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78 Issue 3 2013
Tina Steward
talks with Equine VIP
by Susan Ashbrooke
Have you ever wondered if your horse
should see a chiropractor? Equine VIP spent an
afternoon with DVM and certified Chiropractor,
Tina Steward, to learn more about this growing
field of equine health. Ms. Steward holds a
Bachelor Degree in Zoology, a Master's in
Nutrition and completed her DVM as a Regents
Scholar at UC Davis. While continuing to build
her equine lameness and chiropractic practice
she rides and coaches Dressage.
Let's talk about your riding career and the
famed equestrian George Morris you had to
make an important decision:
I was given the opportunity to work with and
ride for George Morris for two years whenever
he taught clinics in southern California. Everyone
gets nervous to ride for George, but I just did
whatever he told me to do. I think he appreciated
my Dressage background, my "feel" for the horse
and my work ethic. George asked me to move
to Hunterdon and ride under his guidance
and he called my Mother to ask her too!
I declined because I thought I could do
more for horses as a veterinarian than
a horse trainer, which turned out to be a big
decision in my life.
You became a vet - but that wasn't enough.
Why the interest in Chiropractic care?
I had a practice in the Bay area of California
and some of my clients asked me to work with
a local chiropractor, Shirley McQuillan. She was
brilliant! I didn't believe in Chiropractic practices
at that time, but I watched her work. We ended
up working together for 3 years. She taught me
some of her techniques and I slowly developed
my own technique things that work in my hands.
I realized that Chiropractic is the next dimension
beyond academic medicine. As a vet, I look for
basic lameness, but Chiropractic practice is more
Does being both a Veterinarian and a
Chiropractor give you more insight to horses?
After all, your patients can't talk.
It has given me a different view of how a
horse moves. As a Chiropractor I need to read
the horses temperament too I have to stand
directly behind them even a tense horse.
Ms. Steward has a practice in Oregon but
travels the country holding riding clinics and
offering her services as a Chiropractor. For
more information about Tina Steward www.
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