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Do you most frequently wear a hat when you ride, or no hat?!



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  1. Usually wear a ball cap or cowgirl hat.

  2. I wear a riding helmet. Never a hat.

  3. HAT

  4. I ride in a straw hat when it’s suandnny. I ride reiners and have never worn a helmet.

  5. I don’t wear a hat, but I’m not a hat person. Once in a long while I will use a visor, for the sun in the summer.

  6. Every time I ride I wear a hat

  7. I do not wear a hat

  8. Indoor arena there is no hat , but outdoors and in shows always a hat.

  9. i wear a cowboy hat

  10. No hat – its too windy usually in ND!

  11. Yes, I always wear a hat.

  12. i wear a visor

  13. no hat. sorry mom

  14. No hat. I wear a helmet.

    • I wear a helmet

  15. I ALWAYS wear a helmet when I ride.

  16. I wear a helmet and a lot of sunscreen.

  17. I always wear a baseball cap or cowboy hat.

  18. I wear my helmet 🙂

  19. I like to wear a visor or a baseball hat.

  20. Yes-either a baseball cap or a cowboy hat.

  21. Always wear a hat on the trail, but usually not at home or short rides.

  22. Summer i wear a cap

  23. I wear a helmet all the time.

  24. Comment

  25. Not usually.

  26. I wear a helmet.

  27. Always wear a helmet when i ride.

  28. Helmet!

    • I always wear a hat

    • In the winter a warm hat. In competition a cowboy hat. Otherwise, I rarely wear a hat daily riding. But I ALWAYS use my five star pad!

    • 99 out of 100, I wear some kinda hat, my Dad always joked I have had a hat on my head since I could walk!

    • no hat

  29. Usually never wear at hat. Only wear one at horse shows where it is required

  30. No hat

  31. I wear a helmet, every time, every ride.

  32. I wear a hat most of the time. =)

  33. I Never wear à hat… Usualy wear a helmet.

  34. No Hat!

  35. If I wear a hat, it’s usually a ball cap.

  36. Only when I run rodeos!

  37. I sometimes wear a ball cp to keep my hair out of the way while riding. I ride with a helmet on when I’m training horse or riding by myself. Safety first!

  38. Yes I always wear a hat when I ride.

  39. Always when I ride….. ball cap unless I’m at a barrel race then it’s a America company cowgirl hat

  40. I wear a baseball cap usually. Long hair blowing in your face when trailing cows or chasing escapes is not fun.

  41. Comment

  42. i always wear a ball cap for sun protection.

  43. I don’t wear a hat unless it’s summertime and I’m trying to keep the glare of the sun out of my eyes.

  44. I usually wear a hat!

  45. i normally wear a ball cap!

  46. I don’t normally wear a hat, but I joined NBHA this year, so I will now be wearing a hat!

  47. I ride a helmet, but I wish I could wear a hat

  48. No hat

  49. i usually wear a hat. I have long hair so it keeps out of my face.

  50. Definitely wear a baseball cap when I ride to keep my hair from going crazy! 🙂

  51. I usually wear a baseball hat so when I look up to the next barrel my hair isn’t in the way.

  52. Rarely wear a hat when riding. If I am showing I will and if the sun is particularly bright when I’m outside I might wear a ball cap.

  53. Rarely wear a hat when riding.

  54. mostly no hat except in competition then a cowboy hat

  55. No unless it is required

  56. mostly not hat except in competition then a cowboy hat

  57. most often I do not wear a hat, but when I go to big shows I do!

  58. Some days no hat, sunny days on the trail definitely require a hat and when we play hard I throw the helmet on!

  59. Most always a hat- Ball cap at home and my cowboy hat at any competition.

  60. I ride in a hat all of the time!

  61. No hat

  62. I most frequently wear a helmet.

  63. cap or cowboy hat 🙂

  64. Ball caps all the time!! I usually have a tan line from them!lol

  65. I always wear a hat!

  66. Either a helmet or nothing

  67. i use to wear a helmet, but now a hat.

