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10 Issue 3 2013
They're traditional. Sometimes
they're very painful. Sometimes they work...
sometimes not.
My husband, Tom said he was just going to
pull out his list from last year!
Did you know that the month of January
is named after the Roman god, Janus who
symbolizes letting go of things that don't work
and moving forward in productive ways?
Often January is about making transitions
via resolutions for an improved you who looks
forward to better results in a new year.
The problem is setting resolutions doesn't
work most of the time.
The word "resolution" even has the feeling of
something being wrong and having to "fix" it in a
way that's not much fun.
True motivation and positive action springs
from going for the gusto by seeing your riding in a
way that evokes something exciting inside of you.
Now, this is not a new idea.
You may well know already about the power
of visualizing success.
But sometimes, visualizing can become
more like a chore you hope is correct instead of
an energizing/fun/exhilarating experience.
The key is to become a visionary of your own
When I think of a person who is labeled
"visionary", I get the sense of someone who is
truly exceptional... courageous, creative and
You can become a
visionary of your personal
riding dreams and have a
blast doing it!
Try these tips to create
your vision and keep it alive
and exciting:
1. Remind yourself
that the thoughts you think
the most (thoughts given
weight) will come to be. Be
vigilant of your mind and
feelings. Be sure to think
thoughts that give you the
feelings of what you want
to do.
2. Tune into what turns
YOU on. Key point. I'm
not talking about what
excites others. It's about
you. Don't be concerned
with how you will get there.
Imagine. Create. See what
you would like to happen in
living color and let it excite you. Be bold.
3. Regarding the past... embrace what
you learned... let go of mistakes and old, bad
memories and pettiness. Let go. Let go. Let go.
Notice when your mind drifts back to thoughts
that make you feel bad on the inside. Let go all
over again.
4. Decide to embrace your own gorgeous
uniqueness. Celebrate your style and interests.
At the same time embrace the gifts of others and
your horse's talents. We are all unique. Horses
are all unique. Weight your thoughts more into
the direction of expanding all that's truly special
about yourself, your horse and people around
you... instead of dwelling on all that's lacking.
5. Make each day fun! Make fun one of the
most important elements in all you do.
6. See your vision and approach all you do
with energy! If you feel yourself dragging, either
the vision is not on target... you're temporarily
fatigued... or you need to replace an old habit of
thinking mundane thoughts with new invigorating
7. Keep checking in with your visions. Don't
lose sight of them. Feel them and get excited
multiple times every day.
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