perform in a way that can be described as nothing short of a miracle. The story of the under-dog who’s story of triumph inspires all of us to do more, better in our own lives. The fact that we can have a relationship with these most glorious creatures who inspire stories one could only dream of….it’s a miracle.

  319. I would chose the word WINNIE. It’s my daughter’s name, but also quite fitting for the horse world. 🙂

  320. The word I’d choose is “Tenacity.” Meaning dedication, determination and working steadily toward a goal, it’s something every horse and rider partnership must have to succeed, whatever the discipline or endeavor.

  321. I would choose the word Love. I’ve become so involved with retraining/rehabbing rescue horses lately, and they have been giving so much love back to me. My old gelding was pulled out of a kill pen, and since I began working with him he’s turned from a horse who didn’t want to be caught to a horse who wants to hang out and wear felt reindeer antlers for photos. It has been wonderful to give these animals love and receive it in return.

  322. The word I would use is Lightning. Lightning just passed away this week. He was only 6 months old and was a pony my 11 year old daughter has raised since he was born. We are buying her ( surprising her ) with his sister in a few months. The farm was so nice as not to keep her for themselves like they had originally intended on doing. They are great people.. Anyways, I want to have an area in the tack room with all of the photos to remember him bye . This would be a perfect memorial for him.

  323. Serendipity

  324. As a fellow photographer with a lot of respect for the creativeness of Ms. Taylor, I would like to see “TRAILZ” hanging in our Cowboy Room. We live for trail riding, and the “Z” would give us that stall door shot!

  325. If I won I would choose the word “Persererance”

  326. I choose the word “FREEDOM”. Horses are freedom.

  327. CAPONE, pronounced ca-pone-NEIGH, for all of the Ca-ponies in our two- and four-legged family!

  328. OWENS…My family name =)

  329. I would put Little Bit. My daughter is 15, and she barrel races. She decided when she was 9 that she wanted to barrel race, and when she was 11 we made the best purchase of our lives. Her name is Lena Red Seven aka little bit; because of her size. We call her bits. She is small, but has the heart of a champion, and has kept Katelyn safe in her journey to learn to barrel race. We are very blessed, and I think that these photos are awesome!!!

  330. I would have to say RELAXATION because that is what riding is….. A place to clear your head and enjoy nature on the trails……

  331. If I were to win, i would have the word ‘patience’

    I think patience sums up the relationship between Adonis and me. we have shared many challenges and we’re still working.

  332. Sunshine – my first horse who was my best buddy for over 26 years. He knew all my secrets, taught me many lessons and kept me out of trouble!

  333. Comet
    He is my wonderful horse
    and I am so blessed to have him!

  334. If I win the giveaway, it will be a decision between TWO words..
    1. “PLEASURE” — who is my 35 year old black “Three Bars” bred quarter horse mare–we had her full sister who we lost at age 31 and their mother, who we only bred the two times… she’s been a joy and a PLEASURE to have in our family for so many years!!!
    2.”TRUTH” — because that is what you get in a relationship with a horse -there’s never any “alternative agenda” with a horse — it’s right there plain as day..if you take the time to ‘listen’ to what the horse is telling you, it will always be the TRUTH. The relationship you have with your horse will blossom if you take the time to ‘hear’ what they have to ‘say’….

  335. Peace….because I get to feel that when I am with my horses after a long day.


  337. FARRIER, My husband has been a farrier for over 40 years. It seems to be a dying art and he is really special to continue doing this. He has helped many horses walk again. He is 65 years old and once he retired he went full time with his farrier work. He figures he has done close to 2,000 horses this year. We live on 10 acres and only have three horses now, counting my
    mini. Well still ride . . . . and God willing, will continue as long as we have our health.

  338. There are so many beautiful words but for me, only one stands out, “Nowetia.” It means beautiful and also happens to be my paint mare’s first registered name. “Zoie” was my first purchased horse st 14, right befote my Nana passed away and has been my constant for going on 19 years. I would have neen lost without her. She taught my baby to ride, is loving, and loyal, and the most beautiful silent friend I have ever had. I dread the day she will no longer be here but cherish every moment we have had together. Best of luck to everyone!

  339. My selected word would be “MIRACLE” because by six year old trakehner horse ingested the pre-formed botulism toxin on July 2012 and was given a 20% chance of survival. He became hypoxic as a result of respiratory failure, but with incredible, amazing supportive care at OSU…he pull through, beat the odds and survived…a true miracle.

  340. I would put Horsetopia because it describes the stables where I am lucky enough to keep my 8 year old Arabian and 7 year old Quarter Horse. It is a wonderful place owned by the most wonderful and caring people who take the most excellent care of my horses.

  341. “Creativity” because that’s what it takes to train horses!

  342. “Lucky” I’m the coolest dad that despite my military career and moving I can provide a horse to my daughter! Lucky is also her horse’s name!

  343. INSPIRE. That’s exactly what horses do for myself and every other horse lover out there. What a beautiful reminder to look at!!

  344. Definitely “Thankful.” I could never be more thankful for the horses I ride and the people who have given me the opportunity to ride and train them. I have been given so many opportunities as of lately, and I am truely blessed and thankful for them.