  68. I usually don’t wear a hat

  69. Helmet!

  70. I wear a hat when it’s required or ball cap when it’s hot

  71. I always where a hat

  72. Usually no hat

  73. Ball cap

  74. I usually wear a hat when I ride

  75. No hat Unless it’s dress code.

  76. No hat

  77. Usually no hat

  78. ball cap

  79. Ball cap or nothing. Unless the show requires a hat.

  80. Usually wear a ball cap!

  81. Usually no hat

  82. I wear a cowboy hat at rodeos and no hat at barrel races.

  83. I usually wear a ball cap when I ride.

  84. yes, usually a ball cap !! Outside 10+ hours a day 🙂

  85. ball cap or cowboy hat

  86. Hat or no hat, it depends on the day!

  87. I typically wear a hat when I ride.

  88. Yes. I love my hat!

  89. Not always a hat. More often than not, a cap

  90. Yes, Ball Cap or cowgirl hat!

  91. I don’t wear a hat while riding.

  92. no hat

  93. Almost always have a ball cap on 🙂

  94. Helmet

  95. I’m always wearing a ball cap or hat when I ride

  96. I usually wear a hat when I ride, it helps keep my hair out my face!

  97. Almost always a cap

  98. I use a hat and some times a helmet

  99. Only at rodeos snd barrel races where there is a dress code

  100. I always wear a hat.

  101. Only at rodeos

  102. Riding at home a ball cap. Competing a hat


  104. Helmet!!!!

  105. I always wear my helmet!

  106. Helmet here!

  107. Yes, all the time!! Keeps the sun and the rain off my face

  108. Usually wear a ball cap

  109. normally a cap or a headband. Other than that no hat. Cowboy hat at big shows

  110. Yes, I normally wear a hat!

  111. Helmet 🙂

  112. I wear a cap 95% of the time.

  113. i normally wear a ball cap unless I’m showing-then I wear a hat

  114. no hat unless I am having A BAD hair DAY

  115. Ball cap most of the time! Only a western hat if required!

  116. no hat but need to start wearing one

  117. I usually wear a baseball cap or cowgirl hat.

  118. i wear a hat or cap!

  119. no hat

  120. Normally a ball cap if it’s hot

  121. No hat.

  122. I always wear a hat!!!!!! I

  123. No hat except at an event with western dress attire.

  124. Ballcap

  125. YES!!!!

  126. YES

  127. When I ride I always wear some form of a hat whether it’s a western hat or baseball cap.

  128. No hat!!

  129. Always a hat!

  130. i always wear a hat.

  131. Helmet, always!

  132. 80% of the time no hat, only for rodeos that have dress code.

  133. i always wear my hat

  134. I don’t wear a hat.

  135. No hat.

  136. I never wear a hat!

  137. I wear my helmet for every ride. Sometimes forget I have it on!

  138. I where a hat sometimes.

  139. i wait get wear a cowgirl hat or cap

  140. I always wear a hat when I ride.

  141. No hat

    • i always wear a hat when I’m at a barrel race, but wear one maybe half the time when I’m riding at home or out on trail.

  142. i always wear a hat riding. I hate having my hair in my face.

  143. Never wear a hat unless I’m showing! Too hot or windy

  144. I rarely wear a hat when I ride unless it is at a rodeo.

  145. no hat, unless a visor counts!

  146. I always wear a cap. Does that count?

  147. i always wear a hat

  148. I only wear a hat when there is a dress code.

  149. I wear a baseball hat!

  150. i love all your products and I wear a helmet at all times

  151. Only time I wear a hat is when I’m at a rodeo!

  152. I don’t wear a hat unless I’m at a show, then I wear a helmet.

  153. i wear a helmet

  154. No hat for me

  155. No hat for me! Helmet cap only when showing in hunter classes!

  156. I only wear a hat when I barrel race! Not helmet, cowboy hat!

  157. I almost never wear a hat!

  158. Yes I do.

  159. I always wear a hat; it provides excellent protection for your eyes and skin from the sun.

  160. I only wear a hat when it’s require in a competition!

  161. Always!!!

  162. I rarely ever wear a hat unless dress code requires it for a competition run.

  163. I wear a helmet. Just started this last year. I don’t even notice it’s on anymore and will often walk around the yard putting everything away before remember to take it off 🙂 Before I started wearing and helmet I would only wear my hat if it was required at a competition. I wasn’t a fan of it.

  164. Usually No hat

  165. baseball cap

  166. For many years I never wore a hat or helmet. I was a riding instructor. A few year back I finally dicided to be a better role model and have ridden with a helmet ever since.

  167. The hat is an essential accessory mounted, it became part of my life practically. When I take my hat, I have the feeling of being missing some piece of clothing

  168. I do not wear a hat but i do wear a helmet! You never know what is going to happpen.

  169. Yes. I wear a helmet for safety while riding.

  170. 50/50. I love wearing a hat but sometimes you just need to feel the wind in your hair!

    • Atta Girl!!!

