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50 Issue 3 2013
My business takes me to many a barn.
I'm often presented with someone's disgruntled
It follows: "This is our second place, this year."
(and it may not be their last I fear).
"The owner over at `Crappy View'
didn't have a freakin' clue.
"The shavings weren't very good
and they didn't pasture her like I said they
Their help couldn't apply fly spray,
so all I did was swat bugs all day.
My horse didn't like the feeds
and their pasture...nothing but weeds.
The trainer didn't know my horse
but had all kinds of crap to teach me of course.
Said she was mouthy and would take a nip.
I told that bitch to chill and get a grip!
The farrier they used didn't trim very well
so my horse stumbled and that's why I fell.
I opened a stall door so a mare could put its'
head in the aisle...
I was going to be back in just a little awhile.
It wasn't my fault she went crazy...
Somebody else could have closed it but they're
too lazy.
Stupid horse went thru the web stall guard...
OMG, she was right in the yard.
Just a little cut. ..She obviously needed to feed.
I'm supposed to pay the Vet bill? Talk about
If I was just a little late with the board money...
well, let's just say they looked at me kind of
The owner's attitude was terrible, a regular
drama queen...
and boy oh boy was she ever mean."
and rather tersely:
"Ah, yes, she's a tough one.
And frankly, not a whole lot of fun.
I should have trusted my gut,
felt bad for her chestnut.
She said she had nowhere to go...
My bad, duh, ...hello?!
It was all of a week before her first gripe
and less than that for her first snipe.
I do my best for horses and boarders.
She came in barking my staff orders.
She didn't clean up nor put things away.
She left a hose running on top of the hay.
`Very experienced' she lied.
Insulted my trainer to the point she cried.
Polite was not in her. Respect, she has none.
Put horses in jeopardy. Then, I was done.
She got a few warnings she did not heed.
The incident with the mare I did not need.
I lost a good boarder and I don't mean her.
She was a pain in my ass, no, a sharp spur.
Not about the money though never on time...
I love this life but often don't clear a dime."
This was about people not a horse.
Horses are easier than people of course.
If we take a look from the other's view
we'll understand better. This much is true.
- Mark Munzert
bout Mark Munzert:
In addition to operating an MD Barnmaster
Dealership and
providing ranch
related products
to my customers,
I am a Jack
of many trades
and Master of
few. I'm a renais-
sance cowpoke
leaning in to of-
fer custom suc-
cess solutions
for business, group, or function: management
and marketing consulting, event production,
master of ceremonies, seminars, clinics, group
presentations, team-building and motivation. I
write for enjoyment. I truly enjoy sharing my writ-
ings and am thankful for the creative outlet it has
provided me. I am a proud "back-east cowboy"
and appreciate and promote: the tradition; the
value-centric, pragmatic, disciplined, measured
evolution; and down-to-earth ways of rural life.
The Cowboy Poet's Corner
ince 1884, the Haythorn Land & Cattle
Co. brand has stood for quality. Harry
Haythornthwaite and his descendants have been
recognized with the AQHA Legacy Award for
raising top working registered American Quarter
Horses at the Arthur, Nebraska, ranch for more
than 70 years. In 1992, the ranch was awarded
the prestigious AQHA Best Remuda, the first
ranch ever recognized with the award. August 30-
31, the historic Haythorn Land & Livestock Co. is
conducting its last public auction to be held at the
The Haythorn Figure Four Finale Sale
will feature 185 of the finest American Quarter
Horses with proven working and performance
bloodlines. The Haythorn Land & Cattle Co. has
been consistently breeding great sires to great
mares for more than 120 years resulting in top
performance horses that excel in and out of the
Not only will the sale feature ranch-broke
geldings and proven broodmares, but 10-15 of
the ranch's best stallions will also be offered at
the sale. The Haythorn Land & Cattle Co. horses
are bred for durability and athleticism. Haythorn-
bred horses have gone on to excel in and out
of the arena. To consistently produce the type
of horses that working cowboys, ranchers and
competitors want to own, Haythorn Land & Cattle
Co. maintains several herd sires of their own.
Now through the Haythorn Figure Four Finale,
the public will be allowed to purchase many of the
ranch's stallions and take more than 100 years of
careful breeding and infuse Haythorn bloodlines
into their own herds.
"Our goal is to breed big, stout, sensible
horses, with lots of endurance, athletic ability and
cow sense," Craig Haythorn says. "We make sure
that we're breeding flat-boned, well-balanced
horses as far as conformation. The recent drought
conditions that are affecting many parts of the
United States have forced us to reduce our herds.
It has been a tough decision to make, but we are
offering some of our best individuals in this sale."
The first session of the sale will be held
August 30 following the ninth annual Waldo
Haythorn Futurity. The grandson of Haythorn
Ranch founder Harry Haythornthwaite, Waldo
was inducted into the American Quarter Horse
Hall of Fame in 2002, the year he passed away.
Potential buyers can see the Haythorn bloodlines
at work at the Futurity before purchasing. The
Futurity will feature Haythorn-bred 3-year-olds
competing for their share of $10,000 in prize
money in conformation, reining, cow work and
roping classes.
On August 31, a preview of the 50 finished
ranch geldings will be held, and the remaining
horses will be auctioned. The August 30-31 sale
will also feature 40-45 broodmares, 2-year-olds,
yearlings and weanlings, who are eligible
for the AQHA Ranching Heritage Challenge.
Haythorn Land & Cattle Co. is a founding member
of the AQHA Ranching Heritage program. You can
learn more about these ranch horse competitions
Don't miss your opportunity to own a
legendary Haythorn Land & Livestock Co.
American Quarter Horse. These horses will
carry the Haythorn brand that has stood for
quality since 1884. Whether you are looking for
a ranch horse with the cow sense, athletic ability
and intelligence to make ranch chores less of a
burden or a performance horse that will utilize
those same traits to win in the arena, Haythorn
Land & Livestock Co. has you covered.
A list of horses in the auction can be found at For more information on the
August 30-31 Haythorn Figure Four Finale and to
request a sale catalog, contact Loriann Lindner at
(605) 881-2827 or the ranch office at (308) 355-
bout the Haythorn Land & Cattle Co.
Located only 17 miles north of
Ogallala, Nebraska, Haythorn Land & Cattle Co.
is a working ranch, raising commercial Angus
cattle, and is famous for its foundation-bred
American Quarter Horses. The ranch was the
winner of the inaugural coveted American Quarter
Horse Association's Best Remuda Award in 1992.
Nestled in the rolling Sandhills of Nebraska, the
Haythorn operation has been the largest breeder
of American Quarter Horses in the United States
for many years. The Sandhills can be formidable
even for four-wheel-drive pickups, which
occasionally bog in the area's heavy sand, so the
Haythorn's American Quarter Horse remuda is
required to gather and work the ranch's mother
cow herd and their calves.
Historic Haythorn Land & Cattle Co. Holding Figure Four Finale