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Amazing Horse Paintings by Ritch Gaiti

Trailblazers by Ritch Gaiti


We fell in LOVE with Ritch Gaiti’s paintings.

We think they are amazing, vibrant, visceral and thought-provoking.   So free and heart felt!

Ritch is giving away a signed coffee table book of his artwork to one very lucky winner this holiday season! The book is titled Paintings of Another Time, Another Place; a 40-page hard cover book in full color containing more than fifty of Ritch’s ethereal paintings of the west. Complete with descriptive verse.

All you have to do to *enter to win is answer this question in the comment section of our blog…


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What most inspires you about horses in their natural environment?

Check out Ritch Gaiti’s website,, for more examples of his work.   We were lucky enough to get an interview with him and some samples of his gorgeous paintings…

Fire Ride by Ritch Gaiti

Tell us a bit about yourself!

After spending many years running a technology division on Wall Street, I decided to venture into my right brain. I had many diversions including painting, writing, flying, tennis, skiing and movies. So I shifted “” from my analytical left brain to my creative right brain; from the buttoned-up structure of big company bureaucracy to the free flowing world of art; from the canyons of Wall Street to the open range. Both had rules and structure but the latter had my rules and structure. I had been painting for several years as a hobby, after I left the business world, I started to take it more seriously.

Night Moves by Ritch Gaiti

What inspired you to become a painter?

I had always been in love with western America, an anomaly for a kid from Brooklyn. Somehow, I had been enamored with the expanse of the west, the Native American culture and, of course, horses. Horses embody beauty, grace, strength, but, most of all, freedom. They are a raw but gentle energy. I paint them in their natural environs, a pasture, an open range, climbing a hill or crossing water “” whether playfully romping, trailing within the herd or simply idling. There are no fences to constrain them, just the natural obstacles of nature. When I paint Native Americans, I paint the entire culture, their history and their stolen future. I paint their spirit in search of a lost destiny.

Inner Herd by Ritch Gaiti

How early did you know you wanted to be a painter?

I never knew that I wanted to be a painter ““ I just knew that I wanted to experience new things and see where my creativity would lead me. I’ve also tried writing, filmmaking, sculpting and a few other endeavors. I just like variety and diversity and finding out what I’ve got.

From a Far Off Place by Ritch Gaiti

Do you remember your first painting of a horse?

Basically self-taught, initially I tried to be representational “” that is, take photos of horses, and, essentially, emulate them with paint. The more I studied my subject; I realized that I was painting the outside of my subjects. I needed to dig deeper, beneath the surface “” to release the emotion, the drive, most of all, the spirit. A painting should tell a story “” capturing that moment in time enveloped between what was and what will be. I began to look at my subjects differently. I asked: what are they thinking/feeling? Where are they coming from? Where are they going? What just happened and what is about to happen?

The Pale Horse by Ritch Gaiti

What is your favorite among your works of art that mean the most to you?

Night Moves is one of my favorites. It depicts horses milling in the midst of the herd on the edge of night. Recently, it was featured on the cover of Horses in Art magazine. I also love Trailblazers, which is a blend of impasto (textured) paint as horses emerge from a a cloud of trail dust.


ENTER TO WIN by answering this question in the comments section below: What most inspires you about horses in their natural environment?

Good luck!

*We use to choose winners. All entries at are created equal. 😉 Comments close at 10pm (CST) Christmas Day.   Winner will be announced on DEC. 26th.   You may email Ritch at or visit his website, for more information on his work.

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  1. The beauty of freedom.

    • Their movement as one single horse, their movement as a heard together, and their movement with the majestic land they roam are an inspiration to me. How they interact with each other is also an inspiration. It inspires me to look into how we interact with each other and how we move and operate.

    • Horses are a little preview of what heaven will be like, when we get there…

    • It was exhilerating to watch my mares yesterday when we opened the gate to the North pasture, allowing them renewed access to the pasture closer to the house. The weather was cold and blustery; they floated on air with each stride in total command of their freedom.

      There’s nothing more magnificent than to witness horses parading themselves with such a “Look at Me” confidence.

    • Horses that are able to live and move as a herd in the manner that God made them, inspire me to be all that I can be.

  2. Just gorgeous! I grew up around horses since the age of 3. They are beautiful, majestic creatures! Gods wonderful creation!

  3. I love seeings horses run and kick up their hooves in an open pasture.

  4. I Love their “Look” and Strength, their Family bonds and their Independance. The body is beautifull in their muscalatur….but it is the Horses eyes….oh that gets me every time…the most beautiful eyes!! :>)

    • I am most inspired by their grace and peace within themselves and their environment. Nature at its finest.

  5. The grace and beauty that surrounds them! <3

  6. The pure freedom they portray.

  7. Watching a herd of horses content to graze all day in warm summer sun makes me remember to take a break and take it easy.