  171. I wear a helmet when I ride as I am concerned about safety in case of an accident. I wear a helmet as it is easy to wear once I found one that fits my odd shaped head.

  172. I always wear a hat. I have to admit that I have never worn a helmet even though there have been times that I should have.

  173. Well, It depends.
    Trail riding = hat
    Ranch riding = hat
    life = hat

  174. I think wearing a helmet is way better than wearing a hat because if something happen when riding your horse, you have a helmet on to protec your brain. Your helmet blocks the sun from your face as well as a hat can do.

  175. I always wear a cowboy hat.

  176. I do not wear a hat. Or not a sylish one. I wear a helmet!!!

  177. I own a hat, but have only ever ridden in a helmet. In my opinion, helmets are much safer if you fall off. You will be less likely to injure yourself, and more likely to ride for another day.

  178. I wear a cowboy hat to keep sun off my face and neck

  179. When trail riding I do not wear a hat but do in competitions that require a hat or helmet I do wear a hat.

  180. I personally don’t go a day without wearing my Stetson. It’s part of me and we’ve been through a lot. It’s a constant reminder of how lucky I am,(From the hoof print in the brim.) The cowboy hat is also part of my heritage and it provides a great view of those Sandhill skies as a plus!

  181. At home riding I wear a helmet, sometimes a visor. During a competition run, I wear a black felt hat.

  182. typically a baseball hat unless I am showing then it is either a western hat or helmet, depending on the discipline.

  183. Usually wear hat.

  184. Why yes, yes I do. Unfortunately, it’s not a helmet or cowboy hat, but a ball cap or visor.

  185. I wear a helmet abut 90% of the time.

  186. These days, I wear a helmet whenever I’m on a horse (heck, I try to wear a helmet even when I’m around horses). When I was younger, my rule was if I was wearing a button down while riding, I also wore a cowboy hat. If I was a wearing a shirt, a baseball cap.

  187. Never usually wear a hat. 🙂

  188. I wear a hat no helmet. In southern Cali need it to protect from the sun.

  189. I usually wear a hat or visor when I ride in an arena and a helmet when I ride out on the trails.

  190. I have always worn a hat. Now my doctor said I need to wear a helmet. I wore a hat yesterday out of habit, but I really do need to remember the helmet. Prefer a hat though.

  191. I mostly don’t wear a hat while I am riding. Because I mostly train or exercise. Although if required by the event. I wear a hat. 🙂

  192. When I was younger I never worn a helmet, now that I am older and wiser I always wear one.

  193. I wear a cap everyday to keep my hair and the sun out of my face.

  194. I always wear a hat.

  195. Used to wear helmet all the time. Now I ride western and mostly no hat.

  196. No I do not compete in a helmet but as I get older, I have been considering it. I do insist that my granddaughter wears a helmet while on her horse.

  197. I rarely wear a hat. Actually only when I show and only for as long as I have to. It hurts my head to wear one.

  198. I always wear a hat!

  199. Helmet, always

  200. I always wear a helmet. You never know what will happen and even the best horse can fall.

  201. I do not wear a hat but wear a cap or riding helmet most of the time!

  202. I don’t wear a hat, but always wear a helmet!

  203. I ALWAYS wear a helmet. period.

  204. I always wear a helmet, no hat…

  205. I don’t wear a hat but I do wear a helmet. Maybe looks dorky but I like my brain unscrambled!!

  206. I normally don’t wear a hat.

  207. Absolutely helmets. Every ride. Every time

  208. I don’t wear a hat I wear a helmet. Maybe looks more dorky but I like my brain unscrambled!

  209. Trail Riding – helmet
    Indoor Arena Riding – no hat
    Outdoor Arena – ballcap

  210. I usually do not wear a hat nor a helmet when I ride. I wear my cowboy hat when I am up in a rodeo, but I never got in a habit of putting it on before I left the house every day.

  211. I only wear a hat when it’s required!

  212. I always hear a helmet to ride, never a hat. Safety first, absolutely.

  213. I always wear a baseball cap or cowboy hat when I ride

  214. Yes I always wear a helmet when I ride, and have been very thankful. I had a concussion once with the helmet on, without it who knows where I would’ve ended up.

  215. I barrel race, and I do NOT normally ride with a hat, only in required competition ~ i.e. at larger NBHA shows and at Rodeos.

  216. I wear my helmet when I ride


  218. I wear a helmet when I ride.

  219. I used to barrel race …back in the day….always wore my cowboy hat with a lucky feather. Now I’m way older and wiser…I hope…helmet is the new rule for me.

