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Horse Digest
for the horn before anything even happens,
you take away your ability to guide your horse
confidently with both reins. He needs your calm
and clear direction most when you are coming up
to something scary, and by taking that away you
are sending him the wrong message about your
leadership ability.
Most of the problems we have with our
horses are caused by something we are doing or
not doing in our training and riding. So remember
to keep your attention on your training and your
horse in all situations, and in turn he will learn to
keep his attention on you and have confidence in
you to guide him through anything. Enjoy your
horses and until next time, may God bless the
trails you ride.
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The Adams Museum, Days of `76 Museum,
and Historic Adams
House will begin spring
hours on Monday, April
1, 2013. Spring hours
at all three museums
are 9:00 a.m. to 5:00
p.m., Monday - Satur-
day. The last tour of
the day at the Historic
Adams House is 4:00
Admission to the
Adams Museum is by donation; the Days of `76
Museum is $5 for adults; $2 for children ages 7
- 13; and free to children 6 and under; and the
Historic Adams House is $7 for adults; $2 for chil-
dren ages 7 - 13; and free to children 6 and under.
Membership allows Deadwood History to
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and benefit on-going preservation needs. Every
form of support - whether it is an individual mem-
bership or a donation - is deeply appreciated and
allows Deadwood History to continue to fulfill its
mission to educate and engage our community.
For information on becoming a member call Mark
at (605) 722-4800. Free admission is offered to
the Adams Museum, Days of `76 Museum, and
Historic Adams House for Deadwood History
We inspire the global community by pre-
serving and celebrating the cultural heritage of
Deadwood and the Black Hills in the context of
the American West through exceptional exhibits,
innovative educational programs and access to
extensive collections in unique settings.
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