  8. Seeing their natural beauty, amazing grace and free spirit. It reminds me to slow down and appreciate the beauty of nature. The horses is an amazing animal and watching them is like having a glimpse into what heaven is like.

  9. Every once in a while our small herd of mixed breeds and colors would get out of the pasture in the winter. I distinctly remember them all running back from the neighbor’s house through a beautiful snowfall a couple years ago, and how majestic they seemed as they moved together across an open field, down and up a ditch full of snow and into our yard. They remind me to breathe and run and stick together with friends! (And to love them dearly, and respect their power!)

  10. There sense of freedom.

  11. They are graceful and its fun to watch them play

  12. They are so majestic! I could watch them all day long!

    • The way they interact with each other. The playing, teaching, scolding, learning, etc. Such a carefree existence. On a cold morning, the way they run and kick up their heels and just enjoy life so much.

  13. Love your art — Just beautiful– but how could you go wrong with painting one of God’s greatest gifts,our beloved horses. What would our lives be without them ? They have pull wagons, plows, helped heard cattle, taken us across the country,gave us great pleasure of a relaxing ride, listened to us when we needed a friend, have become our show horses and worked with all their hearts to make us happy.It gives me great pleasure to just sit and watch them graze and play.

  14. I love the spirit of the horse, it is almost angelic. Their natural balance and grace is paramount.

  15. I love the ripple of their muscles in the sunlight

  16. I love admire all the qualities of horses that I would like to develop in myself – intuition, gentility, strength and the willingness to “be here now.”

  17. The absolute flow of grace and beauty in every movement

  18. What inspires me most about horses is their sheer power. Watching a herd literally thundering across a field knowing that God created such magnificence through His wisdom humbles me and thrills my heart at the same time!

  19. The joy I see in my granddaughters face when she is looking at horses.

  20. Their strength, beauty, freedom of spirit; and it seems to me that they are a natural part of the earth and what God created.

  21. Their natural grace and beauty. Just to watch them graze and wander about, is so relaxing and makes me more aware of nature.

  22. The wonderful muscular power with such grace of movement. They look like they are floating through the air as the run and jump kicking playfully with each other.

  23. Horses are beautiful! Love their show of strength & family in a herd.

  24. Refreshing images…you have painted the horse for the horse rather than what man has made him.

  25. Their God given natural beauty.

  26. They have an honest display of family unit for all in their group.

  27. I love to see God’s amazing creatures running with the wind as if nothing can stand in their way. Their muscles rippling throughout their bodies to show their strength as they gallop on the open range. Loyalty is shown when it comes to their band and their offsprings. The spirit of the the horse will always be present in years to come.

  28. Free spirits of magnificent beauty!

  29. The ability to just ‘poop’ whenever life throws them a curve ball.

  30. Watching horses is like watching life itself, the grace and beauty of their movement, the nurturing mares with their foals. The leader of the herd and then the young stallions that either challenge or move “out” on their own to form their families. And the peace that comes over me just sitting quietly watching horses is priceless. Horses offer us all the peace and wisdom if we just take the time to watch and learn.

  31. The horses communicate with just a glance, a tiny step, movement. a joyful romp, a full out gallop, a whinny hello, a twitch of an ear. They dance and kick and then stand quietly. They sniff my breath nuzzle my chest. A freedom and excitement fill my heart as I watch them. My soul is happy when I watch them.

  32. I love everything about horses but what inspires me is the freedom i feel when i am around them, i am able to let everything go and enjoy life.

  33. The beauty, power and graceful movement of these glorius creatures! They live in the momnet, not the past or future. I wish I could be more like my horse!

  34. Love looking at serene peace and latent power that is wrapped up in one beautiful creature !

  35. To watch horses interact in their natural settings awakens those long lost memories of days when life was simple and people worked together in harmony. They inspire me to believe in the wonders of our world.

  36. I think of the movie, The Man From Snowy River when I think of “unbridled” freedom of the HORSE!!! The horse’s bold heart and passion for life is what I want for myself. Trying to contain that is like trying to tame the mountains!!

  37. Their beauty and movement – watching them makes your heart skip a beat and your mind say”WOW!” – just watching them graze is comforting but watching them run is truly exciting.

  38. What inspires me and leaves me in awe is just the raw power they have, yet can be so gentle.

  39. Watch horses quietly sunning in warm light, listen to them pulling grass and chewing, smell the scent of sweat from them running and playing, sense their grace as they move about and you will find what indpires me.

  40. i train horses for a living so it is a release of responsibility to get to see these magestic animals in their natural habitat, reacting to each other in a mannor that isnt altered by mankind.

  41. The sheer joy and pleasure of movement that a horse exhibits in any open space is enough to lift you to a higher plane of experience. They are confident in their strength, joyous in their movements, free in their spirits–they are HORSE, and that is all they need to be!

