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The National Reining Horse Association
(NRHA) has signed a Letter of Agreement,
extending the current contract for their NRHA
Futurity & Adequan® North American Affiliate
Championship Show. The event will remain at
State Fair Park, in Oklahoma City, through the
year 2018.
This is the most recent equine event to
extend their relationship with Oklahoma City
and State Fair Park, following in the footsteps
of the Grand National and World Championship
Morgan Horse Show and the American Quarter
Horse Youth Association's World Show. These
two shows also both recently signed contract
"We are extremely pleased to renew our
longstanding partnership with Oklahoma City and
State Fair Park. NRHA appreciates the symbiotic
relationship that exists between the NRHA and
the entire community of Oklahoma City," stated
NRHA President Beth Himes. "The NRHA Futurity
enjoys world-wide participation and brings guests
from around the globe to Oklahoma City each
year. It only is appropriate that an equine event
of this magnitude takes place in a world-class
equine facility with historical significance and
in a location offering a true western life-style
experience. The NRHA Futurity has grown
significantly since 1986 thanks to the support of
both Oklahoma City and State Fair Park. We
look forward to working to continue our mutual
development and growth."
The 2012 NRHA Futurity drew 77,392
spectators and participants and had a direct
spending impact on Oklahoma City of over $16.7
million making this a very significant event on
the State Fair Park equine events calendar. The
NRHA Futurity has called Oklahoma City and
State Fair Park home since 1986.
"Since before the National Reining Horse
Association moved their corporate headquarters
to Oklahoma City and more specifically, to
a building here at State Fair Park, we have
enjoyed a very close working relationship," stated
Oklahoma State Fair, Inc. President and CEO Tim
O'Toole. "We have, in partnership with the City of
Oklahoma City, invested many resources along
with millions of dollars into the world-class equine
facilities at State Fair Park. These improvements
have been well received by all of our equine
clients and have allowed us to maintain the
position of Horse Show Capital of the World."
"The impact ­ both economically and
culturally ­ of important events such as this
one cannot be understated," said Roy Williams,
president and CEO of the Greater Oklahoma
City Chamber. "The NRHA Futurity attendees
will spend time in Oklahoma City's restaurants
and at local attractions, and stay in our hotels.
Meanwhile, Oklahoma City's citizens have the
opportunity to see a world-class horse show
right in their own backyard. It's truly a win-win for
The 2013 NRHA Futurity & Adequan® North
American Affiliate Championship Show will take
place November 28 through December 7 in the
Jim Norick Arena at State Fair Park in Oklahoma
City. For more information regarding this event or
NRHA Extends Contract
with Oklahoma City
When the Featherlite® product develop-
ment team started developing the new lineup of
trailers for Featherlite's 40th anniversary, they
had one goal--make some of the best trailers in
the industry even better.
"We challenged ourselves to come up with
features that would further enhance the perfor-
mance of our trailers and give customers a better
overall trailering experience," Justin Queensland,
Featherlite's U.S. dealer sales manager, said.
Across the board improvements
Featherlite's attention to quality has led to
improvements across the board. Durable Good-
year® tires are now standard, as are new super
leak resistant LED lights. A new touch pad key
lock option gives trailer owners an easier, more
user-friendly way to keep their valuables secure.
One of the standout new options for all
trailers is a wireless brake controller. Once this
small box is mounted to the hitch of a trailer, it
eliminates the need to physically install a brake
controller in each tow vehicle that pulls the trailer.
LED strip lighting mounted under a trailer
awning is another notable option. This creates a
welcoming atmosphere for get-togethers at rode-
os or race tracks and really makes a Featherlite
trailer stand out!
Versatile, practical and user-friendly
Several new models and options introduced
were selected for their practicality and ease of
use. The new Model 1641, for instance, is a util-
ity trailer designed to appeal to anyone from a
racecar driver to an antique collector. It combines
the security of an enclosed trailer with the stabil-
ity and tight turn radius of a gooseneck hitch to
haul cars, ATVs, motorcycles and anything from
antiques to construction equipment with equal
ease. "It's a trailer that can do the job of 10 trail-
ers," Queensland noted.
Another practical option is the new vending
door for enclosed trailers such as the Model 1610.
It can be opened by just one person, thanks to the
user-friendly placement of the latches.
Expanded capacity for farmers, ranchers
Farmers and ranchers often need to haul
more cattle in one load, with as little hassle as
possible. The Model 8271 stock trailer helps by
combining the chassis of a semi stock trailer
with an all-aluminum subframe and a gooseneck
hitch. A lack of internal fenders further increases
the Model 8271's impressive carrying capacity.
Featherlite's popular Model 8127 also features
an expanded carrying capacity, in the form of its
new 8'6" width option.
Perhaps some of the best examples of
Featherlite versatility and practicality can be
found in Featherlite's Model 1570 fuel/support
trailer. This trailer was designed to supply fuel
and service equipment out in the middle of a
thousand-acre farm or at an urban construction
project, and now it boasts two additional options.
An immense 990-gallon fuel tank almost doubles
the fuel capacity, allowing the trailer to fuel more
equipment for a longer time. In addition, the Mod-
el 1570's new 3-in-1 generator option serves as
a power supply, an air compressor and a welder,
enabling farmers or contractors to make repairs
to their equipment in the field.
In order to make sure livestock are more
comfortable during transport, all Featherlite stock
trailers have a new style of hinged cover panels
as an option. Farmers and ranchers can adjust
the airflow and exposure livestock get, and the
new sleek design is easy to use.
Equine safety and style
Horse owners know how important quiet is
to a horse in a trailer. They are also very safety-
conscious, which is why all Featherlite horse
trailers now come with new noise-reduction drop
down feed doors with dual latching bars. This
locks the feed door more securely and cuts down
on noise inside the horse area.
Of course, horse owners also have an unde-
niable sense of style. They are sure to appreciate
features like the new shinier exterior tie rings that
give all Featherlite horse trailers a more polished
While Featherlite's trailers are famous
for being safe, light and durable, the company is
also known for its ability to customize a trailer in
almost any way. This is most evident in Feath-
erlite's living quarters trailers, where customers
have their pick of luxurious features and options,
including a flat screen TV, a DVD/CD player, and
even a gas fireplace!
While horse trailers are the most common
models that come with living quarters, Feather-
lite can add living quarters to almost any type of
enclosed trailer. Snowmobilers and ATV riders
will be particularly interested to learn that living
quarters can be added to an enclosed recreation-
al trailer like the Model 1611. Adding a pressure
washer provides a way to keep vehicles clean af-
ter a long day in the wilderness, and an air com-
pressor mounted underneath the trailer keeps
ATVs and dirt bikes trail-ready.
For more information on Featherlite's 40th
anniversary lineup of trailers, contact your near-
est Featherlite dealership, visit Featherlite online
New 2013 Featherlite Features
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