  220. No hat….old school. Wrong school maybe but set in my ways.

  221. NO Hat………….BUT!!!!!!!

    a bandanna, the wilder colors the better………….(:

  222. I found if I wanted to set an example to my daughter I should wear s helmet also. and have been glad I did a few times over the years.

  223. I always wear a hat. Too much sun will ruin my skin.

  224. I wear a hat only when the show requires it.

  225. Baseball cap usually, but on a young horse or over fences, would chose a helmet

  226. I do not wear a hat when riding.

  227. I always wear headgear. And we could use a new 5-Star pad; the best pad for our hard-to-fit horse with back issues!

  228. Comment

  229. I have always ridden with a helmet because that is my parents number one rule.

  230. hat

  231. I always wear a flat hat.

  232. No hat.

  233. Yes I wear a hat

  234. Yes, I wear a helmet even when just in the backyard. I have a friend who was sitting still on her horse, talking to her instructor after a lesson, when the horse dumped her on her head. She had a concussion from that little encounter!

  235. No hat, no helmet unless over fences. Or perhaps on a greenie!

  236. No Hat.

  237. I always wear a hat.

  238. I wear a helmet or nothing at all.

  239. I used to always wear a hat. Now that I’m boarding at a stable I wear a helmet. I prefer a a hat!

  240. No hat

  241. 50/50 on the hat deal

  242. I hate hats — so no hat for me!

  243. In the winter I wear a stocking hat in the
    summer I wear noting.

  244. Comment

  245. I wear a helmet when I ride!

  246. I always wear a helment while riding.

  247. I always wear a helmet.

  248. Hat

  249. Does a ball cap count? I ride with a ball cap on a lot, but very seldom do I ride with a Cowboy hat.

  250. I usually ride without any kind of hat, but occasionally wear a cap.

  251. where a ball cap:)

  252. You bet I do after two friends were killed from not wearing one.

  253. I wear a hat 100%.

    • Always wear some type of hat when I ride.

  254. Well, I am a hat wearing wannabe. So, currently no, but in the future, yes!

  255. I always wear a helmet when I ride 🙂

  256. Yes, I always wear a hat when riding a horse, but a modern hat that protect my head. I was under the horse 15 years ago, by walking the horse to the arena, nobody knows how it happens, because I lost my memory. I failed to die. Much less risk of this kind with a hat, that I am wearing sinice this time always. Greatings Bettina

  257. No hat – HELMET

  258. No hat – HELMET

  259. All the time!

  260. I wear a hat 100%

  261. Yes, I usually wear a military style hat…with bling of course 😉

  262. I wear a hat when I ride!

  263. I sort of wear a hat — I wear a helmet!

  264. Usually a hat!

  265. Always wear a hat… absolutely!

  266. I wear a visor or a straw hat.

  267. ball cap 🙂

  268. No

  269. I always wear a helmet.

  270. always wear a hat

  271. Always!

  272. I never wear a hat.

  273. Sometimes

  274. No Hat.

  275. Wear a hat

  276. Depends

  277. I pretty much always have a hat on!

  278. Yes, I always have a riding helmet on.

  279. No hat except when I am showing

  280. don’t wear a hat

  281. most likely not–it flattens my hair.

  282. I normally do not wear a hat.

  283. Ball cap

  284. I wear a hat about 1/2 the time.

  285. I always 100% of the time wear a helmet. I have cracked 2 helmets in my lifetime and if it weren’t for the helmet it would of been my skull. I also feel more confident while riding with a helmet.

  286. Never have.

  287. I always wear a helmet. Every time.

  288. I wear a helmet when riding my warmblood and a ball cap (unless showing) when riding my cutting horse.

  289. Always, absolutely

  290. I wear a helmet every time I ride. You only have one head.

  291. No hat

  292. If hat = helmet, then I ALWAYS wear my hat!

  293. I wear a helmet.

  294. Would love to win. I’ve heard great things about these pads!

  295. No hat

  296. No hat

  297. always wear a helmet.!!! too many of my friends have had BAD falls, they rode very well but the horse spooked and both had concusion…