  42. What inspires me about horses in their natural environment is that they are absolutely free and they are always so happy. I love watching them interact with their herd. You can actually see the bonds between the animals and see that it is unconditional. Humankind can learn a lot from watching a herd of wild horses!

  43. Their ability to be simoultaneously tranquill and powerful.

  44. Horses are such social creatures and to watch them interact with each other is such a

  45. The peacefulness along with the energy that encompasses horses in their natural enviornment is what inspires me. That restful sense is awe inspiring, and yet knowing that in a moments notice, sheer energy can shatter the tranquility with an amazing show of strength and speed. Truly the artistry of God at work.

  46. Although horses have been domesticated when let loose to run in an open field you are taken back to a time where there were no fences, no human intervention, just the wild majesty of an incredible animal!

  47. When I think of “Horses” in their Natural Environment ,are the Horses that live on “Sable Island”…find to inspire me is they have such a carefree environment to live in an not the hustle-bustle of being trapped living in a fast paced society we as people have to deal with every day(Me being in a City) They are pretty much “Wild an Free”!!!

  48. There total independence! Raw beauty at its best.

  49. The freedom they show and it seems like they are showing how proud they are of themselves.

  50. Horses in their natural environment show us how they live amungst themselves and how they communicate with each other in order to survive. We can learn a lot by watching them and listening instead of trying to conquer them lets try to be a part of them.

  51. Horses in nature are what God intended. Nothing is more beautiful nor more awe-inspiring than watching a horse in its natural environment doing whatever it wishes, whenever it desires. Whether one is fortunate enough to witness flowing manes whipping in the wind, hooves pounding the ground and stirring up dust as scenery passes quickly by, or the little fuzzy manes whipping around at the slightest sound with mother’s milk dripping from their tiny muzzles, horses are the BEST!

  52. Their look of peace, happiness, and the feeling of freedom they share just from watching them. It just inspires rather similar feelings of wanting to mimic them when they roll in the mud, sunbath, running free from all the control we place on them, and watching out for each other as they graze across the fields.

  53. Their freedom, their beauty, their strength .

  54. The family unit of the herd

  55. Watching the Boss mare interact with her heard. My Morab has been the Boss mare for 21 years, always fair, but not afraid to discipline or play with the youngsters. CEOs of big corporations should take notes.

  56. just how really beautiful and majestic they are in their natural environment!

  57. I love how horses express themselves in a natural environment. Each horse interacts differently with the others in the herd. Some pair up as buddies, others prefer to be alone on the edge of the herd. I love it when they explore something new. They’ll snort and run away, only to come back to the intriging object. When the lead mare signals danger, they are all on high alert and ready to run. I never tire of watching our horses in their natural environment.

  58. Their joy and playfulness. Their beauty and unbridled freedom! That must be where that word stems from, unbridled. Watching horses run and play without any limitations.

  59. I adopted a BLM mustang and often wonder what she looked like out there in the wilds of Wyoming…I have not had the opportunity to experience a herd in the wild but I love watching our domestic herd “talk” to each other. There is so much we can learn by simply observing.

  60. Horses embrace life completely. When they run, they run with their hearts just for the joy of it. It is a beautiful thing to see such magnificant animals moving with delicate grace and passion. The way their manes and and tails fly as they thunder across the ground, there are not words to describe the beauty. Horses are full of life, always having fun, always playing games, curious with bright dark eyes. They are just inspiring to be around.

  61. If we are talking about wild horses it is a shame what the BLM has done with them. Taken out of the wild and then caged in pens those who could not get adopted.
    Domestic horse turned loose in a large pasture are a thing of beauty. Free at Last.

  62. Their curiosity.

  63. The only horses in their natural enviroment are the wild mustangs. Even as a breeder of Azteca and spanish baroque horses, with their flowing beauty, seeing a herd of absolutly wild and free horses is awe inspiring. Unfettered by the world only seeking survival. Well, untill man gets in the way. While I enjoy the beauty and freedom, I feel regret, shame and sadness. It is what we once were. What we are now is not better.

  64. I’m not sure i can put into words the way I feel when watching my horses. Totally at peace enjoying the simple innocence of a beautiful creature. I especially enjoy watching them in the snow, they play like children, it is absolutely amazing!!!!!!

  65. Everything- the horse is an amazing, beautiful, and intelligent symbol of American west, freedom, and God’s grace.

  66. They bring me peace. Just one hour around horses and I feel refreshed, like I’ve taken a vacation, and to see them running free in their natural environment makes me feel happy for them. Just looking at them makes me feel calm and motivates me to spend more time in nature and with animals.

    • Nobel,Courage,Wisdom, and Kindness all in one package. I have been riding since I was two years old. There spirit runs through me!

