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Real Fly Predators
Really Work!
The Little Bugs That Do A BIG Job
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Horses Fly Predators
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Above 50 for quote.
With over 120 horses where we live,
at The Thacher School, fl ies can
become a huge problem. Now, with
Fly Predators, along with the
education and support from
Spalding Labs, we're no longer
inundated as we were before.
We've used other products,
yet nothing has been as
effective as Fly Predators"
--Richard Winters Ojai, CA Road To The
Horse Winner, with daughter, Sarah, a RTTH
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You Can't Spray Your Flies Away
Many people just go after adult fl ies buzzing
around, but that's only about 15% of the
population at any time. If you don't stop the
future ones you'll be plagued all summer.
Sound familiar?
Easy Steps To Real Fly Free
We recommend a simple four step plan that really fi xes the
problem, rather than just chasing fl ies away temporarily
like you do with sprays. For most folks just adding real
Fly Predators
is all that's needed, but if you have fl ies
coming from neighbors, adding traps and Bye Bye Odor
to handle those "visitors" completes the program.
Identify The Fly
Determine what kinds of fl ies are bugging you and if they are
coming from your animals or the neighbors. Different fl ies
come from different places and require different strategies
to eliminate. Our on-line videos or printed "Guide to Fly
(in your fi rst shipment) makes this easy, or simply
speak to our knowledgeable reps.
Stop Future Flies
Stop fl ies from reproducing by cleaning up the areas
where they breed (manure/spoiled
vegetation) and adding Fly Predators.
Fly Predators kill fl ies before they
emerge. You simply sprinkle them
near all manure areas every three to
four weeks during warm months.
It Takes Just A Few Minutes And You've Done Your
Fly Control For The Month.
Get Adult Flies
Fly Predators do a
great job of stopping fl y
reproduction on your property but
if you need to get rid of adult fl ies from
neighbors, or if starting late, complement
them with traps. Most horse owners will
need three different trap types as no one trap catches every
fl y. We offer the most effective traps and instructions.
Don't Invite More
Flies have a tremendous sense of smell. If you ever
wondered why there are more in your barn than
elsewhere, it's likely BO, barn odor. Use Bye Bye
Odor to eliminate harmful ammonia and barn odor.
Let the fl ies fi nd someone else's stinky barn instead.
Why Wait Another Year To Try Them?
You know fl ies will be back. Use Fly Predators for one
summer and like the majority of our customers, you'll likely
use them as long as you have your animals. Schedule your
optimum pay-as-you-go shipments now! For best results,
start before you have a ton of fl ies.
Get Real Spalding Fly Predators
Another brand of fl y bugs uses a different species that
scientifi c studies indicate are not effective with large animals.
Just like a bale of alfalfa is different than a bale of straw and
priced accordingly, be sure to get the real deal.
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