  298. Wear a hat always!

  299. yes.I wear a hat when I ride

  300. I like to wear a cap mainly to keep the sun off my head. When I show i wear a black straw cowboy hat.

  301. Wear helmet when ride… Baseball hat all others time except when show!

  302. I wear a hat whenever I am in the sun and a helmet with a brim when I ride.

  303. No hat, I wear a helmet

  304. Yes, I wear a helmet when I ride.

  305. Always a hat

  306. I wear a hat most of the time, the real question is which hat do I wear at what time?

  307. No hat

  308. Always wear a hat

  309. I wear a hat or helmet when I am showing, about half the time when at home

  310. Usually a ball cap.

  311. I wear a ball cap.

  312. I never wear a hat unless its raining 🙂

  313. Every ride!

    • I wear a helmet. Sort of like a hat, only better! 🙂

  314. I wear a helmet… One too many head injuries!

  315. Yes – a helmet or a cowboy hat!

  316. No

  317. Both

  318. Helmet, every time, every ride.

  319. hat

  320. I like wearing a hat, but more often now I wear a helmet.

  321. hat, cap, or do-rag, depending on the gnats

  322. Comment

  323. A hat every ride.

  324. No hat.

  325. Hat

  326. Yes, I wear a helmet.

  327. Sometimes

  328. A helmet, always

  329. A hat most times.

  330. Hat when I’m in the sun.

  331. Never a hat..always a helmet 🙂

  332. Sometimes hat. Sometimes helmet 🙂

  333. Always every time, never without one, cowboy or ball cap!

  334. Every ride, never without, either cowboy hat or ball cap!

  335. Helmet disguised as a hat. Keep the sun off the face.

  336. I always wear a hard hat when I ride. I never wear one when I drive.

  337. A visor

  338. I always wear a helmet 🙂

  339. Every day at the barn and riding I wear one of my hats.

  340. Every time!

  341. Always wear a hat

  342. I’ve recently subscribed because I love your magazine! It’S far better than Horse and Rider. Oh! And I don’t wear a hat.

  343. No hat.

  344. Every time

  345. No hat.

  346. I usually wear a baseball hat when I ride!

  347. Always wear one when riding!

  348. I always wear either a hat or a helmet

  349. No hat, always helmet.

  350. Absolutely, every time! Ball cap if not going to be out too long. Cowboy hat if going to be in the sun awhile or competing. Have a super day! Thanks for the contest!

  351. Yes, I always wear a helmet when I ride.

  352. I wear a baseball cap every time….does that count?

  353. Hat!

  354. Yes I do

  355. I hat

  356. No, I do not wear a hat but do wear a helmet.

  357. 50/50

  358. No hat

  359. Yes helmet every ride except horseshows then hat

  360. Hat/ helmet every time.

  361. No hat.

  362. Yes

  363. I wear a hat in the summer

  364. safety helmet every ride!

  365. I wear a helmet every ride.

  366. I wear a helmet on the trails – I’m getting older – but when I’m in the ring or other – I don’t.

  367. I always wear my helmet when i go horseback riding.

  368. No hat.

  369. I only wear a hat when I show.

  370. Always a helmet. I was thrown onto an asphalt parking lot, dragged, and kicked a couple of times in the head by my panicked green horse before the stirrup released my foot. I would not be alive if I had not worn a helmet.

  371. No hat unless I have to!

  372. I always wear a hat

  373. hat

  374. Comment

  375. Not a hat but a helmet

  376. I wear a baseball cap at home,
    but in the show pen, it is a western hat.

  377. I wear a safety helmet

  378. I always wear a hat when I ride.

  379. Hat at the rodeo!

  380. Usually only when I show! A girl’s gotta get her blond highlights somehow.

  381. Nope no hat….

  382. Absolutely. I need to be an example for my grandson and stay as safe as possible.

  383. Always wear either my tie-dye baseball cap or helmet, depending on which horse I’m riding!

  384. I wear a helmet!

  385. Helmet always

  386. all the time! love my hat

  387. Always wear a hat or helmet

  388. I don’t wear a hat, I wear a helmet.

  389. I always wear a hat when I run in a show

  390. I wear a cowboy hat at shows always

  391. Some form of hat.

  392. I don’t usually wear a hat when I ride.

  393. Yes, I always wear my hat.

  394. most of the time, unless the wind prohibits it!

  395. I only wear a hat if raining or really windy.

  396. Hard hat (helmet)…always

  397. I wear a helmet when I ride!

  398. Helmet

  399. It depends. When I’m racing I wear a helmet but when I am just riding I either wear a baseball hat or nothing. Sometimes when it is really sunny I will wear a cowgirl hat

  400. I sometimes wear a hat, helmet, or stocking cap. It usually depends!

  401. no hat

  402. No hat, always a helmet!

  403. Depends on the horse hat or helmet

  404. I always wear a helmet even in pleasure classes safety very important

  405. No hat. Sometimes a ball cap but usually nothing.


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