    • The beauty of their instincts and the bond between the herd.

  67. I am inspired by their strength, their freedom, their beauty and their commitment to family, as a herd, how proud they are….
    Their souls prosper from sharing, caring, relating, and fulfilling. Nothing can make you feel better than doing something for another…

  68. just seeing our herd of horses run up the hill to greet us is almost a spiritual moment… with the wind in their manes,… I hardly can contain myself, it pulls from the very innermost parts of my being…just knowing the trust that we haved earned from these beautiful creatures goes a long long way.

  69. My horses run in large pastures and live outside year-round. They like it that way. They could come inside, but they don’t. They like the fresh air and the freedom. Snow piles up on their backs and doesn’t melt because of their natural insulation. When we trail ride, nothing spooks them, because in their daily world they have seen black bears, moose, elk, deer, and mountain lions up close; they run through irrigation water; ducks and geese fly up off the ponds. They eat snow and break openings in frozen ditches to drink rather than come back to the water tank. They think their world here in the Northern Rockies is perfect. Yet they come running when they see me, and stick their heads in a halter for me, thrilled to go on our adventures on wilderness trails.

  70. There is no pretense to horses – they are what tahey are.

  71. Horses are pure and honest, whether it is a mare tending a foal, young ones engaged in unfettered play or two stallions in battle for herd supremacy. To me, they represent nature in all its glory.

  72. Horses inspire us, the freedom to run and play, when we own them they are forgiving and loyal. We can learn about ourselves from them. Any problem a horse has with people, it is usually a people problem, not a horse problem.

  73. The horse is a combination of strength, passion, grace and beauty. A horse in their natural surroundings represents all of these things.

  74. The horses portray the pure joy and beauty of being a horse.

  75. Horses in their natural environment are a true symbol of “freedom”. Their beauty flows forth through fluid and graceful movement as if floating on air.

  76. It is not only the beauty of the horse, it is also the beauty of the natural surroundings that make it truly the greatest form of freedon an animal can have. We raise thoroughbred hourses for racing and running in the pasture is not even close to the natural grace and beauty of the wild horses.

  77. The sure beauty and freedom of the horse. Love looking in a pasture covered with snow at the beautiful color they add

  78. Having had the great opportunity to view wild horses in their natural surroundings on several occasions, I am always overwhelmed that they can be tamed and become a great companion with love, proper understanding, patience and kindness. I am lucky to have had the experience.

  79. How my horses can always tell if one is hourt or ill or even if I am ill or hurt out in the pasture they come to me and you know how it would be for 9 horses stampediing up and through the brakes on just in time to stop by be to check me or one of each other of them to see if they are ok.

  80. Their freedom. I love to walk amongst my horses and just love on them and be part of it. I had a stallion named Casino and he ran around the pasture and then right up to me and stopped and lowered his head. Everyone was in awe. My lead mare in my herd, Tes, acutally protects me like a foal and nuzzles my head and will not let the others too close. She is my safe haven. Her and I are both turning grey together. She has a forever home.

  81. His power is magnificent, his sensitivity is sharp, and his beauty is breath taking!

  82. When you watch them, I mean really watch them you start seeing how the strong care for the weak and young. We as humans should take leasons from our equine freinds.

  83. Would love to share this with my horse crazy granddaughter. She takes after her Nana.

  84. The wild freedom,the pride, the strenght, the beauty they exibit in their natural environment, yet each one with their own personality and abilities.Knowing all the time as you watch them in amazement that with with a little love and training they can an do become best friends with man.

  85. Their free spirit, beauty & grace all inspire me.

  86. Their beauty in movement and expression. One moment they are frolicking and playing and the next running from something fearsome.

  87. Their willingness to become your friend if you are gracious enough to be open and honest with them without fear.

  88. What most inspires me about horses in their natural invironment is their sence of family. and their sheer beauty… As far as personally with my own horses. I love being part of their herd. (Of course, I am the Alpha!) I love my horses loyalty to me. I love knowing that they will protect me with their lives. True story! That nasty man won’t come sneaking back to my house! I love they way they are soo gentle with little children as well as the elderly. They talk to me, they hug me. They are my soulmates…

  89. i like the lines of the horse and i think they are fun!

  90. Just the simple untamed beauty of them. It’s like looking into their soul when you look into their eyes. Nothing more beautiful and pure of heart.

  91. I love how I can groom my horse for hours and she can undo it all with a quick roll in the dirt but watching her roll makes her come alive and I forget all the work I put into her beauty treatment.

  92. I live near the McCullough Peaks and Pryor Mountains wild horse ranges, and as I visit them, I am completely awed at the magnificent beauty and dynamics of the herds and their presence in a world in which I can only dream of sharing with them!