  345. Forever

  346. I would put “Britonne” which is the name of my friend’s stable. Then I would give this to her as a present.

  347. FARRIER I’m proud of what I do and how I can help others and their horses.

  348. BEAU … The horse I just adopted … or did he adopt me ?!?!?

  349. Paint-my daughter’s horse that she won her first series buckle on this year. She worked really hard and it paid off with a 1/2 point win over the second place rider.

  350. I have thought about it a bit and I would put Inspiration as my word. That is what horses mean to me. They are my inspiration to get out of bed with a smile on my face. They are my inspiration to go to work every day so that I may pay for them. They are my inspiration to stay in shape at 55 so that I can still ride at 77 or even 88.

  351. the work i would use is LOVE.

  352. FAITH is the word I would use.


  354. I would choose “Majestic” because every horse brings happiness, love, splendid & companionship to all of us. If it wasn’t for this Majestic aminal there would be no Dessage, Rodeo,Therapy, etc… So if you own a Majestic horse you are the lucky one. I know I am

  355. I would like FREEDOM because that is how I feel around or riding my horses……FREE….

  356. I would ask for “enrich” because of how my horses have enriched my life. They bring me adventure, peace and unconditional love. Through them I met many of my treasured friends.

  357. Passion. You have to have passion to work with horses, to get the best from them and yourself. Passion for learning, passion for teaching, passion for working, passion for life!

  358. If I won I woudld choose the word “PERFECTION” because that is how I feel about my horse.

  359. my word would be (I “heart” Breezy) that is the name of my sweet fox trotter mare.

  360. My word would be ” Fancy ” for the beautiful Show Mare I ride !

  361. Wow, there are a lot of great words suggested here! Limiting it to one word is difficult but I think I would choose “JOURNEY” because it so accurately sums up what our experience with our horse is all about.

  362. My word would be MAGICAL. I have had horses since I was very young and all horses I have owned had a majestic magical quality about them. They are all very special and a gift from God. A horse has always been my best friend and I thank God for what they have brought into my life and into the lives of my children. My son has that special relationship with horses as I do. They all need to be treated with respect and love and they give you back so much in return. Thank Heaven for Horses!

  363. “PEACE” would be the word I use to describe how I feel when I ride, and also the word I use to describe why I ride

  364. If I won I would choose the word BRIGHTY as this was a very special mare of mine that I won numerous National titles with my entire youth career. Brighty sadly passed away this June due to complications with age. I am lucky enough to have 2 of her daughters though.

  365. I would like “Saddle up”.

  366. BLACKBIRD ARABIANS for my farm name

  367. I would like to have mine say KINDNESS because I feel this is the way to treat all others is with kindness

  368. Yankee Boy Was the name of my daughter’s first horse that she had taken from just a few months old and never touched to the most gentle and her best friend until we lost him to colic.. She still misses him. She has never been close to another horse like she was to him.
    With my daughter being handicap he taught her responsibility.

  369. I would choose Freedom. That is how I feel when I am in the saddle, free from all the cares and worries of the world!

  370. Let Er Buck

    Name of my store.

  371. I would use the word FRIESIAN as this is the breed I love, own and breed.

  372. If I won I would choose for my word to be Horse with the peace symbol and a heart because horses to me are about peace and love.

  373. I believe I would choose WELCOME.

  374. I would put eventer because my horse and I love to event!

  375. I would choose Chianti because that’s the name of my beautiful Gypsy Vanner

  376. Dream, that sums it up in a word.

  377. I would use the word perseverance, I have been learning to be steadfast in my life no matter what difficult obstacles that come.

  378. I would choose the word eventer because my horse and I love to event!

  379. I would put Chianti because that is the name of my beautiful Gypsy Vanner

  380. I consider Myself lucky to have owned horses and be able to care, ride, enjoy and best of all relieve stress and relax while doing this…. great medicine and therapy for all the family and friends.

    My word would be M L H A I ( My Lucky Horse And I )

  381. I would Choose Hobbit, which is the name of the sweetest lady’s horse who let’s me keep my retired TB broodmare(Secretariat’s grand daughter) on her property for free,I could not afford to keep her if she wasn’t so nice!!!!

  382. I have 7 horses that me and my 5yo daughter share. We both barrelrace. I too love photography and used to take pics of everyone at the show, but riding 4 myself and my daughter riding too has made it hard to find time to eat much less take pics!

  383. I would use “Bellewether” as my word. It would be a stunning piece to diplay in my entry area. Thank you for the opportunity! Judy

  384. I would choose TALISKER. It was the name of my 15 year old daughter’s horse that we just lost to colic. He was the best horse for her and they both improved tremendously with each other. And I loved riding him too! We miss you Tally!

  385. Hoofbeats

  386. It would have to be “PATTI”, my wife. She keeps the horse farm & riders
    (our girls)upright on there horses. The farm together,Sane, organized, & holds down a full time job. Love You Honey!

  387. My word would be ‘Serenity’. Horses have always been my peace of mind. My Chi.
    Thank you.

  388. I would have “My Buddy” & put it above his picture on the wall. I lost my 23 year old Walker Buddy very tragically & in a horrible way October 28. He was my rescue horse, but he helped save me during a very dark period in my life. He was the best!

  389. the word i would use is peace

  390. i would use the word REATA

  391. One word:
    …says it all 🙂

  392. I would chose Scarlett after my 14 yr old Quarter Horse. What a great horse.

  393. I would use the word freedom. That’s what having horses means to me