  93. Horses in the wild inspire me by how their temperaments make them act and react to each other. There is always the alpha which leads them all while the others fall in place, each submitting to the one above them.

  94. When you see a horse surrounded by nature, be it in a pasture or in the wild, you can see that they belong there. They are part of the landscape, gorgeous, wild, strong, alert and just….alive, for lack of a better word. There is nothing more beautiful than seeing horses out on the land, doing what they do best.

    • I see God & his wonderful creation the horse in all its majesty &. I find peace & serenity watching them …

  95. The social interaction is a joy to watch!

  96. They way they interact with each other. The interaction with in the heard. The complexiy of the heard.

  97. There is a majesty evident in seeing horses in their natural environment. There is a freedom and strength in their stature, their awareness of their surroundings and in the member of the herd chosen at that time to stand guard. I’m constantly reminded when I see horses that they are mentioned numerous times in the Bible and Jesus will return riding a horse.

  98. their spirit is so healling to everyone that sees them and the freedom and power they show inspirers to forfill your dreams …

  99. I love to see horses out in a pasture running and playing together like they were “wildies”

  100. Horses in their natural environment are inspirational to me in the joy they exhibit when they frolic, the sense of peace demonstrated as they graze and the speed at which they resolve their differences when they have conflict.

  101. Horses in their natural environment display a love of freedom and strong sense of protection and bonding with their herd. We as humans may domesticate and in our sense control horses, but they truly belong to nature and as such this natural sense should be respected.

  102. The paintings are magic, they send warmth to me when I am feeling alone.. Sad but very true…

  103. I have lived all of my 77years on cattle ranches
    and the trait I most admire is their intelligence and ability to work and inter act with you.
    they are truly portry in motion.
    they make me look like a top hand handeling cattle

  104. my comment is above

  105. Their freedom and grace and closeness to nature.

  106. Horses are big beautiful animals that some people fear, but when your with a horse and you trust him, and they know it, the results are endless.

  107. They are so smart. They have the intuition and ability to trust or not to trust which always amazes me. It is very easy to see personalities of all types in their own environment that include leadership, companionship, and submissiveness toward each other.

  108. Having grown up around horses I learned to love the smell and their grace and beauty. Really aren’t any words to describe my deep love of horses. It just is.

  109. Being a horse owner I have the real blessing of what a horse does to the soul…Horses are the most magnificent animal of Gods creation. When you mount your horse you become one and there is nothing else that where you can connect soul to soul, mind to mind, healing of body mind and spirit. My life is blessed beyond words for what my horse does for me, and will always be for me. They are spiritual animals with wisdom beyond this world.

  110. Their pure beauty!

  111. Freedom, passion and wild nature is absolutely mesmorising

  112. When I see horses in their natural state, I think of how honest they are. They are always true, fair, beautiful and living in the moment. They set a good expample for us to follow!

  113. What most inspires you about horses in their natural environment?

    The way they interact with all that is around them, from the silent commutation, to the trumpeting whinny, the old play tag with the young, their own curiosity and interest of their own environment and not to mention their power, grace and beauty. I feel that Winston Churchill said it best “the outside of a horse, is good for the inside of man”, because nothing soothes the soul more than your morning coffee and the company of horses.

  114. When people that don,t do horses or just don,t understand,To see a horse in pasture or in the wild.I ask be it man or women How do you feel when you se a good looking man or woman how does that make you feel.At first they say you are crazzy, Later own they finally reply Know I know how you feel about horses.To be free like a wild horse long ago would be a great feeling.

  115. I love to observe the herd interactions…behavior, hierarchy, cooperation and friendship.

  116. Horses are the beauty of nature, but they are noble creatures. The thing I love most about them is seeing a herd of the same breed and how no two look alike, even if they have the same colors, they have different markings or distinctions that make them unique.

  117. Horses in the wild, roaming free is just how God intended them to be,and no man has the right to take that away…They move with such grace and dignity, and they are so very proud. To see the wild horses is mezmorizing, a sight everyone should be so lucky to see…

  118. Their happiness and utter contentment.

    • There is much more that impresses me about horses in a domesticated environment but in their natural surounding I would say its their survival through the unity of the group where every rung of hyarchy is well established and serves a crucial purpose for the well being of the herd. I don’t think this is so well defined in other prey herbivore species.

  119. In my opinion, the sound of a herd of horses running over hills, fields or water is the most amazing and inspiring thing to watch in nature.

  120. Their beauty, strength, and regal bearing, all wrapped up inside a gentle spirit!

  121. Their haunting moos.

  122. The joy, freedom and independence that they show.

  123. They are always so beautiful. Running around enjoying themselves. Strong and powerful, but so gentle too. The world wouldn’t be the same without them.

  124. I love the way horses communicate with each other, and the way they bond in the herd. Humans can learn so much from this, if they would take the time.

  125. I love to watch them be horses. To enjoy their time running and then spending time just lying in the sun. There is a peace to it all that you rarely see in humanity.

  126. I love the trust they give us when we care for them.

  127. Their sense of them self’s, the herd and the environment. Got to watch some wild herds in Idaho, and Montana, and to see them play, teach and love and fight for family and friends was awesome.

  128. What inspires me about one of the most beautiful things in creation, are the horses’ strength, courage and free spirits.

  129. What most inspires me is their natural freedom, the way they interact with eachother and their environment.

  130. Their strength and honesty and the way in which they make the most of life either by resting and grazing or letting you know how great they feel when they run and kick up their heels! They know who they are and they do not pretend to be anything different.
    They are also stunning 🙂

  131. Seeing God’s creations in their natural beauty is awe inspiring. It is amazing to watch a horse in nature and realize that we have the privilege to share our lives with this powerful creature called “horse”. It is also an honor to be able to ride these truly incredible animals.

  132. A Majestic animal the horse,with all the Carefree Beauty & Freedom

  133. Their majestic Grace while galloping full on just for the fun of it! Racing,bucking ,playing;mane & tails flowing in the breeze. Muscles defined with every movement.Every stride free movement,nothing forced! Horses& Ponies at play!!

  134. I have always loves the horse, the way they can move, dance run, jump and any thing else they do. I read Black Beauty when I was a kid, after my Mother got it for me. Even thought I have never “had my own horse” I have worked with a number of places that had horses. At one place I had my time with a horse that love me and I love her. She was a mare who until she came to that farm had not had a good life, but if she could trust you she was a love bug. Someday I hope I can get a horse of my own.

  135. beautiful pictures

  136. Comment

  137. History becomes plausible and realistic only after seeing wild mustangs race down a canyon – tails streaming, nostrils flaring, ears alert and the shrill whinnies as they call and answer and guide each other.only then can you let yourself be swept back through time and imagine our ancestors seeing them for the first time. American made.

  138. The freedom. It is amazing how an animal with that much strength and power can be so graceful!

  139. Their beauty and grace

  140. Horses in their natural state inspire me with their breathtaking beauty and how they are so in the moment yet so attuned to their surroundings and each other. Their presence, their strength, their gentleness…

  141. That they are so beautiful and graceful. I love when the are running freely and their manes are blowing in the wind.

  142. Their untouched and unbroken spirit. Not contaminated by mankind.

  143. They have an absolute beauty and grace about them.

  144. I love to see their muscles rippling under their skin as they move so gracefully. Their manes and tails blowing around in the wind is delightful.

  145. The trust they have in God to accept their surrondings, to see them relying on what God has provided on them to eat, for water and protection. To use the common sense that her gave them to know how to act in different situations. The nobleness of their stance when the herd leader senses something and is watching to protect the others. How babies stay by their moms and moms protects that baby.

  146. In their natural environment, horses are tuned in with everything around them. The snap of a twig brings heads up. Hesitation, fight or flight? Nothing, relax and go back to grazing but with an ear cocked in that direction. A chilly morning and the herd flees, running for the joy of it. Their breath visible, nostrils flared.

  147. Besides being beautiful and natural they are the honest. They spend most of their time being quiet and peaceful. When they do not like something they let it be known. When you earn their respect they become your most valued treasure.

  148. They are 1 with nature. Just looking at them is relaxing, therapeutic, always puts a smile on my face. A beauty of nature.

  149. Their pure beauty, strength, and complete picture of freedom, even the Bible calls them majestic!

  150. It is just so right to see horses in their natural environment. Their innate beauty, strength, grace, spirit, abilities…nothing can improve upon the natural horse! Watching them gives me peace.

  151. When I see horses in there environment it reminds me that I can be free too. They give me the insperation to do something for myself and not follow the crowd. It is a reminder to follow your dreams and enjoy your family.

  152. Knowing that this is where they truly belong.

  153. I have always loves horses. I was in accident and had to come back to a place where I cant have my favorite pets.They are smart,funny,curious,and nice to have. I been around HORSES for years.I hope to have my loves back again some time some.

  154. I love the combination of strength and grace that all horses possess. God truely must have been a good mood on the day he created the horse. I don’t get to ride my horses often but they do wonders for my mood and attitude just by being there!

  155. I love the opposition of movement and style….power with grace, curious yet fearful, gentle but fierce. It’s magnificent to observe.

  156. There is nothing more beautiful than watching a herd of horses. To see them horse around and interact with one another really puts a smile on my face. It is so peaceful and relaxing I could watch them all day. A bad day will turn into a good day with horses around.

  157. Their spirit and natural beauty. They are a reminder that this is the way horses have lived for millions of years, before they were domesticated. You can watch horses in the wild and feel like you are looking back in time.

  158. Their unmatched beauty and grace that disguises that raw power. Knowing that they could easy hurt me, but choose not to. <3

  159. What most inspires me seeing horses in a natural environment is their strong bond with eachother and their inharent communication within their herd.

  160. I love their sense of family. They don’t need us, even though we’d like to think so.

  161. There is a simple beauty watching horses run free.

  162. When I was a child, I wanted to be a horse, running wild and free without a care in the world. Even now as an adult, I dream that dream. When I get to heaven, I have no doubt there will be horses for me to run with.

  163. The social aspect of the stallion controlling the herd, but a boss mare being in charge. The raw power of thundering hooves.

  164. Inspiration comes from knowing that the horse has been on thie earth for over 50 million years, survived the Ice Age, the Industrial Revolution, and MAN, and still holds to the basic instincts of survival. The horse survives by being a “fight or flight” animal, and the hooves are what keeps them alive. Herd dynamics are incredible to study, and haven’t changed when left to nature. I feel if horses can adapt to what man puts them through, then we need to take a lesson and give back as much to them. We need to be kinder, look out for each other, and keep moving on.

    • Truth

  165. The easy flow of their movement.

  166. The power of them but also the sense of freedom they have. The size can be intimidating but there heart can be inspiring. Nothing like a herd running through an open pasture.




  168. What most inspires me about horses in their natural environment is the absolutely freedom of spirit and their instinct to survive. In a natural environment they truly display their magic. I can watch my small herd for hours.

  169. The beauty and grace of the animal. The mane and tail flowing freely in the wind, the action of legs kicking up in play with their heads held up high and twisting as they run without fear. The fun they are enjoying with their herd without constraint of saddle or bridle. What a sight to watch the most majestic animals of Gods creation. Nothing better in the world.

  170. I am fascinated by the freedom of movement and herd dynamics of horses in their natural environment. Their graceful movement is beautiful to watch.

  171. The thing that gets me the most is the untethered interaction, how their true personalities shine thru. When on their own how they divide up into groups that you would not wven begin to think of. Who really is the dominate

  172. The Wild Herd “True Family”

  173. I “self-care” board my horses as its my therapy! I feel peaceful when I go to the farm and interact with my boys. They are honest, trusting, forgiving & playful. They represent such freedom & peace that we all long for. Couldn’t live without them in my life

  174. Peace with their surroundings. They enjoy the birds, the bugs, the wind in the trees. We worry about our cell phones, computers and getting from place to place instead of simply stopping and enjoying. Take a minute, let the sun shine on your face and listen to the nothing.

  175. The carefree abadonness of freedom of just being alive.

  176. The grace and beauty of a horses movement. The bunching of muscles as a horse runs with nothing to restrain him.

  177. What inspires me most about horses in their natural environment is their beauty and playfulness. Makes me want to go out and play with them and to let all horses play all day!

  178. Poetry in motion with hoofbeats set to music.

  179. These magnificent creatures have been the inspiration to my ultimate happiness. They have helped me overcome many obstacles, helping me regain my strength and courage. Their greatness is somewhat reflected in this poem I wrote last year for school, although no words could do them complete justice.

    The power and beauty that rivets me,
    Across the plains so wild and free,
    God’s creation playing so openly,
    Ever willing to accompany me.

    The size and strength undoubtfully scary,
    The steed in response may also be wary,
    But, on his back, a human he shall carry,
    He is brave, calm, and ultimately merry.

  180. Horses revel in their intimacy. I want to be like that. I want to be able to feel no fear of retaliation when I react in justifiable angry. I want to feel no shame when I glory in the touch of another I feel close to. I want to be confident enough to push someone else away from the sweetest patch of grass. Like a horse, I want to kick and run and buck and snake my neck when I feel good without worrying about who’s laughing at me. And I want to be able to peacefully accept the restraint of my partner when I am too frisky. Horses inspire all this and more in me. I am inspired to learn the language of — the horse.

  181. Horses are beauty and grace, strength and freedom that nothing else can touch my soul the way they do by just watching them and when I am with mine, nothing else matters.

  182. I love to see them hanging out being horses – just doing what they were designed to do!

  183. The beauty of watching a wild free horse, the unrestrained natural movement. Seeing even an aging horse be able to put air between themself and the ground as they seem to glid over the rock, log or natural obstructions. The beauty of freedom in their eye as they run the terrain they live on. Seeing the natural ranking of a herd and the way they watch out for each other. Watching the lead stallion stand on a section of higher ground and know he is keeping guard over his herd. To me a horse is a piece of majestic grace.

  184. In the same manner that a dancer represents the embodiment and personification of the mood and emotion within the music, so does the horse act as the translator of nature and the language of the elements. Though he is a creature without speech, he can, in an instance present any known emotion or natural force with unquestionable clarity and, in the next instance without any movement at all, draw one quietly and peacefully into the full warn, depth of a soft eye. And while looking into this eye one can often feel his soul.

  185. They are alert to every change in the wind and all their surroundings. It is a magnificent picture to observe when the stallions look after and protect their mares.

  186. Every fiber of the horse’s being, body, mind, soul….is truly poetry in motion.

  187. The herd gathering. The awareness of the herd even at distance. How they can wander on their own but constantly be aware of each other and instantly join up Their power.

  188. Freedom, grace, power and love. Each of these words only touch the surface of the joy and sense of well being I feel when in the presence of such an awe inspiring force. Freedom has a special meaning to me as a veteran, it means to fight for your place in the world as an individual when you need to, but also to love others and become one with the herd toward a greater good. i cannot explain the love I feel for these creatures of such grace and beauty, but i do so love them.

  189. I love the power and athleticism they can display naturally without a rider.

  190. I absolutely love the flow and grace of horses in their natural environment. There is beauty and gracefullness in every movement and effort they make. As they glide over the terrain, who could not wonder at the creation that God has made? His second most wonderful creation….the horse, only second to mankind in its awesome beauty and intricacy.

  191. Horses in their natural environment know who they are. I envy that.

  192. What I love most is the way they work together and would die for each other. In my opinion, humans could learn a lot about humanity by watching the way a herd of wild horses functions. They are compassionate to one another, but also know when it is time to let them go. If only our world worked like theirs…

  193. What most inspires you about horses in their natural environment?-
    The Spirited horse running free embodies the essence of meaning of life. The strength and fortitude coupled with self reliance and keen awareness of the here and now (living in the moment). We should all be so lucky as to recognize and live with such grace.

  194. Their intelligence and grace.

  195. They are intelligent, majestic creatures that glide when they move. They also communicate so well with such slight movements and it is so baffling.

  196. There’s no prettier sight on a spring morning than a band of mares with their new foals running about.

  197. The near silent communication amongst a herd of horses is amazing and humbling and could teach more than a few of us humans how to relate better towards others….

  198. The pure “unbridled” freedom! Excuse the pun…

  199. There Beauty!

  200. I love the way things get settled between mares and foals with no injuries. Just a shake of the head or an flat ear look and the foals just get it.

  201. Often riding with them in the Owhyee Mtns. in Idaho it is how brave they are and the curiousity they have. Natural beauty in a perfect setting.

  202. My inspiration of horses in there natural environment . Is there Beautiful colors and markings . There alertness of predators to survive in the wild. There body language. The strong agility and grace of there movements. They are one of Gods most beautiful creations.

  203. horses in their natural environment are not only beautiful in their own right but bring out the beauty of the nature around them. Whether they are in the desert or forrests, they enhance the surrounding. Inspiring!

  204. Watching horses run free is like the feeling of the wind blowing through your hair, that everlasting feel of time standing still and your body feels like it could just float away in the wind.

  205. The freedom of movement & solitude of horses at liberty inspires me to take a break from the every day & just enjoy the view!

  206. Their spirit, elegance and pure beauth exhibits the royalty they deserve.

  207. Horses in their natural environment are enjoying life as it was meant to be. Yet, God as created them to be one of man’s greatest sources of love.

  208. I love how they look like they are floating on air when they are running and how they seem so relaxed when they are grazing but are totally aware of everything going on around them. They way their nostrils flare and their ears flick at something alarming. The way their tales swish like a wheat field. And the way they prance about when they are showing off!

  209. Each and every Horse is beautiful in all of their glory. There faithfull to a owner is all so amazing. There beauty when out playing with all the grace they have and when some one is riding one the same grace comes out.

  210. Horses in their natural environment inspire me with freedom!

  211. Seeing horses in their natural environment work together “for the good” of the herd is an example our socicity could benefit from.

  212. I love how horses can so easily adapt to their environment and the constant changing elements. Through winter, summer, spring and fall lest we forget that horses can survive without the help of man.

  213. I’m often asked “why to you want a horse?”; I always reply “why not”. He neighs for me every morning and evening. I yell out the door “give me a minute, I have to change my clothes.” he neighs again. He knows me, he comforts me.

    I few years back, I had the opportunity to visit Assateague. It was on my bucklet list. It was the most beuatiful site to see, smell & hear the wild ponies wondering around the beach, some in the water. The wind made their manes & tails flow like the waves.

  214. There is nothing more beautiful than watching my horse run in his paddock, seeing him playing with the other horses , what magnificent creatures , they captire Beauty , strength i am in awe watching their manes and tails gracefully blowing. In the wind all knowing that they are willing to give you their love by a look into their deep soulful eyes , you know what they are saying , powerful, graceful, beautiful

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